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  1. I must live under a rock. I never even saw this : ) All I can say is that I really envy your weathering skills. They're really like scaled-down jets -- like zapped-down real aircraft -- because of the detailed weathering. Would you care to elaborate on your photography? I often use a phone but the weathering and tonal variations are often not captured maybe because of the limited dynamic range of phone cameras? Then I moved to DSLRs but it's a bit harder to control the depth of field. What's your setup like?
  2. Hi Drew, the fiberglass pen you mention looks interesting; I might pick one up. Do you notice if it makes you itchy at all from small loose fibers?
  3. Hi Pete, I just came across this thread.. You're doing some serious hacking. Grabbing a seat and some popcorn! : )
  4. Wow, that's some exceptional work, RichB63! Following along : )
  5. Hi Gwen, thanks for your kind words; so nice to have you drop by : ) Yes, I can see how the kit can be a nightmare to put together. My to-do list for this kit is growing by the day. But then I have to itemize the sequence in detail or else I just forget. Looks like there are more gaps to fill once I glue the wings on so I picked up a tube of valejo putty. I tossed my old one but after seeing a vid recently where water was used to smooth it out i thought I'd give it another go. Also have some two part putty for the bigger gaps just in case. Hi Pete, thanks! : ) Just a couple at
  6. Thanks, Mr. Happy. No, the slats are still the original ones I cut off from the wings and glued together. I only had to thin down the walls and will glue them onto the printed inner part. I got carried away, habu2 : ) Thanks, Steve : ) Not as fun as building from scratch but it can be a real lifesaver on tricky parts : ) Thanks, Elmo : ) Yes, I want to capture that Dilophasaurus look : )
  7. Hi toadwbg, cool build. My 10+yr old Future also shows signs of yelllowing in the bottle but still works great and the yellow tint doesnt show at all whenever I use it. Canopies still end up nice and clear. Future is now called Pledge Floor Care or Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss.
  8. Thanks, fellas! : ) Did some more cutting on the other wing.. I also had to thin down the walls of the slats: Then I tried to figure out how to fill the hole in front and make that red leading edge for the slats. I was thinking about laminating styrene sheets and progressively sanding down from the thick wing root towards the wing tip. I was trying to wrap my head around all that work -- to be able to do that correctly -- and to do the same for the other wing -- I felt overwhelmed just thinking
  9. Super-beautiful work, chuckw! That cockpit looks amazingly realistic. And I love the tonal variations that make for realism -- the walls, floors, all of it. That coaming, for example, I'd say you have 2 or 3 oil colors that go onto the black? I'd love to learn how you do your weathering. There's no mottling/blackbasing anywhere, is there?
  10. There's a step at the wing root that I had to shim: But will still experiment further. It might actually be better to stick some styrene strips: Proceeded with cutting up the wings, starting with the wingtip airbrakes. I figured once I cut off the slats, spoilers and flaps there won't be anything left to hold the shape in the middle because the glue points are on the outer edges. I wanted to put some ribs or bulkheads to hold the shape but co
  11. Very nice, Shaw. And that info about how you took the outline of the windows is extremely useful. Thanks for sharing : )
  12. Wow, you mean business, Badmofo. That wing detailing is something else! : )
  13. Beautiful work on those added details, konbini! : ) That weapons bay looks fantastic!
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