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  1. Got the mounting sorted... Next up applying the ghost gray.
  2. Love the RAT and that completed ejection seat is beatiful! This thread give me hope about the future of 3D printing for scale models.
  3. I did the gunship gray mottling... It's a combination of templates and freehand. I wanted to do all freehand but it's taking too long and my freehand ones tend to become less random. But where I used templates I still softened the edges as much as I could. The work took about 16 hours and my neck and right shoulder are really sore. And the strange thing about it is everytime I close my eyes now, my mind starts visualizing a black background being sprayed with gray mottling in real time. I'm literally starting to dream about this! : ) I'm wonderi
  4. Hmm, I never thought about it that way. All I cared about was that it would hug the surface and details making for a smoother finish and not flood the panel lines. But if it would continue to contract it makes sense that it would create cracks on the paint and decals. I better let it sit for a couple of days then before doing any further work. How long did you let yours dry? I would've used the Gaianotes black I was using earlier but I couldn't seem to recreate the magic thinning ratio that worked for me initially so it's not covering right. It's from this article about T
  5. Yeah I was wondering myself until I asked Eraucubsfan. I thought my thread was deleted for being unfinished. Something like -- "This thread -- good content -- keep. This thread -- not worthwhile reading -- delete..." heheh. Also wondered if they were website hosting issues. I was gonna post about it but I thought you guys knew and I was the only one in the dark : )
  6. Thanks, Aigore, he's a blessing to the modeling community. Sernak, hi! Yes painting sure is complicated. And just when I feel like I'm getting a handle on it, it teaches me a lesson and screws something up. The only thing I could do is keep at it and try harder. I admire you guys on your painting skills. I think I'm overthinking it at the moment but I hope to reach a point where I wouldn't have to worry everytime I sit down at the spraybooth. My goal is to be able to recreate those subtle modulations in color, like what you see on the rear stabilizer. Funny how this is
  7. Oh, Phantom --- Eraucubsfan says he hid it on purpose -- just until the GB polls are over so the builders' names stay secret. We all have our favorite builders so we might end up choosing the builder and not the build if we get to see the related threads.
  8. I got mine from quinta.studio's ebay shop. Maybe they fulfill ebay orders faster?
  9. Fasteagle107, thanks! : ) Hi Sernak, that seems like a great idea. I think my issue was mostly because I used a template and the edges of the mottling were really sharp, and the contrast between the black and white was so stark that it looked unnatural when the thinned gray was sprayed on top of it. And combined with the super-thinned gray letting the black show -- it was like blue ink bleed-through. That's the best I could describe the results I got. I'm trying out Doogs' gunship gray mottling before the ghost gray this time. Thanks for the info, Brian! Stripped the F-
  10. Thanks, BastianD! Aigore, thanks but I don't think the templates worked too well for me. The light ghost gray for the underside was ok but the topside was a disaster so I've stripped it again -- twice already. Since the colors are heavily thinned and the black underneath shows through, the paint's combination with the black seems to be producing some strange bluish hue. Will have to rethink how I proceed with this. I studied the paint schemes from different sources online and I'm a bit confused. The standard TPS scheme seems to be turning out too dark - again maybe because of the b
  11. Look at that harness -- pretty amazing to think someone was doing that in 3D. Whoever designed it is a madman. : )
  12. Makes sense, Janne. Will need to give that a try, too! The template loads up with paint, clogging up the smaller openings. At first tried cleaning it with a toothbrush and some thinner -- that didn't go too well. Cleaning it with a rag didn't work quite too well either as it would snag on the branches. Finally decided to do it the easy way. Swish it in a container pretty much the way you'd etch a home-made PCB : ) I use lacquer paint so this is lacquer thinner. Nice and clean : )
  13. If I moved the way Charlie Chaplin does in his silent pictures I can finish in no time. But I build in slo-mo like in one-sixth gravity : )
  14. I was gonna say I need lots of those, habu2 : ) Hi Brian, thanks for the suggestions. Something magical just happened. I swapped out the trigger parts with my older PS-267 and now the 270 works like a dream. I'm a happy camper : )
  15. Hi guys, I have a question about the trigger on a new Mr. Hobby Procon-boy PS-270 airbrush. I just got it today. I took it out of the box to test the feel and I noticed that when I pull back on the trigger and let go it doesn't return on its own and I kinda have to assist it. I checked the spring -- it seems fine. Has anyone else had this same issue? I'm thinking if I should replace it with a stronger spring. And do you normally grease the sliding rod?
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