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  1. Brilliant creation. Great detailing. Well done,!!
  2. Weeks after the Media fallout from the recent aerial encounter over UK skies, the NATO response was swift and unambiguous Somewhere out on the Baltic Sea, just north of Estonia in the Gulf of Finland, a US Carrier strike group establishes a military presence through a joint air and sea NATO exercise designated STORMSHIELD. It was a demonstrated show of force right on Russia's doorstep, led by the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis. 103,300 long tons displacement and over 1000 feet long Over at Evie, F-18s were made ready to join exercise STORMSHIELD In flight pairs, they taxi to the runway This pair, a VFA 192 "Golden Dragons" out of Naval Air Station Lemoore and a VMFA 232 "Red Devils" of the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California both now permanently based at Evie, prepare for take off Accompanied by a range of other participating aircraft Out at Sea, the Carrier group practice several sea drills It's not long before, the F-18s make a grand entrance to the exercise as they 'buzz' the Group from overhead This coordinated Naval effort with jets from Evie Air Base was a deliberate show of NATO strength and capability After several hours of joint air and sea manoeuvres, one by one they 'call the ball' And ride the Carrier's optical landing system glidepath Each one reducing altitude and airspeed with small manual stick adjustments to stay on course To catch one of the arrestor cables on deck In these choppy ocean waters, even the most seasoned pilots had to stay focussed and attentive to put it down on that moving, swaying, sometimes unforgiving target Deck crews check aircraft in and immediately direct them to the elevators to be taken below deck As the evening sun set, the Group change course, further East, skirting the very edges of Russian territorial waters in a defiant, provocative, almost taunting act If Moscow wasn't paying attention...it certainly was now
  3. Following the recent aerial encounter, pictures have emerged. Media outlets splash these across their pages with troubling headlines that summarise the heightening tensions Amateur photographers had captured the actual dogfight as it occured over the UK coastline described by many in the UK as 'Russian recklessness' Video footage of the missile interception and fireball were also released. Threats from Moscow continue with rumours of a number of options being considered including long range, conventional missile strikes against UK In fact, one Russian media broadcaster even put forward the dreaded Nuclear option with Evie Air Base featured inset as a possible target Diplomatic relations could not have been any worse at this point Evie Air Base is put on the highest threat level response. No chances were being taken To counter suggestions of a retaliatory conventional strike, Surface to Air missile batteries were brought onto the base Radar detection and guidance systems that were delivered several months ago were also rolled out alongside No one believed Putin would be crazy enough to actually order a strike but in today's increasingly unpredictable world nothing was beyond the realms of possibility This was a precautionary response that was fuelling and being fueled by an already hyped media community. Meanwhile, leaked, classified Russian intelligence documents of the rearward firing air-to-air missile tests (with photos) had made their way to NATO HQ. Russian military capabilities and the ever increasing threat was clearly not going away anytime soon. For now Evie remains on High alert
  4. In the last update, NATO jets from Evie, after persistent warning, had just fired an Air-to-Air missile at a Russian MiG... Following that post I then I thought to myself...'well that was bloody clever'...now how the hell do I present what comes next without using graphic layering techniques or special photo rendering software (a cardinal rule I swore to myself never to break since I started doing these). Well, you'll be surprised just how creative you can get when you're truly faced with a challenge. My personal vow remains intact and hopefully I achieved the right results. This one may well be my best, and most technical work so far! And as for those that start getting palpitations when they don't see a model airport in an update post, well I chucked in a couple of Evie airfield shots right at the end just for you. The story concludes here: Alarms and alerts increase in pitch and intensity within the cockpit of the MiG-25. The young pilot never anticipated to be actually fired upon as the air-to-air missile closes in The MiG attempts several sharp banks and evasive roll manouveres...but to no avail. Under pressure and facing imminent danger... ...Deploy Flares... ...then more flares As the missile is not infrared (IR) guided, flares are ineffective (in-flight missile warning systems should have made this obvious to the pilot...but then I wouldn't have had the pleasure of showing off my flares deployment scenes now would I?...Lets just say this Pilot lacked experience) [Roll eyes] The semi-active radar guided missile closes in on its target. The Russian Pilot puts the MiG into a full throttle, steep upward climb Chaff is immediately deployed as a radar countermeasure Chaff releases multiple thin pieces of aluminium, metallic cloud clusters to disrupt and distract the missile's radar guidance. But in haste and without waiting to verify the outcome, this Pilot deployed a final Ace up his sleeve This MiG was equipped with a recently installed, Active Defence Munitions Protection System. This highly classified system, developed by engineers at Russia's Foundation for Advanced Research ( Фонд перспективных исследований) was still in Beta trials It utilises 'hard kill' interceptor projectiles deployed from pods at the fore and aft of the fuselage to counter both forward and rearward missile attacks with a direct kinetic hit Multiple projectiles launched make contact and neutralise the approaching threat...it's a direct hit The MiG shudders in the wake of the huge initial blast and fireball that follows, as it continues its vertical climb The blast proximity has caused some systems damage but the plane can still fly The Russian pilot, realising he was a hair's breath away from carnage, levels off and exits UK airspace at a high rate of knots (and most certainly in need of a pants change) [cheesy grin] The NATO jets, see him off, slightly astounded with the new Electronic Counter Measures Russian technology just demonstrated Satisfied that the threat has been countered and was not returning, the Evie pilots return to base The Typhoons touch down at Evie indifferent to the significant political fallout that was surely to follow For these men, they simply had a job to do...and they did it Until the next QRA Call.... ...meanwhile...Moscow was already calling London...
