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  1. if you have access to a 3D printer, or can find someone to print one to your size specs, there are a few 3D model versions out there that might suit your needs.
  2. umm...unless I'm mistaken, or there is another MPC kit I'm not aware of, the figure and speeder bike are much larger than 1/24. Or at least the kit I had some 30 years ago was bigger. I THINK they are pretty close to the scale of the Bandai but not exactly the same.
  3. Very interesting news for real space. https://culttvman.com/main/sneak-peak-artemis-rocket-from-round-2/
  4. Thanks guys. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the newer DLP technology goes. I like the ides of not having to replace an LCD screen and it's a little less of a consumable. Hopefully the sizes and prices of those printers will start to come down. Bill
  5. Hey Dave, I have an Anycubic Mono X and am thinking of getting a smaller printer to handle smaller items. Have you ever had a chance to compare working with Elogoo vs Anycubic? It's all I've ever known so am leery going outside my comfort. BUT if the quality is there, it's there. Bill
  6. Zimpter's Hobby's back in 1974-ish. Nice small shop with a lot of diorama's decorating the front windows. But what I remember more than that was it used to be you could go to JC Penney and they had 3 full aisles of models. And not like the basic stuff you find at Hobby Lobby now days, but huge selections of Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi, etc... as well as your typical Monogram and Revell stuff. Tanks, Planes, Ships, Cars....what would be considered a very well stocked hobby shop today. Heck, you could buy most any Monogram kit at some grocery stores. The golden age in my opinion.
  7. Great job! I got the interior kit for this for Christmas, I'll have to get on it soon.
  8. Awesome job on this. I've heard that the molds on this thing are getting pretty out of shape, that's likely the cause of so many issues. But you wrestled it in to a great build. Bill
  9. For the most part I'm calling this done. Just need to clear coat to protect the snow from yellowing. I'll try to take better pics and update my post later. Thanks for checking it out.
  10. Been working on this StannArts Tauntaun kit. Got some more details and snow and ice effects but getting closer.
  11. If I recall correctly, the files are available for free download, or at least they were directly from the Smithsonian. I think I downloaded all of them somewhere.
  12. Just for fantastical discussion, it could be that since there doesn't appear to be any other entry/exit hatches, that it would be used as a cargo hatch as well as a entry for people. Since we don't know and it's not shown, in my imagination I could envision this being an outer hatch with different pathways behind it to go to either the cockpit, the passenger area, or to the cargo areas. Just a thought. but again, it's all fantasy speculation. Which is fun! Bill
  13. So insinuating a crash was caused by a brainless "rich" pilot without all evidence is NOT harsh BUT suggesting that before making such judgement one might want to wait for evidence instead of tarnishing a fellow pilot's name is harsh? Wow, you guys never fail to entertain here. Well, I'll apologize if I hurt someone's feelings with such harsh comments. That was not my intention at all. I simply felt the deceased pilots deserved at least a little more respect than rush judgements. I would have thought if anyone here, pilots would have understood that. I guess I was wrong. Sorry.
  14. NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Dallas Airshow Crash (msn.com) In case anyone is interested in the truth and not premature speculations.
  15. And again I thank you for your service. But I stand by my view that your statement was extremely judgmental and completely out of line. You may feel differently and I respect that. But I feel your statement issued before any facts have been shown says a lot more about you than it does about the pilots involved in the incident. But regardless, have a blessed day sir. Bill
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