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  1. Excuse me Solo,Maybe it's my English expression problem,When designing a brand new theme, Basic shape is the most important. In my country, people usually have difficulty accessing real aircraft,This makes it difficult to pick up subtle changes in the aircraft's surface curvature, Compared with the design of derivatives of the same aircraft family, It must take more time to complete the design of another theme,In other words, when a theme kit has just been released, it is not realistic to hope to release another theme kit in a short time. For derivative models,The team will try to provide enou
  2. When the design is transferred to a brand new theme, everything will become slow,Because the most basic part may need to be adjusted repeatedly,Excessive speed will mean more vulnerabilities,Therefore, the team continues to focus on some derivative variants of Su-33 for the time being. Maybe when J-15 goes on the market, it will make you change your current thinking, Thank you.😂
  3. In my opinion, different regions and different people will have different emotions for different product themes. Some subjects that make you feel obscure may feel bright and beautiful in other regions. The popularity of this product in Russia is beyond imagination( https://vk.com/armatamodels?w=wall-114983756_242245 ). The function of records is to be break, The existing good quality kits can be replaced by higher-quality kits. This is in line with the principle of free competition in the market economy, and the result is the survival of the fittest. When encountering the example you me
  4. Hi ijozic,If you carefully check the timeline mentioned above, you will find that whether the Kinetic kit is released or not, it will not affect the birth of the new version of Su-33. The restart was decided and started more than a year before the release of the Kinetic version. Su-33 is a huge fighter plane and the most complicated model in the entire Su-27 family. And the information is very limited,Enable the team to gain a lot of experience by completing its design,This will inevitably benefit when developing other themed products in the future. Exploration inevitably requires a price, Bu
  5. Funding is only one of the factors, but it is not the most important,In terms of the current market,I don’t think they need to worry about lack of funds.
  6. Thank you Steve,The team is excited that such a concept product is welcomed by the market,Looking forward to applying this high-quality design and manufacturing to more themes.
  7. Here need to consider the cost that everything is paid from scratch,And the goal is very high. Huge amount of engineering and accuracy. The designer tried his best to do everything possible,Realize the original ideal.
  8. The Kinetic Ver. is considered a failed product,Minibase has decided to give up in the summer of 2014,And determined to rebuild according to his ideals. The sale of Kinetic kit(Nov 2015)is based on immediately preventing Famous Terry from selling engineering drawings to other model companies, So as to produce the same products as the original version. It was completely rebuilt from scratch in early 2015. Although they all use Su-33 as the theme,But none of the parts are the same between them. The outline, structure and details of the model have been most radically changed. Obviously this is f
  9. Yes,The slide rail is actually very small. In engineering, its size needs to be slightly increased to ensure the stability of injection molding production.
  10. Existing parts are already the best answer
  11. These three are parts use by J-15 only
  12. Please read the assembly manual carefully
  13. It is set up to correspond to the open or closed state,After constant modification, it also played a backup role.
  14. Hi Solo,The low-resolution photos may make you misjudge your observations,Please check the photo below,Thank you Mr. Vladimir Nazarov for providing high resolution photos to the design team.
  15. WoW...Just Wooow!! Thx~What do you hope it will be?
  16. Thanks for such a high standard appreciation,But still need to have enough patience to complete the build.
  17. Hi ijozic,From my friends Sharing ,You can try to do some tests with waste parts as follows. The operation is actually not difficult. First cut the decal into small pieces,Then paint Mr. Mark Setter on the light blue bathtub dashboard,Move the decal to the correct position,During the period, there will be some buttons to support the decals to form a small tent,Ignore them at this time,Wait till next day. When you think they are completely dry,Apply Mr. Mark Softer on the surface of the decal,Then use a soft flat pen to flatten gently to make it fit:)
  18. It depends on the personal choice of the builder. There is no doubt that 3D printed decals can provide the easiest solution for painting cockpit instruments,In addition to the price factor, I personally think that the actual effect may be very close to that provided by the kit body.
  19. J-15 is the sister development of Su-33,It is logical to appear in the subsequent development list.
  20. The dashboard only needs to be sprayed with light blue as the main color, and then decals are applied to it to complete,No need to draw.
  21. Hi stalal: I switched to the flickr photo album, Can't you view any photos?
  22. This is because the old design is a reproduction of 1/32 Su-27 resin upgrade parts (for trumpeter) downscaled. The allocation ratio of the trumpeter’s cockpit and nose gear compartment is wrong, which causes the cockpit upgrade parts to inherit its errors to match their installation. The sequelae caused by the shallow cockpit are obvious,The instrument panel and the lower part of the ejection seat need to be reduced in size to fit the assembly,In fact, it can only accommodate a ten-year-old child. The old design team moved the entire wrong Su-27 cockpit into the Su-33( Including most details )
  23. Maybe you will change your previous view after receiving the first package. Maybe the value of the product will exceed its price:)
  24. Here are some photos taken during the testing phase,It can be observed that the details and shapes of the full-structure seat belt manufactured by photoetching have top-level appearance effects.
  25. The design of the new Su-33 is aimed at accuracy, Its benchmark is already high,The edge thickness of the air nozzle blade is 0.4mm, which has basically reached the production limit of plastic injection products,At present, the thinnest 3D printing products on the aftermarket can reach 0.1-0.15mm,But at the same time, it also has the disadvantage that the surface treatment is not smooth enough,CP value is not high.
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