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  1. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Following the weekend's co-ordinated military strike on Syria, Western governments grapple with all the political fallout and the huge media storm in their various countries. The 'whys and wherefores' of military action are being debated with strong arguments on both sides. As this all plays out, the silent Monday evening skies above Evie are broken with the deafening sound of returning fighters from their Middle Eastern forward posts. The French Rafale fighters buzz the base in single file formation. Their silhouettes distinct against the darkening evening skies They make a wide arc of the base before descending on final approach, touching down with a formation landing The mission was a success with over 100 missiles launched from both sea and and air against Syria's chemical weapon making facilities, sending a resounding message to the Assad Regime Many questioned the legitimacy of the strike but these pilots know not to consider the political justifications, but to simply get the job done They taxi to the stand as the next wave of fighters touch down Led by a single F/A-18, the US detachment of F-16s also touch down safely, having played a prominent mission role As the US Jets taxied in a sole F-15 was close behind touching down after them An hour later, the Saab JAS39s completed their returns and headed for the HAS structures The base instructions were for all fighters to be re-armed, refueled and made ready for any next sortie. It was unclear if and when a subsequent mission would be required, but Evie was ensuring she was ready and capable to respond if and when asked
  2. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Yes it has been a while...Apologies. But it's started getting warmer now and with some downtime at work, it means I can sneak in a quick episode...or two. As always I love to crossover my posts with real-life world events, so what can be bigger than the precarious situation currently being faced in Syria. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to the innocents, most especially the children, that have paid a heavy price and still continue in their suffering today. As the world holds its breath in anticipation of the unfolding events in Syria and the impending danger of a Western response and a potential Russian counter to what is already a volotile and complex arena, activities at Evie Air Base are stepped up. NATO assets are being prepared as part of a concerted joint military effort. At present, plans are 'need to know' but assets are made ready. French Carrier based Rafale jets arrived at Evie overnight as ground and air crew prepare them for possible forthcoming action The Dassault Rafale M, a formidible multi-role fighter is the French Navy's primary air asset Military vehicles conduct round trips to Evie's weapons stores to pick up aircraft ordinances Armoured trucks bring in other suppliers Airmen check and prepare their fighters Out on the taxiway two Swedish Saab JAS39's Gripen jets have just touched down at Evie and are also here to be prepared for possible combat eventualities The Swedish Air Force's contribution was limited but the Gripen's fighter, attack reconnaissance capability made it an effective one At the other end of the base, US F/A-18 and F-16 assets are already armed and combat ready Heavy machinery and other NATO assets are also in transit. The base was very much in an active state. Sophisticated ground to air radar is spotted being brought onto the base It is unclear exactly what is to follow next but NATO forces are ensuring they are prepared for any political decisions to follow. Meanwhile the world cautiously waits...and watches...
  3. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Thanks Andrew...appreciate the comment. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one on this forum! Been absent for a bit and expect to be for a while but managed to pull together this brief "end of season episode". Looks like there will be a bit of a break but promise more excitement from Evie for certain. With early airborne warning systems monitoring the skies the base prepped its existing assets as more were expected and already on their way to bolster Evie's defences. Ground crews worked hard to ready the Fighting Falcons on the apron. At this point further commentary hardly seems necessary as the actions convey the seriousness of their preparations (cue the action music in your heads...) To be continued...
  4. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Apologies, I did say I would hit delays hence the long silence...Well on with the story At Evie a small specialised crew of technicians and pilots emerge from the Officers quarters They head towards the Western Stand At the stand a Boeing E-3 Sentry -Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) also referred to in the UK as Airborne Early Warning (AEW) awaits them This crew of specisalists, skilled in radar and tracking detection, airborne surveillance and communications board the plane. A Tow is brought in and push back is commenced Evie were wasting no time following the latest NATO memo for increased aerial capabilities to counter recent Russian hostile operations The E-3 Sentry, when at altitude, has a top down 360 degree view of the horizon to provide a detect, identify, track and intercept of air and sea targets simultaneously if required The large primary radar is housed in a huge 30 feet (9.1 metre) in diameter rotodome mounted above the aircraft which scans at 6 revolutions per minute, using powerful interleaving algorithms, with a detection range of more than 320km AWACS radar system improvements means upgraded capability to identify and track land, sea and air target threats with even smaller radar cross sections such as small jets and missiles including stealthy targets The E-3 plays a major role in NATO enforcement of air space control, no-fly zones and command and control capability. This one was the first deployment from Evie and is cleared for take off The Sentry was recently deployed to Evie to bolster the existing E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning already operating out of the base This E-2C provided by Ejército del Aire- the Spainish Air Force is a very recent addition to their service. The E-2C provides similar activities to the Sentry but can also be carrier launched with its smaller 24 foot rotating radome Both aircraft were soon above providing the valuable 'Eyes in the skies' capability...Evie was watching...
