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  1. Assuming you are using an enamel MM paint, would it make sense to spray a gloss or dull coat first to protect the white? Gary
  2. Thanks Chuck! I phoned them and they said Glenn has retired. The new person to talk to is Will. I talked to him and he said if he has it in stock it will be mailed immediately. If not in stock he will order it and mail it out. Fantastic service !! Thanks for all your help. Gary
  3. I use an engine degreaser you get from Walmart in the automotive section called Super Clean. It comes in a purple container. It was originally made by Castrol but someone else makes it now. It's very popular amongst model car builders for stripping away paint. I found that it only leaves behind the stain colour from your primer. No big deal as you are going to prime over top of that anyway. Gary
  4. Thanks for the reply. Tamiya's website says for ordering parts to contact the distributor. In my case here in Canada it's Borgfeldt. I sent them 2 separate e-mails but they aren't responding. Gary
  5. I just used it on the weekend. I thinned it with PolyScale airbrush thinner for acrylics at a 1:1 ratio and it sprayed just fine. Gary
  6. Hi. Somehow I have lost my entire clear sprue for my Tamiya 1/48 N/A RAF Mustang III. A replacement Malcolm canopy from AP Models is in the mail (I hope it will work), but I will also need to replace the 2 windows behind the cockpit. I don't know what gauge of plastic to buy and where I would go to buy it. I'm fairly new to aircraft model building as I'm normally a figure painter. I sent 2 e-mails to Borgfeldt regarding the purchase of a new sprue but I've received no answer back. Can someone steer me in the right direction on where I can order the clear sheet plastic and what thickness to us
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