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  1. Thank you! I replicated something similar with plastic card and kleenex-paper to give it some structure: Then it went into the cockpit, that looked like this then: And the winch on the starport-side, scratchbuilt. It´s far from beeing accurate, but looks the deal...: And my two rescue divers, converted from a set of german Air Force ground figures by Roco: I did exactly the same some years ago here on this HH-60H: HAJO
  2. Any pictures of the internal fuel tank on the port side? HAJO
  3. This will be tne next kit: Although it´s tempting to build one of the original versions OOB, especially that one with the registration D-HAJO, I will do another bird instead - a USMC HH-1N in the rescue markings. That´s why I already sprayed the whole kit white, since the plastic came in dark green. The first few layers I did with Revell acrylics, which somehow got a yellowish touch. Then I bought a rattlecan of acrylic white at a craftshop - the color was much better, but the paint came out in a way you can´t use it... I ended up "smoothing" the sprayed color with a normal brush. Currently I´m still working to paint the smaller details. HAJO
  4. Next one will be a HH-1N in 1:72, using the Revell B212-kit. HAJO
  5. Great article, thank you very much! HAJO
  6. My 1/72 F-104G is done: WIP here: HAJO
  7. Done! "Georg" at his work place: Common german joke (I can´t translate it, anyone else can??) about the interservice rivalry, especially between Air Force and Army: A Luftwaffe-pilot got asked: "Was haben Sie gegen das Heer?" - His reply: "Napalm!!" HAJO
  8. Decals are on! Currently the matt clear is drying.... HAJO
  9. Great save on the big gap in the plastic! It´s not visible anymore! HAJO
  10. Added Revell 67 for the second green: And then a mix of dark and brown, but it´s primary black...: And ready for decals! HAJO
  11. Looking like the real thing to me! HAJO
  12. That´s a nasty gap in the fuselage, mate! How did you do the instruments on the panel? Those look gorgeous! HAJO
  13. Sad to see the "Spook" in tears... I think we need to designate the name "Phantom" to one of the new aircraft types! HAJO
  14. Lovely done!! HAJO
  15. Well, the GLOVES ARE OFF! ;) No, it´s one of my habits to usually not paint the hands of my figures. You can´t see them later on, as you will see on the following pictures. Good thing of a household full of girls (wife, daughter #1 age 7 and daughter #2 age 2) is that a lof of useful things are lying around everywhere... In this case, a small rubber band that helped to hold the canopy down. You also see my two BL755-bombs. Ready for painting! And the first color is on, a lightened-up version of Revell 65. HAJO