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  1. 1. Your name is not printed on an awful kit instruction or box. 2. My name does not appear either, neither do others. 3. The reason I have explained already, and you can see Trumpeter never print any one name on their kit. 4. But you keep on calling me “lying” “theft practice”. After all what I stole from you? What did I lie to you? You really want your name on that stupid kit? I definitely do not want. Then what do you want now after 14 years? Does you “disclaim” make any sense or it’s just some kind of venting self anger behavior like a teenager? After all you are still “helping” the “lying” “theft practice” Chinese again with some 1/48 new kit right?I also have ID on scale model.ru forum. Such ironic and unprincipled teenager behavior.
  2. Interesting. Why I do not want to remember this? Give me a good reason. and what’s selling Su-27 glazing story? why I need those parts? It is not I don’t want to remember, but it’s you who want to convince yourself to “remember”. Now you find some new good partners in China so hope your “contribution” will be fully awarded unlike the Trumpeter case 14 years ago which is totally not my fault either. Good luck.
  3. 1. The Su-24 and MiG-25 photos were forwarded by Sergey to me, so I have no idea who is the author and it happened 14 years ago back to 2006. 2. You should blame Trumpeter who made Su-24 kit without mentioning your name, instead of blaming me who asked them to give the helpers credit. And just to tell you the truth I BOUGHT one Tu-22 kit and send to a Canadian friend who gave his correction opinion but none was corrected by trumpter, paying all postage by myself. Apparently that's the final relationship I was with Trumpeter, and yes it's also 14 years ago back to 2006. I believe I have never talked you or mail communication in personal, neither do you know the real fact and background during those kit R&D, so the result is obvious: you even don't know whom should be the correct one to blame. I'm no less dissapointed for the final result of Su-24 than any of you, so don't only treat yourself as the only victim. You have no idea how much time and effort I input on that stupid project, which none of it has been implemented. Yeah Tumpeter and Kitthawk kits do suck, every modeler understand that. If you are aware that Kittyhawk is actually invested by former Trumpter staff(even some is still working in Trumpeter), you can easily imagine that why both brands are so similar in style. My explanation is finished and hope gives you some sense on target selection.
  4. Happy new year every one. Great Wall Hobby G.W.H L4827 1/48 Su-27UB “Flanker C” Heavy Fighter new mold kit, to be announced at Shanghai New Year Model Contest 2020 today. Expected release date: spring 2020. Box art: Su-27UB "Red 64" from Russian Navy Baltic Fleet 689th Independent Red Banner GvIAP intercepting USAF B-52H over Baltic Sea. Profile of "Red 64": Production batch: 11-02 Serial number: 96310418202 5th Sep 1990 numbered as "Red 64" arrived at the regiment Soviet Red Navy Navy Baltic Fleet 689th Independent Red Banner GvIAP 23rd Aug 2007 arrived at the 275th Aviation Repair Plant(ARZ) 21st Nov 2008 overhaul finished 6th Mar 2013 to the 100th anniversary of A .AND. Pokryshkin received "Red 100" RF-33758 “Alexander Pokryshkin”(most well known Pokryshkin's WWII aircraft is P-39N "Red 100") till now. More details to be published soon.
  5. Pointy canopy Too flat dorsal Wrong intake underline curve Wrong angled/too long nose landing gear Fictional panel lines, rivets and other details. Balabala I personally categorize HASEGAWA Su-35 to a “science fiction” kit. Of course you don’t need to discard it because it surely does not look like an F-15 Eagle.
  6. Hi Ken Thanks for your input. Let me answer your questions. >It looks like the IRST ball is solid (?) - OK if you want to paint it red to depict the cover - but no clear lens? Well to be honest I forgot to tell CAD team to make that a single part during scaling down from 48 scale, since their objection is quite simple: combine parts as many as possible to keep assembling easy and not too much detail lost. A lesson needs to be learn for them. >The translating ring between the rear angled nozzle and fixed front part looks too recessed - the real thing is quite smooth...... Actually that's not the recess but the gap between the ring and nozzles parts(they are seperated), because the nozzles are rotatable, same as 48 scale part break down. I think that may add some fun to the kit, or serious solid guys may change them with high detail resin parts... >The intakes on the leading edge of the fin root look to be the same size - the port side should be approx twice the size of the starboard one... No worry, those small intakes differ from each other, an obvious feature you cannot miss from Flanker family. They are different on left part and right part as well. >GWH supply two types of lower intake shutters - open or closed (as they would be with the engine off) - although I can't prove it right now - but I think there should be 12 slats/louvres - not what I count as 11 in the kit.?? Su-27 has 12 shutters but Su-35 only has 11, haha! >And no seam line down the canopy/winscreen !!!! Actually there is, but thanks to precision mold level, they are not so obvious. Cheers, Yufei
  7. All parts glued. No more cutting to fit, a quite pleasant built only using Tamiya extra thin glue.
  8. Attach clearer and more pictures FYI. Parts break down has been enhanced to futher enhance smooth assembling.
  9. It's made by PE from the Reskit resin wheels set. Sh*tty Hawk Most of small parts have been replaced by GWH Su-35 parts, and other by resin aftermarket goods. Only fuselage, wings, windshield, stabilizers etc. are from original kit parts.
  10. Accessories used: GWH 1/48 Su-35 kit small parts replace orginal kit parts GWH 1/48 R-77 missile+AKU-170 pylon*2 GWH 1/48 KAB-1500L bomb+BD4-UMSK pylon*3 Advanced Modelling 1/48 resin B-13L rocket lancher*4 Advanced Modelling 1/48 resin twin launcher*2 Reskit 1/48 resin FAB-250M-64 bomb*12 Reskit 1/48 resin MBD3-U6-68 multi bomb racks*2 Reskit 1/48 Su-34 resin wheels+mud guard Zactomodels 1/48 Su-34 resin ECM pods Master 1/48 Su-34 pitot tube G-Factor brass landing gears Begemot 1/48 Su-34 decal Modelkasten Flanker Color Set 1 & 2 My suggestion is to replace as more parts as you can find from aftermarket goods/GWH kits for this kit. Very pooly researched/designed kit, most panel lines/rivets are fictional and cannot be found in Begmot decal instruction sheet. Main dish is the weapon ordance, aircraft is just appetizer so I did not spend too much time on it.
  11. Hello Haneto.  I just got a post on a thread I started today (Saturday, November 16, 2019) that discussed the single seat F-15C canopy that you have been making.  I used the link that had been posted, and searched for 'Fairy Hobby 48008' on eBay, without success.  Are you still making these canopies, or are they still available?  I would be interested in 1 or 2 for the Great Wall Hobby 15Cs that I have.  Thanks.  My e-mail address is cabasner@earthlink.net.  Regards, Curt Basner.

    1. haneto


      Hello unfortunately they are all sold out and no plan for re-release since my vendor does not want to make more copies due to extremely high cost and difficulty.

      Sorry about that.

    2. Curt B

      Curt B

      Understood.  Thanks for the reply.


  12. From design perspective, the panel lines/rivets are generally added to CAD texture surface as a single layer. So may be due to some certain reason the rivet layer was forgotten to be added into the mold making process which is generally done by CNC machines. Pls correct me if my knowledge is wrong as an amateur.
  13. Obvious or not, judge by yourself.
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