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  1. Hi all, as I have very little experience with this and am eager to learn quickly (and preferably not on my own mistakes 🙂 ), I was wondering what is the best way to paint the (usually) white inside of the jet intakes. Watching several WIPs I saw different techniques, which I don't even know properly. Could you please advise what's the best approach in your opinion to get nice, smooth & gloss finish on those jet intakes? Escpecially if you want to get finish with no seams? Thanks for tips! Tomas
  2. Thanks all for the nice comments! Here is some further progress, the nose landing gear is done - not great / not terrible. Still need more experience airbrushing these Tamiya gloss acrylics - pain. I am always struggling to get nice smooth finish with these. Anyway, I can live with this and finally I can start the fuselage assembly! In addition I have also painted the rear wheels. For the tyres I have used some Mig pigments and I think it worked out quite well - see for yourself.
  3. Hi all, not a big progress done over the last few weeks, but at least something. I have added some details to the intakes bypass area (correct me if I'm wrong naming this): Started to work on the intakes and engines, but this still needs some corrections, so I will post more photos later: Also detailing of the nose gear is finished and ready for painting: Cheers, Tomas
  4. SAC metal landing gear arrived this week. The details are nice overall, basically a copy of Tamiya's original part. Some areas require additional work, but the top of the nose landing gear was just so bad (holes were filled with the metal) that I decided to do a small operation between the two. Also it is a very soft metal and some parts came bended, so you have to be careful manipulating it. The metal effect on the landing gear piston (after some polishing) is definitely worth the headaches.
  5. Amazing paintjob on that cockpit!!
  6. Productive weekend! The nose gear bay is done, here are few photos: I have also corrected the color of ejection seat straps. The original photo etched parts color seemed too light green compared to the real thing.
  7. Great! I chose the correct one. Here are few photos of finished nose gear bay and ready for painting.
  8. Thank you all for nice comments. I have another question, which I can't figure out: On some photos of the right side of nose gear bay I can see just these cables: And on some other photos, I can see these additional "instruments": Which one belongs to the F-14D version, i.e. which one should I go for? Thanks for help!
  9. Small progress on the nose gear bay..
  10. Hi Steve, thanks for info and also for the comment on ejection seat pull rings. I wasn't even thinking, just automatically went for yellow/black. I will fix this. I knew all the items are already in the kit, but the reason I have bought the aftermarket items was that I wanted more detailed ones. I love the extra detail these aftermarket resin items have. Now most of them will have to wait for another build 🙂 I assume with the ROVER antenna on the right front pylon, they were still able to carry any of the mentioned GBUs. I will probably go for the following
  11. Sorry, I made a mistake! When I said AIM-120, I was actually thinking of the PHOENIX, which is AIM-54C. But looks like this one is also not realistic for the last cruise 😞 If I go for GBU-38, I see there are two types: thermally protected and non-thermally protected. I assume the thermally protected would be the choice for carrier use? Out of curiosity, what is this red "item" you can see them carrying sometimes? Thanks, Tomas
  12. Thanks for the answers! Looks like I will need to re-visit my list of items for this build. 🧐 I think I might go with 1x AN/ANQ-25, 1x AIM-9, 1x AIM-120, 1x GBU-12 & 1x GBU-38. That could be pretty realistic loadout? Here are few more photos of cockpit assembly and dry fitting: Thanks for watching. Tomas
  13. Hi all, I am starting a new build - Tamiya 1/48 F-14D Tomcat VF-213 Black Lions, AJ213 / 164602. CVW-8, USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 - Last Cruise, 2006. What I am planning to use for this build: Tamiya 1/48 Grumman F-14D Tomcat Eduard Brassin 1/48 F-14D Cockpit Eduard Brassin 1/48 F-14D Wheels Eduard Brassin 1/48 AN/AAQ-13 LANTIRN pod Eduard Brassin 1/48 AIM-9M/L Sidewinder Eduard Brassin 1/48 GBU-12 Eduard Brassin 1/48 GBU-38 Thermally Protected Kasl 1/48 F-14D Exhausts Master 1/48 F-14 Pitot &
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