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    Due to the current Photobucket-Disaster many of my pictures are offline. If interested, shoot me a message and I re-post the specific pictures on a different hoster.

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  1. This is what I did to my B-52G when I built the kit some years ago. Sorry about the photobucket-logos, if you need better pictures, just let me know. HAJO Sorr
  2. Even though it´s heavily "canadasized", it still looks fairly aggressive to me! HAJO
  3. Are you going to work on the front window as well? HAJO
  4. Great idea with the engines! HAJO
  5. Nice stuff - all I need now is the 1/700 USS Enterprise that had been announced by Dragon/Cyberhobby several years ago... HAJO
  6. Excellent work, really like every aspect of it! HAJO
  7. Yeah, propably in my first post.... 😉 HAJO
  8. It would be indeed possible to build the kit without glue! You can snap all parts together. But I still used glue, just to be sure, and to close smaller gaps. HAJO
  9. You may have heard, the Luftwaffe needs a replacement for the aging Tornados, and while the F-15 and the F-35 have been already removed from the competition, the F-18 (it´s unclear in which configuration, EF-18G would be good since it would fulfill the Tornado ECR-role - and it already has a "G" in the dsignation 😉 ) and an updated Eurofighter are still in the game. So, I will assume the EF-18 has "won" and will do a german Hornet! I already did the instrument panels and the cockpit tub. I realized that this must be some sort of "snap together"-kit, since most of the parts have some pin that fits into their counterpart. Details look good, though, and it looks like this will be a rather quick build. HAJO
  10. The Airfix-kit is really nice, but it lacks some detail on the outside in my opinion. Especially the surface structure looks "too clean" on the Airfix, while Revell has a lot of rivets. This is the Revell kit (I scratched a Sikorsky Sea King out of the Westland): This is the Airfix HC.4 Commando: This is the Fujimi: And this is the Sea King HC.4 of Dragon/Cyberhobby: HAJO
  11. Did you use some decal softener solution on these? HAJO
  12. Great result, well worth the work! HAJO
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