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  1. Thanks for choosing it. Yes I know it's not an easy product to use, the cutting/trimming/dry fitting could take so much time and effort and no tolerance for mistakes, but it's the best solution at the time 10 years ago. Glad that now we can build a decent Flanker out of box without any hard work in a very short time period, to enjoy the built itself, finally. 🙂
  2. I think the under sized canopy could be quite critical, which I had to make some vacuum ones 11 years ago. Academy 1/48 Su-27 Flanker family correct canopy
  3. From the test shot parts I played with last summer, there are some smaller engine pods there(sorry not an expert of B-52). So seems there will also be a B-52G in the future. Talking about the nose cone, I think GWH one upper curve could be a bit flatter. Meanwhile Academy nose cone is too pointy, compared with the real life photos. So maybe both have their own issues. Sorry just too lazy to make picture comparison since not really so fancy of B-52G/H... (I want a D but failed to convince GWH to make it. After all, all 1/144 items R&D are done by
  4. These are the photos of "Red 64". Same as the single seat "Red 01" with cobra eyes/mouth from same regiment, it has repainted 4-tone camo by local maintenance staff. Photo copy rights belongs to orignal author and no commercial use.
  5. Happy new year of Ox everyone! Today is the first day of the Ox year, so here to share with you some good news. 😉 The upcoming Great Wall Hobby G.W.H L4824 1/48 Su-27 “Flanker B” Heavy Fighter, to be released in Q1 2021! Here is the box art and mold pictures(yep showed before since the mold was already cut in summer last year). Box Art airframe: Su-27P “Red 01” Russian Navy Baltic Fleet 689th Independent Red Banner GvIAP Kaliningrad Chkalovsk naval air base, Russia, May 2003 More details will be shown step by step.
  6. Another OOB cockpit by Greek modeller Giorgos Papanikolaou. Yes simply paint the plastic parts and add the kit decal with some mark softner, there you go! So it's nothing fancy or special technical you need, it's just a normal practice in our design philosophy which is already established as one of the standards, since the 1/48 Su-35 kit.
  7. Next one is the split camo bird from Ukrainian Air Force. Many people are asking for digital camo but remember, the split camo was the most stylish one at its time so I personally wanted to add this to the kit. Surely digital camo will be seperately released as a special limited edition in the near future. This work was done by the Spanish modeller Moises Ballester Pardo. He chose to use the seperated canopy frame part+ clear parts, which according to his comment "fitting is perfect!". So glad to hear that, since our innovation actually sparkled and brought peop
  8. Happy New Year of Ox every one! With more and more receive the Su-27UB kit, many have already finished the kit and posted their work on SNS such as Facebook etc. Sadly people prefer using more user friendly SNS much more than "vintage" online forum these days, so forum people may not have a chance to see those magnificant works on SNS which is some big loss. So here I post some of thr works which I have obtained the authors authorization, to show you how the kit will looks like once painted and glued. And once again, please remember the designing target for th
  9. If I remember correct, J-16 could be considered as Chinese upgraded version of Su-30MKK. Most details such as panel line shape or rivet layout is similar as Su-30, but it has below features which different than Su-30. Differences compared with J-11BS are: Radome without pitot tube but lightning rods; Enlarged/advanced IRST mounted on same position as Su-30(right side on windshield); Su-30 style IFR probe; Full digitalized cockpit and advanced HUD; Su-30 style twin wheel nose gear; Su-30 style main wheel hubs; Radar warning advices and additi
  10. Happy new year every one. Just came back from 15th Shanghai New Year Modelling Contest as the judge for aircraft models. I have seen at least 5 finished Su-27UB built by Chinese and Japanese modellers online/offline, so hurry up guys. Your turn now! I used a so-called "Swiss brand" ERGO 8500 which is very cheap(USD3.- for 200g) and common here in China. Maybe it's a fake Swiss brand but the quality is quite good. Hope you guys can find some good replacement as well... Yufei
  11. The OOB effect of cockpit panel by kit original decal and adding some UV glue to replicate glass effect.
  12. No such improvement, always same mold from initial. And pls stay on topic.
  13. The OOB effect of cockpit panel by kit original decal and adding some UV glue to replicate glass effect.
  14. Domestic official retail price is RMB168.-(USD25.-) and now in "double eleven" campain the discounted price is RMB147.-(USD22.-)
  15. The kit is only being sold at The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution currently, as a collaboration products with the museum, but there is rumor that Bronco version will also be sold later as the normal edition. Cannot find sprue pics(saw them somewhere but cannot remember) currently but quite sure they will be exposed online very soon.
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