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  1. Thanks a lot! Here are few remaining shots from today: Thanks, Tomas
  2. Thanks! So, I am using my old Nikon D5100 with a macro lens Nikon AF-S Nikkor 40mm f/2.8 G DX Micro. The setting is on manual, maximum aperture f/22, shutter on 1s (this depending on how much light is available), ISO 100. I try to focus on the middle of the model. I use white or white&blue background. I will try to get a bigger one color background. The lighting on the previous and next photos is only natural sun light, photos taken in a sunny living room. I didn't play with the light enough yet, so in the future I will try more. I use a RAW photo fi
  3. First test shots.. still have to work on my photography quality. 📸 Thanks for watching. Tomas
  4. Hi all, I am planning to start SU-27 ukrainian version and wondering if the ukrainian jets are the early version or not? Thanks for help! Tomas
  5. Hi all, thanks for kind words! I have everything done, apart from the armament. So I will try to make some photos in the coming days. Glenn, I have actually finished this just yesterday. I have applied the decal on clear part using hot water to soften the decal. Then I moved it on the canopy (on inside), got rid of the excessive water with paper tissue, adjusted the position and dried it with a cotton swab. Then I just left it to dry. I didn't apply any decal softener like Micro Sol, I don't think it's needed. Hope this helps. Tomas
  6. Thanks for useful information guys. I will review this and make a decision. Soon there will be time to start working on the loadout. Finally I have made some progress. Finished the weathering of the bottom part as well: I had a small disaster, when one of my decals got damaged with masking tape. I have fixed it, even though it's not totally invisible. Here's the pre-photo: For the bottom of the tanks I tried using some of the AK weathering pencils and quite like the outcome: After the weathering was done, I
  7. Hi all, not much progress done last week. Still working on the wash/weathering of the bottom of the plane. I need an advice. I am now deciding what loadout to add on the plane: Do you know what would be the typical loadout during the final VF-2 cruise? Do you have some information about this cruise just out oif curiosity? Thank you for help! Cheers, Tomas
  8. Thanks! The wings got some salt weathering after the initial panel wash with black enamel wash, but I have only sprayed it over with the main color (Grey blue). This gave it interesting glossy vs flat effect. This is what I have used for wash on the whole thing - MIG AMMO Black & Dark wash. First I have applied the wash liquid on the panel lines. Then I left it to dry and wiped it using cotton swabs and tissue. After all was wiped, I have started to apply the washing liquid again, but now only inside th
  9. Thanks for the tips gents. What I did so far: I have used AK Interactive Weathering pencils to lighten the overlap parts of the exhaust nozzle as these seemed too black. I have also added some black to the parts that are rusty. Here's the result: Now more interesting part. I have started weathering/washing on the top of the plane. Here are some results of few hours breathing chemicals. Originally I wasn't planning too much weathered plane, but I must say I am quite happy with the result so far.
  10. Thank you very much! I am thinking of applying some wash/weathering on top of the exhausts, but I am afraid to ruin the metallic finish. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to do this? Thanks, Tomas
  11. Thank you very much Andy! So today I have finished the engines exhausts, finally! 🙂 I have started with painting the dark side. I have used Tamiya Acrylics XF-1 (Flat Black) and XF-56 (Metallic Grey) in a ratio approximately 10:1. After this I have masked off the thin areas with the masking pieces provided by Eduard Brassing 1/48 F-14D Exhaust nozzles kit. The rest of the exhaust nozzles that had to be covered, I have masked with Humbrol maskol, applying carefully with toothpick. I love this product, because it doesn't
  12. Thanks Steve! Here's the progress on the internal parts of the engines and presentation how it looks like assembled. This is a little tool I made from paper to help me paint the black straight lines inside the exhaust. Worked out quite nicely. Exhaust nozzle with a bit of extra black enamel wash: And the whole thing put together. Thanks for watching! Tomas
  13. Beautiful work so far! 👏 One of the best looking TF30 exhaust nozzles I’ve seen 👌
  14. Happy New Year everyone! I made some progress on the Tomcat, almost all decals are placed now. I have tried salt weathering technique on the bottom part of horizontal stabilizers. This was the first time I was doing it and it didn't come out exactly as I expected, but I can live with it. Going to try something different on the rest of the model. Lets see how it ends... I have finally starded to work on the F110-GE-400 engine and the engine exh
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