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  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see more. I bet the support structures where a sight to see.
  2. CSM/BPC - preliminary work Decided to use a piece of 1.25" PVC pipe to replicate the service module. The outer diameter is 1.66" which is a direct match. It will provide a smooth worry-free surface to apply all the exterior details. I'll be using the New Ware photo-etch obviously but I think I'm going to also print a new aft SMS heat shield and nozzle. Still working out those details. Revell/Heller CSM junkyard. I'm also going to try to create a vac-formed BPC that will fit directly over the Revell CM. I have plenty of spare CM parts on hand
  3. S-IVB - adding stringers Followed Rick Sternbach's lead again and used Evergreen corrugated sheet to replicate the stringers. I'm not sure if the counts are perfect, but it looks the part. The tank dome is from the original kit. It was removed from the ring, sanded smooth and styrene details added.
  4. Moved to a new state this year and now that I’m kinda settled in I’ve decided to take on a quick project to rekindle the MoJo. For the better part of the last three months I’ve been sorting through boxes and rediscovering old projects and items I’d long forgotten about. One of them was a box of parts from a Revell 1/96 Saturn V that I had started back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. It’s a perfect candidate. I hadn’t gotten too far along before it was shelved, but 99% of the parts are there, and at the time I had invested in a New Ware detail set, so it’d be a shame to let that all
  5. Google street view of the abandoned tank. It's pretty close to the road, so the detail is good. https://goo.gl/maps/8NqBYmWsPHWJVuQb9
  6. Work picked up and I had to take a break from this, but I had a little time this weekend to start adding some of the 3D details. Pretty reasonable improvement over the laser cut styrene details.
  7. Second round of printing went pretty well. No build plate separations but I did have one strangely formed part. Probably could have used an extra support there or something. So we now have a set of hold-downs and aft umbilicals for both Saturn Vs. Neat-o.
  8. First Print with the AnyCubic Photon Finally got the first print under my belt and it was a little bit of a success and a little bit of a failure. After leveling the build plate I set up 4 identical APS units and a set of aft skirt umbilicals for the S-IC and set off to printing. A couple of hours later the print finished and I was greeted with 2 APS units and the umbilicals. Two of the APS units were not there. After cleaning off the other parts I pulled the vat and poured the remaining resin back in the bottle. Found that the other two APSs had separated from the build plat
  9. Keep needing to remind myself that this is 144th scale. Amazing work Manfred.
  10. Finally found some isopropyl alcohol last night, so I might just get started with my initial prints this weekend. Still waiting on some parts for a UV curing station, but I guess I can use the Sun for curing the first few prints as they'll likely not be usable anyway. It will be nice to actually learn by doing rather than by theory. I won't be printing this engine bell but it is nice to know that a flat placement and larger supports will work. I was thinking cleaning supports from the inside of the bell would be far more difficult than the outside especially since I went bonkers
  11. That might actually be the better way. I think the reason most print at angles is to mitigate some of the vacuum created when the build plate is moving up and down in the resin. This article, though about wargaming, seems to be a pretty good reference to some of the ins and outs. I keep referring to it ... and this thread here in our very own form.
  12. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol! My kingdom for a bottle of isopropyl alcohol! I'm still collecting some of the sundry items needed to start printing and I've found that a simple bottle of alcohol is a very hard item to procure. That and extra gloves. Seems there may be a pandemic ongoing. Meanwhile I've been digging into the ChiTuBox slicing software. It seems to be a little more robust than the supplied AnyCubic software. I've just be messing around adding stl files and running through all the options. I'm sure when I actual start printing it will be somewhat of a
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