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  1. Yep, there is one under development.
  2. Why you believe I know more? I'm just a friend of GWH boss, not an employee.
  3. Sorry I have no idea since GWH's western aircraft items are out of my design scope. But I personally do not think it's a good idea to participate in the competition especially other maker's new product is just for sale. Maybe 1-2 years later? who knows. Let's wait for the announcement in All Japan Model and Hobby Show in Tokyo end of this month.
  4. Hi Madcop As you know Su-35 does not have too much painting schemes so far, Russian eggplant, Russian tricolor camo or PLAAF tricolor camo. So the sales quantity cannot be compared with Tomcat or vanilla Flanker which has more panting choices. Although I heard GWH has already achieved breakeven point even in the very first release L4820, still needs to expand sales to generate more profit so that more new items could be made. One of the sales expanding method is to invest on new weapon tools to attract more users, even repeaters. So to be honest there is no plan to sell the weapon sprues seperately since it does not help maker to increase kit sales. Maybe sometime later, when they have more variants of Russian weapons, they could be packaged as weapon set seperately, as a formal product. Thanks for your understanding (on behalf of the boss, though it's totally none of my business since I don't get any incentive, a single penny from the sales or design ;) ) Yufei
  5. Here is the payload configuration for the kit: Instruction sheet cover, with Gabor and my name on it :) Kit content: Painting schemes: "Red 03" and "Red 10" converted to late type(chaff dispensers on the bottom side of tailboom) They are quite weathered so weathering guys shall be happy to choose these eggplant schemes. "Blue 25" with typical late type tricolour camo: Shall be on shelf in October (later September in China domestic market). Yufei
  6. Hi Guys I'm looking for the Italeri 2763 1/48 F-15C Gulf War Decal, just for the "Gulf Spirit" 85-0102 scheme. Or to be more precisely, just need the decal of "Gulf Spirit" badge marked as A1. If anyone who has the spare part, please kindly contact me via PM. Thanks! Yufei
  7. You guys won't be disappointed! With the help from many true aircraft experts like Gabor who gave great help on the Su-35 project, the GWH Su-27 will definitely hit another high level or aircraft model kit research!
  8. Yes definitely! Good figures makes aircraft more real. Bad figures makes aircraft more like a toy. So I always say that, only put good figures beside your plane, NEVER put bad ones...
  9. Here is the recipe for the upcoming L4823 new tooled weapons.
  10. Well considering Tamiya Hasegawa etc. already did that so many times, so why not. :) Vanilla Flanker is under processing and will disclose when it worth to be. We don’t like to leak picture by picture to attract attention which is so childish. Business shall always be serious and with faith.
  11. Hi Haneto! Do you have a WIP site? Could you share to me the exact /correct colors/paints you used for the wheel bays, gear struts & intake ducting?

    1. haneto


      Sure, refer to here:


    2. flybywire


      Hi Haneto! Scanning through your 7-page fantastic work energizes my whole system and making me wanting to start my Su-35 right away! Thank you very much for sharing your work especially on those areas where I really have tremendous problem finding the right colors/paints to use! I will definitely use your model as guide when I started building my own Su-35!

    3. haneto


      You are welcome.

      Enjoy the built! It's a gorgeous kit!

  12. As far as I know no pilot for this one, or in other words besides weapon all plastic is same as the initial release L4820. But the new Su-27 family kit shall have seated pilot as standard parts, so there's hope...
  13. Yes Aerobonus made one 1/48 Kh-31, but it was not AD and unfortunately its shape and detail is terribly wrong...
  14. Sure, I already sent my reciepe to GWH for them to finish the instruction sheet. Will share in my Su-35 WIP progress later.
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