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  1. Yeah, but thankfully a pair of Tomcats were able to fend them off and save his life...for a while. 🙂
  2. Thanks again. If interested, this is the video I was mentioning.
  3. Thanks Andrew, I was hoping you'd get a chance to chime in. That's a great blessing indeed to get to meet these heroes indeed! What little I know I've picked up here and there from different sources. It was on the New Jersey's Youtube channel I'd heard the information that Admirals are allowed to chose their personal craft's colors. But the barge that the comment was made about was a much more modern time period that is still on board the New Jersey, I think Gulf War Admiral perhaps? So that may be a newer tradition that wasn't in place in the 30's- 40'e. Thanks again,
  4. I'm actually a little surprised at how little information is out there on the color and location of all of the ship's boats of the Arizona during the Dec 7th attack. I realize I'm mainly sticking to "google" research and haven't shifted through a ton of documents, but really there's not a lot of information in general on Admiral's launches during the WWII period at all. I know I'll need to probably seek out more on a dedicated ship builders site. But I'll revisit this thread occasionally to see if more can be gathered here. Thanks again.
  5. Awesome pic! thanks Steve. Apparently Nimitz wasn't in Pearl Harbor until after the attack when he was promoted to Admiral and took over the Pacific Fleet on Dec. 31st. But it's possible those boats were the same group and very similar and color. The mystery continues.
  6. I know there are several people here who are well versed on the Arizona history so hope you don't mind the question here instead of the ships threads. I ran across this photo in the In Action book and was curious about the boat in the foreground. It's clearly not the typical white top and appears to be very clean and ornate. If I understand, the group admiral was on board during the attack and I also have heard admirals are allowed to pick their personal boats color scheme and the Arizona was his flag ship. Is this this possibly his personal boat and it would have been on her deck at some poin
  7. Outstanding as always. Still no chance for a 80's-90's style Navy aviator, no G-suit, no mask, visor down ala-Blue Angel style? You guys do great work, would love one for a 1/32 scale B.A. Hornet. Bill
  8. WOW! I mean....WOW! Not sure I could say more than WOW right now. Unbelievably nice kit and you're doing a great job with it. I'd love to get one of these one day but man it's hard to justify spending quite so much at this time. But who knows in the future. You're certainly doing it justice. Bill
  9. Awesome figures as always! beautifully done. Still hoping maybe one day you guys would do a sitting Navy pilot without G-suit or mask and visor down so I could use one in a 1/32 scale Blue Angel build. Bill
  10. That's AWESOME! Certainly could be something you'd see on a Sat. afternoon 50's sci fi movie. Great job!
  11. Thanks for posting. I was able to make it for Fri. and Sat. and yes, there was some really great builds on the tables.
  12. Seems like S.A. always has a pretty good showing at the SWAMP/Calmex show, Dick Montgomery and gang are some good people!
  13. Yup. I've very very many times did something the whole time saying "I really shouldn't do it this way, I really shouldn't do it this way...." Hope I didn't offend.
  14. Great show! I used to be a member of SWAMP but moved away a little. Probably going to be there. It's a new venue they are hosting at, I believe this is just the second year in the Sulphur location but it's still really good. And yes it's true, the membership is very small so they rely on volunteers from other clubs to help judging. In my opinion, that is part of what makes it a good show as well. I do however miss the gumbo they used to be able to sell at the other venue. Highly recommended. Go the full weekend and you can go catch the Thunderbirds at the Airshow in Lake Charles on Sunday.
  15. looks really great Jon! I think some light detergent and warm water washing with a aoft swab should do it. Tamiya lacquar is pretty robust so I think you'd be safe. BTW, just for future reference, and I know everyone has their favorite technique for multi-color paint jobs. But personally If I were doing this color scheme I think I would paint the entire body the light blue color first, let that dry really well and then mask and paint the dark blue. In my opinion it makes it much easier to match up the color break. But regardless, you did an awesome job! Bill
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