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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for checking in on my little project. My modelling life has been languishing of late but hopefully I can get back to it soon. There was so much I wanted to do that nothing got done : )
  2. Killer stuff, Elmo! : ) The ultra-realism is incredible.
  3. Thanks Gregg! : ) You get a nice aroma at first, then the smell turns sour for couple weeks as it gasses, I think, which fades away and goes back to the faint coffee smell as it candies. I'm still looking for a good fixative to seal it off completely, though : )
  4. The drill bit went off center and ate through the side of a bezel and had to fix it. I wondered about that empty section on top of the center console. I had to move the whole panel upward to match reference pics. I also cut off a portion of the lower part of the front panel to fix the shape.
  5. Hi I have some kits in the stash that will just take too much time to build. And since I just don't see myself having all that time to finish the stash anymore I just want to be able to build a portion of the kits at least. I'm almost always drawn to the cockpits so maybe I'll build those as they're often worth displaying on their own, especially with the advent of detailed printed instrument panels -- it's just a pity they practically disappear when you close up fuselage halves. I'm gonna try building this Huey cockpit with the goal of displaying it as a little subassembly. I'll also pr
  6. Lovely work! Those engines look incredible!
  7. I should try tea, yeah : ) I'm also wondering about Coca-cola, if it can do staining effects also.
  8. What a beautiful display piece! You did all that in what would be my planning and putting off stage, haha. I hope you wouldn't mind but I might have a bunch of questions when I get back to building mine. Also, I don't think I'd be able to build an interior as beautiful as yours. I might actually have to leave that off entirely as it seems overwhelming just thinking about it : ) But congrats on completing a stunning model and hope to see more of your work.
  9. Hi Da SWO, thanks! I'm using instant coffee as my medium. It saves a trip to the art store : ) A pinch of coffee granules and a little water goes a long way. Just a few drops If I want it dark. It stains nicely and you end up with a nice sepia brown "black and white" artwork.
  10. Hi guys, doing another coffee painting. I'm trying to see what it is that I did on the A-7B that I couldn't replicate anymore. I seemed to be more relaxed and didn't care much how it turned out yet it came out pretty well. Maybe it was the brush -- I'm not sure -- I tried to use a smaller brush for better details on the F-14s but things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. My control just wasn't there. Or maybe it's because the more you try to make it look realistic the opposite happens. I was looking for the brush that I used on the A-7 but I couldn't find it anymore. Anyway,
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