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  1. I used Model Master enamels 15% FS36270 Neutral Gray and 85% FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray. Here is my gallery article to see how it turned out: http://www.arcair.com/Gal16/15501-15600/gal15561-Rafale-Vlad/00.shtm
  2. Did you have to modify/shorten the main landing gear struts? I ordered this for mine and when I was dry fitting it, I noticed that the main landing gear bay on the resin part did not have the depth required to fit the kit's main landing gear struts. I ended up not using the intakes in the end. And like everyone else, the Revell kit is the better choice. Very crisp detail.
  3. Excellent finish sir! You're right regarding the RAM panels, they are pretty loud on the unpainted plastic but much more subtle when everything is painted and weathered.
  4. Thanks! Probably will be easier to use this as opposed to just sanding them down.
  5. Sounds like I need to do my homework on this. Thank you though for the detailed information!
  6. Fair enough. Yes I completely agree that this aircraft was skipped over by model companies. It is a shame because it is a pretty unique and well storied aircraft. Do you recommend a certain -E or -F model in 1/72?
  7. Funny that is being discussed. I've been pondering an aircraft from the Gulf War for the 30th anniversary coming up and have found the F-111 appealing and was going to make a post on what a good choice would be for 1/48. But seriously, if there are any recommendations for a 1/48 scale F-111 that would make a nice example from Desert Storm, I'm all ears 😂
  8. This is all great information. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts. I suppose that whichever method I choose....it will be a long process. Could always be worse.
  9. Do you remove the line completely? I have thought of that and would be concerned about removing the line completely and scribing in the wrong spot.
  10. I have that tape, it is really god stuff!
  11. Thanks for the info. So it sounds like the raised lines should be used as the guide to scribe the new ones, then sand them down afterwards?
  12. I'm looking to add the 1/48 Monogram F-105 to my shelf at some point in the near future. From what I've read, its the best Thud kit out there. However, it has raised panels lines. On many builds I have seen others remove the raised panel lines, and scribe new ones. I have never done this before and wanted to check with others on what the best methods would be for this type of task. Thanks in advance.
  13. I hope you are successful in this effort! It would be great to have a new and fresh subject. Everything these days is flooded with F-somethings and MiG-somethings. I think for both the G-2 and Jastreb, you can probably be able to make either version with just one kit? It would be a difference in having a single seat/canopy and twin seat/canopy.
  14. This would be a cool subject. Yugoslavia had a good aerospace industry during their high times. Just from the pictures presented, there are many versions that can be done by the modeler. It would be a nice size in 1/48. I believe it is similar to the L-29. Any thoughts on the J-22 Orao or G-4 Super Galeb?
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