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  1. Fins and rudders are mounted: The belly is nearly complete: And the aircraft rests on its own legs! HAJO
  2. Sorry to ask, but did I understand correctly that you could have both the Pave Tack and an ECM-pod (ALQ-131?) on the front center position of the F-111? HAJO
  3. I´m alone this weekend - so quite some progress is possible! The fit is still excellent, but some things are simply not good in my opinion. For example the wing-mechanism: ALL other manufacturers have some sort of mechanism that synchronizes both wings, so that they can be swept and stay symmetric. Academy only offers some pins that allocate to these small openings to keep the wings in one of four different positions. And guess what? After gluing the fuselage top and bottom together, I don´t "feel" these wing positions anymore, so my wings sweep free without beeing tied to these "positions". That´s a minus on my list. And here comes another one: This is the front landing gear AFTER I have cut out about 2mm of the hydraulic cylinder: The original part would only be realistic on a flying aircraft, but certainly not on a parked one. I wonder how this slipped through the design??? HAJO
  4. Hi, did you already mount the landing gear? Luckily I realized that the front gear would only suit on a flying aircraft, since it is completely de-compressed! The gap you can see in my picture is the length of the part I already cut out of the hydraulic cylinder. I glued it on again and it´s looking much better now. HAJO
  5. My current project is a "What-if?", using the new Academy kit of the F-14A. The "what if" will mainly focus on armament, color and markings. The cockpit is a really nice germ, with decals that fit perfectly to the knobs and buttons of the plastic parts. Since I´m doing a "B" instead of an "A", I will have to use some alternative parts, that thankfully are provided in the kit. Which gun exhaust vents are necessary for the "B" again? I have three different parts as options... HAJO
  6. Not the whole nose, just the outlines. But I can´t recommend this kit anymore, especially with the current release of the Sova-M Lear 35. HAJO
  7. Thank you, guys! Collin, the only things I really paid attention to were the cabin windows (they need some sanding down to fit) and the front clear part, where I had to sand as well to fit it into the fuselage. Even though the fuselage halves don´t have locator pins it went together quite good and didn´t need to too much sanding. There was a slight gap between the two upper wing halves and the fuselage, but nothing a strip of plastic couldn´t cure. The PE-parts are a bit thick and bending the part above the cargo door was a PITA. Epsecially those parts that needed some "curving" to fit to the fuselage are a bit tricky. So, this is not a shake-n-bake-kit, but still very good for a short-run. HAJO
  8. If it´s "special", I need to have it! The U-28A is the SOCOM-version of the PC-12, so that´s special! This looks like a small airstrip somewhere in Central America... The kit went together without any major problems, only thing I added were two pilot figures and a lot of lead in the nose to keep it on all three wheels. The U-28A reveals that it originally is a PC-12 Executive Prop - simply an elegant and good looking aircraft! I love the light-effect on the front window! HAJO
  9. You´re in for a challenge! I built the Mach2 Learjet a while ago... Have you considered buying the Sova-M-kit instead? HAJO
  10. The ACH-47As had some bolted on armor on the outsides. But that´s all stuff that´s roughly 50 years old... HAJO
  11. Very nice! And looks very stylish on the fireplace! Well chosen harbour! HAJO
  12. In M$ Flightsims you have to press "Shift + p" and your parked aircraft will be pushed back until you press again. (And if you press "shift + p +1" or "shift + p + 2", it will even make a 90 degree pushed turn to the left [1] or the right [2]). Some better aircraft models even have an animated pushback-truck appearing when you push back. Some addon-programs also provide this feature. HAJO
  13. Great one! A "Blacksheep" was my first fixed wing model I built as a child, but it was the Italeri kit. Of course yours looks way better than mine did back then. 😉 HAJO
  14. Very nice looking Hotrod! HAJO
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