  5. Aerospace Systems Operators at RAF High Wycombe and Air Traffic Controllers at RAF(U) Swannick coordinate a collaborated response and direct the two RAF Eurofighter Typhoons to the MiG-25 Foxbat's location. The QRA pilots soon have the MiG in sight The MiG-25 spends considerable time skirting the edge of British airspace without entering. They open up Comms and issue the first verbal instruction for the MiG to depart its flight path and leave the area The MiG is unresponsive. The Typhoons close in. One lowers its landing gear to indicate a request to follow and land But nothing. After a few minutes one of the QRA pilots inches forward and rocks their wings to motion a response...Still nothing In an instant, the MiG makes a sharp bank and breaks away suddenly entering into UK airspace. It was unexpected The Typhoons give chase. Within minutes a second verbal instruction to leave UK airspace is issued The MiG suddenly decends at high speed entering further into UK airsapace. The Eurofighters remain on it issuing yet another verbal instruction One of the Typhoons cuts ahead to 'headbutt' the MiG...To their suprise, the MiG enables its weapons systems and gains a partial target lock on the Typhoon in front The Typhoons realising the escalated threat fall back to Six o'clock and issue this stark warning: "Intercepted Aircraft, I am instructed by NATO Command, on behalf of Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom to warn you that if you do not respond immediately to these final orders to turn East and leave UK airspace immediately, you will be shot down" The MiG is now almost over UK coastland. In parallel, an escalated command chain, seeking orders from 10 Downing Street is finally returned via Evie ATC. The orders are passed on... "QRA Intercept...Evie Tower...You are weapons free...cleared to engage...repeat, cleared to engage" Without further warning, the lead QRA pilot engages air-to-air weapons systems...and secures a lock tone... "...Fox one..." ...Even I'm holding my breath
  6. The frontline defence of UK skies, Evie is one of 4 QRA stations in the country. The Typhoons roll out. Within seconds of an alert these Fighters are always combat ready to respond Armed and ready the Eurofighter Typhoons will be airborne in minutes As they taxi the Typhoons receive coordinates updates from ATC On this well rehearsed procedure, the pilots have one objective...get airborne and intercept...quickly The MiG-25 skirts alongside UK airspace, with no officially filed fight plan and no radio response, with the sole aim to test UK air response and intimidate Not far to the South East of its position the Eurofighters with permission to fly supersonic over land close the gap As they close in their response is a clear and decisive one...Leave or prepare to be shot down
  7. I've been away on business for a while now and this has meant no posts here of late. Its a shame as there have been some recent big real world events that I would have loved to replicate at Evie but time has not allowed me to. Anyway just to keep things ticking over here are the beginnings of another Russian incursion to keep the good folk at Evie (and myself or course) busy A few months of relative quiet had passed when somewhere over the North Sea, a Russian MiG-25 on a reconnaissance mission deliberately strays into UK Airspace The MiG travelling South-West Heading 032 at 31,000feet is picked at RAF Scampton on radar NADOC at RAF Air Command in High Wycombe are advised and direct an immediate aerial intercept. Evie Operations receive the call from the RAF Scampton Master Controller instructing for 2 Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) Fighters to scramble Over at the Hardened Aircraft Shelters the Alert alarms are sounded as the HAS door control panels are operated Between the two large shelters stands a small inconspicuous building called "The Box" The heavy concrete doors slide aside as the sirens echo all around Suddenly the door of The Box swings open The Box is actually the entrance to a large underground living quarters and operational bunker for 24-hour shift QRA crew members The two pilots and their ground support spill out from underground and run towards their hangers They are met by the HAS ground crews and prepped to board The MiG continues on its heading unabated...for now... For those that are interested SUPERMODELNATION just secured its own Domain so I unashamedly invite you to visit the new site and enjoy the History of Evie and all the wonderful stories ever made in one place https://www.supermodelnation.com/
  8. This diorama has a lot going on- The landed soldiers on the beach; the exploded gun turret of the tank; the fast speed boat; the incoming overhead gunships with the "motion" rotors; the hovercraft jet spray just all add to the intensity and drama. Excellent arrangement. The waves look brilliant too. Thanks for sharing this effective piece.
