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  1. Unless Maverick has already procured one from the Iranians and we just haven't heard about it yet....until the movie comes out. 😁
  2. I guess it's possible it could be left-over footage or something but it just didn't look very real. To me the Tomcat looked CGI. The lighting on it just had that computer calculated shading and textured look to it. I totally could be wrong though.
  3. well, I suppose it's possible they just threw the F-14 in there at the end as a teaser and there is really nothing to do with it in the movie and/or it was some flashback scene or something. At this point who knows? Either way, I'm excited to see the movie. Bill
  4. i am not going to get in to specific political party talk or about any one group or party or person or whatever. But since it's relevant to this conversation I will say that if you're not in favor of having to pay any extra taxes and fees for things such as this, Ebay, amazon etc... then perhaps consider that when it comes time to vet the people and policies you vote to put in place. It's hard to be sympathetic when governments do what people allow them to do and even worse vote them in knowing what they intend to do. Live by the tax, die by the tax...or something like that. Ok, that is all.
  5. I agree. I'm pretty sure ALL of the flight scenes, in the trailer at least, are all practical shots with real F-18's. The F-14 is likely CGI and MAYBE, just maybe the vapes on the formation coming in MIGHT be CGI either to enhance or match an interior shot, but even those may actually be real vapes, I've seen some shots of pretty incredible looking patterns that look too thick to be real but were. So I can't see what he's saying is CG'd.
  6. Well, the trailer dropped over the weekend and I for one am pumped by what I saw. I believe for the most part all practical flight scenes with little to no CGI. Except probably of course the .....F-14 at the end of the trailer. So perhaps this inside scoop is more accurate than some thought. We shall see. Looks like it's going to be some GREAT flying scenes. I can't wait. Bill
  7. I was just over 1 year old. I remember it well.😁 Seriously though, what an amazing point in the history of humans. to think there were people alive that actually witnessed the transition from the very first powered flight all the way to the point where man walked on the moon. That is incredible to think about! BTW, this may interest many here if you guys haven't heard about it. Project Egress where they are building a replica CM hatch and assembling it real time at the Smithsonian. I think there is a live stream even. https://www.tested.com/science/space/880604-announcing-project-egress-project-national-air-and-space-museum/ Also of note, there are 3D models available of the files they used to create this that you can download and 3D print if you so choose. From what I've heard and have seen, If you have the resources and wanted to, you could actually create a full-size (or any scale really) fully functioning hatch from these files!
  8. Awesome. Maybe you could move this over to the group build. This if anything qualifies for it based on the rules. Keep it up. I may have to find one of these one day.. Look forward to your progress. Bill
  9. Get what you're saying BUT in reality does a seated pilot need to be as detailed as the ones these guys are producing? Most seated jet pilots will be under a closed canopy and you can only see the chest and helmet area. Not saying it wouldn't be a welcome addition to the line of figures but I think what they are producing is really top rate figures that work with a majority of people that build ground based aircraft. Now having said that, I have asked (or begged LOL) for a Blue Angel seated pilot in 1/32 with visor down and no mask so I feel your pain. 😀
  10. That is insane!....and I mean that in the most positive way possible! Incredible detailing and even more incredible patience.
  11. For a second I thought it said "I am wrong" around the fatty portion of the tail but I read it closer and it was signed by Kam Wong. Sorry, but I got a little chuckle out of that. 😁 Bill
  12. I understand that somewhat, and as a mechanical designer somewhat agree. But I think that's more than just marketing idea, it's a builder's dream to have this type of set-up work. I think with the right design team working with the right machinists and molders, achieviing a 2 (or in this case 3) piece frame/glass canopy is very doable. I think it just hasn't been looked at enough by the right people. Hopefully a company like Tamiya might take notice and see if they can take on such a task. it only makes sense that the frame and the glass be separate from not only a painting perspective but from a detail perspective. Imagine the rail detail that could be achieved. Someone, someday will pull it off and I for one would welcome it!
  13. it's a shame really. There is a lot of really good ideas with this kit. I think even some that other larger companies should take a good look at and incorporate in to their aircraft models. The glass and frame set-up of the canopy is GREAT idea. I was wondering what was keeping other companies from trying something like that. The one-piece fuse nose, another great idea. A lot of really good slide mold choices in design. If ONLY they would have gotten just <that> much more of the shapes correct it would be at the least a double hit if not a triple. As it LOOKS (can't say for certain still), it's merely a close call single with a controversial call to get them on base. They'll likely get picked off stealing second. (sorry, can you tell it's baseball season right now? LOL) I still may buy one if I see it at a show and for a good price. Don't think I'd order one from what I'm seeing. MAYBE if a review comes along that shows it in better light and we're proven to be wrong. But so far....meh. Bill
  14. Deep dish or thin crust? Cause Domino's thin crust is totally not accurate. The side walls are too tall and the cut marks are barely enough to break the bottom. Tony's is by far the most accurate thin crust pizza for the money. Deep dish? Nobody wants yet another deep dish. I don't know why companies keep offering them when there are so many on the market.
  15. LOL Touche' , But I'm NOT saying it's the only aircraft that this type of flak would have happened to. But you have to admit the Tomcat carries an atmosphere around it's discussions. As does the BF-109 and the P-51 etc... I think those arguments would have been along the lines of "Do we really need another ______?" Which I find those points of view equally puzzling and as entertaining so maybe it would make it to page 182 as well.
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