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  1. Nice clean builds. Well done as always 🙂 -Greg
  2. WOW, the weathering just gets me ... fantastic job! Love the detail! -Greg
  3. Bardzo fajnie ci wyszlo 🙂 Kongratuluje ci! Not a great kit by any stretch of the imagination but still, with a skilled, hand builds into a very handsome model. Definitely looks the part, subtle weathering, always a great subject and classic squadron... how can you go wrong 😉 Lovely piece! -Greg
  4. Hands down the best F-117 model I've every seen. A true masterpiece in every way! -Greg
  5. WOW... beautiful build. Love the IDF camo... -Greg
  6. Nice work... very unique scheme! Subtle weathering... tastefully done 🙂 Gratz. -Greg
  7. Beautiful build, great load out, great weathering... love the scheme. Well done sir! -Greg
  8. WOW... awesome build. Love how the weathering turn out... you can just make out the original camo scheme underneath. Well done sir! 🙂 -Greg
  9. That sir is a STUNNING build! The weathering is spot on. Love how you have displayed it... prop blur looks awesome. Gratz! -Greg
  10. Nice one! Looks really great. Question: will the RAAF fly them with a gloss/semi-gloss finish like your model? Just a question as most military use aircraft are matted 😉 -Greg
  11. WOW great work on the Starfighter. Incredible detail! -Greg
  12. Nice work... looks perfect! -Greg
  13. Man or man... all these look good 🙂 Breaks up the usual landing gear monotony 😉 -Greg
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