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  1. Thanks ApolloMan. Indeed, those are Evergreen strips. The application is rather tedious, but I think the end result is worth the effort. If only Dragon had taken the time to get it correct in the first place. As far as the separation motors around the interstage. I understand that they discovered that the rate of separation at staging was higher, or sufficient enough, where they were considered to not be absolutely necessary. The resulting weight savings allowed for things like more fuel for the LM descent stage, SIM bay experiments in the Service Module and Lunar Rovers and such. Hotdog - I reconnected the images, can you see them now?
  2. Finished up adding the forward skirt umbilical details. Moving on to the interiors. This part is done. Two S-IC stages. Cool beans.
  3. Strange. I went in and relinked the image and it looks like it's showing as it did before. All big like. S-IC Forward Skirt Interiors - the kit tank parts are rubbish. Go figure. Still working on the forward skirt interiors and, of course, that means a 1:1 drawing of the kit parts and their relation to the parts I wanted to produce. Measured out the skirt and it's a few millimeters longer than it should have been. I could have trimmed it down to the correct size but I didn't bother. Interestingly, and I think it's been covered elsewhere, the skirt cylinders are slightly tapered. Probably to help with part removal during the injection process. It's very slight but does add a bit of complication. The other thing that was sort of a surprise is how "off" the kit provided tank dome parts are. If you look at the drawing below you can see that the original bulkhead shape (dashed line) is much more bulbous and is considerably wider. The kit's parts ... not so much. I'll be proceeding with the kit parts but will have to make some adjustments and tweaks to get it to look presentable.
  4. How about now. Google Photos might be up to shenanigans ... me thinks.
  5. johnlove_mk_II

    Johnny’s Grand 1/72 launch vehicle build extravaganza

    To anyone who might be interested ... I've moved this over to the 50th Anniversary 1st Lunar Landing Group Build for the construction of the Saturn Vs.
  6. S-IC stringers are done ... mostly. Just need to add a few things here and there ... vents, antennas and umbillicals. The umbilical and service access door will go here.
  7. S-IC Forward Skirt Exteriors - stringer tedium continues Plowed through about 64 stringers this morning before I had to tend to some adult stuff. Won't be long before I can start working on the forward skirt interiors ... More and more ... S-IC Forward Skirt Interiors - more planning and more 3D modeling Still working out the interior structures and detail plan. Started work on the LOX vent assemblies. Still looking for some detailed photos or diagrams, but I think I've got the general shape down. A series of tubes.
  8. johnlove_mk_II

    1/48 Scale LM / CSM (Apollo 12)

    I really like those figures. Well done.
  9. S-IC Forward Skirt Exteriors - stringer tedium continues Earlier this week I removed stringers and mapped out part placements on the second S-IC forward skirt. Tonight I’ve started the process of attaching the laser cut parts and all those extra stringers. I’ll try not to bore you with the details, but this is what I’ll be working on for the next few days. Raw laser-cut parts ready for clean-up and a pile of styrene strips for stringers. Parts and stringers being added. S-IC Forward Skirt Interiors - planning and 3D modeling So I've also started thinking about what I'd like to do with the forward skirt area. I've decided to try to add the most accurate, yet simple, details I can. So I started in on the research and fired up Rhino. Comparing photos of S-IC-14 (JSC) and S-IC-15 (Infinity) the best I can tell is there were 4 equipment boxes populating the S-IC ’s forward skirt. One is midway between position “D” and position “I” for LOX level measurements, one at position “I” that contains the ODOP transponder, another midway between position “I” and “A” that contains various RF related equipment, and the last located at position “II” just right of the crew access hatch that contains a litany of things including the launch safety equipment. Looking at the photos it appears that all but the ODOP container are similar in size and shape. I’ve 3D modeled both sizes and will be printing them to eventually cast the quantities needed in resin. Here’s an example of one of the equipment containers on S-IC-14 at Johnson Space Center. (LOX level equipment) My 3D models. ODOP is on the left the other common sized box is on the right. I’m still working on how to represent the internal structure of the forward skirt. I’m going try to not get too “in the weeds” with this so it will likely be reasonably accurate, but slightly rudimentary in execution.
  10. Moving the Saturn V portion of my Grand 1/72 Launch Vehicle Extravaganza here for the group build. Planning on representing the Apollo 16 LV. Here are some Dragon Kits … along with a New Ware detail set for the CSM/LM and some awesome decals from Space Model Systems … plus I’ll be adding a lot of my own goobery scratch-build parts.
  11. johnlove_mk_II

    Johnny’s Grand 1/72 launch vehicle build extravaganza

    Here's some not so compelling progress. The stringers are complete on the first S-IC forward skirt ... moving on to the second one.
  12. johnlove_mk_II

    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary - Kit (re)Releases

    Interesting ... that LM looks a little Dragon-esque
  13. johnlove_mk_II

    Johnny’s Grand 1/72 launch vehicle build extravaganza

    Hi K2Pete. I've already signed the poll. I think I may have been number 9 or 10. Hope we get to the 15 needed. Aussie-Pete - Those look really nice. I still may actually try to create my own F-1s with the thermal batting applied. I have a pattern from the previous Saturn V project that I may yet try to finish and cast. Seems a shame to not use it.
  14. johnlove_mk_II

    Johnny’s Grand 1/72 launch vehicle build extravaganza

    That 50th anniversary is fast approaching – it’s time to get crack-a-lacking and push to complete these before July 31st. Doable? Quite. Will it actually happen? One can only hope. Went to the LHS and got a fresh supply of Evergreen 131 strips so I can continue the process of gluing the extra stringers on the forward S-IC skirts. Once these are all in place, I’ll start on the interstages … and then on to the S-II aft skirts. Oh what fun. Those stringers are tedious little things but the more I add the faster I'm getting adding them. You can also see the new LOX vent parts I had cut at Ponoko. They’re not perfect, but they’re much closer than the first ones I had cobbled together. Onward.
  15. johnlove_mk_II

    Space X Falcon 1 on stand

    Looks great. I know I've said it before, but I REALLY need to get a 3D printer.