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  1. Yep, that's my thoughts as well. Also I'd carry that further and say that pretty much any review build should be taken with a grain of salt. If you really want to know what the pitfalls might be I find it better to search through various build threads and see what issues the actual builders are having. Granted sometimes it's not easy to find build threads of newer kits, but most of the time when you do it's not a person that's going to be biased about the kit because of brand name or anything. Just my 2 cents.
  2. ahhh, see that's the root of all of this insulting and bickering back and forth. You don't see shape issues as an issue and others do. That's fine, you don't care about subtle shapes then enjoy. But to constantly criticize those that do and to insinuate they have ulterior motives is pretty petty if you ask me. Honestly, I don't think you really did notice the difference between the two views Zacto posted and I'm not totally convinced you can see them now. And that's ok, not everyone can see shapes as well as others. But to keep insulting those that do frankly is kind of childish.
  3. I actually have seen a few companies do this with small portions of a sprue. Last one I recall seeing if I recall correctly I believe was the Hobby Boss F-16 kit. It had a small piece of foam wrapped around the canopy. That's actually a pretty good way to keep them from getting scratches but I'm sure the manual process of doing that adds some amount of cost and time to the packaging process. Sleeving an entire sprue could possibly work.
  4. Personally I hate paper straws. They melt halfway through a drink and leave a bad taste. If the area I live in ever does do away with plastic straws I suppose I will get a re-usable metal straw or something.
  5. I was thinking about this thread when I was making a stop at Walmart and it reminded me, I remember when I was growing up and everything was bagged in paper. And then the push came through that everyone had to start using plastic bags because the use of paper bags was killing the forest. I remember how everyone hated having to use plastic because they were so much messier to store and ended up being more of a pain than anything. My how things have changed. Just a funny memory I had.
  6. I'm pretty sure paper bags that would be strong enough to bag plastic sprue and take the punishment of the packaging process would have to be plastic coated for strength and would not really be recyclable. True, the process could start with recycled paper but once it's been run through the coating process it's likely just as harmful to the environment and much more expensive then the clear thin plastic we currently have. I'm not saying there isn't a better solution, but I don't think paper is it. edit, and to add to this, the amount of raw plastic in the bags for a kit is likely less than a few of the parts of the kit itself. The packaging is not really the "problem".
  7. Soon EVERY post will be about AMK's F-14...dare I say even the Moai Vincent Thread might bow down to this thread....the ruler of all threads.....Bwwwhaahahaa haahaah ahaa cough cough...oh sorry. carried away.
  8. Incredible work! I am in serious awe of the realism. And if I may be so bold, I suggest that if the pics you last posted were those from the professional photographer, then I think other than some of the backdrops, your photos might actually be better. I'm sure he's taken much more than you posted here, but your build shot and final reveal are some very convincing images. Just my opinion. Bill
  9. You can't kill it. It's gotten too powerful for that. It's a self-feeding thread and every time someone types a post to try to kill it, it just uses that post to keep going and grow! Resistance is futile...release your anger and understand the true meaning of the F-14 thread!
  10. I think models should be double packaged in plastic bags lined with baby seal skin. The box should be made of exotic inlaid woods and each side should be carved from a single tree trunk. The seal skin lined bags should be then be placed in the wooden boxes on a bed of California Condor feathers and the boxes should be painted in lacquer based paint and flown first class and then delivered to my local hobby shop by a chain smoker driving a diesel truck with a huge oil leak. But maybe I'm alone on that.
  11. well sir, I would like to direct you to this thread. Granted, that thread isn't really nitpicking a kit and more a pure work of engineering art, but there are others out there that really do take such exacting tolerances to heart as their hobby. I can't recall anything as thorough and detailed as Manfred's masterpiece being built...but there are people out in this world like him. And I for one LOVE the fact they exist.
  12. Clearly a mistake by the builder in his measurements.. ..It's a non-issue. Seriously, it is good to see others providing feedback. That's what is great about the modeling community. People willing to take the time to make measurements and put together detailed analysis. It has nothing to do with bashing anything or anyone. It's simply posting what they find. EVERYONE knows that no kit is perfect. Nobody claims that kits will be, can be or are. But there is no harm in posting what those imperfections are.
  13. My go-to glue for any clear parts is Gator grip hobby glue. Dries pretty clear and holds really well. Some people even use it for PE.
  14. oh cool! May have to talk to my club and see if they want to do something for it. The cool thing is on the 26th is a close by local club contest so might be possible to display the build (builds) there. Fun idea!
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