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  1. Looks quite good to me! The scheme of the Marineflieger Seakings is usually quite weathered and the different "shades of grey" come out different on every individual bird. I like the contrast of the colors and the fact that you didn´t blend them too much into each other! HAJO
  2. Well, that´s what the box says... 1/72. But for some reason their size differs. HAJO
  3. The Heller-kit is significantly bigger that the Revell-kit! HAJO
  4. Any progress on the Bo`s? HAJO
  5. Really stunning work on the interior - I especially like the overhead-panel! HAJO
  6. I just finished my HH-1N in 1/72: Work-in-progress here: HAJO
  7. Done! I really like how the Huey looks, the bright colors look really good on it! But you can see why the nose of the Italeri/Revell-kit is critizised very often: On the original helicopter, the anti-glare black running along the lower windows would ended up in the middle of the nose (vertically). On the model it´s still a bit below that line: Of course the side with the open door is the "action"-side: The swimmer is preparing himself for the jump, while the crew engineer gives him some final instructions and a pad on the shoulder: Starting the flight somewhere in the middle of nowhere: And doing SAR for an aircraft carrier: HAJO
  8. Ups, what happened to that bird? Is he nesting? ;) HAJO
  9. Quick question: Are the rescue-birds gloss or semi-gloss? HAJO
  10. First: Congratulations, you´re a daddy now! :) Second: the Revell Seaking is really nice, looking forward to your project! HAJO
  11. The painted belly, still without skids: All necessary parts assembled, ready for further painting! Used some tape...: And the result! Decals next. HAJO
  12. Wouldn´t help much, as the Revell kit is much better in my opinion. I just did purchase the Italeri Gulf War-version of the Tonka (my daughter can build it), and will rob it of its decals and put them on the Revell GR.1. HAJO
  13. Attached the front windshield and already painted some of my mixed orange. I used Revells gloss orange 30, darkened with some Revell 330 fiery red. I´d say in relation 3:1. Then the roof and doghouse were added, along with some other small parts: I´m working on the belly at the moment, having pre-painted it so I can glue on the skids without having to care for painting later on. HAJO
  14. You still have both hands... AND a right arm! ;) HAJO
  15. Thanks, I´m much smarter now! Hope you guys take a look at my build in the Helo GB. HAJO