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  1. Concerning the LWL mentioned above...: Do I understand it correctly, they were using this sort of "hand held device" from a cockpit of a flying aircraft over a combat zone?? I could imagine this thing shaking all over the place and not "painting" a target constantly.... Or am I wrong? HAJO
  2. Thank you for your input guys, great start to continue some more research! Much appreciated! HAJO
  3. I can´t provide any help, but would love to follow a ERA-3B-build as soon as you start it! That`s an aircraft I have also on my list.... HAJO
  4. Maybe someone knows something or even has pictures? I have a "spare" C-47 kit and since I´m a great Special Forces fan, I´d love to build this C-47 in some kind of support role. Of course I know (and built!) the AC-47, but I was wondering if there are any information or details about maybe early SOG-operations with C-47 in Vietnam before they turned to more modern aircraft. So, any ideas what may suit my interest? Thanks in advance! HAJO
  5. The former tasks of the Marineflieger have been pretty much abandoned by the GAF by simply not practicing/executing them. It was predictable back then... 😞 HAJO
  6. What about some markings for CSAR-versions in green and grey? Like HC-7...: https://www.realwarphotos.com/gallery/hc-7-helicopter-combat-support-sqd-v/#/gallery/hc-7-helicopter-combat-support-sqd-v/na16001a/ HAJO
  7. That's great news! I was planning to do a low-viz SH-3 and now know where to get the markings! HAJO
  8. I built both kits, but can´t remember which one made the better impression. But according to the WIP I did for the Academy Growler, everything went smooth during the build. HAJO
  9. Uh, that H-34-sheet must have flown below my radar... Does it come with a grey SAR-version for a HH-34J? That would be a very welcome addition to complete my SAR/CSAR-fleet! HAJO
  10. Not a "new" topic, but a curious request about the status of the planned 1/72 CH-53 sheets... what´s the planned release date for those? I need some options for a german Heeresflieger version... HAJO
  11. Yes, I was actually quite surprised that our german snail mail was that fast.... But they are probably making up for that surprise by waiting to deliver your sheet in two weeks... 😄 HAJO
  12. Well, this would be the ultimate solution for my search! Are you willing to sell them? HAJO
  13. I´m looking for decals to mark my 1/72 Canberra B Mk.20 as aircraft of 2 Sqn. (detached to 35 Tactical Wing USAF). There is a sheet by Model Alliance, but it´s not available anymore. This is the sheet: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/model-alliance-ma-72141-bac-ee-canberra-intl-bomber-canopy-versions-pt-iii--205143 Anyone who can help me out or point me in the right direction? HAJO
  14. If you want some nice EF-Bomb-dropping-porn...: The Bundeswehr is usually very cautious with "real military stuff" (ask me how I know... 😉 ), but this video is a real show off of Luftwaffe, Eurofighter-pilots and the Bundeswehr media division! 🙂 HAJO
  15. There are some aftermarket conversions for both Talon Is and IIs. I did a Talon I with the Flightpath-conversion ages ago and now have the set for a Talon II. My initial idea was to use the parts of the Italeri MC-130E Talon I for the Zvesda-kit to build an early 80ies Talon I and put the conversion set on the remaining Italeri C-130. My guess is, as soon as I purchase the Zvesda C-130, they will announce a MC-130... HAJO
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