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  1. It´s done! I will post more pictures soon, will have to wait for some suitable weather for outside shots. HAJO
  2. Great model! Looking really good! HAJO
  3. Forgot to add: I gave the bird a complete cover with clear matt. HAJO
  4. Some pictures of the underside. I decided to add some dirt and oil stains to the engine area, flaps and spoilers. Looks good, I´d say! And with centerline tank, missiles and wheels: The only things left are the ECM-pod and to paint the nose... HAJO
  5. I watched some youtube-videos of Elise myself after you mentionend her... :) HAJO
  6. Nice try, but there´s no way you´ll stop me finishing models fast... ;) I´m waiting for my 1/72 Starfighter which will be the next project here. HAJO
  7. Excellent! You may join the german forces recruitment offices, since we are short of professionals... You can scratch us some! ;) HAJO
  8. I finished the decals: Currently I´m working on the missiles and the center tank. HAJO
  9. Have you guys considered using white glue for clear parts? I can really recommend it, it dries crystal clear, can be removed without problems and even has some filler-quality... HAJO
  10. Great to have you on board here! Looking forward to your progress. HAJO
  11. Nice one, see many things I did (or should have did) weeks/days ago... ;) HAJO
  12. Looking strich-.. ahem... spot-on! ;) HAJO
  13. I expect every participant of a GERMAN Luftwaffe GB to show discipline!!! ;) HAJO
  14. Thanks a lot! So no surprises here... I was able to finish the bird for decaling. Unfortunately I rushed the montage of the canopy, and therefor screwed up the position of the RIO: He's sitting way to low, should have positioned the pilot higher in the seat. Just ramping up the seat would just have given me trouble with the canopy and the ejector-seat-handles. Then I started applying the decals, and still haven finished them. But all stencils and markings for the wings, tail and main fuselage have been done: I'm pretty happy how the colors turned out, especially with the very light contrast to the stencils. No progress over the easter holidays! HAJO