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  1. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    As I said, the bombing thing didn't ruin the movie for me, it just seemed a little out of place. Point taken about space "dogfights". I guess the newer Battlestar Galactica were one of the few shows to at least try to make that seem plausible with retro jets and full 360degre turning etc.... Bill
  2. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I had no problem with the bombing runs per-se, the Empire already had "bombers" before. My only gripe about that scene was them DROPPING like bombs in gravity. PERHAPS one could argue that the ship they were bombing had a gravity field around it for some reason but I think that would be a stretch. But it is Sci-Fi so I rolled my eyes and chalked it up to artistic creativity without much of the creativity part. Bill
  3. Well, it was a P-51 and it had a pretty illustrious war career. I think it took out about 20 or so mud huts, a few dozen brick piles and at least 50 ant hills; and only lost its propeller and canopy a few times. If I recall there were a few hard landings that took out the landing gear but nothing that a full tube of cement couldn't fix. Sadly eventually it ended up in the bottom of a local river with a few expertly placed BB holes in it's fuselage. It lies in a watery grave right next to PT-109, a Revell 1/32 scale P-40 and I think the AMT UFO glow in the dark model from Star Trek. Bill
  4. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Well I took my oldest daughter to see it and I have mixed feelings. Overall a good movie. The Star Wars geek in me loved that I was seeing SOME cool new ships and some familiar things. The father of two little girls in me liked that there were some female lead characters in it to have fun with and dream. The old conservative guy in me DID see some SJW things but overall I could over look most of it. (I actually think the shirtless thing was somewhat to show his scar being more than we thought before and not some weird SJ thing, but I could be wrong) Sure, SW has had female leads before but you have to admit that there was a not too subtle abundance of "man dumb, woman smart" going on. I'm ok with it for a bit but I didn't see the necessity of it actually. but whatever. Saving the "horses"? OK. whatever, but to say it was worth possibly losing the entire Rebellion over it....meh....gotta disagree with you there lil' missy. My daughter was really upset about Luke, but like I told her, we didn't really SEE him die in the truest sense. So there may be more to come of him. And to those that say they didn't believe Luke would be so flawed. Remember, Luke was ALWAYS flawed "never seeing where he was, what he was doing..." I could totally see him being lazy and/or turned off by the force after a while. Super-Lei-Woman....yeah not so much but not as bad as I thought since I knew it was coming before I saw the movie. I'll buy it and I'll watch it. Heck, even the gorilla walkers didn't bother me too much. They had smaller ones with them. I could totally buy into the First Order going overboard with them. Look at what the Germans did on some of their crazy big weapons. It's all good. Overall a reluctant thumb up. Bill
  5. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Thanks Viper, that's helps a lot. I may take them. They've liked all of the others that they've seen (I haven't subjected them to Episodes I II or III, I'm afraid they'll like Jar Jar and I can't have that!)
  6. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    The main thing I want to know is if my 8 and 10 year old daughters can go see this? Is there anything inappropriate for that age group? I'd say the most intense thing they've seen thus far is The Avengers Civil War or Guardians of the Galaxy, so is it any more intense than that? I want to take them this weekend but leary about a movie i haven't seen yet. Bill
  7. I had a guy at work print me these on a CR-10S. Not the best resolution but with some sanding and painting I think these will work great. The fairings are to me the biggest issue with this kit. Bill
  8. Tom DeLonge...Aerospace...UFOs?!

    "But the book" Pretty much says it all. Bill
  9. Our Name

    Honestly, I don't see a problem with it either, and typically I do sign my name at the bottom if I think about it. My point was it's everyone's decision to make on their own, and that it seemed rather silly to ignore people who don't use their first and/or last name. That's all. But to each his own. And on top of that.....more importantly.....GO 'STROS! Bill
  10. Our Name

    Sorry, it wasn't intended as a slight, just thought it was funny talking about being childish in a model building forum. We're not doing brain surgery or anything. It's not the most mature thing in the world we could be doing with out time. That's all.
  11. Our Name

    That's fine Mr. Pools. There's no problem with you disagreeing with me. I just think that ignoring someone's posts simply because you find their log-in name or how they sign their post inappropriate or impersonal means that you could miss out on some very informative and interesting conversations. That's your choice. And I have no problem with the your original observation about what you feel would make for a more pleasant forum in your eyes. But it's just that, an observation in your eyes. Doesn't mean I agree. but that's good too. And I also have to have a chuckle at the statement that using a nickname is childish was made on...a model forum full of grown-ups (mostly) who, let's face it, play with essentially toys. That right thar is pretty darn funny. But it's all good. And if truth be told, my real friends call me many different things, because they are my friends, and "Hey you" would be polite in comparison. Bill
  12. Our Name

    So what now? there are name police as well? Geeeshh... Just let people do what they want. What's the big freakin' deal how people sign their name or have their log-in? Don't want to respond to someone because of their name? Seems like a rather limited view, but again that's your prerogative. BILL
  13. 2017 MLB World Series

    Go Stro's! Hoping for a East Coast to West Coast demolition tour. Houston Strong! Bill
  14. "Now Now, Let's not argue and bicker about who killed who, this is a joyous occasion."
  15. UAV/Drone kills....do they really count?..

    it's at least 1 more drone than any of us have ever shot down so I'm willing to give credit where credit is due. Besides, comparing the process of shooting down an aircraft in the modern AA missile era to the dog fighting days is not going to be an equivalency. I'd imagine that some of the piloted enemy aircraft that have been shot down these days were no more difficult than the unmanned drones. That's not to detract from what fighter pilots do these days and the dangers they face. That's just pointing out you can't really equate the 2 time periods. Bill