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  1. Hi Pete, thanks! We're like a trio now : ) I'll be doing mainly 3D modeling and printing and maybe some vacuforming -- We'll try to move away from printing at Shapeways and do everything in-house as much as possible. My biggest hurdle is that I'm doing this along with my day job so that means having to get up really early (I'm a real slave to my alarm clock now) to get some 3d modelling done before getting ready for work and doing more stuff before turning in at night. Less time for aircraft modeling/painting, too, but I hope to be able to sneak in a little bit of that when I get the
  2. That's great info about Future, guys! Beautiful finish, ALF18!
  3. Was wondering the same. Painted NMF has a nice sheen that's really different from clear coats' wet look. But I'm thinking that after applying decals you'll have to seal it eventually so it seems there's no escaping from clear coat application.
  4. There's something there with the image brightened:
  5. Hi, I recently joined a garage kit company called Space Cadet Models. The company was started by the duo of Karl Dodenhoff and Scott Brotherton - great space geeks. I figured it would be a great way to put my 3d modeling and printing interests into good use and learn more about space-related subjects at the same time : ) I'm posting my progress really because all these WIP images will only go to waste -- you'll only get to see the produced model but not the behind-the-scenes stuff. I think the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination, though. And who knows, you
  6. Beautiful work as always, Pete! 👌 All done in record time, too -- less than two weeks, wow.
  7. Hi Steve hope your situation gets better so you're not so overworked as you are now. I'd be happy to chip in as well. By the way, does the ARC facebook page generate more income than the forums and are there any plans to keep just the Facebook page in the future? Hopefully not : )
  8. That is something else!! Excellent job, erlawerke!
  9. You got some weathering skills there, Kajustas! Excellent job!
  10. Wow, very beautiful build, Mr. Happy! Very nicely done! 👌
  11. Hi Cklasse, thanks! That must be cool working for PW : ) The original resin set (pics I posted at the beginning of the thread) are available from AV O. You can send him a PM and he'll sort you out. It's a really great set. As for the printed slats I'll keep experimenting on what the best printing orientation is to prevent resin pooling at the bottom. I'm still having issues with the curved lip at the bottom. It's like resin pools up in that area and hardens and I have to sand/shape the curvature. So it defeats the purpose of 3D-printing the slats : ) I'm planning to send my work to
  12. Thanks for the update. Glad you're ok and recovering well. You can avoid a relapse by not backreading : )
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