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  1. Cool large scale! Great to see your paint booth is working beautifully.
  2. OK a little more work done.. I've broken down the frame in nice printable chunks. The gimbal frame will hold everything together. Printable in one piece -- as long as it's in 1/24 scale : ) -- so maybe I'll print it in 1/24 for now. Quarter-leg chicken pieces : ) Also printable in one piece and are structurally sound on their own : ) This section gave me trouble because the trusses cross. Couldn't get my rear quarter legs and the rear
  3. Just reflected off the windscreen. No conventional hud structure until the B came along. A's are easier to model in that regard : )
  4. @erlawerke that is some remarkable model-building and weathering. What's your weathering process like? It looks really realistic.
  5. Georgeous work @nnkk! The weathering looks fantastic! When you say no washing -- you didn't use any wash on the panel lines at all?
  6. Tracy, Manfred, Cloud in the Wind, thanks, guys! : ) Got some more printing to do... And back to the virtual assembly... This is an in-flight model so a lot of the hull will be covered in foil : ) Maybe I shouldn't have shown the RTGs in
  7. Hi guys, as you may not be aware (especially those who aren't on Facebook), Space Cadet Models is producing a 1/24 Cassini-Huygens unmanned probe. Scott Brotherton and Karl Doddenhoff spent years developing this kit. It's the product of their blood, sweat and tears. I joined the party late so pretty much all the parts are done. There are just some parts that still need to be printed to make more kits and I wanted to post some printing progress shots and also assemble one in Solidworks to whet your appetites : ) If I can describe the model in one word, it's MAJESTIC! I
  8. Beautiful work, Pete!👌 Looks just like the NASA model!
  9. Cool updates, Jay. Beautiful cockpit and scribing work.
  10. Awesome! Thanks, Tracy! I'm reading the description -- it says it's so lightweight it floats in water. It can be sanded, drilled, tapped, routered. Looks like it feathers really nicely, too. Have you tried scribing on it? There's a sculpting store around me that has it in stock -- gotta give it a try.
  11. Looking really good, Tracy! Smooth-On Sculpting Dough looks just what I need as I find Apoxie Sculpt isn't so easy to sand. Nothing turned up in google, but would Sculpting Dough be the same as Smooth-On Free Form Sculpt?
  12. Amazing stuff, Rob, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more updates.
  13. Thanks Pete! : ) That part -- I had to set it to .015mm layer height to print quicker at 10 hours. .02 layer height would save me more time. As for price I have no idea yet, but Karl doesn't expect to sell lots of these. I think the only people who might be interested to model this thing are 1/6 astronaut figure owners for displaying their figures with. It's still missing a few greeblies in the pic. And Karl and Scott did suggest something like a sandwiched layer of printed prisms but this prototype doesn't have them as I don't have any clear resin at the moment and I wanted
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