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  1. GW, wish there were more of you guys in arc. Yeah there's something ominous about it. There's normally 1 or 2 posts per hour. I feel the need. The need to read.
  2. That cockpit's an incredible work of art. When you search google for images there's usually a link associated with it. I'll try to look for the same and see if the modeller has a build log.
  3. Good catch, Bill. Hopefully that's an optical illusion, too, as that's harder to fix.
  4. John, Aigore, appreciate the comments! Painted and weathered a few more Snakeyes....
  5. It looks huge and not 1/72 because of the tonal variations in weathering. Was it black-basing that you used?
  6. Sorry to hear about the spill but I know you can fix it. But that paintjob/weathering is truly amazing!
  7. Following closely, Janissary! Beautiful weathering technique. Just to confirm...you did no mottling before the basecoat and just post-shaded it with H315 mixed with a little white and achieved this, wow! And at this point, have you post-shaded it with the black yet? (or I guess that's H315 mixed with a little black?) 'Cause it's looking really good already.
  8. Thanks, Steve! Masked, painted and weathered the arrestor hook. Weathered the tailhook well --- I see pics with grease and muck accumulating in there.
  9. That looks fantastic!
  10. I still think we should buy one even just for intellectual curiosity and even if it's going to stay unbuilt. As kit collectors (I guess all modellers are) you'll be owning a piece of history -- the most controversial F-14 kit ever produced. That's a great conversational piece right there. Once the kits are gone missing out will leave you wondering forever what the kit would have been like -- the slide-molded forward fuselage and weapons sets, the decals, the dirty wings and other firsts. There will always be someone in the future who will want to take the kit off your hands for these features despite the kit's warts should you want to sell. It's a limited run so it's a great inestment. Regarding the wait, from what's going on in their facebook page it hasn't felt more like the release is really happening. And we've waited years so a couple months more shouldn't matter.
  11. Have you tried LePage Ultra Gel Control? Dab a little glue onto the area with a sharpened toothpick. You don't need to rush to put the PE in place. And it allows you to move it around for a short while. https://www.homehardware.ca/en/4-ml-ultra-gel-super-glue/p/2010177
  12. Started weathering Corsair No. 2. Did the bare metal area near the stabilizer pivot. You probably notice that discolored area along the exhaust. That's because disaster struck and Corsair No. 2 fell off the table tail first. A large piece broke off the exhaust opening and couldn't find it. I had to repair it with some 2-part putty. Oh well : (
  13. Appreciate those encouraging words, CapO and Steve! Really glad you like it so far : )
  14. Thanks, Aigore! : ) Carrier-based A-7's have tailhooks that are tubular in the middle (land-based ones have square cross-sections). Sanded down the middle and tested with some tape:
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