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  1. Sorry I do not have too much information about that airframe. I believe you can find some from Linden Hill decal instruction sheet, but do not expect too detailed ones, since most of the airframes at the time being, did not leave too many photo evidence, especially the upper fuselage angle which is not easy to see unless it's inflight. Although they may not differ too much compared with factory regulated camo pattern. Yufei
  2. I think he is referring to the specified Soviet/Russian green nose Su-27? I almost forget the Begemot decals which you can also find some green nose Su-27 options. But unfortunately most of them are early batches with early style tail boom, which you cannot build from the GWH kit. Sukhoi Su-27 1.48, part 1 Sukhoi Su-27 1.48, part 2
  3. Regarding green nose Su-27 single seater decal option, really not too much selection. Besides Eduard D48090, there are: Linden Hill 48005 "Flankers on Patrol" ("Red 36/38", the "Orion Killer" but it's definitely an early batch one with early style tail boom which you cannot build from the GWH kit); Linden Hill 48010 "Flankers on Patrol 3 from Sun Up to Sun Down" ("Red 27", lack of detailed information); Linden Hill 48040 "'Guardians of the North' Update" ("Blue 03", lack of detailed information). Those are top notch quality decals very well researched and printe
  4. Hi As the decision maker of the GWH Su-27 kit painting schemes selection, maybe I can give your some thoughts. First, you can find full instruction sheet here: L4824 Su-27 Flanker B (Plastic model) I spent LOTS of time to search early style green nose Su-27 used in Soviet era. Why? Because most of those Su-27 are early batches, with different tail boom(close like Su-35S ones) and other details. Even some of them have the late style tail boom, the front wheel mud guard is the early style(3 holes on each side) and maybe the early style main wheel hub(WI
  5. The inner side of both windshield and canopy. I always like to switch the canopy from open to close time by time, so test fit the canopy closing status is very important. So that's all for now, so far so good. Stay tuned!
  6. Unfortuantely lots of details are invisible after you install the "bathtube" into the fuselage. That's why I am not a big fan of some over engineered model kits——just don't want to waste my precious time and energy on those so called "details"...
  7. The cockpit area is finished. Check out how everything looks like, out of box! First, the K-36DM ejection seat.
  8. Now here comes the colour recipe for small parts. I painted them by airbrush one by one, and glued them after washing. You can also add more weathering after assembling. I believe this is the best way to save time and effort, also to assure the best outcome/result!
  9. Then the cockpit. This is how we can enjoy from a detailed enough plastic cockpit parts, with the help of kit decal, and a bit of your patience. 😉
  10. Deal with the clear parts. Be sure to spend most attention and effort on this part, since windshield/canopy are "eyes" of an airplane!
  11. All parts cleared in 1.5 hours. Ready for paint! That's what we call a modern kit for modern life style. 🙂
  12. Hi guys Long time no staring an in-progress thread since I tasted 6 1/700 ship models this year, but finally I'm back to aircraft modelling at the year end. Which one should I restart with? Undoutly, my favorite aircraft, vanila Flanker tooled by GWH which I also participated in R&D work. It's quite unfortunately to know the kits have not recieved in your local market yet due to pandemic, after released for almost 1 year in China mainland. Hope my built will give you some adea about how this kit builds like, not only how it looks like in box. T
  13. Merry Christmas! Very soon I believe. The 1/72 scale MiG-29 3 variants are already under mold cutting(we already revised errors in the original 1/48 ver.), and 1/72 Su-27 will follow next. Happy holidays. Yufei Mao
  14. Hello guys Here comes the new kit joining GWH Flanker family, to be released in early 2022. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
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