  9. A KC-10 Extender, an aerial refueling tanker and military variant of the triple engine DC-10, sits on the tarmac at Evie. Part of the USAF Air Mobility Command, this is the first refueling tanker on long term assignment to Evie Air Base. The aircraft is being prepped and is now taking on fuel of its own With fuel carrying capacity of up to 356,000 lbs and cargo carrying capacity of up to 146,000 lbs this plane significantly improves Evie's operational capability. This one from the 514th Air Mobility Wing based out of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, which is an associate Air Force Reserve command that flies aircraft assigned to the 305th Air Mobility Wing. an active duty Wing also out of McGuire. The intention was to increase flight time of aircraft missions out of Evie and extend their operational perimeters The aircraft is cleared for Runway 28 The KC-10 has both a centreline refueling 'flying boom' as well as the 'drogue and hose' refueling system to the rear making it very versatile and able to service multiple aircraft types ...cleared for takeoff... ...V1...Rotate...
  10. Thanks for the comments SQL Modeller. The black and white was inspired by you. Thanks also for commenting phantom. Yes never too big to play : After all the recent Russian mid air action, at Evie things were pretty much back to normal and business as usual for the ground crews Aerial munitions lift vehicles were back at work loading up an array of ordinances. These heavy lift equipment were slow but methodical With oil tanker seizures in the Straits of Hormuz, anti ship missions were anticipated Whilst not the typical first choice ordinance for the F-15, the AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship guided missile is prepared The vehicle's mechanical arm provides the lift as crews steady and line up the weapon F-16 crews load an AIM-7 to wing points
  11. Sadly towards the end of the last update one of those MiGs sustained a significant fall from about 7 feet up as it was being angled 'in flight'. Both tails snapped off and also damaged part of the nose with the fall . I effected some repairs and hopefully the wide camera angles in this next update will make the damage less visible. Thanks for all the comments so far guys...Here is the concluding second part... So far, Four NATO F-15s are flying North to intercept Russian MiG-29s on the tail of a Canadian C-17, working closely with NATO AWACs E-3, also out of Evie, on CAP support and target validation. The MiGs soon pop up on a southwesterly vector putting them on a direct intercept with the strikers. NCTR cockpit indicators confirm the targets to be the MiG-29s. The F-15s flying North at low altitude soon establish visual and start their climb to FL028 as they close in on the MiG-29s Comms are opened and Russian jets are advised of the NATO intercept with orders to immediatly disengage. But the Fulcrums remain on the C-17 They are reminded of being in international airspace and risk being fired upon...The situation is very tense... AWACs clear them for non lethal engagement in a final attempt to prevent a potential shoot down. The F15s commence agressive and intimidating air combat manouveres as a final show of force to influence change. They break formation Two remain on their six in attack positions The other two flank wide to "headbutt" the MiGs with a fast incoming Pitchback manoeuvre The F-15s, at very high speed, cut in front of the MiG's flight path putting themslves between the Russians and the C-17 aircraft generating considerable wake The MiGs, now almost head on and sandwiched, take evasive action They pull away at high speed As the Russian's evade and climb, all four F-15s engage weapons systems locking onto the targets The MiGs, realising they are outgunned and outnumbered have seen enough. They maintain the steep climb in retreat As they level off at FL039 the F-15s remain right up there on their tail maintaining full target 'lock on' Seeing them off back in the direction towards Russian airspace With the threat averted, the F-15s double back to the inbound C-17 and provide full aerial escort into UK airspace Evie in sight, landing gears come down on Finals With full F-15 formation air cover just metres above the runway the C-17 safely touches down. The F-15s then head back out to maintain a deterring presence [In Sepia especially for SQLModeller in tribute to the RKO references] This was one of the most significant aerial encounters between NATO and Russia since the Cold War. Things got very hairy out there. The West insisted on a full investigation demanding answers from the Kremlin and a full blown diplomatic dispute ensued. For the returning F-15s that had somehow managed to evade initiating World War III however, it was simply just another day on the job.
