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  1. 8 most colorful and memorable PLA 27SK/11A schemes, both Chinese & Russian stencil decal included together with pre-cut masking tape. With specific resin parts, for PLA 27SK/11A and metal pitot tube.
  2. Best goods for upcoming lunar new year! Happy Chinese New Year!
  3. Special limited edition for my personal exhibition: 1/48 Su-27 Debut of Flanker "Pugachev's Cobra" is now on sale. The basic kit is GWH L4824 1/48 Su-27, but the special limited version contians extra parts and features: - 3D printed high detailed landing gears with early style mud guard - 3D printed early style main wheel hubs (2 types) - 3D printed vortex generator installed on pito tube for "388" and "389". - Metal pitot tube included. - Well researched T10-41 "388" decal and painting schems by different time period - Bonus
  4. Thanks for explanation. I simply compared the kit size with data from Wikipedia, and found GWH kit size is closer to the data in 144 scale. The academy kit has longer fuselage and wider wingspan compared with GWH, so I though its scale is wrong(according to Wiki data). Or maybe the Wikipedia data could be wrong......
  5. Academy kit is wrong in its scale(bigger than 144 scale), and the nose cone shape is inaccurate(too pointy). My vote goes to GWH.
  6. That's all. What needs to be proven, is now proved by myself, who designed this kit, and also built this kit. Nothing more to explain I believe. Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. Yufei
  7. Building period Aircraft: 5 months (Dec 2021- April 2022) Accessories and diorama: 3 months (April 2022- July 2022) Aircraft mostly OOB except D&W landing gears, resin nozzles, Master metal dischargers. WIP thread:
  8. Some more shots. Besides the D&W landing gears and exhaust nozzles, it's built OOB. What I want to tell is whatever or how much detailed a kit is, it eventuallt depends on how you can paint it. It is not the level of details decides the final outcome, but the builder yourself.
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