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  1. Hey CJ, 

    could you just connect the top and bottoms with something they can print with. I’ll just cut it off and reassemble with 1mm brass rod.



  2. I have the same problem for some motorcycle kit parts. You can use over cleaner, bleach, DOT-3 brake fluid, or even Coke as recommended here. Haven't gotten around to testing any of them, though. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944896-removing-chrome-plating/ Maybe give it a try and let us know your results?
  3. Very inspiring work, Lucio! Looking forward to how you fix the gun vents!
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Ichitoe! : ) Worked on the fuel tank pylons. I won't be attaching the fuel tanks to keep to the maximum payload of 15,000 lbs. The swaybars will be a little more visible for the Corsair flying at a steep bank so I detailed them a little. The bolts on the swaybars have those footpads that hold against the surface of the fuel tank. I used to cut up some disks using a punch but they end up looking like hockey pucks instead of having a slightly conical shape. So I tried to make better footpads... I would first drill out a 0.5mm hole at the end of the rod. Then turn the rod against a cutter blade held at an angle. And slice off a "footpad" : ) I would thread a 0.5mm rod through it. I cut up those curved swaybar parts from 0.5 x 1mm strip styrene, sanded to shape and threaded the bolts through. For the nuts I just sliced up some tiny discs. I think they look a little better than the swaybars that came in with the kit.
  5. The last of the Mojicans : ) Got the final set of ordnance wrapped up for Corsair No. 2...what a relief to get all of that bomb-work done! Tried correcting that wonky one but other parts kept getting knocked off so I just left it alone.
  6. Hi JohnS, Steve, thanks! : ) MFAF, Jackman, thanks guys! Yeah, the A-7 looks menacing when armed to the teeth and showing its wares, doesn't it : )
  7. Hi, 11bee, John, thanks for the kind comments, really appreciate it : ) A bit of a nightmare attaching them to the wings : ( Still have to squeeze in the fuel tank pylon in there, which I'll be attaching empty.
  8. Worked on the little stuff: Will have to sand down that messed up area. I readied the ejector racks and noticed one of the swaybars missing : ( I lost the couple extra ones from the Intruder kit already so I had to cobble up a swaybar with some bits of styrene. That should do the trick. Attached the bombs onto the ejector racks using some wire. The bombs have to have that "+X+" alignment when viewed from the rear. The location of the swaybars on the Intruder racks doesn't allow for this if you use the original gluing points on the side-mounted bombs. The bombs have to be turned slightly on their axis which was a real tricky affair. Some of them ended up wonky but I just gave up.
  9. Haha yeah. Or just take a photo of the whole thing each time you take a bag out. And number them with a sharpie marker. Or maybe do a video recording to celebrate the occasion at the same time : )
  10. Nice!!!! What are your thoughts about nose shape, waist, and panel lines compared to the Tamiya cat?
  11. Sio, if you'll do an F-14A someday I'm sure with all the lessons learned it will be the best F-14A kit in the world!
  12. 20 years ago, wow , this build does go back a long way. Intruders were just freshly retired then and F-14s were still flying : ) Congrats on completing it! Can't wait for the Display case pics!
  13. Hi Tracy, thanks! Really envious of your line of work : ) Thanks, Aigore : ) I was gonna try as you suggested but while staring at the decal sheet I saw another option that worked pretty well : ) Tried my best to create a groove on the edges of the missile launch rails as I'll be gluing them on empty without the Sidewinders. Also started working on the mounts. Bent some flatbars and spokes to shape.
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