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  1. The atmosphere has taken a festive turn : ) I like that! Very cool, those new pics! 🙂
  2. Thanks, Manfred! : ) Had a couple issues -- I couldn't create a solid from the surfaces of the fairing -- resolved that by turning gap control off. Then I had trouble scaling down to 1-100 with all the separate parts to combine. For some reason the parts wanted to combine a certain way. Learned my lesson there -- next time I'll draw the parts to scale so I wouldn't have to scale down in the end. It's all sorted now, though. And this is now one solid 1-100 part. I've also rotated the fairings to the correct angles to hug the hull curvature. Got a question, Tracy. I think we could skip those little extensions on the edges of the fairings? Also couldn't find a photo of the attachment point on top. I guess any shape will do? Then it's just the rivets remaining to work on and she's done.
  3. Some real pro building! What paint brand do you use for the white?
  4. I believe that's London, Ontario. Looks like that's gonna be a great airshow.
  5. When I feel like I'm not making any progress I get overwhelmed and it gets harder for me to continue. The build goes on for too long and I feel like others are getting bored by my thread and I start losing interest too. It will be months before I post a small update until I can't update anymore because others might say it's a necro post. Also, I compare my work to other modellers' here and if it's not at par with theirs I give up.
  6. I have the same issue, especially with cat hair. I bought one of these and it works ok. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/74078brush/index.htm
  7. The semi-gloss black paint doesn't look much different from the black plastic it came in, does it? Mikuni carburetors attached and painted. Calling the engine done. This must be the equivalent of the cockpit for aircraft modelers. At least for this kit It needs to be done first before the frame halves can be closed up. I was thinking I could just slide it in from underneath after fixing the frame halves but I couldn't as there are rods on the frame that pierce it from the sides. I really like looking at this stuff under the body shell. Sadly all these will largely be hidden away. I was even thinking about fixing the seams of the headtube but the front fairing will just cover it. By the way, I just read this (the real bike) was never sold in the US because of EPA regulations.
  8. It's solid now.... Will still need to do something to make it look like folded sheet metal. I planned on starting with folded sheet metal and filling the insides to turn it solid but it will take longer to do so I thought maybe just create the solid shape and carve out panel lines. At least we can visualize the basic shape of the fairing now and see where we're headed. There are some other shapes still missing -- those little extensions at the top and bottom of the fairing that make it conform to the curved hull. It might not really matter not having those, I think, as the openings at either end would be barely visible at this size. Will just need to rotate the fairings properly to the kit's hull curvature.
  9. Hi, this is an old kit of the 1983 Yamaha RZV500R -- also known as RD500LC outside Japan according to the instruction manual. What I really have my mind set on is to build Maverick's motorcycle in Top Gun but only have this and a Honda VFR750R in my stash -- I thought I might practice on them first until I can get a kit of that bike. The ageing decals are yellowed. I might still use them as is -- it will bring a vintage quality to it. No carburetors yet but looks great already.
  10. Hi Tracy, I'm really envious of your line of work : ) I'm making progress on the shape of the fairing. After which I can create the surfaces and turn it into a something solid.
  11. Hi Tracy let me try to make some time for it... Are you training on a new aircraft?
  12. Hi Randy, Ralf, thanks for the encouraging words! I hope to be able to give some update again soon.
  13. Welcome back, Steve and good to hear you're doing better. Sometimes I feel vacations are more tiring and would rather just stay home, kick up my feet and doze off or watch tv or both -- but somehow regret it in the end. Definitely more stories to share and more lives to touch after a long tiring vacation. Tummy troubles are the definitive enjoyment killer though.
  14. Bill, I didn't know you painted figures so well! You're a regular DaVinci : ) This is a masterpiece I'll be truly proud displaying!
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