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    Would have to define "fly" more precisely. ANYTHING can fly and WILL land. Now if that's straight and level and survivable is a totally different question. But I will say in my youth, I did some aerodynamic testing on the basic fuselage of egg "planes" (no wings) and they flew quite well with a pretty good distance flight. The sudden impact into the neighbor's door though prevented me from testing the landing ability. 😈 Bill
  2. Oh Sorry Manfred, I didn't catch the question part of that post so didn't realize you were looking for an answer. As for the print it anyway, I have used it a few times to test out a part and it's a handy feature. BUT I believe it's only reserved to designers and can't be used by someone buying the part so it only helps for items printed for themselves. As for the printing it flat, that sounds logical to me from a cleanup point of view. I haven't really printed or uploaded anything since they started allowing designers to dictate the print orientation. I'm glad they added that feature. I agree it would be much easier to sand the bottom of the treads so wax build up etc... isn't even an issue. One could even maybe add a slight amount of material that is designed to be sanded away so it can settle into the correct thickness. That's how we design our steel dies for the company I work for, we always have grind stock on critical surfaces that can be smoothed out and polished later. I have to say, the work going on here, both in 3D computer land and of course Manfred scratch-build land is just incredible. I wish I could have the time, resources and talent to put this much into a build. I'm continually blown away. Keep it up! Bill
  3. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    I'm considering getting the 1/350 scale one maybe sometime down the road. I'd love the 1/200, but not sure I'm ready to sink that kind of time and money into it. I think I could really get into building ships more and more though. May have to look for my next build to be a ship. Bill
  4. niart17

    1:72 Gato class Sub

    Yes indeed! Very nice. Didn't see this build, lurking beneath the surface. (see what I did there? LOL) Definitely looking forward to see this progress. Bill
  5. niart17

    Bought a Printer!

    Beautiful print! What brand of resin and settings are you using for that last one? I like the look of the tan (or is that white?). I tried the Anycubic grey but haven't had luck with the test print. but I suspended printing for the time being until the weather cools. You're doing great with this.
  6. Just started reading through the last parts of this thread and wanted to give a little unsolicited input about them printing things and then coming back later and marking them unprintable. I've had that happen more and more lately, and some have been on parts that have printed dozens of times. It seems that they sub-out some of their printing tasks (or at least that's what I was told) and some printers are more cautious about printing close to limits than others. I've even had some where they said it would print but couldn't be cleaned without breaking and I've told them that area that was breaking was just a sprue and didn't matter. As a matter of fact was preferred if it did break. BUT they still would not print. Just mention that only because I don't think they will print the part that failed regardless of the orientation. I could be wrong, and would be thrilled if I am. But I suspect they won't do anything until the model is fixed to be thicker in that area. Just my 2 cents. GREAT modeling cad work BTW. Very impressive. Bill
  7. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    And last pic for now, and overall view of where it is currently. Starting to fill in and almost ready for deck railings, photoetch cranes, various mast parts and finally rigging. (not so confident about the rigging, never done a battleship's before)
  8. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    I also had some anchor chain sitting in a box somewhere so I painted it up and ran it loosely around the capstans I built. The kit's were so out of alignment from the mold they weren't really usable. Besides, they looked a little undersized. Speaking of which, the chain may be a bit too small as well but I don't think I'm going to sweat it unless run across some more that looks closer.
  9. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    I painted the guns and I like them much better now. I still may add a few details just for fun but if not I think they still are a little improvement over the kits. If I wanted to spend more money on the kit it definitely could use some brass barrels for these, but it's not too bad I guess. Here is a close up of the guns dry fit on deck. If you notice, something I didn't mention is that I cut off the top of the mast when assembling it because of how the kit parts didn't want to line up very easily. So what I did was assembly the 3 mast legs to get them squared up not worrying about how level or twisted the top was. Then cut the top off so the top of the tubes could be sanded and allow the top to be placed back on level and true. It's the easiest solution I could think of. Also, if I decided to 3D model the mast tops, it will be that much easier to replace it. Thanks for looking. Getting kind of lonely down here. Bill
  10. niart17

    Kriegsmarine flaklighter WEM 1/350

    Sorry, I missed this build. NICE! Very interesting subject matter. Good to see things outside the ordinary from time to time. Hope you get back on it soon, looks like it will be a great model once finished. Bill
  11. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    Thanks Brett. Pretty sure the Trumpeter is quite a difference in size. This is around 17". I believe the Trumpeter comes in around 20"-ish. I did some refining on the guns. I decided to try to rebuild the bodies and use the kit's barrels. They came out ok, but not sure how much i like them. Perhaps a few more details and some paint on them and they'll be ok. Here is where the build stands now with things just dry fitted on deck. I also added some of the morring open chocks from an old U.S.S. Enterprise model from Kangnam. Just cut the top slit and they are about perfect size.
  12. niart17

    747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Now THAT is some fine cad work there. Very impressive. It looks like you're building the real deal, Zerk fitting?!? crazy cool. But it looks like you're using the -32095-6789-PRT-304-50 version of them instead of the -52 which obviously was used on the SCA. I thought everybody knew that......Kidding of course. Amazing job, can't wait to see it printed. Bill
  13. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    Thanks Holmes. Its been a pretty fun build so far. The kit isn't bad really, it's just showing it's age. There are a lot of parts where you can tell the die alignment pins are worn and mold halves don't line up. It's really bad on the crane parts. But that's part of the fun of building these older kits. Overcoming obstacles. Hope to have a little more done this evening. Thanks, Bill
  14. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    Last night I slapped some paint down on the detailed boat. Not sure if the colors are correct but it's a bit of what I've read and have seen on other builds. Plus the brown top decks will add a little visual interest. Next I'll do a similar treatment on the second level boat and work up some sort of support frame system close to what was used. In this shot you can also see the gun on it's stolen base a little better. I THINK it will work once painted and detailed a little. Should look better than the crude guns provided as-is. Let me know what you guys think. Bill
  15. niart17

    Revell USS Arizona

    I've also borrowed some gun mount bases from the Gambier Bay kit for the upper deck 5" 50 guns. They aren't exactly right but pretty close the right shape and size to mount the kit's guns once the base of them has been filed down. I''ll work on the shape of the gun body and dress them up with something to detail them a little. Here is a shot with most of the deck fittings and structures dry fit in place. The only structure glued down so far is the funnel stack and the upper gun deck. But with all of this dry fitted it's starting to fill up the deck space rather nicely I think. Thanks for checking it out. Critiques, comments and suggestions requested but not required.☺️