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  1. Sorry for posting such a ridiculous topic here but just want to disclaim myself very clearly: Since last week, the Chinese model kit brand Kittyhawk Panda Hobby continuously announced several advertisements through its official account on Weibo, Wechat and other public media that I "participated in the development, design and promotion of their products includingSu-27, Su-30 and Su-34 ". Attach the screen pictures as evidence(sorry they are all in Chinese). I officially declare this: I never had or have any relationship with Kittyhawk Panda Hobby, nor do I have any such cooperation with them. Considering the same products(Su-27) GWH will release and my engagement in GWH Su-27 kit design work, the purpose(s) of this kind of fake propaganda/defamation/harassment to my personal from Kittyhawk Panda Hobby, has to be considered very despicable and shameless as common sense. If the Kittyhawk Panda Hobby continues sending fake advertising, I reserve the right to take further legal action. Thanks for your watching. Yufei Mao
  2. Mold pictures received from factory. Enjoy the details... Have a nice weekend.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement Victor. The R&D could not be finished without help from many talents including Gabor and some Russian friends. Mario also contributed to provide his photo credit as well. And I was just a part of this team work. Yes MiG-29 was the first project I helped GWH back to 2010 I think. At that time the reference was not so rich as of now, and also lack of experience(MiG-29 is GWH's first jet kit and third aircraft kit) so it has its own flaws by today's standard. And the mold was also cut by another factory so maybe you can find different style from the parts as well. I personally look forward to more Flanker variants but I think it totally depends on sale performance vs investment scale. Flanker is a big plane so mold investment is quite something, especially for big parts such as fuselage, vertical fins, etc. So let's wait and see... Well sometimes it's on the contrary. Mold factories may have stronger stance than order makers, because they have so many ODM/OEM orders to make. So that's why GWH boss has to take a 2 hours flight to visit the factory at least 1-2 times a month to follow the process. The cooperation/business relationship could be quite complicated indeed, sometimes. I even heard rumour that the most famous Chinese kit maker mold section leader was so powerful that he could change the CAD design by the R&D section without their permission, just to reduce the mold difficulty and increase mass production QC ratio. So it's not as easy as you imagine indeed...too many issues to be solved, everytime. Yufei
  4. Because the mold factory could not keep stable QC on mold cutting by their current capability. Different people who were in charge of the different mold in different time, may cause different mold result. That's the reality and limitation of most mold factories in China currently. As far as I heard. But such situation does not only exist in China. Even some Japanese mold factories also have such issue, which you can find flaws from Japanese brands too. My friend who works in a Japanese model maker called Goodsmile told me the rocket mold made in Japan is much worse than the Mazingar model mold cut in China. So maybe, in this low profitability modelling industry, the requirement and investment to molding, is far below those mass production goods such as smart phone parts or much higher proditable automobile parts.
  5. As a modeller I also hope the surface could be as nice as Tamiya,but: 1. The kits you bought from Tamiya, are usually injected by T9 or T10 that means Tamiya has revised the mold 8-9 times already. It's doable as long as you want to spend money and time and it could be endless, not suitable for all makers especially small one. On the other hand needless to say, how big is Tamiya, the king of this industry. So afterall you need to find the balance point through all the modelling industry: R&D, mold cutting, decal design and printing, boxing, etc. It's a very time consuming and money consuming industry. 2. I'm no expert of injection mold, but I guess the equipment, know-how and experience of Tamiya who has their own mold factory, is uncomparable by others. (Though some famous Chinese model kit maker does have very high rank equipments, their design/R&D ability is too poor to match.) So how to cooperate with out resourcing mold factory is very difficult: the final result is not only depends on your money investment, but also your time and effort invested to enhance the relationship with them. After all it's human behind the machines who matters. So in my understanding(or guess), maybe the concern you have, is the result coming from lcurrent business mode limitation. Every time GWH give their feedback and advice(some from me too) to mold factory as well to aiming for next step up. We can see the improvement but it does take time, step by step. Hope my explanation makes some sense to you. Yufei