  5. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Whilst I am enjoying this creation very much as I am sure most of you are, you may notice a slow down in posts a little though as work is consuming most of my down time. Whenever I can grab some spare time I will continue here. Following the initial notification calls, a formalised communication memo was sent through to Evie Air Base. Evie Commanders opened up the document to view its contents:
  6. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    This post ends this short mini-story. Several new shorts are in the planning stages so more to follow on this thread from Evie shortly. I enjoyed doing this one especially as it related to real life events that affected so many. The roar came from a group of incoming General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons These were Evie’s primary respondents recommencing their QRA operations They touched down in formation amidst the ongoing relief operation activities Meanwhile at the relief site, Forklifts tackle the larger cargo crates The Merlins make a return drop of the remaining two Power generators before finally taking off again Forklifts on the ground waste no time loading the four power generators onto trailers Ground vehicles manoeuvre these heavy machines with great care onto the second C-17 These are the last of the main loading activities. The site is almost cleared Once completed, the vehicles are parked and the huge transports push back The relief effort crew watch on with a sense of pride and achievement They are cleared for take off The two C-17s are very shortly over the Atlantic heading south to the Hurricane ravagged Caribbean islands and southern U.S.A with relief cargo that would make a major difference to people’s lives This post ends this mini story but I hope it helped maintain our focus and thoughts on the plight of many that suffered and are still suffering today and possibly for weeks, months and years to come. They remain in our thoughts and we wish them all the very best. Over the following weeks, a growing concern for NATO was Russia. A call came through to Evie Air Base to step up all relevant counter-measures...
  7. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Over Evie a pair of Merlin helicopters slowly descend having sought ATC clearance and both with underslung cargo The Merlins, otherwise known as AugustaWestland 101s were well suited for this sort of lift operation With most of the Caribbean still without electricity after the hurricanes, power supply was essential for the recovery effort The choppers bring in the first set of four 1500kw Hyundai Power Generators These generators would help bring vital electricity to rural areas across the Virgin Islands Areas in Puerto Rico affected by the most recent Hurricane Maria would also benefit from these generator plants The hardware was charitably donated by Evie's main sub contractor electrical supplier SR Ltd. The Merlins' carefully approach the landing zone The lead chopper was provided by the Italian Navy The other in olive green livery of the Royal Air Force On the ground troops had already started to load cargo Cranes, Forklifts and other trailers were put to use Even good old fashion elbow power was being used as soldiers carried some of the smaller gear on board the C-17s It was a very busy scene of activities as the Relief Effort Supervisor coordinated events Propane tanks and Diesel drums were loaded together with other supplies As all of this is unfolding just then...an almighty roar...
  8. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    The final consignment of steel and wooden containers of essential supplies are delivered A crane truck is used to offload the cargo The consignment of aid is now ready for loading and transport. Items include sacks of grain, medicines, beverages, food, propane tanks, fuel, clothing and other essentials from various National Charities and private donations. A single transport plane is expected to land at any minute But in the skies above the base, instead of one, it is two RAF C-17 transporters doing a low pass before making in for their Finals The Evie Relief Operations Supervisor received a late call from the relief co-ordination centre at RAF Lakenheath to expect an additional hardware delivery to support the relief effort, which explains the second C-17 redirected to Evie The din of the landing aircraft echoes all around The first is already taxiing to the Relief site whilst the second touches down on the runway With recent reports of Hurricane Maria following the same destructive path, it was clear this effort would need to be extended and multiple relief drops required Officials at Evie were already drawing up the logistics for this With the large transports in position the herculean task of loading is due to start Delivery of the additional hardware is suddenly heard arriving
