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  1. You are right, that boxing has the correct P-400 style 12 stub exhausts which would be the most difficult part to replicate otherwise. Apart from that the Special Hobby P-39 kits seem to have all the appropriate parts for most P-39's so I reckon that will do especially as the Airacobra Mk1 is the P-400 in its original British markings. Cheers Tony
  2. I got this kit the other day. I was impressed to see how they had not taken shortcuts with the sprues but made all the WildcatFish parts new moldings. Look forward to building it. Cheers Tony
  3. The hope that Dragon would continue their range of manned boosters to include a 1/72 Saturn 1B is part of the reason I have supported a lot of their real space efforts with purchases on my part. I am pessimistic that it will be 100% out of the box but at the very least I hope it would be a better detailing basis than the Saturn V as a lot of its major errors are below the SIVB and I can see Dragon trying to use the upper stack straight out of the Saturn V box. Still want a 1/72 "Clusters Last Stand" for my stash! Cheers Tony
  4. Hope you have a good time here in Adelaide, Rodney. As mentioned, Craig Chidleys' Aeroworks at Colonel Light Gardens is probably the best specialist aircraft kit seller in the state. He is open all day Friday (9-5) and 9 till 1 on Saturday. Hobby Habit has two shops, a smaller one on Main North Road just past Gepps Cross and a much larger one at Daws Road, Melrose Park. Complete Hobbies is also right on Main North Road at Brahma Lodge, they are mostly RC but have quite a well stocked aisle of plastic kits. John at Model World is a wonderful old gentleman who deals in second hand kits at VERY good prices plus a range of newer stock stuff. Highly recommend him. Military Hobbies on Port Road near the intersection with South Road is only 5 minutes out of the city and has a good range of books and kits. Prices are pretty reasonable. The Saturday morning hobby shop circuit in Adelaide basically consists of Military Hobbies - Model World - The larger Hobby Habit at Daws Road - Aeroworks. That will get you to the better shops with almost zero backtracking and with a chance to see them all. Forget SA Hobby Centre, waste of time. If you want, we could hook up and I could take you on the tour. Where are you staying? Cheers Tony
  5. I worked on the 79 Squadron Hawks for BAe for a year about eight years ago and at that time I recall it was rare to see anything other than the fairing on the wing tip. Ray has a good point, they mostly just had wing tanks on as external stores. Cheers Tony
  6. Yes, the Revell (Matchbox) 1/32 kit comes with skis, floats and wheels and a Canadian canopy. It doesn't have instructions or decals for the float option but all the parts are there. Cheers Tony
  7. I have to agree with Jay. Though different in detail the block 200 S-IVB of the Saturn 1B and the Block 500 S-IVB of the Saturn V are dimensionally identical. What sort of dimensional difference are we talking here? Here are three Airfix S-IVB's, from both original issue and retooled kits. The AS-203 adapter is on an early issue unmodified S-IVB and the AS-204 is on a new issue red-box Saturn 1B. The right one is my re-detailed Airfix issue. The adapters are from Martins models and while not a drop in fit they are close enough that only minor fettling sees them mated up. Cheers Tony
  8. Right there you have filled a need for the Airfix 1B, well done!! Cheers Tony
  9. Thanks John, excellent. I will chase down a copy of the relevent magazines but that will be fine for now. I know that often the drawings cross-pollonate between mags, but if they are different I would like to see those scans as well. Cheers Tony
  10. Nice one Jennings!:) Cheers Tony
  11. I am looking for some reasonably detailed drawings of the Short Sturgeon, either in its prototype form or in its later TT2-TT3 versions. I have the Butler book on order but I see from some research that there have been some magazine articles in the past: Scale Aircraft Modelling May 1997. Aeroplane Monthly Vol 6 No 10 October 1978. Aviation News Feb 7 1986. Am after the info for scaling up for a possible larger scale scratchbuild project Even scans would be very helpfull. Cheers Tony
  12. OK, I was a volunteer there in 1981 when we were still engine running the Beaufighter outdoors. Had a good time manning the admission box and because my Aunt and Uncles house was two hours by train away we often slept in the DC-3 on Saturday nights rather than go home. BY heck that could get cold in a Melbourne winter! From the Museums old newsletters I gleaned that the first Beaufighter was so completely vandalised by the kids it was scrapped then replaced by the Moorabbin example. It was well on the way to meeting the same fate when the Museum was formed specifically to save the aircraft. This was because the Portsea camp authorities would only release the aircraft to a properly organised Museum. Cheers Tony
  13. When did you volunteer at the Museum? (As in what years?) Cheers Tony
  14. I was fully expecting the Stack to cost over $600 Aus landed in Australia. That I got it for $550 was a real bonus to me. I think it is a great kit and even allowing for the joint filling needed on the fibreglass components it looks like there is STILL less filling and cleanup than on a Revell 1/72 scale Shuttle Full Stack kit!! ;) Cheers Tony
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