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  1. The more I look at that pic of the kit wing above, I wonder if it's just a case of the cowling not being situated correctly? It looks like MAYBE the cowling is angle down slightly towards the nose, which would make the engine look low. I hope that's the extent of what's going on. Would be good to see another pic maybe without the cowling or with it confirmed to be in the correct placement.
  2. All of the pics I've seen that appear to be period photos show it to be a medium brown (kind of like old fiberglass putty) with a slightly lighter shade on what I assume are anti-slip pads? http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/Forum29/HTML/001389.html Hope that might help?
  3. Also, in that picture of the kit with the wing mounted, the wing looks like it's drooping instead of an upward dihedral. I don't know if that's the fuse sitting at an outward angle or if the wing is actually hanging, but that's another odd looking thing in that photo. I hope this isn't too big of an issue as the kit looks to have a lot or promise.
  4. Except the moon landing, that was in black and white...oh sorry, not what you meant?
  5. Yeah, I do believe you are correct. For some reason in my mind it was later knocked completely off, but thinking back I think I'm wrong about that. I do like that they make changes to it and those changes usually are consistent from a story point of view.
  6. Awesome, thanks for posting! Should be a great kit. Just one thing I notice, and perhaps they address it in the new movie, but the lower gun turret should be missing it's gun, it was destroyed in the Force Awakens. (or am I mis-remembering?) Honestly I forgot to even look much at it in The Last Jedi.
  7. I've been hearing some people swear by Vallejo clears, both gloss and flat so I bought a couple of bottles but haven't had a chance to try them yet. Does anyone have good or bad reports about using them? I'm one of those that's always just used future for decal pre-coat and then whatever spray flat I could get in a rattle can, more recently The Army Painter, which I have to say is a pretty good flat from a rattle can.
  8. LOL, ok fair enough. BUT you might want to rethink that last part. If you think it through you'll find that MANY times referring to a group by a chosen moniker is labeled hate speech...Just sayin'. BTW, I'm not a boomer, I'm in the GenX crowd so it wasn't that I was offended...I just find that funny that kids are using that as an insult now days. It's basically the same as "ok pops" from the 50's or "whatever" from the 90's"...same old story, the youth knows it all. I guess that's a rite of passage. And I also agree, the Millennial gen was dealt a pretty bad hand. For a great explanation check out some talks by Simon Sinek, he explains it perfectly.
  9. I agree, if they were raised panels on the model MAYBE I could see that in a case where plastic might have failed to flow into the panel grooves in the mold due to not enough pressure or something. But for recessed model panel, in order for a section of a recess to be missing then the area around it would be have to be distorted as well because the line is raised above the surface on the mold. Thanks for the evaluation Zacto. I appreciate the effort it takes to do such an in depth look at a model. Often times we only see a final aftermarket product without seeing what kind of measuring and evaluating would have to be done in order to yield such a product. Even though you may not be doing it for that purpose in this case, it's still interesting to see how each person approaches the problem. Thanks and keep us up to date with your findings. Bill
  10. Perhaps I missed it, but I can't recall anyone saying AMK made the mistakes on purpose. THAT would be a crazy claim to make. I can't imagine any company purposely making such mistakes. It's not unusual for companies to make mistakes, it's not unforgivable even. It is what it is. But it's also not unheard of for people to evaluate a product and find what they find good and what they find bad about a product. That's what is called a customer review, or a discussion about a product. It's not like this is the first time a kit has been evaluated and things pointed out. There are forums dedicated exclusively for this purpose. But on a more serious note.....comon 300!!!!!
  11. Awesome job on your build! Definitely captures the feel of an F-14. Congratulations on a wonderful build. I do however find it extremely funny that people are so triggered by people pointing out that there are some "inconsistencies" with the kit and trying to explain what areas may need to be improved upon with this model. It's like they are personally attached to the kit or something. Good grief, no one said unbuildable or anything of the sorts. But hey, if that's how you guys are getting your laughs then more power to ya'.
  12. Ahh yes, the insult trend from a "woke" generation. Cute.
  13. Ahhh....good job. So you took the "stand on your head" approach. Sometimes you just gotta look at the world upside down. I swear, whenever it comes time for me to get the gumption and nerve to attempt the 1/100 stack for the Tamiya kit, I think I'm going to use your build more often than using pics of the real thing. Your parts are remarkably life-like and I can follow along as it's in pieces. Awesome work.
  14. So you're saying that Zacto is showing doctored images of the kit or something? You're saying that there are no missing rivet details and mismatched panel lines etc... on the bottoms of the wings? Your build pics are amazing and it looks like you're doing a wonderful job on your build. But just because you're building it and are doing good on it doesn't mean that what's being pointed out is false. Those things don't matter to you then fine, proceed with your build and post your glowing review of the kit if you so choose. But please stop with the judgmental posts about those that might care about such things.
  15. if it were simply a matter of one complete side or area missing I could see that, but there are details on each, they just don't match in regards to what's there and how fine they are. But at this point, it's up to the company to figure out how it happened, now is when we need to figure out the best way to fix it etc....
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