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  1. I just made soft covers for my Hornet build. I used Kleenex. What I did was pulled apart the Kleenex tissues and then got a paintbrush and some water. I laid each thin tissue over the intake then painted water over it. I just layered it until it had the right look. I then took a little bit of white glue and diluted it and gently painted it over the tissues. I let it dry over night. Then I very gently pulled it off the model kit and trimmed it up to look the par then I put it back on. When I was satisfied with the look I painted another layer of white glue over it and it hardened up nicely. I was really impressed with the results!
  2. That Stynlrez is awesome stuff. Looking like a great build!
  3. Thanks for all of the comments! I took it to the local hobby shop model contest and took home first! The Hellcat got 'best paint'
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! I am not all the way done, I still have to install the gunsight.... Should have done that earlier. But I am ready to call it for the most part. I can never leave well enough alone so as I was wrapping up I decided that the decals around the gas caps on the wings did not go down well and there were some wrinkles. So I sanded them down then I ended up taking a lot of paint off. I also noticed that the glue melted part of the wing and I needed to fill that. I also noticed that the flat coat I used on those surfaces left a white sort of residue. All in all I was not happy with it. But then I re-primed the wings in the areas where I lost the paint and then I went to work completely redoing the wings. I did let up around the star decal on the wings. I tried fading the paintwork a little more and I thought it turned out okay. I chose not to put another wash down (except around the panels to the guns) and I think that was a good call since I would just mess it up more. Again, not a perfect attempt but a therapeutic endeavor after a tough couple of months. I was able to get most of this done while rocking the baby with my foot to keep him asleep.
  5. The paint scheme on this aircraft seems to be a bit vague. I attempted to do some more research on the internet only to discover that there are apparently violent controversies surrounding the scheme of this particular aircraft. People can get pretty bent out of shape over the colors, stripes, and finish. I realize that there are a few things that I have done that could be more accurate. I didn't have a single photo of the right side of the aircraft so the camo was guess work. I found one later and realized my camo was wrong. Also I did not pain the panels over the guns yellow. The photos I saw looks like they were a slightly different color but not bright yellow. I might revisit that one. I will take input though. I just might not make huge changes this late in the game. But I got decals on! Now I am using a Mig wash and I am taking my time. I counldnt decide which color (dark gray or a brownish) but I went with the brown 'modern vehicle' wash. I think it looks alright so far. And I have been making all of my progress usually after this guy goes down for bed. With little ones I have learned to stay with the smaller projects. Oh well. Its been fun!
  6. I am getting closer. I got out my new airbrush to do some fine detail work. It works great! Very nice control. But then I looked at some actual photos of the aircraft and I noticed that some of the lines looked pretty hard in places. Almost like the camo was masked off. So I did a little of that too... I have the invasion stripes and camo all done. I used some Vallejo Yellow but that just looked too pale. So I went back over it with some Citadel Yellow I had in my drawer. That stuff actually went through he airbrush quite well! And finally I used some Steel Beach masks for the wheel wells. What a time saver!
  7. Cool! I really like this scheme. I want to do a Tamiya 1/32 like this one. Then there will be a BIG brother!
  8. One handed is proficient. Its all coming back to me. I can at least do it in the dark these days!
  9. Thanks Joel! Yep. Everyone is doing great if not a little tired. I am going to use the Eagle Decals set. I agree. The Tamiya markings are just way too thick. I can never get them to lay down well, even with a ton of Solvaset! I am glad that these Vallejo paints are working well. I like Acrylic best. They are a little pricey and I have lots of Alclad laying around too, but I wanted the easiest process possible since I anticipate having to put the airbrush down to chase a kid or change a diaper ;)
  10. Dude! This is some awesome work! Great subject, and great resin work.
  11. I had to take a break from my polystyrene therapy sessions after my wife broke her leg when she was 35 weeks pregnant. It was a bad break and so I had to put everything up and focus on the family. But the baby is here, she is walking on her own again and I have carved out some time for a new project! Since I have a 4 year old and a one month old I thought I would keep it small and simple. So I am going with a simple yet good Tamiya kit. I am using a Yahu P-51 instrument panel and all I can say is wow! Its really good! I am also trying out the Vallejo metallic paints and I would put them right up there with Alclad and so much easier to clean up! And some airbrushed invasion striped. I just used some black and white Stynlrez.
  12. Thanks! I used slightly different techniques between the two but in general what I did was take a darker color and sketch the outside of the exhausts with my airbrush then I lightened the color one or two times and worked inward so the lightest color was in the middle. I tried to be a little uneven and I also tried to respect the panel lines. With the N I also used some 'streaking grime' from mig to simulate those oily leaks that I saw on a lot of the pictures. The key there is to make a streak with a sine brush. Let it dry then take a broad brush and get a little bit of thinner on it and gently drag the brush over the streaks int he direction of air flow. I thought it looked pretty good. The thing with the exhaust stains on the Hellcat is that they all seemed to be a little different. Some were great big and others were smaller, tighter bands. I would start small and work out so that it doesn't get too big.
  13. Do you have any guides or tutorials?
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