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  1. Copy that, Tracy. Will do.
  2. Some progress on the gimbal...
  3. Uh oh..... Calling Tracy, how do you wish to proceed...
  4. Thanks, Tracy! Just curious -- that knob-like thing that goes into the belly of the shuttle looks different here -- were these used just for testing? : And this photo from the Famous Spaceships of Space and Fantasy book shows something else: And since you're doing an early 905, I guess I'll have to modify my 3D model. I just hope I'm making the right assumptions. It's easy to confuse the 911 and the 905 that's repainted white.
  5. Hey, Pete, yeah, I obsess too much about some details unnecessarily sometimes and it slows down my progress on any project. Knowing how to approximate shapes (e.g, this looks like this at this scale and such) is something I haven't fully learned and I know it's a necessary modeling skill, otherwise nothing will get done -- I'm proof of that
  6. Oops, I'd forgotten the 905 had been repainted white. I need to do my homework :) Hi Tracy, you're building a 905, are you? And those figures you mentioned -- are those the Reedoak ones? Oh, and Tony, which one was this?
  7. Looking great -- looking forward to more progress shots. Ponoko -- wow -- great tip!
  8. Great job, Argento_1975! I've been building a 1/200 747 and I thought that was too small.
  9. Some of the tubes are off-size so I'm still wondering what to use for them. Building the gimbal parts:
  10. Cool! Thanks for sharing! Some progress... I tried building these plates and noticed they changed: I was also modeling the top airfoil: When I noticed the profile had changed from this: To a longer one with a flat trailing edge:
  11. Hi Pete, glad you like it! Hey, Tracy, that's good to hear, thanks!
  12. Thanks Spaceman, Tracy! Yes I think they will have to be separated. Parts are really tiny though, I'm really not sure if all the details will show in the print. I'd really like to know how other 3d modellers do theirs -- if they modify measurements and make details bigger even if out of scale just so they remain visible when printed. So far I just stayed true to the real hardware, so I'm just crossing my fingers.
  13. Hey, Joel, everyone was worried something happened to you! Where'd you disappear to? It's nice to see you back! Popcorn time, once again! :)
  14. Beautiful job!!!