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  1. crackerjazz

    Kinetic CF188 1/48 Production Line x4

    Hi, PM sent! thanks!
  2. Hey, thanks Mick and CapO!!! : ) I will now attempt to detail the engine, with the CF700 maintenance manual and Tony's photos to help me out. The CF700 engine is still in use today on the Falcon private jet so there were some good maintenance photos I found online, although the CF700 2V on the LLRV has some differences, being meant for vertical installation/operation. Some progress on the accessory drive parts... + oil tank... There's a lot to do.... about 20 years ought to do it....
  3. crackerjazz

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Wow, that'll be the best TorCan, Pete, and I'll be the happiest bloke for sure! : )
  4. The tower looks really good! This is turning out to be a beautiful piece of work with all those details. The amount of work you're putting into it really shows.
  5. crackerjazz

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Which LM parts are you missing? I still have the First Lunar Landing kit that I never got through building with lots of parts still on the tree. I could mail you the parts you need.
  6. crackerjazz

    1/72 Three Stooges LLRV

    Wow that's a beautiful model, Kev! Love the build up shots and how you made the altimeter using ball bearings! Especially love that shot of the LLRV like an insect lying on its back : ) And Air-form clay -- I should find some good use for that stuff, thanks for sharing!
  7. crackerjazz

    3D printed 1/6th & 1/12th CSM RCS

    Beautiful work, Aussie-Pete! Very impressive! The printed surface looks so smooth and I love those parts at the top -- just like real mechanical hardware and so smooth too. What kind of paint did you use?
  8. crackerjazz

    Apollo 16 CSM and LM

    Really beautiful model, Pete! How I wish I can have one sitting on my desk. What's the name of that chocolate bar again where you got the foil from? They should advertise "for Apollo LEM builders" on the wrapper.
  9. crackerjazz

    Take your Models to the next level .....

    Hey that's a very cool product. I've tried everything -- even tried painting those switch labels in white using a strand of hair. it's so hard to control the consistency and amount of paint and usually results in undesired white blobs. This will make things so much easier. Thanks for the link! And thanks ANYZ!
  10. crackerjazz

    Apollo Dioramas

    Helo 66 is looking might good!! Agree with the degree of realism. Awesome job so far!
  11. crackerjazz

    1/32 LM and CSM

    It looks incredible, Vincent! Your work always has that trademark Vincent look --- Sharp details and beautiful colors.
  12. Thanks, John! Hi Randy, thanks! The 0.3mm was very flexible and I had no issues at all bending them at 90 degrees with the long nose pliers. I do try to bend slowly to prevent breakage. The raised rivets are pin-pricks on the back of the styrene sheet, something I learned from johnbuck's fantastic LM airframe build : ) I don't know what you call this thing in the back. On LLRV No. 2 this is positioned over to the right side of the avionics box, but is in the middle on LLRV No. 1.
  13. Some progress on the avionics box. Derived some measurements from a photo: Unskewed the individual panels and did a layout.
  14. crackerjazz

    Heritagecon 2019 -- some photos

    Wow, they were your own -- really beautiful work! If I get to finish the LLRV this year I'll surely bring it to Heritagecon 2020. The 1/10 LM --- thanks, but I've balled up the project, unfortunately : ) It was too large and unwieldy.
  15. crackerjazz

    1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Looking great with the additions, already, Kev! I hear you.. it's a "guts-outside" craft so it's a little harder to replicate but as long as we add a few details here and there it shouldn't look so bare.