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  1. Hi Collin, saved, thanks! Sorry for the derail, Joel -- that Hellcat was too pretty : ) Hey, now I know where "Tomcat" came from -- Grumman seemed to have a thing for cats.
  2. Can you elaborate more about your panel lines, please? Does that mean you used the airframe color but just tinted a bit darker by adding some black?
  3. A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Thanks for the info, guys! I'll try to re-position the other A-7's flaps. Spent a whole day looking for the Zactoman intake parts. I thought I'd lost them, whew! I regret not having gotten the seamless intakes when they were available. Had to fix the seams of the kit part. I carved up a piece of styrene sheet and attached it to the end of a dowel. I shaped it so that when I ran it along the bead of apoxie sculpt it would force the putty into the groove. I cut off the other end of the intake for easy access. Filled the grooves with Apoxie Sculpt and used the tool to level it down. Had to sand it down a little after it had dried. It worked out pretty well. The Trumpeter's chin is a bit too straight compared to the Hasegawa's. But the Zacto part requires pinching the intake -- which makes the chin go lower... It will level with the edge of the lip but the chin will lose curvature(?). Hmmm..... I'm thinking about cutting off some material here so that even if I pinch the intake the chin won't go down further. But then I might have to trim down the lip to match it. I might be digging myself into a hole : ( By the way, surprise-surprise. The cockpit, which was pretty much done with the pilot strapped comfortably in his seat, suffered a cat-tastrophe. The cat helped himself onto the workbench in the middle of the night and swiped the cockpit over the edge with his paw (why I had strategically placed it close to the edge I may never figure out). When I woke up the next morning I see the pilot had ejected, one of his arms broken and all the PE straps missing. I found the straps eventually in a dilapidated state -- one buckle (with several folds) flattened like a pancake under my shoe. When will I ever learn my lesson ---- I have a cat and need to stow away anything I've completed safely out of view : (
  4. First Topic: My 2017 realisations

    Beautiful work, foxhound31!
  5. 1/72 F-15E Seymour Johnson 333rd FS

    Very nice, Flyboy3394!!! Must feel really good to complete it especially after that mishap.
  6. Yet another 1/48 Tamiya F-14A

    Excellent aircrew work, CaptainObvious! Looking forward to more progress shots!
  7. Sea Hurricane Mk II

    Killer work, Vacinotac!!!
  8. Boeing 767-300 American Airlines (1:144)

    Very nice, Marco!!!
  9. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-27. 968 IIAP, Lipetsk AFB.

    Nicely done!!! Beautiful weathering!
  10. 1/48 Trumpeter ERA-3B

    Wow, beautiful build/weathering!!!
  11. HB 1/48 F-14A Tomcat: Update 10/6/17: Underway

    Looking great, Peter! Looking forward to more updates! : )
  12. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya

    Gorgeous work, Milan! It's weepingly good.
  13. 747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Hi Tracy, I've uploaded it. I saw some mounts there already, lol. Anyway here's mine. Didn't really add any markup so that's their price that you'll see. https://www.shapeways.com/product/L3M2SMF6Y/747-sca-main-rear-mounts-parts-combined?optionId=64071108&li=marketplace Let me know how it goes or if any modifications are required.
  14. 1/48 Eduard Albatros DVa

    Nice job on the engine and wood interior painting! Wood looks real! : )