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  1. Great work on this! The details definitely add to the build. Gonna be a great model when finished. Bill
  2. niart17

    Man in Space Saturn V

    Looking great so far! got the pointy end up so all looks right to me! Keep up the progress. Bill
  3. Hi Bill,

    I have managed to get hold of a Monogram 1-72nd scale Shuttle with Boosters and Tank. Its in my "queue" of future projects, but i am doing a bit of groundwork ready for when i get around to it. I am making a list of upgrades and have seen your printed items on Shapeways. I am thinking of building it as Atlantis STS-27. The parts i have been looking at are

    External Tank Intertank Area

    Replacement SSME bell 

    Shuttle OMS Engine with cover

    SRB to External Tank Connecting Rings

    SRB Aft Skirts with Separation Motors

     SRB Top Separation Motors

    Ice Frost Ramps for 1/72 scale Shuttle ET

    SRB Heatshields

    ET Tank umbilicals & cross member

    SRB tops


    Are all of these parts consistent with Atlantis as it was on STS-27.





  4. AMAZING. Now you're making your own plastic shape hex rods?!? Comon' man' that ain't right! At least try to make it look hard so we don't feel so out-matched. Seriously though, this is really impressive. I'm learning so much. Keep it up. Bill
  5. And the rear. As always, comments, critiques and suggestions are solicited.
  6. Good morning space people. I had a couple of days off of work this week so I got some progress done on the LM. The ascent stage is mostly painted up and needs details and coatings added to it. I've also added another quad of foil and hope to get all of the sides done this weekend. I need to order some decals for this model as well as the CSM. I think I'll go with CultTVMan decals if I can find them. I have a set for the 1/72 models and they look great. I did try to get the lights to come on in the LM and it was a no go. It could be I'm not getting a good connection since the wires are REALLY REALLY thin so I'll keep trying. If they don't work it's not the end of the build. It was just candy coating anyway and not the main focus. Here is the front so far. Got a few nicks in the paint to deal with but overall happy.
  7. niart17

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Very refreshing to see this. People automatically assumed you were speaking ill because it wasn't their views when in fact you were pointing out what you knew about your own culture. True, not everyone from a particular culture falls into the same boat, BUT it's called a culture for a reason. Because people are "cultured" to behave and think in a certain manor. I work for a company that does a LOT of business with Chinese companies and my observations parallel what you'd posted. It's not an affront to them or their culture, it's just how the business mindset has been in that country. Are there exceptions? certainly. But I think your insight has at least some ounce of possibility. Bill
  8. Annnnd,,,,that gets into a whole other perpetual discussion about the hobby being different for everyone. Some build models just so they CAN correct errors and make silk from a sows ear and that's what they live for, while others build to collect the most accurate representation and don't want to do anything to get that. Some actually just buy models to NEVER build. Some look for the latest aftermarket and some prefer to scratch build. Some buy decals, some paint markings. Some 3D print parts and some kit bash. It's all the correct approach to the hobby. So what the hobby is about to some sometimes has zero to do with what the hobby is about to others. The sooner that is realized, the less likely there is to be conflicts based on these opposing opinions. And to further the sentiment of peace, I'll quote an ex-member here that fell victim to this. "attack the message, not messenger" a model company is NOT a person. It is a business. there are people that work there that might get feelings hurt, and that's not a good thing. But the company is the company and while true they don't OWE anybody anything. They should expect that public opinion matters. that's pretty much it. And BTW, I'll add another "what this hobby is about" views that some haven't considered and truth be told, it's just as right as the others. And those are the ones that say their hobby is looking at what manufacturers come out with and present and finding the flaws in the products. Some even make a business out of correcting those mistakes. And that's all good too. Just my $0.01. Bill
  9. niart17

    How's this for a package arrival?

    Well if notice, the forklift got shoved over like it was nothing but a cardboard toy. At the very least I bet the driver sustained pretty bad injury unless he's extremely blessed.
  10. I can't recall, do you have a Critcut or a Cameo Sillouette or something? I can't imagine cutting such precise clean shapes without some sort of cutter doing it. If this is old school drafting on plastic I'm super impressed even more...er.
  11. Such clean precise work. Blown away as always. Bill
  12. meh, I tend to ignore bold claims like that in most anything. It's all just marketing. And honestly, I'd not trust a company that doesn't at least THINK it's coming out with the latest and greatest thing. Otherwise why would they bother? Who wants a hamburger from a company that would advertise "hey, this is a not bad burger. Maybe not as good as theirs but it taste ok" ?That they hit or miss the mark, imho, doesn't mean they shouldn't be trying to and claiming to be able to hit it. Now, once they drop the ball, they should be humble at that point and acknowledge their miss and try to improve aim. But I surely expect their next shot to be latest and greatest shot again. Hype from the company doesn't bother me. Un-relenting blind hype from it's fan base that totally ignores, or worse, belittles those with concerns? That's a bigger pain to me.
  13. Thanks for input Pete. I went with this material as it is stiff enough to not wrinkle too much, but also can be wrinkled if you want. I think it's pretty close to right look, at least for my needs. And the color is close to what you're showing. I think LM color is very very hard to nail down because of all the different exposure situations they were shot in. I don't know that there really is a wrong shade as long as it's close. Here's what I have so far. As for Surveyor?.....umm...I don't know man, that's tempting but I have VERY little knowledge of it's construction and appearance. IF I were to do it it would be 1/32 scale, since that's the scale I'm going to do the landed version of this LM. That's my next build I think. I almost have enough printed parts to get a good start on it. Stay tooned. Comments, critiques and suggestions welcome. Bill
  14. i got a little done over the weekend. I started working on the colors and coatings on the ascent stage. For the rear panels, I sprayed primer on a thin plastic birthday party banners you can buy at the dollar store. To get it attached with a somewhat appropriate "buckling" look I used Gator white glue and placed some small plastic rod strips in areas to raise the panels up. Once they dried I sprayed the whole stage with a paint I mixed to hopefully close to the greenish tanish metal color of the real thing. That was sprayed over stainless metalizer paint in hopes of giving it the correct amount of sheen. Here is the first panel where you can see a plastic rod in place for the second panel.
  15. That is an AWESOME fine.True it doesn't give a complete picture of the joint, but it certainly adds a huge piece to the puzzle. And little nuggets like the collapsed hand held are pure gold. Thanks for that! Hey Pete, I'm wondering if maybe there could be some sort of reference page set-up in this GB just for such instances since a lot of us are working on similar projects. Pics like this would help anyone doing such a project and it would be great if they didn't have to remember who's build thread the pic was in or worse, totally miss it because they didn't visit that thread. Not sure how it would be best set-up but something to rattle around the brain cage for a bit and come up with something maybe. Bill