  12. Those RKOs were groundbreaking and legendary sir so thank you. And for that comment the final shot in the next update will be in sepia...just for you!. 😉. The next one should be out in about a week from now. Yes the Lizard camo is truly awesome. Thanks for commenting.
  13. Well thank you for that southwestforests. 'Cool' from any viewpoint is good enough for me. Thanks for the encouragement. More to follow
  14. The Russians are coming! Enjoy... Over at Evie, U.S.A.F. C-17s continue their round trip deployment cycles of heavy armour and personnel from various European NATO bases for onward reassignment to more strategic locations as tensions in the Middle East increase. A Canadian Forces C-17 Globemaster from Canadian Forces Base Edmonton, Alberta departs its Reykjavik stopover en route to Evie Air Base to assist with the hardware transportation mission. Several miles outside UK airspace the C-17 picks up two Russian MiG-29 Fulcrums closing in on its tail. The MiGs follow in silence but are visible on Radar. The C-17 pilots are certain they are flying over international waters. The MiGs close in. As they flank either side, radio silence is broken with a declaration that the C-17 had illegally strayed into Russian airspace and an unusual instruction is given to follow the jets back into mainland Russia The C-17 provides no response, maintains its course but calls in the interdiction to ATC on the Emergency frequency Through the communications chain of command- the National Air Defence Operations Centre (NADOC) at RAF High Wycombe give the orders and the response at Evie is swift. Two Humvees with NATO pilots speed across the base to the Eastern stand Pilots gear up on the tarmac Within 3 minutes four F-15 Eagle fighters are scrambled and taxiing One from the U.S.A.F.E 53rd Fighter Squadron of the 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem, Germany. Another, with the rare, yet controversial Charcoal "Lizard" Camouflage which was an experimental camouflage tested in the late 70s using F-16s of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing and again in the early 90s with F-16s at Nellis AFB, where both tests completed with inconclusive results. Evie now has the only operational U.S.A.F. F-15 with the same unconventional Charcoal "Lizard" Scheme A formation take-off was permitted to shave off valuable minutes The MiGs have now resumed a 6 o'clock position with threats to bring down the C-17 aircraft if it failed to comply The F-15s soon have all 3 aircraft on radar whilst scanning the horizon for visuals as they tear across open skies
  15. I always see something I didn't spot the first time when I revisit this thread
  16. Thanks for the kind comments Crazy Snap Captain and SQL Modeller. Your words are great encouragement. Hi guys, its been a bit too long since the last. I'm still away from home at work and so no real opportunities for doing this. Anyway as things are heating up globally I thought I best get one in here before it all starts getting out of hand. Hopefully not... As its been a while this one is a full on photo fest! Enjoy.. The official line out of the Trump Administration, following the very controversial shooting down of an American unmanned drone by Iran this week was that a retaliatory military strike was not to be proceeded with. Diplomatic and alternative channels were being initiated. However at NATO bases across the world, silent preparations were underway. Military assets were being redeployed and hardware originally destined for European assignments were being redirected. At Evie Air Base a huge convoy of assets were enroute. Articulated vehicles carrying heavy duty hardware rolled onto the base. Challenger 2, M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 tanks were among the contingent The vehicles finally pulled into the stands and waited. With the US Secretary of State doing the diplomatic rounds and the National Security Adviser doing media coverage warning not to mistake US discretion and prudence for weakness, no one was under any illusion that the situation was slowly building up to critical mass. At Evie the equipment was in position. Several hours passed...and then Military Personnel trucks showed up... US Personnel disembarked With their kit in tow and made ready. Within an hour of their arrival the familiar sight and sound of an incoming C-17 Transport at Evie made a grand entrance This one belonged to the U.S. Air Force (a new arrival at the Base!) It was soon taxiing to its final stand As it did a second came in The scene was clearly one of determined preparations Both human and mechanical assets were rolled onto the aircraft Whilst White House officials seemingly suggested a preference for 'Jaw-Jaw'...the footing at Evie was clearly a discreet preparation for potential 'War-War'. We hope diplomacy and common sense prevails and such arrangements can be safely stood down. The coming days, weeks and months will tell...
