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  1. The NightRaid should have the Terrain Following/Avoidance Radar for the nose, the upswept pylons for the aux tanks, in-flight refueling probe, M60 guns and some smaller RWR-sensors. Ahmmm.... Just checked: I was talking about the "Night Hawk"-kit, which is this: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-190-mh-60k-night-hawk--128231 It has all the goodies mentioned above. With "NightRaid" you meant this kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-1328-uh-60-black-hawk--137951 So you are right, they are exactly the same. Sorry. HAJO
  2. Yes, it is. There are some more parts in the NightRaid-version, IIRC. HAJO
  3. The decision itself has NOT been made yet - we´re postponing the Tornado successor for years now... As for the looks of a potential German Luftwaffe EF-18G I can offer this...: 😉 HAJO
  4. I really like the diorama! Looking forward to th enext steps and details! HAJO
  5. I use Ponal (a german brand) for the glue and Revells Acrylics. HAJO
  6. Jumping in late, I can really recommend white glue/wood glue. Mixed perfect with acrylics, and I never had any trouble concerning the final hold. HAJO
  7. Brilliant pictures, thanks! Looks like a decent show! HAJO
  8. According to scalemates this is indeed a re-pop of the Fujimi-kit! https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobby-2000-72017-douglas-a-4m-skyhawk-us-marines--1263620 HAJO
  9. Then it was time to launch the black bird in my office: It´s keeping a nice formation with my B-1: And now and then the aircraft is taking a look outside the window: HAJO
  10. The TR-1A by Special Hobby is one of their earlier short-run-kits and can not be compared with their latest releases. Anyway, it´s still the best TR-1 in town and I was lucky to get one by a fellow modeller. The cockpit is in Resin and nicely detailed. With some painting skill you can get a decent result! I drilled the holes into the fuselage to allow for some reinforcements for the wing-montage. The aircraft is quite big with the mounted wings! I planted a nice forest of antennas on the belly and one of the wing-pods: The pilot also took a seat: Woaaah, black as the night! Matt black 8 of Revell. After seeing this really nice black I decided to put the decals directly on the aircraft (and without a clear coat). This worked like a charm. I put some matt coat (Vallejo) directly on the decals to keep the deep black. Under sunlight of course the effect fades a little bit. Since this TR-1A will loiter in my office over my desk I didn´t put on the gear. The clear parts are made of blister, and I was quite happy to get this rather complicated thing on my first try. A little resin-chip unfortunately showed up AFTER I had closed the canopy. Lots of wing span, this can´t be kept at home. This aircraft was used as a "Scud-Sniffer" in the 1991 Gulf War. Enough antennas for all TV and radio-stations! 😉
  11. I had to organize my SRAMs from a B-2-kit (?), all I remember is that I got them from a fellow modeller. HAJO
  12. Yeah, for me the name also sounds familiar! HAJO
  13. The website above also mentions a Daisy Cutter - that´s what I´d like to do! HAJO
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