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  1. I noticed a whole bunch of them on Amazon... some look pretty good. You'll have to look up some reviews maybe on Youtube. Good luck. -Greg
  2. Beautiful work. Can't wait to see her finished 🙂 -Greg
  3. WOW what a cool build. Well done 🙂 -Greg
  4. This is going to be great 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the next steps. Can't agree with you more about Tamiya's decals... I always have to sand them down before applying gloss coat and mat coats... very thick decals. -Greg
  5. Not really sure what to say... does "WOW" sum it up? A truly spectacular build. Gratz! -Greg
  6. Great job! Nice little dio... looks more like a 1/48 than a 1/72 🙂 -Greg
  7. What a beauty Geoff! Gorgeous livery and a nice clean build... gratz 🙂 -Greg
  8. Ya, figured it might be. Still a nice addition to the Canadian collection 🙂 -Greg
  9. That's an amazing build. Gratz! Even looks like Clint Eastwood in the cockpit 🙂 -Greg
  10. Nice one Shaun... how big is that Goose in 1/72 scale... inches or centemeters wise? -Greg
  11. The real questions now is.... Where the devil will you house this monster? 😜 -Greg
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