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  1. There is one J-5/MiG-17F hang up in China People's Revolution Military Museum and I took some photos last month. Some rare angle to understand the rivets and details on belly/lower surface of wings.
  2. The most obvious mistake of Hobbyboss MiG-17F, is the wrong shaped windshield and its frame, just same as many other Trumpeter/hobbyboss aircraft model kits. Please refer to below photos(copyrights of original authors), and I believe it is quite obvious for anyone's eyes. One of my friend Keigi who passed away last year, built HB MiG-17F back to 2009. You can also find other minor errors from his modification trace on pictures. Unfortunately he was not able to rebuild the windshield at the time being, but it was well acknowledged by many Chinese modelers,
  3. The new tooled parts for Su-30MKM version. There will also be 3 types of HUD frame, reinforcement plates and formation lights by PE parts.
  4. Here comes the updated information about L4831. More than 4 painting schemes for 4 variants(Lima 2013, 2019 and 2023 demo flight Su-30MKM decals are all included). Pay attention to the Myanmar Su-30SME which has so many formation lights!
  5. Thank you all for your encouragement! I love the normal "battle scheme" but with some background stories. I used Afterburner decals 48044.
  6. Hello everyone It has been a while since my last post. This work I want to present to you, was finished during Shanghai lock down in 2022. Although the number of works completed in last year is only two, which is the lowest score in terms of quantity, I am now comforting myself with the two works that I am very satisfied with in terms of quality. One of them is this "Downed Bald Eagle" F-16CG Block 40 US Air Force 555th FS Commander's plane. The base kit is Tamiya's 1/48 F-16C/N "Aggressor", modified to Block 40 F-16CG. Aftermarket parts include Fabscale's F110 n
  7. I have summarized the building progress and made a video for it. Watch it on Youtube if you are interested: 【4K】Sukhoi Su-27 "Flanker-B" heavy fighter 1/48 GWH complete building record (7 months into 1 hour!)
  8. You will see the plastic in All Japan Hobby Show this September.
  9. L4826 1/48 Su-30MKI released New tooled parts for MKI variant: cockpit panels & HUD (early and upgraded) vertical fins sensors here and there BrahMos cruise missile & pylon AN/AAQ-28 pod & pylon etc. over 10 painting schems and full English stencil Precut masking tape and metal pitot tube included too
  10. 8 most colorful and memorable PLA 27SK/11A schemes, both Chinese & Russian stencil decal included together with pre-cut masking tape. With specific resin parts, for PLA 27SK/11A and metal pitot tube.
  11. Best goods for upcoming lunar new year! Happy Chinese New Year!
  12. Special limited edition for my personal exhibition: 1/48 Su-27 Debut of Flanker "Pugachev's Cobra" is now on sale. The basic kit is GWH L4824 1/48 Su-27, but the special limited version contians extra parts and features: - 3D printed high detailed landing gears with early style mud guard - 3D printed early style main wheel hubs (2 types) - 3D printed vortex generator installed on pito tube for "388" and "389". - Metal pitot tube included. - Well researched T10-41 "388" decal and painting schems by different time period - Bonus
  13. Thanks for explanation. I simply compared the kit size with data from Wikipedia, and found GWH kit size is closer to the data in 144 scale. The academy kit has longer fuselage and wider wingspan compared with GWH, so I though its scale is wrong(according to Wiki data). Or maybe the Wikipedia data could be wrong......
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