  9. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    This next set of posts is my small dedication to the victims of the recent natural disasters across the Caribbean and U.S.A. May those lost rest in perfect peace. May those that survived find solace and hope in the months to come. We continue to think of you all. With the devastating scenes of the recent Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma fast becoming yesterday’s news, the effort for recovery and rebuilding has only really just begun. The Hurricanes were recorded as the most intense in living memory. Hurricane Harvey dumped an unprecedented 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana. Parts of Houston received almost 53 inches of rain, breaking a record for rainfall in continental United States. In its wake, Irma left at least 23 dead in mainland United States and more than 30 dead across the Caribbean as it stretched from the small islands of Barbuda and Antigua, through Haiti, Bahamas and Cuba and on to the U.S.A's Jacksonville, Florida, to Charleston, South Carolina, leaving over 1 million homes without electricity, total destruction and human loss in its wake. Following the call to specific NATO bases to provide additional resources and logistical support, the newly reopened Evie Air Base swung into action with a major relief operation. The biggest Evie has seen to date. It started with the arrival of Military flatbed trucks carrying containers full of food, fuel, clean water and other essentials. These were the last set to be delivered A large Military Tadano GR-500 crane is immediately put into action to offload the goods The lifting is methodical and gradual under the watchful glare of the Relief Operations supervisor Forklifts takeover as the next container is hoisted to the ground This one is also successfully placed After several round trips the final set of crates are brought in. These contain medical supplies and mechanical equipment for essential building repairs. As these trucks pull in Forklifts are busy on site offloading the containers Phase 1 of this operation is going well and is on schedule
  10. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    The huge roar from behind them came from a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Transport thundering down the runway for the first official landing at the redesigned Evie Air Base The Cessna and F-15 continue down the taxiway as the C-17 comes in After a brief tour of the Shelters the Royal motorcade starts to depart but the departure route takes them down the main runway A small crowd had gathered outside to watch. Most onlookers are unsure where the vehicles are actually heading But it was soon became very clear… The plane starts a full 180 Cleared for Take-off... The official Royal re-opening of Evie Air Base had truly been a memorable and successful occasion Within hours of the official opening and with Evie Air Base now fully operational, a call comes in for NATOs assistance with the ongoing global humanitarian relief effort
  11. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    The doors open just enough to make out what is inside… A Cessna???!!! A Cessna (L-19) O-1 Bird Dog to be precise…but this one had truly seen better days "Built in 1949, this particular O-1 was delivered to Evie in 1950 when the base was just a short grassy strip in the middle of an open, muddy field. Back then it was the very first plane to land at Evie and formed part of NATO’s first US Army air wing deployed to the UK (by then, the US Army Air Force had not yet been separated)..." "In the early 1950s it saw battle in Korea finding the enemy and orbiting low overhead, usually taking much fire itself, as you can see, whilst directing artillery or attack aircraft fire onto the enemy via its radio..." "In the early 60s it saw plenty of action in Vietnam as a reconnaissance and artillery spotter plane mainly performing front line utility roles". This one's bizarre yellow livery was to make it distinct for friendlies. Obviously, a very bad idea resulting in multiple enemy fire sustained The guests listened attentively to the historical background narrative broadcast over the base loudspeakers "There were suggestions to restore the body to its former glory days but it was decided that retaining its current bullet ridden appearance with all its battle scars was deemed a more fitting tribute to honour this old bird as the Base’s first" Suddenly the second HAS doors slide open "McDonnell Douglas F-15 Strike Eagle, Evie’s most advanced fighter..." The symbolic gesture of the old giving way to the new was not missed on the onlookers "Following its brief appearance at the 2013 Evie Air Show, the F-15 65th Aggressor was relocated from Nellis AFB to Evie to continue Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) now for NATO over the Baltics" The F-15 fighter led the way as the Queen and others applauded the short, befitting Taxiway display Then from behind them...a thundering roar of engines...
  12. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    I have shot several new scenes which I will post in quick succession whilst I currently have the time. Expect more shortly The new base design includes two new Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS). These huge structures house the Quick Reaction Alert fighter jets which remain on 24-hour standby at Evie. The Royal guests could not leave without viewing the new HAS buildings The motorcade made its way towards that end of the base. Waiting to meet them are a group of Base Pilots, Air Crew and Ground Crew personnel The Base Commander welcomes the Royal guests exchanging pleasantries He then diverts their attention to the nearby shelters and what they are about to see At that point one of his men operates one of the Shelter’s external control panels A distinct grinding of concrete on concrete is heard as the heavy reinforced doors slide open The guests are unaware what is about to be unveiled but they expect it to be something special...
