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  1. If you drive down and back the same day you're looking at about 4 hours on the road. As a former Tucsonan I'd recommend staying down there for the night. If you want to do things other than Pima, Saguaro National Park and the Sonoran Desert Museum are both awesome.
  2. Lots of little parts that needs to be prepped and glued into place before the fuselage halves can go together Seatbelts and other interior PE stuff is pretty much done. Dry-fitting the halves makes me dread trying to get a clean mating. It's gonna take some work.
  3. Cockpit assembly Prepped for preshading Just about ready to start closing up the fuselage
  4. In case anybody is wondering: Year Title 2005 Legacy Hornet/Super Hornet 2005 2005 F-5 2005 Leaving On A Jet Plane 2005 Hi-Decal MiG 2005 Flanker 2005 2005 ARC/ScaleAIR Tomcat 2005 2005 PACAIR 2005 F-4 Phantom 2006 A-7 Corasir / F-8 Crusader 2006 Intruder/Prowler 2006 Vietnam War 2006 Battle of Britain 2006 Matchbox Madness 2006 F-15 2006 A-4 Skyhawk 2006 Tomcat Sunset 2006 Cobra Co/Marine Air Graphics Helicopter 2006 Korean War 2007 Century Series 2007 Nightfighter 2007 Desert Storm / Gulf War I 2007 Naval Helicopters & VTOL of the World 2007 JASDF 2007 Monogram Classics 2007 Airfix/Heller 2007 Reserves 2007 Eastern Front 2007 Floatplane 2007 Defense of the Reich 2007 U.S. Marine Corps 2008 Inter-War 2008 Real Space 2008 TMOARC (Tiger Meet) 2008 PACAIR2 2008 Recon 2008 Wild Weasel / Iron Hand 2008 Bf-109 2008 North Africa / Mediterranean 2008 A-10 2008 Viper 2008 Fleet Air Arm 2008 Matchbox Madness 2008 Gone but not Forgotten (Soviet, 1946 - 1991) 2008 Wings of the Red Star 2008 F-111 2008 IDF/AF 2008 F-4 Phantom 2008 McAir Legacy 30th Anniv (Harriers and Hornets) 2008 Helicopter 2009 Reich Raiders 2009 Flight Test and Evaluation 2009 Spitfire 2009 "Operation" 2009 Tomcat 2009 WWII Carrier War 2009 Trash Haulers 2009 Matchbox Madness 2009 Airshow Demonstration 2009 Airliner 2009 What-if 2010 "Its Not Just About Aircraft" 2010 P-47 'Big Jugs' 2010 Trainer 2010 Sabre/Super Sabre 2010 Not Your Nation 2010 Enterprise 2010 Knights of the Sky (WWI) 2010 Battle of Britain 2010 Rescue 2010 Dropping Iron 2010 Defense of the Reich 2010 MiG 2010 Warsaw Pact 2010 A-7/F-8 2010 Desert Storm 2010 Missile With A Man In It 2011 UAV 2011 Muscle Car 2011 Pre-War / Early War 2011 Matt (The Rumourmonger) Roberts Memorial 2011 Airfix Ahoy 2011 Centennial of Naval Aviation 2011 Recce 2011 Shark Mouth 2011 "On Canadian Wings" 2011 Flying Fortress 2012 Armor/Targets 2012 Captured Aircraft 2012 Latin American 2012 P-51 Mustang 2012 Colourful Aerobatic Planes 2012 Pacific Theater 2012 Race Car / Festival of Speed 2012 Ghost Town 2012 Iran/Iraq War 2012 All Texas 2012 Escort Service 2012 Arctic / Antarctic 2012 In Defence of Europe: US And Canadian Forces in Europe 2013 Anti Ship 2013 What Got You Started, Simple Times 2013 What If 2013 Out of Africa 2013 Open Wheel Racing 2013 Bent Wing 2013 A-10 2013 Grumman Iron Works 2013 If It Ain't Boeing I Ain't Going 2013 Special Ops 2013 National Reserves 2013 Phantom Addicts Anonymous 2013 Living History 2013 Yes, Size Does Matter 2014 The Bad Boys 2014 Australia and New Zealand Wings 2014 Hornet's Nest 2014 NASA - 2 Degrees of Separation 2014 Japan Self-Defense Forces 60th Anniversary 2014 Bare It All 2014 The Great War 2015 Tiger Meet 2015 A-4 Skyhawk 2015 Star Wars 2015 Shelf Queens 2015 Supercar 2015 Search and Rescue 2015 Big Kit, Big Plane, Small(ish) scale 2015 Iron Men, Plastic Ships 2015 StarFish 2016 Graveyard Shift 2016 Skis and Floats 2016 Vietnam War
  5. Just arrived from Sprue Brothers. Hadn't realized that there was PE - nice bonus. Planning on painting it as Red 8 of the BAP, Northern Fleet
  6. I'm in with the Historic Plastic Models 1:48 Pe-2
  7. Finito ! More in the Finished Builds thread (including obligatory sunset shots)
  8. All of the plane assembly is done and I figured that there was no reason to weather so I put together the base. I had some spare aluminum plate and a plexiglas strip. I put the plex in the oven on 300° for about 10 minutes and gently bent it around a wine bottle to get the curve. I attached the plex to the plate with some Loctite Fast grab and clamped it overnight
  9. Wow. Masking walkways. That's impressive. Well done.
  10. Decals are all done and all the little fiddly bits have been hit with Alclad Time for final assembly and then work on the base and mount.
  11. Thanks for the kind words, ya'll. Back in the day I was a cartographer and before computers had enough horsepower, I had to label maps by hand. Lots of exacto blades, adhesive labels, and patience. Masking models now just feels like a continuation of that sort of work. Now I put on some music or a podcast and it's a relaxing way to actually do something in the physical world instead of my (now) primarily digital work. Decal work is kind of in the same category. This model may have the fewest decals of any kit that I've done: 2 IDs on either side of the cockpit and two tail banners. Kinda weird to have so few: As usual (at least for me) the SolvaSet leaves a strange residue when it reacts with the Future. Have to remind myself that it does disappear with the next layer of gloss, but it always makes me worry.
  12. Ok got some work done and will go with the tried and true Photobucket hosting rather than Google (grrr). Yellow underside: Taped off the underside and started in on the red: Didn't really have to worry about overspray since top will be straight black: Ready for the final color: (Major) painting complete: Unmasked and a layer or three of Future (hence the shine) to prep for decals: There are a couple places where the painting instructions are hard to interpret and one place where I opted for a different look but overall I'm pretty happy.
  13. Ahhh. The old Google Photos public / private issue. I thought that was solved with the new forum. I'll go back and fix. Thanks for the heads-up.
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