  17. This last week was indeed a special moment in history. On Thursday 4th April, NATO Foreign Ministers met in Washington D.C. to mark the Alliance's seventieth anniversary. It was truly a special occasion and right across the globe several NATO events were held to commemorate this historic milestone. At NATO HQ the Allies walked together... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI9uTpFq7zI At Evie Air Base, during the week, a number of meetings, speeches and ceremonies were held by top military officials to mark the event. This led up to a special weekend finale providing airmen, ground crew their family and friends a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves. Days before, heavy machinery had been brought in and construction staff worked round the clock on the base to make it a reality. The weekend event was ready in a few days. The Base Commander opened the event with a short speech. Local press captured the event and the rapturous crowd cheered in celebration The turnout was huge! The crowd went wild as the first act was introduced and rock music echoed from mighty speakers around the Base Various bands took to the stage performing hit after hit As evening fell the crowd sang along to memorable ballads performed by famous artists As the artists performance drew to a close, suddenly the loud speakers were drowned out by an even louder almighty roar... Twin engines of the Lancer B-1 Bomber flanked by a pair of F-18 Hornet jets made a very low pass over the crowd The jets screamed across the base climbed and turned As soon as they had arrived they were gone. A fitting tribute to end a perfect evening The Base Commander took to the stage to provide his closing remarks as the crowd cheered ecstatically having been thoroughly entertained on this remarkable occasion at the Base We too join the millions worldwide to wish the Alliance a very Happy 70th Birthday and many more to come as peace and security is ensured by its presence across the world.
  18. Thanks again SQL Modeller...wait no longer...here's the next!
  19. Sorry guys it has been, what seems like forever since my last update. Work and other life stuff is making it impossible at the moment and this will be a short one. However, you know how I love to cross-over real world events with this thread so I just could not resist the recent events of this week.... Breaking News of the RAF Tornados final return flight to the UK after 40 years of service in missions over Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Syria to mention just a few. The aircraft saw quite a lot of action and this week, what was reported as the final return flight from RAF Akotiri in Cyprus into RAF Marham in Norfolk, UK was all over the news and this was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. http://www.forces.net/news/raf-tornados-return-home-operations-last-time However, what you did not know was a small contingent of Tornado jets had just concluded what was, a final secret mission (Operation Overlord) over Northern Syria. So what you see today is the true final RAF Tornado return flight. The group of three jets was now on its final leg back to the UK as they raced backed over the English Channel. They were soon over countryside hills They lower their landing gear whilst maintaining a tight formation With their base in sight they line themselves up All touching down in quick succession And then the slow taxi back to their final stand Ground crews were on hand to welcome them home This truly was a momentous occasion as these formidable craft powered down from their very final sortie run The pilots were glad to be part of this historic moment knowing they had served their country with dignity, honour and pride flying a formidable aircraft and a true workhorse of the UK air campaign. Evie says: Farewell RAF Tornado!!! An end of an era. ...Meanwhile, those Russians were still up to all sorts of mischief in and around the skies above NATO airspace...clearly things were soon to come to a head....
  20. Maverick231 your comments are very encouraging and make me wanna get back on location and start setting up new scenes. Many dont realise how most of the shots take ages and great pains to set up so really appreciate the comments. There's so much more to come from Evie...hope to be back online real soon.
  21. I missed this comment as I've been away for a while. Thanks SQLModeller 'strangely addictive' That made me smile. Next series will be sometime in the new year I hope but still snowed under and away with work. Watch this space though!
  22. Following their involvement in the successful air raids in response to Syria's chemical weapons attack, personnel at Evie Air Base were back to business as usual activities. The next few, short posts will provide you an insight to what these base activities look like As nobody knew if or when the next orders could arrive a major operation to keep the base operationally prepared was underway. The airport road is cordoned off for safety and security reasons French ground crew load fresh ordinance on their planes. Teams carefully mount air to air weapons into place whilst ground vehicles are used for the heavy movements Special aerial munitions lift vehicles are brought in to assist with the activity. Racks of standard air to surface Anti-Radiation Missiles were offloaded Evie had two of these mechanical loaders each capable of carrying an arrary of loads including bombs, missiles, fuel tanks, pylons, special weapons weighing up to 10,000lbs at the same time on dual crane lift arms As this was ongoing, a pair of F/A 18s prepare to fly Combat Air Patrol (CAP) missions over coastal regions These CAP missions are necessary to deter the recent increase in Russian air incursions into European airspace following the joint air strikes
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