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  1. Perfectly describes my situation! 🙂 HAJO
  2. There is probably also a lot of guys like me who built models for friends and either charge nothing at all or only the cost of the basic kit. In my case, I´m picky which model I do - I build only kits in "my" scale and of subjects I´m interested in. I get a nice kit as a project, don´t have to think about where to store it when it´s finished, any my friends get a nice finished model. In this case it´s a Win-Win even without transferring much money.... HAJO
  3. Can someone ident this small box just below the port front window? The picture has a bigger resolution than showing here - just click on it. The question arised over at Scalemodels.com HAJO
  4. Ahem, any news about that...? 😉 HAJO
  5. No, waiting for it eagerly as well. I was announced to be released in mid-august... Even on the Revell-shop it´s listed as "not available at the moment"... HAJO
  6. Very nice done! As soon as a decent CVN-65 comes in 1/700, I´ll start a second carrier model. HAJO
  7. To my un-informed eye this looks like the twin-launcher for Stinger Missiles without the missile containers... HAJO
  8. After having gotten my first shot with Astra in early june, I decided to skip the second Astra-shot and organized me a Biontech-shot. Read some reports that said that "cross-shotting" with Astra and then either Biontech or Moderna has shown very good results after a couple of days, and so I went for it. While I was quite tired and a bit wasted after the Astra-shot for about 24 hours, I had practically no side-effects after the second shot with Biontech. HAJO
  9. Great result, wonderful model you did here! HAJO
  10. Good work! I never noticed that that the VNAF Stars'n'Bars were carried on both wings...? HAJO
  11. Got it: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/products/enhanced-laser-guided-training-round.html HAJO
  12. I think it's a training LGB, similar to those small blue dumb bomb simulators. You can drop them and they have the same ballistic characteristics like the "real" one, but only go "puff" and release some smoke when hitting the ground. HAJO
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