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  1. Simply the BEST Flanker kit in any scale: Great Wall Hobby GWH Flanker family, with adequate detail level by easy+straightforward building experience. I simply hate those over-engineered mode kits(if you still call them model kits) because it's simply waste of my precious time and energy. Afterall the final effect is up to your skill, not the so called "details" from kit part number!! Will definitely build more of GWH Flanker kits. Have a nice weekend~
  2. I also finished the APA-5D starter vehicle for the diorama.
  3. Thanks guys. Still working on the diorama. New progress here(since April)
  4. Only the very first version as of F-15B/D kit has the shape issue which has been corrected with new tools. So if you buy any other variant kit, you all get the renewal parts, no risk.
  5. Actually the Hasegawa F-15C also has its shape issue: the radome is too short by about 1.5mm in 1/48 scale which makes it looks quite odd compare with real life photos. My project undergoing is: 1. Use GWH F-15C kit as base 2. For the wrong cross section canopy, use Falcon 1/48 scale Set No.52: USAF vacuum canopy It has F-15 canopy designed for Hasegawa and acutally used Hasegawa part as vacuum mold Of course you can also use windshield and canopy parts from Hasegawe F-15 kit, but be aware they are quite thick in side wall which makes very ugly distortio
  6. It is indeed a great kit, but maybe just not "so splendid" as propganda says. The gap between fuselage and wings could have been avoided, if they make the whole upper surface by one piece part, but unfortunately it did not happen. So you still need to make adjustment to reduce the gap, or even fill the gap then rescribe, if minor adjustment does not work. Again, just my personal opinion.
  7. The fitting of parts looks not so great as the propganda says. Especially the gap/step between fuselage and wings/clear canopy is quite eye catching. Originally a bit dissapointing to split wings and fuselage parts to save molding cost in 2022, does not show maker's sincerity in my personal view.
  8. Some reference and nostalgic collection of Su-27, my most favourite aircraft forever! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned! Yufei
  9. Hi all Finish this aircraft on March end and finally found some time to take photos of it. Not very satisfied with the photo quality, so just very few shots. Painting scheme: Su-27P "Flanker-B" serial number: 36911027920 (means the 20th airframe of 27th batch), 689th GvIAP, Baltic Fleet, Russian Navy, Autumn 2003 Kit: Great Wall Hobby GWH L4824 1/48 Su-27 "Flanker-B" Accessories: Detail & Wonder Studio 480601 Su-27 highli detailed 3D print landing gear set Master 48113 brass static dischargers Tempmodels AL-31F e
  10. Keep on building other items for the diorama. This time figures are done.
  11. I also took some photos of Su-27 together. My photo booth is too small for this huge bird, so I just took several shots and gave up. Need to buy a bigger booth later to take the formal photos... Also took some photos of the model with some nolstalgic reference(yes I even bought a Su-27 LD from Japan which is narrated by the very famous aviation photographer Mr. Katsuhiko Tokunaga!) to bring back the good old days to those who remember like me, when Su-27 was still the cutting edge top secret of Soviet Union. 🙂
  12. Thanks for your watching. I finishied building the accessories of the diorama, for this Su-27. Very very very tiring, but hope the final layout will worth all the effort!
  13. Great progress Aigore! Look forward to the digital camo Flanker.
  14. So, after 5 months built, the aircraft itself is finished! Still working on some small accessories for the final diorama. 😉 Will find some time to take formal photos of the aircraft itself later. Oh by the way, when I designed this kit, I offer you to switch canopy from open and close condition any time even after you finish it. So that you can enjoy the beautiful out line and detailed cockpit, at same time! Stay tuned!
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