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  1. Thanks for the kind comments, JackMan, Steve, AFM, Mr. Happy! Fashioned a marker with pins to make sure the hole locations are uniform and attached the Snakeyes with wires. Just had some trouble with some footpads not touching the bomb casings completely and also had a couple bolts break off. The assembly is rather sensitive to handling especially with the scratchbuilt bolts and swaybrace footpads; it's just a relief to get this stage over with. I'm just worried
  2. Your blackbasing is looking great, MAC. I tried the method once but I was apparently doing it incorrectly as the effect quickly gets buried under the topcoat. I'll see if I can get it right this time. I also need to practice getting a finer spray out of the airbrush nozzle. Or maybe I'll get one of those Artool templates to make it easier to apply the marbling.
  3. Big fan of your action displays and realistic final products, Red Dog! : ) Excited to see what magic you work into your F-14s : )
  4. It should start with https.. This portion is all you need: ***https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50915841477_6eed9f51c3_b.jpg[/img]*** And here's your Flickr pic:
  5. Oh ok, it's missing the "USS Constellation" markings. No worries, I'll take what I can get : ) Let me send you a PM and pay for 'em. Thanks, Marco! : )
  6. Hi, anyone have this 1/32 A-7E Corsair decal set (VPD32001) from Victory Productions they're willing to sell? I'm looking for the VA-147 Argonauts scheme, Thanks! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/victory-productions-vpd32001-a-7e-corsair-ii--609330
  7. Just one more step before the Snakeyes get mounted onto the TERs. Had to turn some footpads for the swaybars on the Dremel. 24 in all for 2 TERs. Bombs are all gloss-coated. Just need to flat-coat, attach the fuzes, and they should be ready for mounting. Taking my time as the kits still aren't here. This is what I get for even starting a thread without the kits on hand. Am I the first member here to have done that? : ( The nose-cone and air intake transplant might become a reality : (
  8. Cockpit looks great! That gap is a real head-scratcher : ( You may need to break off the forward fuselage again to level that area but looks like it's glued on tight and puttied up so probably not an option. Maybe a lot of sanding will help? Tomcats look good without the pallets, too, if you're skipping the Phoenix missiles.
  9. That cockpit does have incredible detail for 1/72.
  10. Love the mottling. Looks so realistic and makes the model look so much bigger. I really have to hit that buy button and get myself some of those stencils.
  11. Amazing stuff, Timmy. Learning a lot. Can I ask what epoxy putty you're using? I use Apoxie Sculpt but that looks way easier to control.
  12. Strangely I haven't received the kits that were shipped in December. If it comes down to kissing them goodbye I might be forced to convert the A-4E and graft the Hobbycraft nose and intakes onto it. Or, to make my life easier, I might just build the A-4E, use decals for another squadron and change the title of the thread : ) But I'll give it a couple more weeks. From pics that I see, the rings look spray-painted on without any masking so I masked the ends in such a way that the sprayed on yellow paint would have a soft edge. The seri
  13. Glad you found a solution to your sizing dilemma. Painting on the sprue guarantees you'll be painting twice as you'll need to touch up sprue cuts, sanding marks and handling scratches, and may clog up connecting-pin bores?
  14. Beautiful Tomcat, Geoff! : ) And in record time!
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