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  1. Nice job Shawn... how big is it length wise, this 1/32 scale bird? Greg
  2. Very cool... love the Star Trek ships! Greg
  3. Thanks for the kind words Aircommando. All vehicles are from Tamiya. Greg
  4. Love that little jet... great camo pattern. Very well done for a 1/72nd scale... -Greg
  5. Wow Shawn ... those are truly awesome F-4's... Spectacular liveries! -Greg
  6. That's a sweet little kit right there. Well done! -Greg
  7. Looks nice...something different for the collection... Greg
  8. WOW very nice job. Love the worn down paint, right down to the bare metal. Very impressive! -Greg
  9. WOW... love the camo. Very impressive build 🙂 -Greg
  10. That's a lot of really fabulous looking cats. Where the devil do you store them all? Not exactly a small bird in 1/48 scale... -Greg
  11. Nice addition to your star trek family 🙂 Greg
  12. Those are really nice. Very clean builds. Question... why build two of them? -Greg
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