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  1. niart17

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    I understand, but the topic was injection kits. I'm not opposed to doing resin or vac per-se, I just think for such a well used and liked aircraft like the T-38, that even flew in a demo team and still being used, it's hard to believe a good plastic kit hasn't been done of it in 1/32, and not really even that well done in 1/48 scale. It may be an odd time period for a new release of one though since it's not really in any kind of lime light currently and not really old enough to be nostalgic. Just kind of in limbo timeframe wise. But I would LOVE to see it done well.
  2. I think that's too vague of a question to give a good answer to. I think it's depends on the scale and on the aircraft. For smaller scales it would be hard to make them separate or scratch build any so molded might be better. For larger scales it would be easy to have them separate and/or scratch build and it allows for easier painting of the gear. Some aircraft have simple lines and some have very complicated ones. Overall, ideally they would be separate parts but that's not always feasible. Bill
  3. Coming along great Pete. I still wish I had your scratchbuild skill set. It's always so clean looking on your builds. Bill
  4. niart17

    1/32 Apollo CSM

    AMAZING! From start to finish this was an incredible build. I do have to agree with the seam issue, it's a tricky nut to crack that I've yet to see done exactly right. I wonder if there would be a way to lightly etch the pattern on to foil somehow....hmmm.... Regardless, this is beautiful! Bill
  5. niart17

    First Man Movie!

    hmmm...not sure why there would be a threat warning on that site. It's the official movie page. Sorry if there's something bad there. You can see the trailer on youtube as well. Bill
  6. umm....I think you totally misread what slartibartfast was saying. I don't think he was trying to be wiseguy. He just noted that it looked like autocorrect made a humorous mistake in your post. It was completely harmless from what I can tell. Noone is picking on you. Bill
  7. niart17

    Dream Injection Kit(s)

    1/32 T-38! How can this kit never have been done?
  8. niart17

    First Man Movie!

    I'd heard about this a while back but just recently saw this trailer. I'm hooked! It looks like they are tackling a good time-line from early test pilot stuff up til the moon landing. This has the potential to be really great! https://www.firstman.com/ Bill
  9. niart17

    No Talk Of Solo?

    As much as I hate that SW is being hurt. I have to agree that change is warranted and needed. I wasn't thrilled with the direction they were taking and TLJ just sealed it for me. You could see they were dipping their feet into the pool to see what they could insert into the universe and start changing and it thankfully is going over like a lead balloon. Now the real hope is that wiser heads will get together and salvage it and bring it back strong. I don't want it to go away. And honestly I don't mind the almost yearly release provided it's handled in a way to keep the freshness alive. The idea of spin off Star Wars Stories was good in my mind. BUT they have to be relevant and handled well. Otherwise you end up with....well...what they have. And it ain't the fans fault. It's squarely on them. Bill
  10. Nice job. From what I can tell yours is better than the resin one, the fidelity is a little crisper. The only thing that MIGHT be better on the resin is the dish itself. I only say that because of the thinness of the lip. But I can't recall if the actual one is thicker or thinner so your may be more accurate. Keep it up! Bill
  11. niart17

    My (not) Group Build Apollo build

    Thanks guys. Slowly working through this. I want to add a little bit of interior, at least enough to indicate what can be seen through the windows. Not sure how much and what the best way to go about it is going to be. In the meantime I through some paint on the little Bean astronaut that came out a little rough but should be enough for a small through the glass view of him and am going to start sculpting up on the Conrad. I think Bean was slightly taller so that's why I assume this one is him. Bill
  12. niart17

    New compressor recommendations

    Does HF have a silent compressor available? That's awfully cheap for a quiet compressor. Bill
  13. niart17

    My (not) Group Build Apollo build

    Another shot of things that I did...will do😁. I didn't like the way Monogram modeled the front hatch with a raised centerline. It's not how the hatch really was. The easiest solution I found was to remover the entire face around the hatch and start with a flat panel with an engraved line representing the hatch itself. Not a hard modification but I think it will help it look better. I also added the hand rail supports as well as a few other brackets, bumps and shapes.