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  1. This is perfect information Rob! I'm currently working on a shelter but its big!!
  2. GWH F-15 is as far as I know the old Monogram F-15 plus aftermarket parts. external between A and C model not vissible other than their wheels
  3. Keeping fingers crossed for the nosegearstrut
  4. Perfect to have this kit re-issued!
  5. Bump, is everyone building theirs wheels down?
  6. I'm always on the lookout for colours and markings. This made me to make a facebook page for which I hope to give modellers a short cut to colours of paint to be used of either Acrylics or enamels. Feel welcome to visit my site on facebook. it is called Aircraft Aircraft Color Base
  7. Not sure but Dana Bell could help us out as he is specialist in colours and markings
  8. Big THANKS to Dutch for pointing out to this F-4C! Anyone have pics of this machine as I have not seen this before
  9. Wishing all the best for 2020 to all staff of ARC and fellow forumers! Keep posting those brilijant topics!!
  10. Hard to judge on these colours, but something close would be FS 36375 and FS 36270. I come to that as they look on the picture like the F-16 colours.
  11. Hi Hubbie no not yet, still waiting. The longer one on the E as it is an E canopy which has other shape than the M/N
  12. I am in need for nosegear parts of Italeri 1/48 A-4E. Mine got broken during landing 🙂 Also can I make the longer exhaust with Italeri/Esci parts? Thanks in Advance Eric
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