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  1. Ron, that´s what I was remembering... I did that on my 1/72 Spooky: HAJO
  2. I have no clue, but I wonder if they did have a launcher at all? My impression was that those flares were "hand launched".... Do you have any pictures? HAJO
  3. andyf117, exactly what I was thinking! HAJO
  4. Is that an Airfix H-53??? 😉 HAJO
  5. Maybe I just missed it, but will you paint the fish? So far they are only grey... 😉 HAJO
  6. Unfortunately not, maybe use Google to translate it...? HAJO
  7. Just a couple of days ago I saw on my german modelling forum someone complaining as well. He got the issue solved somehow, but it took some work. https://www.modellboard.net/index.php?topic=66507.0 HAJO
  8. Yeah, maybe something for a third F-111 (not counting my FB-111 I once did...) HAJO
  9. Well, I couldn´t even make it out in the "aft belly" position in the video - did you spot it? I´m still deciding what I load on my F-111F when I build it - I was planning to give it a lot of Durandals, but would love a GBU-15-load as well. And I don´t necessary want a third F-111F in my stash - they take up a lot of space... Well, decisions, decisions... HAJO
  10. Where is that pod hanging? I didn´t spot it (doesn´t mean anything, I´m short sighted 😉 ) under the belly of that F-111. HAJO
  11. I do have FB, but don´t see it as a "serious" platform for modelling purposes apart from product placement. You can´t search things, topics "disappear" in the timeline, you have strange people interacting... As far as "traditional sites" are concerned: Modellversium (which is not a forum, just a simple platform for reviews, gallery, etc.) had a "cry for help" last week because they were running low on entries. They usually post roughly 3-4 articles every weekday plus saturday, but were suddenly "dry". After their cry they got a ton of new entries from the community, so maybe it was
  12. Cool loadout! Never seen the inner pylons used for AIM-9s. I´m not sure if the aircraft was carrying the AN/AAW-13 Data Link-pod which is usually necessary to guide the GBU-15s, IIRC. HAJO
  13. Do you have a picture of the GBU-15 load? I´m interested and still have an AMT F-111F waiting.... HAJO
  14. I won´t be of any help, but I wonder why it has been at Kiel (where it was photographed in 1986). To give some context, Kiel is located in the north of Germany, at the baltic coast, in the the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Schleswig-Holstein was dubbed "Germanys Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier", since it hosted several Luftwaffe and Naval Aviation Bases during the Cold War. Kiel was home of the Naval Aviation Wing 5 (Marinefliegergeschwader 5), operating the Seaking MK.41 in mainly a SAR-role during the 1980ies, but they used it also for naval support and transport duties. Maybe they had an Op
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