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  1. Hi fellas. here's my contribution to the F-16 GB. Block 10 cockpit by ESCI. The box cover is misleading with that big photo of a later model cockpit But the upper photo is what the kit really looks like. I lost the instrument decals and couldn't find anything online. I see there was a 1/12 Verlinden instrument panel film released a long time ago with labels for the switches of the side consoles which the kit doesn't provide but it's long OOP. I contacted a fellow modeler on largescaleplanes wh
  2. I feel your pain. Are you doing an open-cockpit display? Here's a 1/72 F-14 replacement canopy (for Hasegawa) that you can probably use. You might also try thermoforming one, if you don't mind using that canopy as a plug. Resulting one will be slightly bigger but should be ok for an open-cockpit build. Closed canopy is harder as you'll have to find an exact match.
  3. You can search for anything under the sun and there's sure to be a page for it. Even fighter squadrons have taken to facebook. The page of the gruesome lot : ) Kill hours and hours of your time : )
  4. Beautiful job, AFM! I love the old photos effects as well : )
  5. Thanks Kurt! Can we start a WIP in the In-Progress section instead? By the way, I just discovered the instrument decals are missing from my kit : bummer : ( I might have to go the xerox machine route.
  6. Don't sell yourself short, you've got the skills for sure. I know a good bunch of modelers here who have practically mastered building and painting techniques and are very methodical and can breeze through builds but a lot of us are still learning and struggling to create what we see in our mind's eye : ) Just do your best and let's build for the fun of it. A completed model, however poorly done, is still better than an unbuilt kit : )
  7. Weathered the sand with oils to subdue the brightness. Looks better now:
  8. This really helped me a lot, Drew. I'm using MRP lacquer gloss coat and couldn't seem to bring it up to the high gloss that I want. It's almost like semi-gloss, not sure why. I hesitantly tried the decals with the setting solutions and it worked -- no silvering at all : ) Thanks again!
  9. I have the same problem on weathering metallic finishes (for bare metal areas). I've tried applying a gray or smoke wash but it doesn't spread well unless you kill off the sheen with some matte coat. And the wash color doesn't blend well with the metallic finish and ends up covering it. I've tried mottling on a different shade and sheen of metal color. This blends a bit better. Others suggest pigments but I've never tried it. I've also seen Doogs' video here where he applied some gray mottling but it goes on before the metallic finish.
  10. Thanks, Kurt! That's the one, yeah : ) Excellent chance to build our cockpits : ) Add 3 monitors and they'll look like 1/12 home flight simulator rigs : )
  11. Hi Kurt H, the only kit I have of the F-16 is a cockpit. Does that qualify for the GB? : ) Beautiful work there, okthree -- that's something straight out of a Honey I Shrunk The Kids movie!
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