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  1. I like it a lot! Great to see a couple of Herks beeing displayed here! HAJO
  2. Is there something special about "Green Monster"? HAJO
  3. I purely build 1/72. As someone already mentioned, I'm "tuned" into that scale now. I did two or three 1/48 builds for friends and felt uncomfortable when "out of my scale". I just like having all my differnet subjects at the same scale for comparison. HAJO
  4. I'm really looking forward to this kit. According to scalemates decals are for a Op Granby-version (Gulf War 1991) and for the legendary "Bravo November". HAJO
  5. Cool! I did a VAQ-33 EA-7L some years ago and will be closely following your build! HAJO
  6. It is already looking cool! I was THIS close to buy an AC-130J on friday for the christmas holidays (after barely finishing my MC-130H), mainly because of your build here. HAJO
  7. Excellent build - but you may place the Seahawk differently and let him face front...? HAJO
  8. Thank you! @Ron: Great to hear that you have been part of her history! HAJO
  9. Thank you, guys! I hope I'll get good weather this weekend to take some more pictures outside. It's also my - I think - 8th C-130, and I already have another one waiting to be done as a MC-130E. HAJO
  10. I'll add an entry here: I built this nice combo of an Italeri MC-130E, converted to an "H" Combat Talon II with the conversion set by flightpath and Wolfpack decals. The build was without major problems, I liked how the Wolfpack decals perfomed! Thanks for looking! HAJO
  11. Uargh, you are right!!! Sorry! I somehow confused it! HAJO
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