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  1. Per r r fect?! well, that rules me out. ain't none of my stuff even CLOSE to perfect. That is unless the lights are really dim, you're looking at it from 30' away and one eye is closed. Then yes, you can't see a single flaw then. Bill
  2. hmmm....87% done even?!?!? I could maybe throw my Dragon Saturn V in under those rules...heck, if it's over that I'll just unbuild what I have and do a do over....I've been doing that all along with the build anyway!
  3. sounds good. I have a Monogram 1/48 LM that I've been contemplating mating up with the Dragon CSM...Might be the push I need to get that done. Bill
  4. I know my track record of completion in GB's BUUUUUUTTTTTTTT.... I like it, I'm in! So are we talking Apollo 11 only, Lunar landers only, All Apollo....what's the prelim plan? Bill
  5. Lucky I was...Shuttle 1/72

    Hi Uwe. Thanks for the comments on the parts. As for the engines, I realize they are a bit pricey and when I first uploaded them in Shapeways I did look in to all iterations of it to see the cheapest way and at least at that time individual models was pretty much the only way to go. I think they've restructured the pricing on parts so I may try to see if there is any other way to bring cost down. I believe though I've lost all of the original files so either have to try to find a way to get them back or re-model them. Bill
  6. Lucky I was...Shuttle 1/72

    well, if we're gonna make suggestions....I guess I could say to at least give some of these a look, there are some parts for 1/72 scale shuttle and stack....ahem.... https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?type=product&q=niparts Bill
  7. OT: PC speakers wattage

    The other thing to consider is not only volume but clarity. Something can be "louder" but if it can't accurately separate the signal and play highs as highs and lows as lows then louder is just mushier. A lower "volume" speaker that allow the full musical spectrum can be "heard" better than a loud junk speaker. Just something to think about. Bill
  8. 1/24 Gemini 9A

    Man, I love these blasts from the past. Keep updating all of these builds. Wonderful work. Bill
  9. Executive Officer Kane - Alien

    Sorry I hadn't responded to this in quite a while. I pretty much finished him. I don't think I got the "chicken breast" color just right but I think it's close enough. Or at least it's suitably "yucky" as my daughters put it. I used some almost dried out superglue for the stringy webbing. It was more effective than I thought it would be. Just get a goop of it on the end of a small stick and the then pull it to the surface you want to connect it to. Once it dried I coated it with future to give it a bit more strength and shine. I'll try to get more overall shots when I get a chance. Thanks for checking it out and all the help. Bill
  10. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    As I said, the bombing thing didn't ruin the movie for me, it just seemed a little out of place. Point taken about space "dogfights". I guess the newer Battlestar Galactica were one of the few shows to at least try to make that seem plausible with retro jets and full 360degre turning etc.... Bill
  11. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I had no problem with the bombing runs per-se, the Empire already had "bombers" before. My only gripe about that scene was them DROPPING like bombs in gravity. PERHAPS one could argue that the ship they were bombing had a gravity field around it for some reason but I think that would be a stretch. But it is Sci-Fi so I rolled my eyes and chalked it up to artistic creativity without much of the creativity part. Bill
  12. Well, it was a P-51 and it had a pretty illustrious war career. I think it took out about 20 or so mud huts, a few dozen brick piles and at least 50 ant hills; and only lost its propeller and canopy a few times. If I recall there were a few hard landings that took out the landing gear but nothing that a full tube of cement couldn't fix. Sadly eventually it ended up in the bottom of a local river with a few expertly placed BB holes in it's fuselage. It lies in a watery grave right next to PT-109, a Revell 1/32 scale P-40 and I think the AMT UFO glow in the dark model from Star Trek. Bill
  13. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Well I took my oldest daughter to see it and I have mixed feelings. Overall a good movie. The Star Wars geek in me loved that I was seeing SOME cool new ships and some familiar things. The father of two little girls in me liked that there were some female lead characters in it to have fun with and dream. The old conservative guy in me DID see some SJW things but overall I could over look most of it. (I actually think the shirtless thing was somewhat to show his scar being more than we thought before and not some weird SJ thing, but I could be wrong) Sure, SW has had female leads before but you have to admit that there was a not too subtle abundance of "man dumb, woman smart" going on. I'm ok with it for a bit but I didn't see the necessity of it actually. but whatever. Saving the "horses"? OK. whatever, but to say it was worth possibly losing the entire Rebellion over it....meh....gotta disagree with you there lil' missy. My daughter was really upset about Luke, but like I told her, we didn't really SEE him die in the truest sense. So there may be more to come of him. And to those that say they didn't believe Luke would be so flawed. Remember, Luke was ALWAYS flawed "never seeing where he was, what he was doing..." I could totally see him being lazy and/or turned off by the force after a while. Super-Lei-Woman....yeah not so much but not as bad as I thought since I knew it was coming before I saw the movie. I'll buy it and I'll watch it. Heck, even the gorilla walkers didn't bother me too much. They had smaller ones with them. I could totally buy into the First Order going overboard with them. Look at what the Germans did on some of their crazy big weapons. It's all good. Overall a reluctant thumb up. Bill
  14. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Thanks Viper, that's helps a lot. I may take them. They've liked all of the others that they've seen (I haven't subjected them to Episodes I II or III, I'm afraid they'll like Jar Jar and I can't have that!)
  15. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    The main thing I want to know is if my 8 and 10 year old daughters can go see this? Is there anything inappropriate for that age group? I'd say the most intense thing they've seen thus far is The Avengers Civil War or Guardians of the Galaxy, so is it any more intense than that? I want to take them this weekend but leary about a movie i haven't seen yet. Bill