  13. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    Media camera shutters click as Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II emerges from the Royal Limo accompanied by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh amid strategically positioned Royal Security detail. They are greeted by the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. Whilst Evie was one of the smaller NATO bases it was considered of high strategic importance due to its location within the UK and its Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) status which is why its re-opening became a NATO top brass affair The Chairman introduces his guests to the three NATO Strategic Commanders Her Majesty was then ushered through to the Terminal Building and Control Tower main entrance to cut the red ribbon After a few formal words the tape is cut to a frenzy of press photographers and cameramen who wanted to capture every possible moment The entourage proceed into the building for the grand tour of the building and new Tower Soon after she is driven over to the Maintenance Hangar The Head of Technical Maintenance soon explains equipment and planned activities for this area The group then visit the Fire station and their kit The Queen found the view of the entire base from the observation deck "fascinating" Finally it was over to the Officers Mess
  14. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    I will try to keep this thread interesting for those happy to view a taste of something different! So we continue...the sirens echo around the base as the Police outriders escort appear through the chain fencing (Finding police outriders at this scale was virtually impossible so I had to improvise and convert some civilian motorcycle figures to suit. As I didn't glue them to their bikes it was a tediously fiddly affair!!!!) It is a Royal escort with very important dignitaries on board The escort sped down Main Road towards Evie The lead escort car speeds ahead It pulls up to form a road block as the escort approaches Evie's main gate Vehicles are halted as the escort turn in A NATO officers' guard of honour stood in welcoming salute for the VIPs arrival They are ushered straight through Two of the four outriders led them to a stop beside the main terminal block Everyone waits in anticipation...
  15. Evie Air Base- The rebuild

    For those that may not know, Evie Air Base is a small military airfield that has been featured in previous threads here. The presentations are what I have come to refer to as 'Diorama Photo-stories'. This is where each photo or series of photos in the thread are a diorama scene in themselves that are then sequenced together to tell a tale. Due to the multiplicity of shots each scene may not have the same level of detail and attention you may find with a typical sole diorama scene. The style has become my own and which I like to refer to as 'Supermodelnation' - from Super Model Animation. (Gerry Anderson fans should get my drift!) When originally created this was my very first diorama which accounts for the slightly rudimentary appearance of the original design. The airfield has, however, seen plenty of activity since then. It has been "brought to life" through several exciting stories (even one with extra terrestrials and a UFO!) so feel free to Search for the old threads if you missed them. What is possibly missed on viewers is the time, effort and patience required to line up those bloody tiny, fiddly 1/150 figures in each shot and don't get me started on the complexity of those 1/144 aircraft mid-flight scenes! Remember, no Photoshopping, green screens or digital imagery is used for any of my work, only very basic Windows Media edits where required. Now in my typical Supermodelnation presentational style, I give you the new improved Evie Air Base. Keep watching as random unrelated events continuously unfold here. Daylight finally broke on this special morning. It was the Opening Day of the refurbished Evie Air Base. All was quiet around the base. Heavy trucks with trailer loads of goods and supplies for the new base roll past the main gates They pull up at the Secondary gates They are cleared through security and then through the internal perimeter gates They soon pull into the maintenance hangar at the far end of the airfield which was the location of the former Project-X hangar where it is rumoured that Evie housed a functioning UFO with extra terrestrials. Suggestions of the relocation of the UFO to a new underground bunker at the redesigned base are denied and information remains classified. The official position is that the Project-X Programme has since been wound down. The base remains pretty inactive with no planes, vehicles or jets on site at this time The new Evie Air Base looks resplendent in the clear weather The design provides much more space for the planes and provides a more spacious layout. I think it looks neater than before anyway. Not perfect...but neater. The base features a brand new Air Traffic Control Tower and Terminal building. Flags of the three NATO permanent states- UK, USA and France can be seen flying to the left. Flags of an additional 5 main NATO states- Belgium, Canada, Germany, Australia and Italy are also flying proudly in the wind. It has a new Apron stand for up to two large military transports and beside that is a large maintenance/storage hangar. The former Service Entrance building has been relocated to the far Eastern end of the base and is back to its original use as the airport Fire station Note Runway 35 is now renumbered Runway 28 following the UK's Civil Aviation Authority's evaluation of shifts in the Magnetic poles, which is a rare but factual occurrence!! To the West of the airfield is a new Apron stand for jets and smaller aircraft. Two Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS) have been built to hold the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) fighters that are on 24 hour standby for any potential "scramble" event. The HAS structures are made of internal steel mesh frames with thick external reinforced concrete shells to withstand any possible air ordinance attacks. Two new communication towers with multiple frequency satellite dishes stand tall over the base. There are now two purpose built helipads. The base also has a new dual entry/exit split-level car park and a new state of the art Radar station. look carefully and you can still see the old Administrative block which has also been relocated. A new officer's Mess has been built beside the radar station. A Military Police unit has now been assigned to Evie and their post has been built beside the main entrance. The old telephone box has been retained, pretty much in its original position! Finally, a unique state of the art Security observation bridge has been built beside the Control Tower for round the clock security surveillance of the base Suddenly wailing police sirens broke the mid-morning silence...