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  1. Great work on the cockpit-details! I like the small jets like the AlphaJet myself, but the kit offerings in 1/72 scale are not really pleasant.... HAJO
  2. I´d like to present you my latest build. It´s the Tornado GR.1 by Revell in 1:72. I remember building this kit first when it came out some years ago, and also remember how much I was surprised about the quality of the kit. I ended up doing two more Tornados then, and this time this kit also convinced me to buy two more which won´t wait long in my stash... I think most of you know the kit, that is nice and easy to build, but has some minor shortcomings. Nevertheless it looks like the real bird! For the markings I took the decals of the latest edition of the Italeri-kit of the Tornado, which depicts four different Desert Storm (or, Operation Granby, as the Tommies call it) versions. My first intention was to do "Cherry Lips", but since the Italeri-kit belongs to my daughter (a gift from me, with the intention of using the decals...) and her objection that she´d do "CL", I had to divert to "Alarm Belle". For desert pink I used Revell "Flesh" 35, which fits the color quite good! The decals of the Italeri-kit don´t fit perfectly, especially around the shark-mouth, where the gun-openings and the ESM-sensors have some significant differences in their overall placement to the Italeri-kit. It´s hardly notable, though... Forget that I told you about it! ;) As load-out I used the typical standard - "Hindenburg"-tanks, 2 AIM-9Ls, Skyshadow and BOZ-107 - and 4 Mk.13/114 dumb bombs. Pilot-figures are from the Revell-set. Hope you like it! HAJO
  3. Train travel in France, Germany

    Any details about what cities you plan to visit? Some locals here may be able to point out special places to go... HAJO
  4. Won´t have too much time... I´ll be home again next weekend and due to arrival time and another date set on sunday evening I´ll onl yhave the saturday to start. And then it´s only two weeks left... Will try! HAJO
  5. How much time is left? I plan to build two Tornados (propably both Marineflieger), but don´t necessary need a GB as moral support... HAJO
  6. Russ, give us a link so that we can still follow your amazing build! HAJO
  7. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

    You did this bird justice! HAJO
  8. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

    Sorry, this is propably too late, but I found some old pictures (and poorly taken...) from 2003 when I visited the SAR-meet in Kiel where this seaking was part of the show. HAJO
  9. 1/72 Seaking MK.41

    VERY nice! HAJO
  10. Train travel in France, Germany

    Even if there were any refugees, you could trust authorities to have kept the train station "in service" all the time. No need to worry here, we´re germany! ;) HAJO
  11. Beriev Be-12 (Modelsvit, 1/72)

    What a beauty! Must have taken years to complete that build, with all those tiny details! HAJO
  12. Hah, I remember that, too! One of the few occasions where I visited a Spotters Day! After a few nice passes overhead the bird landed, started taxiing and then we could hear a "bang", even from the distance. Then it stopped, and it took about half an hour IIRC until it was towed to the parking position right in front of the spotter crowd. Here is a picture of the day (not made by me...): HAJO
  13. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

  14. Wolfpak 2017 Nats Release

    If I may point out another mistake: It´s Richthofen, pls note the "h" before and behind the "t". ;) Great sheets, though! HAJO
  15. 1/72 F-4G Wild Weasel Desert Storm

    I tried to relocate my WIP, but somehow didn´t found it... Anyway, here is a teaser: As you can see, I also opted for two AGM-88s on the outer pylons, and then a pair of two Mavericks on the inner pylon and two CBU-97 on the other pylon. HAJO The album is here: http://imgur.com/a/9KqW7