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  1. We had a quite lengthy, but informative thread here about "Chico": Maybe you´ll find some more stuff you need. HAJO
  2. I saw this beauty already over at modellversium.de - what a great model! HAJO
  3. Looking great! HAJO
  4. I just stumbeld across a request in my german forum, concerning "plain" Luftwaffe Tornados. At the moment Revell is issuing Tornado- and Eurofighter-kits, but only with Special-/Anniversary-markings. What about a set of plain "normal" aircraft markings for both of these? HAJO
  5. Well, thanks for the clarification! I don´t regard my model "wrong" now, at least it was easier to paint when I modelled it back then! 😉 HAJO
  6. I just looked over some of your subjects with interest and noticed that on your A-1 Skyraider sheet "Stump Jumper" is depicted with a white belly/underside. I believe that this particular aircraft flew with a black underside - at least that´s how I modelled it, using Eagle Strikes decal set instructions. I do not claim that I´m "right", I just noticed the difference. HAJO
  7. Thanks, I used Revells Acrylic Aluminium 99 for the bottom and 79 for the top. HAJO
  8. Just for the giggles: I finished my 1/72 Marineflieger Starfighter, using a lot of references that were posted her. So, thank you, guys! It´s the Revell-kit, and I added Eduards Kormoran-ASMs and decals from a Hasegawa-kit. This one will add to my collection that I present in my office cabinet. The ordnance kind of disturbs the slick lines of the "manned rocket", but I do fancy aircraft with weapons! And the chaff-launchers that were discussed here:
  9. Thank you very much, LD! I will finish it soon, since some parts I needed finally arrived. Just need to finish my current project. HAJO
  10. Looking great! Are you going to add some sort of "wiring" to the damaged parts? HAJO
  11. Looking forward to these projects! But I wonder if your older Airfix Seakings are of any use. If you can afford it, I would scrap these kits and use other ones. They just don´t do the Seaking any justice today. HAJO
  12. You broke your foot? How did you manage to do that? HAJO
  13. Great pictures! I used to sim a lot (still on the "old" FSX) but have lost the mojo at the moment. If you really want to add a lot of "fun", you need to register at VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation) where you get a "multiplayer"-experience - all other traffic are other human simmers, and there is also a good portion of people online who do ATC. You need a lot of training to fly in that environment, but it is really worth the work! The ATC-guys guide you following real-world procedures, and receive extensive training before beeing allowed to control. Pilots don´t need any training, but ar
  14. Looking forward to this, nice project! HAJO
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