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    Due to the current Photobucket-Disaster many of my pictures are offline. If interested, shoot me a message and I re-post the specific pictures on a different hoster.

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  1. That´s a great idea for a display, and very well executed! HAJO
  2. I´m sure the kit is sooooo 70ies, but you made a great model! HAJO
  3. Some pictures of my recently finished MH-65D Dolphin by Dreammodel in 1/72. Overall I was quite pleased with the kit, although there are some things that either don´t make sense, or have only minor details, or are simply missing. The construction phase was quite nice, I added some stuff in the cabin to give it a crowded look: Since I didn´t had a M14 rifle, I simply used a German G3, which looks quite the deal in this small scale. For the M240 I ordered some aftermarket stuff by Miniworld that really impressed me: OKB Grigorov provided the sniper rifle: Pilots were added and the fuselage halves closed, but at that point I noticed the Dolphin was a tail-sitter. To counter that, I added a a small lead ball (fishing weight) that I disguised as some sort of buoy, seen here behind the pilots seat: Another close-up of the now painted M240: A search-light had to be added from the spare box: You can also see here the wheels, which have no details at all, and the floatation devices. These didn´t come with the kit, I simply cut out some thin paper in the correct size and glued it on the hull. A "bungee cord" for stabilizing the M82 was done with an elastic thread: Decals were fine and good to use, although the sheet misses the white stripes below the cabin and front doors. And if you are doing the "white" USCG-version (Retro-scheme), you won´t have the red diagonal stripe for the tail... Anyway, pictures of the finished model: HAJO
  4. Oh, I had that experience when they showed The Rocky Horror Picture Show at my university! People dressed up, rice throwing, water pistol shooting, singing, dancing... It was a blast! So, we Germans can do that, too... But not too often. It´s not serious then, and we do feel uncomfortable. 😄 HAJO
  5. Just a curious question from a German Guy: Do you US guys applaud in movies a lot? Never experienced that in Germany, propably because we know the actors can´t hear the applause and - in typical german efficiency fashion - just go home. (Of course we do applaud in a real theater with a stage, where the cast comes out for applause after the play). HAJO
  6. Maybe it would have worked without additional weight - I tested while I still ddin´t hat the rotor and the front window attached. Maybe they would have had enough weight, but I didn´t want to take any risk here. HAJO
  7. They are. The G3 that mimics a M14 in the cabin is from a Preiser German Bundeswehr Set. The M82 is from OKB Grigorov and the M240 from Miniworld. Both were worth every penny! HAJO
  8. My MH-65D is finished, I´m just posting a link to the latest posting in my german WIP-thread, don´t want to hijack tgoetz build: https://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=63075.msg972877#msg972877 I will do a separate entry in the galery here as soon as I have the opportunity to take some pictures outside. HAJO
  9. Good observation, I just checked my (few) pictures and saw that shortened window only on the port-side. Anyway, I´m pretty far now with the model and will hopefully be able to complete it the coming week. HAJO
  10. I´m leaving it away, although I have a picture of a specific BuNo (6564) that has is. I also noticed that some aircraft had "long" lower front windows, while others have "short" ones. HAJO
  11. That antenna-looking thingie on the rotorhead - what is that and why do some have it and some don´t? HAJO
  12. Do you happen to have any close-ups on the port-side searchlight? HAJO
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