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  1. The main issue of GWH F-15 stablizers is not the edge thickness, but the wrong positioned axle and together witht the wrong placed endurance plate. So if you are willing to build the best F-15, Quickboost F-15E resin stablizers are must. I'm also making the correct shape windshield/canopy correction set for GWH F-15s, the original parts are way too wide and cross section is very bad (not true round).
  2. Thanks. It's the most suitale suitcase for carrying finished models to model show/contest. Aluminium case with full sponge inside split by 1.5*1.5cm squares, totally fit to protect your plane. And it cost only less than 30 bucks in China. ;) Yufei
  3. Thanks so much to all of you, for your nice comments and encouragement! It makes me feel totally worth of spending more than 8 months on building this plane, and yes my 8 month built also made the 2 years kit designing work very well worth! Now GWH has a very good basic as Su-35, to develope the vanilla Su-27 and other variants, which will make the Su-27 much easier and faster to process. Talking back to the built itself, I have always wanted to leave good in progress pictures which may bring more joy and hints to other modellers. But taking good WIP pictures is very time consuming, sometimes even more tiring than modelling itself. You have to stop your built, set up the background paper, lamps, camera,etc. to take picture of just 1 small step. My working bench is not so big so I have to pack and repack all the stuff once and again, once and again... Anyway, the 8 months built is finished and I'm glad you guys understand my buiding record value. Thanks again for all the following! Yufei
  4. Thanks mate! Forget the science fictional HB Flanker, let's wait for GWH's new release this year... Cheers, Yufei
  5. Thanks for your encouragement guys. Yes I masked and spray them one by one.
  6. This kit has the feature to allow canopy switch between open and close mode. The merit is very obvious: 1. easy to carry and maintenance. 2. you can always enjoy cockpit details and beautiful outline of the Flanker. Some pictures of finished diorama took by audience at Shanghai New Year Model Contest on 31st Dec and 1st Jan 2019. Will take more formal pics outside during the China Lunar New Year holidays. Finale.
  7. Thanks for your feedback and encouraging. Russian planes are quite complicated for painting and weathering, especially Flanker family. I can make 3 F-15s instead of only 1 Flanker... Final pics are for carrying hints. I bought biggest aluminium case which is allowed to be carried into cabin, full of 1.5*1.5cm precut pieces of sponge. You only take out the unnecessary sponge piece to match the model outline. Tried the case to bring it to Shanghai New Year Model Contest and it showed perfect protection for the model. Will use this case for my attendance to Shizuoka Hobby Show this May.
  8. 3 figures by different manufacture method. PLA pilot: hand scrupt by myself (check Fairy Hobby on eBay) Russian pilot: CAD design+ 3D print Russian ground crew: real human 3D scan + 3D print I used micro magnets, again, to hold figures on diorama base.
  9. Time for diorama accessories. PLAAF use some special numbering rules than RusAF, which is also another fun to research within limited references!
  10. As I mentioned in previous reply, cut some material from the install pins, could greatly enhance the assembling of intake/engine parts on fuselage. Look, seamless! Still 2 gaps over wing root, needs to be filled/sanded/painted. No compromise for a geniune air modeller!! I glued wheels at last, to assure all weighted wheels flat surface attach the absolutely flat glass seamless. These tiny skills could greatly improve your model overall finish effect. Devils are in Details!
  11. Go on. Check the different texture on surface! All parts painting/weathering done. Ready for final assembling.
  12. Some details were also painted. Since the PLAAF Su-35 are brand new, parked in hangar and very well maintenanced, I made very little weathering on it. But still my friend who works in PLAAF was not happy enough and commented "it's still not clean enough!". Well in a world where people are use to heavey taste fast food, maybe it's too clean to catch some people's attention, haha! Another word I'd like to emphasize is that I used different texture paint on different areas on the plane. Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, metalic, etc. Why bother that much? Because the real aircraft is just like that! Different paint just has different texture on the real life and I must replicate them after studying so many photos! That's the fun of modelling, isn't it?
  13. Stabilizers are bit more complex. On different angles the metal reflection effect is very different, which is more challenging but also interesting. My first thought is to use some laser reflection sheet, but I hate the sheet may come off over several years and painting on the sheet is really no fun. So finally I still decide the paint the effect as more conservative but steady way. And done.
  14. Same logic for the upper side engine naccel. Vs real life.
  15. Next is the naked bare metal burnt effect on engine naccels. Many may think it quite headache to replicate but I believe after careful studying on the real life photos, you can find some hints and regular pattern for them. For example, the number of the obvious burnt "lines" on the panels, is same on every aircraft. That is because of the factory manufacture process and AF-41F engine heating features are always SAME. So some quantization work(base color and pattern on panels), plus some sensibility work (weathring effect) will make this replication much easier. Yes, thinking by brain before making by fingers, is always the short cut to success. Model vs real life.
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