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  1. Hi everyone, I need to thin the heard a bit and have a few kits I'd like to unload. Here are the links to my sales on Kijiji. Preferably I'd love to sell them locally (in the Greater Toronto Area) to avoid shipping and money transfers and such. Most of them come with aftermarket decals and add ons. ! All kits have been opened to check for contents but all parts sealed in factory bags. !! All decals in pristine unyellowed condition. !!! Smoke and dust free home. !!!! Prices are reasonably negotiable. !!!!! Clik on links for photos. Tamiya 1:48 F-16CJ Block 50 Fighting Falcon (#98) Ki
  2. Wow those are just awesome... take some creative shots with them in a space background... they look just like the real thing from the movies. Just superb! -Greg
  3. Great job on the Tie... Love the stripe! Worthy of any collection :-) -Greg
  4. Hey Jason... I worked on a 1:48 'gawa A-7E with build walkthrough photos that my help you during the process. You will note I did not use any resin parts but a little bit of extra effort from the old parts bin will yield a great result... trust me :-) The finished model was in the Oct '09 issue of FSM (If memory serves)... here's the build for your reference: Progress photos: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....8&hl=lgl007 Final photos: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....7&hl=lgl007 Oh, and Reddog helped me tremendously during this build. Thanks RED!!! -Gre
  5. One of my fave camo schemes of all time. Excellent job. -Greg
  6. Bloody 'ell... looks like photos of the the real thing!!! Simply stunning! -Greg
  7. Outstanding!!! Definitely in the top 2 CH's I've ever seen completed around here... Just brilliant :-) -Greg
  8. WOW... what a gem! The clean look is just so CRISP... just wonderful. Excellent job! -Greg
  9. Scott... thanks for your input... BUT where were you during the build? ;-P Hehe, seriously your advice would have been immediately put to good use during the build but alas it is too late. But the info is invaluable to me and others as we build other F-4's... "The inboard main wheel hubs on USAF Phantoms were left unpainted and were always a dirty rust color. I think you might still be able to correct it on your model." Interesting... I have a number of photos of the inboard wheel hubs and I always thought they were just dirty and not left unpainted. All my photos are in shadow of course
  10. Thanks everyone for your kind comments... I VERY MUCH appreciate your support. But more importantly I can't say how much I appreciate everyone's help around here when it comes to trying to 'get it right'. I think the build came out really well and pretty accurate ... and only because of the great help I received from members of this forum. Thanks again. -Greg
  11. Hi all, I'm ever so excited to report that my second article has been published in the Feb issue of FSM. My 'Gawa F-4G build has a nice 4 page spread ... "Detailing a Wild Weasel" on page 28. Let me know what you guys think. I'm always trying to improve on the quality of my builds. I just received my complimentary issue from FSM last week and have yet to get out to my LHS to get a few more copies so I'm not even sure it's on the stands yet... Oh, and that build was well documented by me here as well before writing the article for FSM: In progress shots: http://www.arcforums.com/forum
  12. Darrell... truly spectacular! Do you have a website with all your works and can we purchase prints? -Greg
  13. During my A-7E build I did a photo doc on how I use tamiya masking tape for the masking of canopies... Look at the bottom of this page to see the start and the rest is on the following page... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....58768&st=60 Good luck. -Greg
  14. I would also recommend getting new decals and not using the one's that are cracking. The only time I would advise trying to save them is if... AND ONLY IF, you are willing to deal with the 'issues' that may arise if they don't work as intended. I have seen people screw up months and months of fabulous modeling work trying to apply old decals they were 'hoping' would work... some worked some didn't... /shrug... up to you but I wouldn't use them as I spend way too much time on building up these suckers ... only screw it up in the final leg? Not! ;-P -Greg
  15. Hi there, I don't use Citadel ink, but I do use the citadel base colors such as black... here's my painting process that's worked for years to this day: I airbrushed on the base color(s) (I used Gunze Sangyo Acrylics - Acqueous Hobby Color)... * I put in about 5% Tamiya Acrylic Paint Thinner to each batch of Gunze Acrylics I airbrush on. I airbrush on clear gloss (again Gunze Acrylic) - not too heavy because I don't want to seal too many of the panel lines with too much paint; I use Citadel acrylics and mix my own panel wash (approx 80% water 18% black Citadel paint and 2% dishwash
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