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  1. Thanks a lot! Looks more olive green than green to me - that helps a lot! HAJO
  2. And you can also add the fresh procured C-130Js. Germany and France bought 10 (or 12?) of them to fix an urgent demand, and a couple of them will be able to be fitted with refueling pods. HAJO
  3. I did a german Heeresflieger Chinook two years ago: https://www.modellversium.de/galerie/1-hubschrauber/15568-ch-47f-chinook-sth-revell.html HAJO
  4. The wing pylons on some of these pictures on page 2 look interesting. Are they completely painted in green? HAJO
  5. Does anyone have any rough dimensions of that dispenser for 1/72? HAJO
  6. Thanks a lot for the pictures! As for the Kormorans: I just asked a friend of mine who is a former Marineflieger Tornado backseater. He shot some Kormoran 1s during an exercise in in Puerto Rico in 1997. He remembers them beeing overall white with a grey warhead. HAJO
  7. What do you mean? Fortunately german Starfighters never had to fight... Another question: Are there any pictures of the tiptanks without dayglo orange? I mean, in wartime that wouldn´t make much sense to fly around with those flashy colors.... HAJO
  8. To make things more complicated... It´s "Deutsche Marine" now. It was "Bundesmarine" (Federal Navy) when we had two german states, with the other one having a "Volksmarine" (Peoples Navy). When we re-united, there was no need anymore to distinguish between two different armed forces. But since the Starfighter operated during the cold war, "Bundesmarine" is correct! 🙂 HAJO
  9. I can´t spell any light on the colors (except that I´d like to emphasize that it isn't "Kriegsmarine" anymore... 😉 ), since I would most likely go somewhere along the Revell Acryllics range and towards Basaltgrau 77 with that scheme for the topside. But I´d like to follow any details especially concerning the Kormoran-armament, particular if it comes with Sidewinders under the belly. Don´t know if that a realistic outfith, though. HAJO
  10. I want to contribute something again here - sorry, at the moment I usually post stuff on my german forum and continue modelling before going the extra mile to translate my reports... Well, I got hold of the old, but in my eyes still excellent kit of the Bo-105 by Airfix. I think this particular kit was released in 1978 and I think it´s still better than the new release by Amodel. As you can see, I cut out the passenger doors - this is necessary to create a "Swooper"-version, which is a special variant that was used a short time to support the KSK, the Komma
  11. What be nice to see your progress in a WIP! I did some Seakings myself and love the helicopter! HAJO
  12. I noticed that his wife updated her youtube-channel some days ago - maybe it´s worth reaching out to her and ask her? HAJO
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