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  1. That's fantastic, Octan! Really excellent job you did there!
  2. Yes the Edward ones. I just wish the instrument panels were PE and film like Aires'. Janne good idea! Man, I should have asked you before I started on it : (
  3. Did some work on the cockpit while I'm cooped up at home. This will be a challenge to paint but I'll see what I can come up with. The cable on the utility light (learned that from Tim's Jaguar thread) : ) wasn't coiled so I got rid of it. Will be replacing it with some coiled up thin wire. Awful. In James Ingram's words, I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough : ) My eyes sure don't focus like they used to. And I think after crossing my eyes they seem to stay that way for a while and everything's blurry around me, haha. Will apply a layer of Future before the decal gauges go on.
  4. Following along, dai phan : ) Are those Rhino intakes still in production?
  5. Really curious as to what kind of printer/technology is used for building these. I can probably draw an F-14 instrument panel in 3D but I still send stuff out to Shapeways for printing and I just know that layer lines will be visible so instrument decals are out of the question. And in the end it will still require hand painting.
  6. Oh, my, these are incredible. Didn't know that color printing instrument panels is even possible. Cockpit work is such a chore and I'll welcome anything that will speed up getting that cockpit done and closing up the fuselage halves. I'm awful at painting raised details and applying tiny decals. I love PE because of the really defined gauge markings and needles. But there's something that's still missing for most cockpit aftermarket sets --- the switch labels on the instrument panels. I see this product addresses that issue so it's a big plus. Hopefully they expand out to more aircraft/types.
  7. Gorgious paint job, Tim! Looks very realistic! What do you call that thing on the lower left side -- the one with the coiled cable? I see it on pics of other aircraft -- is it a hand-held microphone?
  8. Thanks, Janne! OK, I think the more I mess with the nozzles the uglier they become, heheh. Trying to get a good view of the nozzles in the movie... That should be enough work on the nozzles; will move on to other parts of the kit. An F-14 isn't all nozzles after all : )
  9. Brave move, Randy! Got a kit myself that I haven't dared touch in fear of not doing her justice. Too scared of that paintjob : ) Beautiful work so far. Following along.
  10. Thanks Steve! Hi Janne, those look great! I tried pastels and Tamiya weathering sets but had a hard time making them stick onto the surface : ( I've yet to learn how to use them properly. Hey, what color did you use on the heat shield (section D) on top?
  11. They're still shiny from sealing with Future... I should be able to darken the middle feathers and weather the outer ones some more after some flat coat. But that's basically what they look like mounted.
  12. Got an exploded view -- thanks, AV-O! It can be dizzying to look at all the parts, figuring out assembly and making sense of it so this helps a lot in seeing the big picture.
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