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  1. Hi Guys I'm looking for the Italeri 2763 1/48 F-15C Gulf War Decal, just for the "Gulf Spirit" 85-0102 scheme. Or to be more precisely, just need the decal of "Gulf Spirit" badge marked as A1. If anyone who has the spare part, please kindly contact me via PM. Thanks! Yufei
  2. You guys won't be disappointed! With the help from many true aircraft experts like Gabor who gave great help on the Su-35 project, the GWH Su-27 will definitely hit another high level or aircraft model kit research!
  3. Yes definitely! Good figures makes aircraft more real. Bad figures makes aircraft more like a toy. So I always say that, only put good figures beside your plane, NEVER put bad ones...
  4. Here is the recipe for the upcoming L4823 new tooled weapons.
  5. Well considering Tamiya Hasegawa etc. already did that so many times, so why not. :) Vanilla Flanker is under processing and will disclose when it worth to be. We don’t like to leak picture by picture to attract attention which is so childish. Business shall always be serious and with faith.
  6. Hi Haneto! Do you have a WIP site? Could you share to me the exact /correct colors/paints you used for the wheel bays, gear struts & intake ducting?

    1. haneto


      Sure, refer to here:


    2. flybywire


      Hi Haneto! Scanning through your 7-page fantastic work energizes my whole system and making me wanting to start my Su-35 right away! Thank you very much for sharing your work especially on those areas where I really have tremendous problem finding the right colors/paints to use! I will definitely use your model as guide when I started building my own Su-35!

    3. haneto


      You are welcome.

      Enjoy the built! It's a gorgeous kit!

  7. As far as I know no pilot for this one, or in other words besides weapon all plastic is same as the initial release L4820. But the new Su-27 family kit shall have seated pilot as standard parts, so there's hope...
  8. Yes Aerobonus made one 1/48 Kh-31, but it was not AD and unfortunately its shape and detail is terribly wrong...
  9. Sure, I already sent my reciepe to GWH for them to finish the instruction sheet. Will share in my Su-35 WIP progress later.
  10. Great Wall Hobby G.W.H L4823 1/48 Su-35S “Flanker E” Air to Surface ver. kit to be released soon. Once again I participated in the designing and painted the samples shown in the pictures. New tooled parts are: KAB-1500L/Kr bomb, Kh-29T Air to surface missile, Kh-31AD Anti-ship missile, AKU-58 pylons and BD4-USKM pylons, all comes by a pair in the box. Especially to be noticed that Kh-31AD is the very first time to be done in 1/48 scale ever, by any material. Includes 2 eggplant grey schemes and 1 tricolor camo scheme. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks all for your support guys! So far have no such plan. Mainly due to clear resin cast mass production is still very difficult and my OEM partner showed concern on continuously making copies for me, after very tough and time/money consuming process copying F-15 canopies. Wish I can convince the guy but have no confidence at the moment...
  12. Thanks guys. Didn't expect the sales went so well just over one night, so I relisted it on eB*y now. Talking about errors, yes all GWH 1/48 F-15 kits have the same concern: windshield/canopy have wrong cross section shape. You can easily find from any picuture that F-15 windshield/canopy should be a true round, but GWH messed it up to some oval shape. And as a result, the windshield/canopy is way too wide which ruins the look of an Eagle. These parts CANNOT be corrected even GWH once retooled many parts. Why? Because you need to retool the front fuselage parts to meet the new windshield/canopy, and by doing that you also need to retool almost all cockpit parts inside to meet the new front fuselage, which is not a choice considering the time and money necessary for most brands. So that is why this product was designed in past 6 months, at least, to save the best 1/48 Eagle kit by best effort. Hasegawa? No way, the Hase Eagle nose cone is too short and most panel lines/rivets are wrong. Wouldn't be easier to work with compared with GWH kit with new clear parts.
  13. This is my original designed product for sale, the Fairy Hobby 48008 1/48 F-15 "Eagle" Single Seat Canopy Correction Set for G.W.H kit This is a well researched and highly detailed resin cast correction set and very limited produced due to big size clear resin parts casting difficulty. Content: 5 resin parts (2 clear resin parts), 2 pre-cut masking tape sheets, 1 color instruction sheet Note: this is a product needs your own cleaning and painting. Sample photos are painted and are only for your reference. Painting result may differ from individuals. Although I tried my best effor to select the bubble free/stretch free clear resin parts due to the extreme difficulty in mass produce, the resin cast parts still cannot be compared with the steel mold injection clear plastic parts. And this product requires careful cutting and painting work which is not suitable for beginners. Please bear that in mind before purchasing. How to purchase: Simply search "Fairy Hobby 48008" on eB*y. Thanks for looking!
  14. The main issue of GWH F-15 stablizers is not the edge thickness, but the wrong positioned axle and together witht the wrong placed endurance plate. So if you are willing to build the best F-15, Quickboost F-15E resin stablizers are must. I'm also making the correct shape windshield/canopy correction set for GWH F-15s, the original parts are way too wide and cross section is very bad (not true round).
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