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  1. Hi guys, From shape to detail, all parts have been redesigned,This will make the model as close as possible to the real aircraft. Thanks to Vladimir Nazarov for sharing the valuable Su-33 walkaround,Bring the part closer to the correct shape,The build effect is also excellent. But for accurate expression, the number of parts has more than doubled,Build difficulty will inevitable increase. We are proofreading and adjusting the test parts now. So that the mold can meet the design standards,And try to reduce the workload at build time.
  2. Yes,Disclosure of unauthorized development reference information is an extremely serious behavior. Mr. DraganChe / Nino_Belov has only a few early design reference pictures. In addition to fixing the discovered vulnerabilities, , The final design also made many optimization changes according to the actual processing requirements. Make the upcoming products more accurate and mature. No one will spend a lot of money and time to create a lie that is not beneficial to others and to themselves. The team is silent because they want to concentrate on handling every node before production. Excessive discussion before the product is put on the shelves will make public opinion develop in an unpredictable direction. There will be a formal release after all issues have been effectively resolved. I think it may be able to surprise for friends. Thanks
  3. I solemnly ask you to recall the promises you made before. Please do not post pictures in development without consent.
  4. The cockpit cover is not bigger, the better. As a part, it only needs to obey the correctness of the whole. The protrusion inside the air intake has been modified. Thanks Ran
  5. You have more pictures than others. If you have carefully observed, you will naturally find the answers to the above questions, without asking me to answer yes or no.
  6. Hello Mstor I don't know what is wrong, the picture can't be opened directly. But when I paste the address of the image into the URL bar, Refresh the forum page again., the image can be displayed in the forum. Estimated to be the result of the adjustment of the picture space by the administrator. Thanks Ran
  7. Nino I think you need to look down on things calmly. First , Please note that the subject of this article only begins in August 2017. The team did not complete the design of the model a few years ago,So it’s impossible to send the current public CAD picture to you a few years ago. I learned from the person in charge of the design team. The current picture was sent to you in 2018. Please check the mail. I received the same batch of pictures with you, they have no difference. In fact, until now, this batch of CAD screenshot images is still up to date. In the email at the time, it was clearly explained that the model only completed the design. But many parts still have the risk of mass production. The team needs to modify each part to meet the mold manufacturer's processing requirements. The team is more eager than anyone to expect the product to be ready to go public as soon as possible. After satisfying your proposed addition of the SVP-24-33 part,They obviously need to spend more time and effort on modifying the design. Let the product go into production smoothly. Obviously, the modification of hundreds of parts can not be completed in a short time. Actually The model builders are not easy to find the difference between these modified parts and the previous ones,They usually only involve some very small values. Small to human eyes can hardly distinguish,And they tend to involve the surrounding parts to match,But it is necessary to do it in engineering. That is, after modification, you can't see the difference between them in appearance. So there is no need to update the CAD appearance picture for the time being. In the more than 100 emails you sent, only ask one question about design updates. In my opinion, since the team has already replied before, there is no need to continue to answer the same question more than 100 times. I think that as long as things go well, this is already very good. They need to continue to focus on promoting the development of things,We just to wait for the test shot. About the canopy,I think it is clear enough in the posted CAD picture. It won't be worse than any ratio of Flanker's canopy on the shelf. Because the air intake is made of two-sided slider mold,So have to give up some of the details inside. Thank you Ran
  8. Maybe some errors have occurred. But you can still copy the address bar of the image and paste it into the web address bar to watch it.
  9. Dear Friends These are the CAD pictures of the earlier period. Now, with the exception of some relatively small pipelines and cables, most of the parts have already eliminated production barriers. We are still continuing to make various attempts and hope to achieve breakthroughs in production later.
  10. Hi Mstor: I understand that model builders care about whether the newly designed models meet their expectations. But everyone has their own different opinions and demands. In fact, Not everyone knows the real aircraft and design engineering and is suitable to participate. When the design team receives too many comments, They will probably get lost in endless modifications. We will never see the final product appear on the shelf. Therefore, the product design should have a dead line. The desktop design phase has been completed before. Now entering the mold production docking stage. Therefore, some problems that need to be solved now, such as too sharp parts, too weak, demolding angle, and mold line direction, Injection pressure distribution,Shrinkage of plastics.,are beyond the scope of this forum. I explained it on the previous floor, The new design is already in line with our original concept. I am very satisfied with this. Also thanks to Alex,Berkut,Dragan,Ken & Poncho for their comments and suggestions.. It is obviously the result of the joint efforts of everyone. But in order to pursue accuracy, the current number of parts has more than doubled compared to the original design. Although a large number of sliding dies are used,But the total number of parts still reaches more than 700 under reasonable splits. This shows that we still need to find more ways to optimize the combination. Reduce cumulative tolerance and assembly difficulty as much as possible,Assembly drawings are clear and easy to understand,Accurate decal...More. So can't come to the forum from time to time. The work is not without progress. If all the rest of the work goes well, I guess we will see the test shot in a few months. In addition, since everyone wants to know more, I will share some CAD pictures with everyone later. Hope it will impress man. Have a nice day Ran
  11. Hi Doppelgänger The act of doing a purchase may only take a few minutes or even less. Even with international transportation time, it is only a week or a few months. But designing a rigorous engineering project takes ten times or more. Prior to this, our processing requirements and limitations for precision molds were unknown. The workload is much more than we expected. We need to carefully observe each part and exclude areas that do not meet production specifications. In another aspect. It also poses a challenge to mold manufacturing. Therefore, the communication and modification work is essential. Otherwise,serious or even irreversible situations will occur when entering the testing phase of the product. Fortunately, we have the full support of the mold manufacturer. Although it took a long time, the close communication made the revision work well. I think this is an acceptable objective reality. Of course, in the process, I can't arbitrarily issue irresponsible listing dates to let the builders look forward to. Then can't cash. Maybe you just misunderstood some of the previous readings.People have the right to freedom, Builders can choose the right kit for their purchase.I have no intention of influencing anyone’s purchase intention. When the project enters the stage of manufacturing engineering. Because it only involves the processing technology; the difficulty and cost, etc. There is absolutely no need to discuss this in the forum. As mentioned earlier, all I can do is do my best to achieve my goals as quickly as possible. When all the work is done, I will post a thread about the product introduction. Thanks Ran
  12. Hello Doppelgänger Due to recent busy work,I haven't browsed the ARC forum for a long time. I am sorry about this. In my opinion, if your motivation to make a model is to pursue its accuracy. Abandoning a kits far below the standard will not cause any loss. At least on the way to waiting, You will not be lonely. In the past, I lost more than 10,000 times more than you on this project. The Frustration did not make me feel depressed, We spend a few years, Rebuild all projects. There is no doubt that it currently meets the original design requirements. Thanks again to the friends who provided reference on the ARC forum. I don't think he will let the friends who are pursuing the correctness of the model feel disappointed. In the past 2018,Because some designs exceed the processing capacity of the current factory. We need to make some compromise modifications to some overly extreme designs. Used to ensure stable quality during mass production. The number of newly designed parts is significantly higher than the original design, resulting in more modification time. At the same time it is also a process of exploring learning. This is the main reason for delay in listing. We are actively working with the factory to improve. It is expected that the product will be able to meet with us this year. Always support our friends who care about us can rest assured. The project has now largely ruled out most of the production barriers and Progressing well. It obviously deserves patience. At last,We have not charged anyone the order amount. I only said that we will try to achieve things as soon as possible. I can't understand who I sold to a bunch of silly lies? Best Regards Ran
  13. I don't work for any model brand and I provide Flanker information for anyone who needs help.
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