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  1. Those look really good NEO... wonderful what you can do with just weathering pastels. Bandai really does a great job with their kits for sure. -GReg
  2. Nothing in particular Smoke... just thought you may have some more photos 🙂 Either way nice build... Cheers, -Greg
  3. Awesome build Smoke! Got any more close up photos? -Greg
  4. Hey Thommo... You are right about not being 100% happy with any kit... there is always room for improvement... but I'm as close to 100% as I've ever been with my latest piece... I'm over the moon with it actually 🙂 If you want to see all the photos see the Display case... below... I just want to be sure that every new kit I build I improve on my prior builds... -Greg
  5. Hi all, Check out my new Panzer IV diorama in the Armor Display Case: Cheers, -Greg
  6. Hi all, Well I completed another dio... here are some pics. Let me know what you think and any suggestions or criticisms welcome 🙂 I'm always trying to improve my dios... Early stages... there are 3 kits that I used in this dio... Now, here is the completed diorama 🙂 Cheers guys and gals 🙂 -Greg
  7. Hey Sierra... that's one reason why I almost exclusively stay with current Tamiya product. No issues with fit and sanding is minimal at best. I've also switched from Aircraft to Armor as the eyes aren't as good as they used to be and sticking with Tamiya means I don't have the fit and alignment issues of other kits. Armor is also more forgiving and you can cover up a lot of mistakes 😉 Also, I can't believe that in the new Tamiya kits there are almost no seam lines to scrape... I'm very impressed with how far Tamiya has come along over the years in terms of improvement to their technologies.
  8. OMG... LOL... been there... done that 😉 -Greg
  9. Wow.. that's a quick build. Is it a full model kit? Or partially finished? Just curious. I know nothing about these starship models... Greg
  10. WOW... that starship looks awesome... well done! -Greg
  11. Looking good so far... can't wait to see more 🙂 -Greg
  12. A friend of mine used to work on these aircraft back in Russia and I showed him the photo... he loved it! Thought it looks bang on and does remember this color scheme... albeit his memory is a bit sketchy sometimes 😉 Remember unless you are working from a reference photo and trying to replicate a certain aircraft, nobody will ever know if this color scheme ever existed... and it does fall in line with a color scheme you find quite often for this era Russian aircraft. I think it's brilliant and so does someone who spent quite a lot of time around these aircraft 🙂 Cheers.
  13. Here's a couple i recently completed... not that hard really 😉 and really puts the armor into perspective in terms of comparative size...
  14. WHOA... that's a 1/100! Sweet build and weathering. -Greg
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