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  1. Not completely about space arrangement, but sort of. One of the things I started doing with instructions is taking cell pics of them and then viewing on a tablet instead of keeping the paper at my desk. It's neater, takes up less room and you can zoom in and out as needed. (important for older eyes like mine) I've been meaning to get a swivel arm tablet/computer monitor mount above my desk for it as well to help keep it out of the way when I don't need, but ready for access. Also good for keeping reference photos close by to look at. Nice looking are you got to work with for sure!
  2. I watched the new trailer and am a little less excited about it now. Not sure, just something about it is looking more over the top with some of the effects. Sure, I'll probably go see it because ANY chance to see real fighter jets on the big screen is worth checking out. But a lot of the scenes in the new trailer are just a little too hard to believe. (under the bridge, really had to do that cliche'?) Just my take.
  3. Isn't the Shuttle ET and the SLS main core the same diameter or am I mistaken?
  4. Just curious, has anyone looked at what it would take to maybe modify the 1/72 scale Space Shuttle Stack and create an SLS rocket? They share many of the same components but would still require quite a bit of scratch building. Could be a fun project for sure!
  5. Not to mention the builder didn't clear coat over the "VMA-513" decals on the second plan in. That doesn't look real AT ALL! 🤣
  6. Many years ago someone at our local club contest entered 2 Halo figures. They were really large, maybe 1/6 scale perhaps? I doubt they were 3D printed as this was maybe 10 years ago. I would guess resin kits. but they were really well done. I'll have to dig to see if I can find the pics I took of them.
  7. Now you should know, if you say disregard...the first thing I'm going to do....is regard! 😆
  8. Beautiful job! The tonal variation came out really really well.
  9. Glad to hear they came out well. If you get a chance, I'd love to see an image of them since I've made the change. It was a fairly minor change to some edge thicknesses to fit within print parameters but I have no idea how they'll turn out. Thanks, Bill
  10. Beautiful pics! Was this from 2 different days? Number 7 is in the 2 spot in some shots and in the 4 spot in others.
  11. Awesome job! Love the action of it. Beautiful.
  12. Hey guys, just a quick heads up for anyone that may be interested. I've managed to get those SRB aft skirts I'd offered a while back modified and they SHOULD be able to pass the print policies for Shapeways. I say should because Shapeways is notorious for changing it's limitations out of the blue. The few minor changes I had to make simply thickened up a few small areas and I don't think will effect the overall look of the parts. They are once again available on Shapeways site. If anyone has a chance to try them out let me know. I'd love to see how they print but won't have a chance to purchas
  13. Must be the CAG bird since it's so colorful. 😆
  14. J, those are awesome images of your model. It looks great! But yes, I would suggest possibly starting a different thread so there's no confusion about your offerings. Clearly you have a great eye for this stuff and I would hate for you miss out on your own rewards for your work. Keep up the great work. Bill
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