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  1. Color of airdropped flare canisters?

    Thanks a lot! I´m not sure if I hit the right color, but this is what I did: And onboard my AC-47 Spooky: HAJO
  2. Color of airdropped flare canisters?

    Thanks a lot, that will do it! HAJO
  3. TET Offensive GB

    Cool Idea! Although I already have an "Vietnam GB" in a german modelling forum, but that would mean I could post models of that era there and here. HAJO
  4. I´m currently working on an AC-47 Spooky and plan to do a chest full with flare canisters, as they were dropped out of the open cargo door during night missions. Anyone with an idea what color those canisters were? HAJO
  5. German Tornado war loads?

    Apparently the picture above comes from this video, which shows the Weapons Instructor Course of the Luftwaffe teams in the USA. HAJO
  6. German Tornado war loads?

    German war load is indeed a very rare term - and I should know that, working for the german Bundeswehr... ;) I found a picture of a Tornado dropping practice bombs: I think I also saw a video a couple of years ago pf a Red Flag-sortie with some sort of iron bombs. HAJO
  7. How good are Revell's 1/72 F-104G and F-4F?

    Here is a review of the F-4F at Britmodeller: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/59904-f-4f-phantom-ii-“anniversary”/ HAJO
  8. How good are Revell's 1/72 F-104G and F-4F?

    The F-4F is nice, but suffers a bit from a flat canopy. The whole canopy should be more bulgeous, but it still looks good when built. If you open up the canopy, this flaw is not visible at all in my opinion. The F-104G is a very nice kit and I´m looking forward to the re-release of it this year. You only have to be careful when mating the front part of the fuselage with the aft, since you may end up with a prominent gap between those two parts. Otherwise, I´d say you´re having a really nice friend if he sends you this set as a gift! :) HAJO
  9. Ever considered a Hobbyboss F-14? I built 3 of them and loved it! HAJO
  10. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    You do it like a pro! HAJO
  11. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    Your very first model? Never did something similar before? I don´t believe you...! ;) HAJO
  12. I think I have what you´re looking for: Notice the sheets has got some stains. I´ll send them as soon as I get your mail-adress. HAJO
  13. Is that kit 4797-0240? Aircraft 57-6490? I have those decals here, but they look a bit old - can´t promise they´ll work as planned! HAJO
  14. 1/72 Maritime Lift-Span Bridge

    Really nice idea! Love your work! HAJO
  15. 1:72 modern pilot figures

    I can recommend Revells Set of modern Pilots: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=2184 HAJO