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  1. It looks like it comes on the Academy kit.
  2. This and the Academy offering look great. What would be needed to convert a C version to an A circa Op. Desert Storm?
  3. I ended up sifting through the GWH F-15C kit that I have, and it has the instrument panel, air brake, and a couple of other smaller bits that would allow you to back date it to an A. The only aftermarket parts that would be needed are the nozzles with the turkey feathers, ejection seat, and wheels. Other parts such as the vertical and horizontal stabilizers have the reinforcement areas molded, but those can be filed down with ease.
  4. Those sound like easy enough modifications for the Tamiya kit. Is it the one that is labeled at Aircraft Series No. 13? Do you have a recommendation on what cockpit to use? I apologize for all of the questions, I'm not too familiar with early F-15s, which is part of the reason why I'd like to do this build.
  5. What kind of work would be needed to back date one of those kits to an A? I know that exhaust nozzles and wheels are two things that need to be back dated.
  6. Which kit in 1/48 scale would best represent an F-15A, preferably one that wore the overall Air Superiority Blue scheme? I have heard that the early Tamiya and Monogram offerings are good choices.
  7. Sysxii

    1/32 F-35A

    That seems to be the case with all F-35 kits, regardless of scale, over pronounced RAM panel details. Thanks though for the info on Trumpeter's C model.
  8. Sysxii

    1/32 F-35A

    Thinking about building a 1/32 F-35. I know Trumpeter's offering hit the market, but does anyone know how it compares to Italeri's?
  9. Excellent. Thank you for the photo. It looks like it is the TER-7 rack. Also found that Eduard and Reskit both have an AM offering.
  10. Thanks Greg, I look forward to you reply. I plan to do 84-1256 "Night Stalker" Check out dstorm.eu for great reference photos and information. On my build I omitted the following parts: F3, F4 on step 20, A3 on step 28. I'd also make sure you use the early version of the wingtip pylons.
  11. Which TER was used in 1991? I am also building this same kit using the same decal sheet.
  12. Thanks! Interesting on the rate of wear at that point. Almost seems like the darker gray as worn completely off. I found this one the other day that shows most of it around the nose worn off, but patchy on the rest of the aircraft. https://www.gettyimages.it/detail/fotografie-di-cronaca/fighter-squadron-32-f-14a-tomcat-aircraft-passes-fotografie-di-cronaca/615295976
  13. I am planning to build the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A and use the Bullseye "Fleet Tomcats #1" Desert Storm sheet for the markings. "Gypsy 201" from VF-32 is one of the two marking options that I am considering. The decal sheet references the temporary paint scheme that it was given prior to the conflict starting, and how it weathered a lot after it was painted. So far, I have only been able to find just one photo of this aircraft in this scheme. Would anyone have any other reference photos or more info on how the paint scheme became "extremely patchy"? Side note: I am a bit of a novice at US Navy paint
  14. Yes sir I have seen this gold mine of a site. I only saw one reference to TF Normandy the last time I look and then just fell down the rabbit hole of looking at everything else on the site. Do you know if the Israeli/Isradecal is the same size and shape as a Blackhawk one? I know there is a resin cockpit set and I believe some wheel sets too
  15. I just picked up the 1/48 Hasegawa AH-64A Apache and am planning to finish it as one of the Apaches that was part of Task Force Normandy that fired the opening shots of the Persian Gulf War in 1991. I'm looking for more information about their markings, serial numbers, etc. to make an accurate display. Also, I understand that they each flew with one fuel tank? Are there any after market options available for this type of fuel tank, or one from a different kit that would do? Thanks in advance.
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