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  1. Progress is fast and easy! Sitting on its own legs: And the Cat's belly in its full beauty: HAJO
  2. Status of this afternoon: I just attached the front to the main fuselage and the bird is waiting for the glue to dry. HAJO
  3. The resin cockpit fits quite well into the two front halves, at least while I was dry-fitting it: But first I started painting all the instruments. First a coat of grey (Revell 76), then light black for all panels and bigger instruments. Then I highlighted buttons and knobs with silver and finally gave it a touch with a white pencil. Green window color for the screens. Finally I had to sand off some parts of the sides to make it really fit, but now it sits good! HAJO
  4. Sorry for beeing a bit late to the party, but as promised, I join the GB with this kit: This will be my fourth Hobbyboss F-14, the kits are very nice in my opinion. The build will be nearly completely OOB, although I got a nice surprise when I bought a bundle of 1/72 aircraft weapons, pilots and other stuff: It also contained a Resin-cockpit for the Tomcat! I have no idea what brand it is, and it is most likely not designed for the Hobbyboss-kit, but I think at least the basic cockpit should work with the kit. This way I will also get around the problem with the Hobbyboss-cockpit, which has no features on the side-consoles and also doesn´t provide any decals for this. The F-14D-kit DOES have decals for the side consoles.... HAJO
  5. Hajo L.

    F-4 SEA camo with black undersurfaces

    I just checked my Squadron Signal "Phantom in Action". It contains a painted profile of "Terrible Tyke", F-4D, #66-279, of 497th TFSQ "Night Owls" with black undersides. HAJO
  6. Hajo L.

    question about MH-53 Pave low

    Be careful guys, and do NOT confuse the MH-53E (Sea Stallion) with the MH-53J (Pave Low Spec Ops). As I understand it, Luca wants to do the Pave Low, which means 6 blades, 2 engines. HAJO
  7. Hajo L.

    question about MH-53 Pave low

    Do you mean the blades? I think the Revell "GS"-version of the CH-53 already has the new blades included you´ll need for the MH-53. HAJO
  8. Hajo L.

    Italeri MC-130E

    ElectroSoldier, I hope you´ll do a "Work in Progress"-thread! HAJO
  9. Hajo L.

    D-Day Group Build

    I´m considering to build a RAF 100th Sqn Lancaster. Would that count? HAJO
  10. Hajo L.

    1/72 Scale F-8 Crusader Reccomendations

    Just to add to the choir: The Academy F-8! HAJO
  11. Hajo L.

    Italeri MC-130E

    Yeah, you´ll also have to add recessed panel-lines. HAJO
  12. Hajo L.

    Italeri MC-130E

    I built a MC-130E with the flightpath set years ago. So my experience is a bit vague and long ago. I don´t remember FP issuing any DIRCM like they come with the Italeri-kit. A quick look at the sprues of the Italeri-kit gives me the impression that the ECM-systems that are mounted to the external tanks are missing. Also the duck-tail is looking different to the version that FP issues. Overall, I´d say that the Italeri-kit is worth the money, especially since you have all the stuff in one box! HAJO
  13. Hajo L.

    HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

    That friend is Jürgen Busse. I have no idea of his plans on how to sell his decals, but I will keep you informed. Just look out for any updates in the review-thread: HAJO
  14. Hajo L.

    HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

    "FIRST!" Well, I think no one else did this kit until now, so I have a good chance that mine is the first one finished. Overall I´d say that this is a really nice kit, with some weaknesses concering the decals especially, but nothing that should really worry you. The camo is a nice outfit for this jet! Small windshield wipers: HAJO