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  1. Ahh, yes, i'm coming out on top again. Stil collecting plastic, but the air is out of my brush, for some time. Down to brushes and spraycans. But i'm still gonna make a shuttle stack. And yes, FB is taking the social life away from people. Here you were social with people with same interest as one self. On your FB profile, you (mostly) post shoot, all your friends find boring, un-interesting and weird. But. I'll be back. And it's nice to se your work. I am still puzzled, every time i go through your builds. I am huble.
  2. Then fast forward to 2015, after a job change, and moved to a new location. All i know of, beloning in my life, endeed the night of Jan 15, 2015. I recived a call at 4 o'clock at night, from the police, if i wa ok, and where i was. No need to worry, do not rush home, since theres no home to rush too. 😮 But my house was burnt to the ground. I lost all, had only a suitcase with close for a week, my laptop, my phone and my car. All other was lost. And about a year later, i was collecting all the stuff i needed to complete this build, a new Monogram kit, new airbrush, new compresso
  3. Hi folks. I se a lot of unfinished business, in this forum. Oh yes, mine too. But i hope yor in for at explanation on what ended here , how and why. First off. 2013 ended like this, at the december 23.. See photo. I got a broken shin bone, as i was extreamely lucky. I broke to pine trees with that shinbone, and it's now heldt together with a titanium rod. The impact was so hard that my shues was stuck under the accelerator pedal, forced off my feet while impacted. But it keept me grounded for almost 1/2 a year. I did however set a new record, with 21 parachute jumps with a
  4. It is really nice to see that not all modellers are going for the maxed out resin and PE approch, (AkA. i got $$$ to all the extras.) It is a pleasure to se some scratch Building and some really clever ideers be unfolded here at this Humble site. This is a astonishing project, and you are doing it right. The envy are creeping in my vains, and you are creating what ordinary wanna' bee modellers have wet dreams about. To create something really uniqe and yet so detailed, showing some craftsman ship in a high degree. Ceep on this kind of Work, and you will be in a "League of the filthy few" h
  5. A lot of Q's are asked about how to take really good pitures of the models. I did a search on the forum, and it returned not much that will reveal the secrets. So i will give you some simple tricks and tips to do a good job with this. It is not as hard as you might think, it only request that you think about what you do. It only requires a camera. Not a nessesaryly a Cannon EOS D1 pro cam, but any pocket size digital cam can do a good Picture. Yes, even some smartphones will do this, too. The important step, is the setup. First of all, keep the composition of the Photo, simple. Not a P
  6. Thank's Ro-Gar Hobbies. I am quit happy about the model. I'm going to do some further wethering jobs, and have a bunch of MIG productions bottles heading in my direction. It seems to be a firly esy thing to do at this sort of model, i'm about to do the same on a European truck. Think this will be a real challenge. And i forgot to mention the extra gas tanks. No putty used, what so ever, yes, poor job. And one tank even lack the bands for holding it stuck. Yep, a really bad attempt to Work with Photo Etch. EDIT. More Pictures, Better lightning and simple background. A
  7. Hi. My topic on my JS-2 build, got deleted by the breakdown. So here's the resuls. It is my first attempt to build panzer. Ahh, at least in the last 25 years. I also try weathering, for the very first time, i have only used basic non pro Means, i.e. crayons colors, Water, sand coloured paint and hair spray. I am even impressed myself!!! And i also got a new Iwata airbrush that i started of with some Vallejo Air Model colors. Which is nice to Work with. The kit had some Photo Etched parts, which i actually skipped, due to my poor eys, and motorskilles... Folding a 1 x 1 mm bolt head, did
  8. Swnglish... Not much better than my Danglish... Think we might be "neighbors"... It's an impressive model when it gets upright. Nice Work Bubble. Rene'
  9. Yes, i will also try to make the Insta foam texture, using the "flour" modification as used in other treads. This as a testbed for my Monogram 1/72 project. So since the texture is gone alredy, i need new ways of doing so. Rene'
  10. This is a AWESOM kit. And Bubble, you are doing a great job. Really nice model, you have in my mind catched the essence of it, lots of different Shades of White, just as many grey colors and some Black. Nothing to keep it shiny and polished. It could however use some small degree of weathering. You have an good eye for the details. I actually didn't know that the Buran had it's main engines at the bottom of the "ET", i did however knew, it only had two main engines on the orbiter. I just assumed that the extra power was gained by the double set of ernergia packs.... Now i know why NASA
  11. Thanks Pete. I am allready a bit embbaresed Since you are my biggest Hero. Although you make some models, most can only have wet dreams about. I will have to come to a really good result. But thanks. And i aggre, learning by doing is the only way. Sorry for my in accuracy and stuepid errors, in advance. Critics are welcome, as long as they are constructive. Rene'
  12. I got my Red-box Airfix Space shuttle yesterday. And i use it as a testbed and a trainer for me, myself & I to learn some basics about tecniques with glue, putty, Evergreen, decals etc. So this build is not to be any exact copy or replica. You are hereby warned. But i build a intrepertation of a shuttle with what materials i have. And it can go as an review of the kit aswell. First of all. The ET. I started off with the External Tank. It is made of 5 pieces, and the fit is far better than on my Monogram 1/72 (???) I actually managed to get i decent together, not to use a ton of pu
  13. Yep. Spot on. And thanks Bill. Will the Picture reprecent them in 1:1 ? (1/72 scale.) Rene'
  14. Any one up for the deal? It's a bargin at only $19,500,00. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RUSSIAN-SOVIET-SPACE-SHUTTLE-BURAN-COSMONAUT-SPACESUIT-STRIZH-RARE-/161089646188?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2581b0ee6c Some details, that are maybe more intereting to us leathals non Cosmonautas... PM me if you need the Pictures in higher resolution. Enjoy Rene'
  15. No offence at all. Tread Post just tracked off a bit.
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