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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone have a Hasegawa front wind screen for a P-51D? Im trying to finish up a bunch of kits during the lockdown and this one has a few missing pieces! Thanks!!
  2. jotter


    Hi!! Quick question. How about a wrecked aircraft? I have a B-17 that got destroyed by a couple of moves and a couple of other unfortunate incidents. Here's a pic of what I got... since that picture was taken the whole thing split down the middle....Needless to say it's a wreck!
  3. The first plane I started and the last one I finished...what a bear of a kit and pretty much every resin accessory I could find is installed..
  4. The Airfix Spitfire Mk Vc...my favorite build in terms of my weathering and the oversprayed blue camo.But really, who doesn't love Malta Spitfires?
  5. Last one started is the first one submitted.....but I made it!!! Occidental Spitfire Mk XVI. Fixed the nose profile, installed a resin seat and guns.
  6. Some of the later boxings limited your options. The Mk IXc with Johnnie Johnson's plane as boxart came with all sorts of goodies-early and late gun covers, long and short barrels, early and late elevators and rudder etc. The one I used was very limited. Cranked elevator, late broad rudder and the E gun bay covers and that's it!
  7. My favorite TV car of all time!! Great job!!
  8. Hello all, I'm building up the Spit Mk VC (the rebox old tool Spit Vb with new "C" wings) for the Spitfire group build and I've got some questions: 1. Is the prop supposed to be shaped like that?? It seems keyed backwards with the leading edge in the wrong direction. 2. Is the landing gear attachment to the wheels supposed to be that bad?? Have you guys seen the same things...especially the prop?
  9. Ive tried black basing on a number of builds lately and I don't think I'll ever go back to "conventional" pre-shading. Its awesome! The variability you control you get with the mottling is pretty cool!!
  10. Light unifying coat of Middlestone Followed by some Dark Earth and finally a coat of Dark Slate Grey and Mediterranean Blue with some faded unpainted areas on the spine and some wear at the wing roots
  11. Black basing and my weak attempt at painting a mottled Middlestone
  12. Matted the wing to the fuselage. Needed putty att he wing roots and trying to get the right dihedral were the biggest issues. I know this kit has it's detractors but to me I kinda like it's substantial feel and elegant look.
  13. Trying this new blackballing thing....
  14. Making a move on the Airfix Spitfire. Its a mix of raised and recessed panel lines and the wings are thick as slabs of Kraft cheese but I like it!!!
  15. Ok all, So I am well on the way to completing my Mk IX build so why not double down by another TWO builds?? Im working on a Malta "blue" Mk VC (Airfix) and an Occidental Mk XVI... I'm trying to make up for lost time. 11 days to go...Wish me luck!
  16. The ICM/Ultracast Spitfire Mk IX. I went on a shopping spree at Ultracast a couple of years back so I decided to use them in this build. Ultracast prop and spinner, wing tips, gun covers, cannons,exhaust, seat and control surfaces....whew! I'm still seething from the poor fit caused by the firewall and as I now realize, the instrument panel but.. Getting closer to priming and sanding and paint.
  17. Some progress. The gaps are big, especially at the wing roots and the fit is hindered by the engine firewall so that needed a lot of trimming.
  18. Oh this is exactly what I need. So many off pitch propellers were making me heart sick, not to mention a little nauseous!! Thanks!!!
  19. Hi All, I've been building some Spitfires of late and trying to use aftermarket resin props and prop hubs. The problem is I can't ever get the hole I drill in the back of the hub perfectly aligned to sit and spin properly. Is there an easier way of doing this?
  20. Would anyone have decals for Roger Sauvage's Number 5? I'm trying to get a build together but don't have his markings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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