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  1. Eric2020

    C-141B 65-0257

  2. Eric2020

    C-141B 65-0257

    I have the C-141B of Roden, but do not like the model to be painted in the boring grey. Other than placed in the museum, I like my C-141B to be in operational lizard? markings and colours. But did this machine have that scheme? Found it as a A model grey over white, but have not found it in lizard markings. Anyone have more info on this machine?? Thanks in Advance!
  3. Eric2020

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    To help a bit Kursad here's the unit emblem as seen near the cockpit windows. Just the disc is needed and the horse is better white of colour as its very small for 1/144 scale Scroll down until you see 334 squadron https://www.defensie.nl/organisatie/luchtmacht/vliegbases-en-luchtmachtonderdelen/eindhoven/squadrons
  4. Eric2020

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    Thanks Dutch! there not mine posted them here just for info on the KDC-10. I have a KDC-10 in da works, converted DC-10 of Airfix and have KC-10 as well. Not one DC-10 kit is perfect, but I take them as is, and do some work on them. I can help Kursad perhaps with unit and other markings I can find online. http://www.scalecar.eu/models/aviation-200-av2kc1003-mcdonnell-douglas-kdc-10-30cf-military-transport-in-flight-refueling-tanker-t-235-jan-scheffer-special-tial-markings-60-years-334-squadron-koninklijke-luchtmacht-rnlaf-eindhoven-airport-n9410.html
  5. Eric2020

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    The KDC-10 is different from the KC-10 in this that its having a station inside of the aircraft and for refueling aircraft video camera's are used. The KDC-10 was the first tanker to employ this system. Later the same system is used by the KC-767 by Italy and Japan There where 3 tankers at some point altough number 3 was never a tanker and not converted to tanker. Number 3 was very short lived and left the RNLAF after only very short time. T-235 and T-264 where the tankers that flew in the white/grey scheme. Nowadays the KDC-10's use the grey scheme which is consisting of underside FS 36375 Top FS 36173
  6. Eric2020

    CD48150 - F-15 Eagle - The Early Years

    Would International Orange do the trick?
  7. Eric2020

    February releases

    To give you some more ideas Kursad look at the link http://www.f-15.nl/f-15a.html
  8. cag_200 I have them as well, bit yellowed condition. Do PM me if you still want them
  9. Eric2020

    CD144006 - 1/144 C-5B/M Galaxy

    How hard can it be to do your homework in research for a kit Roden!?
  10. Eric2020

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    That one is nice!
  11. Eric2020

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Will be expensive for a kit this scale! https://www.megahobby.com/products/preorder-c-5b-galaxy-military-transport-aircraft-1-144-roden.html?utm_source=7%2F22%2F17&utm_campaign=UA-5732446-1&utm_medium=email
  12. Eric2020

    CD144002 - 1/144 C-141 Starlifter

    A word of advice, make sure you have deep enough lines on the model. The lines on my C-141 are wide but not too deep. Making them disappear when you brushpaint grey over white or even airbrush white may result on not seeing the lines again.
  13. Eric2020

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Cockpit altough very tiny thing should be possible with some seats and interior. maybe some C-17 parts of the cockpit http://manuals.hobbico.com/rvl/80-4044.pdf
  14. Eric2020

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    I did hear that the molds where lost during the travel back home. Its great to see Roden produce the C-5 but what I see now on the plastic of the C-141 its weak, and perhaps too weak to hold the Starlifter on its feet.
  15. Eric2020

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Did anyone hear rumours about the oldp Otaki kit being re-released by Revell or others?