  6. Seems some one in a private Chinese modelling group forwarded my pictures to some one in Russia and now they appeared in Russian forum. Although I have emphasized no spread out of the group, unfortunately they have been posted now without my permission after all. (Surely not your fault, pal Gabor. You are always the most trusted partner and understand you are just commenting on those photos.) So, let me explain why there are 2 type of canopy part for the UB. All twin seat Flanker canopy has a unique shape: the section of front end and rear end, is smaller than the section of middle frame. Which means, by current plastic injection molding technical limit, if the part is made by one piece, the thickness of plastic around middle frame area, will be thicker than front & rear end. That will cause distortion when you look into the cockpit via clear canopy. So, divide the front glass and rear class of the canopy, could at least assure the thickness of glass at same level, so there will be no distortion. And people who concerns about fitting, there is also traditional style one piece canopy for your choice. And just to clarify that these parts are from T1 mold, which is being further enhanced now in mold factory by T2, T3, T4, ... So you will only see better parts than these when you open the kit box. More information (most interesting part about R&D of the kit, and mold pictures) will be disclosed officially very soon, so please expect. Yufei
  7. 5th work finished this year. Kit:Zvezda 7013 1/144 IL-62M Accesspries:Extratech IL-62 etching part Liveries Unlimited / Fundekals Air Koryo decal Home made 1/144 pilots(thanks my friend for resin cast copying) Base: Croastal Kits Display Base motion blur effect runway Building period: 26th April - 27th May, 2020 Replace the painting scheme of P-881 in 2013 which she was most seen in PEK. References: Online airliner photo websites: Airliners, Russianplanes, Feeyo & etc. Location of every decal is on the exactly correct place referring to real life photos. Thanks for watching. Yufei Mao
  8. Some work in progress pics. The resin part quality is OK but same as other full resin kit, the cutting and sanding work was some true hurdle. But that's just the begining, you also need to drill all location holes and insert brass rod, plus the location holes on main rocket body are all way too below. Not an shake and shack built, but some patience and love will bring you the definite best 1/144 R-7 rocket model. Thanks for watching. Yufei Mao
  9. The 4th work finished this year. Kit: New Ware 1/144 full resin kit Figure from Bandai 1/144 Real Grade Gunadm model kit with some modification work.
  10. My 3rd work finished in 2020 is this little diorama, a corner of late 80s airport in China. Kit: Daco Skyline 1/144 737-300 Accessories: Extratech 1/144 737-300 photo-etching part Extratech 1/144 airport luggage traitor photo-etching part Preiser 1/144 airport crew Preiser 1/144 bicycles Authentic Airliners 1/144 737 3D window decal Authentic Airliners 1/144 737 vortex generator Mixture of several CAAC decals Thanks for watching. Please stay safe and build models! Yufei Mao
  11. My 2nd work of 2020 is this little gem. Hope everyone's safe staying at home to build your kits! Kit: Zvezda 1/48 4821 Accessories: Micro Design photo etching part Advanced Modelling 1/48 KAB-500L bombs Advanced Modelling 1/48 KAB-500Kr bombs Master 1/72 F-14A pitot tube(early style) Master 1/48 Sukhoi type static dischargers A very well researched and designed kit by Zvezda. Fitting is also fantastic. But the surface is a bit too simple, only with some raised rivets and recessed panel lines a bit too wide. I also made a video by my crappy iPhone and you can watch it if interested: Yak-130 Light Ground-attack Aircraft Diorama Yakovlev Design Bureau Vintage Scheme Demo Scheme Thanks for watching and stay safe! Yufei
  12. Some work in progress pictures recorded by my cell phone, if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
  13. First finished work in Rat Year, during past several weeks at home because of the coronusvirus which prohibited going out and extension of Lunar New Year holidays in China. In Chinese culture, red means celebration so I hope the special moment could be settled down ASAP. Kit: Airifx: front fuselage+windshield+canopy, Italeri: other parts. Aftermarket: Master 1/48 metal pitot tube Reedoak 3D scan 1/48 camera man
  14. This is my recipe for my F-16CJ: Quickboost F-16 resin seat Master metal pitot tube+AOA Master metal F-16 discharger Reskit resin tires KA Model 3D print nozzle Eduard pre-cut masking Above items will enhance your F-16 most significantly but not ruin the joy of building, or even increase the pleasure to enjou the kit more. Resin gear bay etc. is not really necessary, since you don't have much chance to look at them vs the time & effort you invest to install them. Just my 2 cents.
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