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    Due to the current Photobucket-Disaster many of my pictures are offline. If interested, shoot me a message and I re-post the specific pictures on a different hoster.

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  1. Thanks for this! Please keep us updated with pictures (speaking of pictures - your second picture-link is not working...). I plan to purchase the Chinook as well, but will model it into a "Cold War gone hot"-version that may let me do a couple of "unrealistic" things with the kit which would not apply on a "real" bird. HAJO
  2. Another awesome project - looking forward to the progress! HAJO
  3. Please don't take this as a critic! Your models are great and perfect in my eyes and I would love to be able to work with a standard that you already show here. I just thought that the reinforcment stripes look more prominent on this EC-130 than on your german KC-130. HAJO
  4. Simply awesome! One thing, though: Are you happy with the strength of the reinforcement stripes on the fuselage? I'd say they are a bit too thick... HAJO
  5. If I had known about this question, I had asked the friendly crew member when I visited a CH-53GA on the Berlin Air show today... He mentioned that the GA we were touring is 50 years old and I think I remember that the GA-version is an earlier update, meaning that the GS is of a newer standard. However, it already had MFDs on the instrument panel. HAJO
  6. I have to say that I'm not sure about the second, very grey green I see here... Are you sure about that particular color? HAJO
  7. I would love to, but the other 4 are in my hometown at my parents place and the latest one is here in Berlin with me... HAJO
  8. I want to show you my latest "big one", which fits into a series of several bigger aircraft presented here. It´s the AC-130J Ghostrider, and there has already been a very excellent build shown here, which served as inspiration for me and many others. I built this model to 1. test the Zvesda kit for another project, and 2. because it´s a Gunship! And I love Gunships, if I recall correctly its my 5th C-130 Gunship... I did not bother much with interior details, since the aircraft is pretty much closed up, although I added some details in the cockpit, for exam
  9. Will you show pictures? I'm quite interested. HAJO
  10. All I can say is that I didn´t saw any on my various pictures I collected for my upcoming Cpmbat Talon I-build. Are you planning to build a MC-130? HAJO
  11. I used a lightened up version of Revells Acrylic 65 and think the colour is quite matching the original bird. HAJO
  12. Thank you for that shared experience! I will probably start my MC-130E within the weeks. HAJO
  13. But in the making... Good, because I just received another Seaking and have now at least two waiting for decals (a grey NAVY-version and a green NAVY rescue-bird) Have you already decided what you will include on the sheet? HAJO
  14. What's the current status of this projected sheet? HAJO
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