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  2. I have the C-141B of Roden, but do not like the model to be painted in the boring grey. Other than placed in the museum, I like my C-141B to be in operational lizard? markings and colours. But did this machine have that scheme? Found it as a A model grey over white, but have not found it in lizard markings. Anyone have more info on this machine?? Thanks in Advance!
  3. To help a bit Kursad here's the unit emblem as seen near the cockpit windows. Just the disc is needed and the horse is better white of colour as its very small for 1/144 scale Scroll down until you see 334 squadron https://www.defensie.nl/organisatie/luchtmacht/vliegbases-en-luchtmachtonderdelen/eindhoven/squadrons
  4. Thanks Dutch! there not mine posted them here just for info on the KDC-10. I have a KDC-10 in da works, converted DC-10 of Airfix and have KC-10 as well. Not one DC-10 kit is perfect, but I take them as is, and do some work on them. I can help Kursad perhaps with unit and other markings I can find online. http://www.scalecar.eu/models/aviation-200-av2kc1003-mcdonnell-douglas-kdc-10-30cf-military-transport-in-flight-refueling-tanker-t-235-jan-scheffer-special-tial-markings-60-years-334-squadron-koninklijke-luchtmacht-rnlaf-eindhoven-airport-n9410.html
  5. The KDC-10 is different from the KC-10 in this that its having a station inside of the aircraft and for refueling aircraft video camera's are used. The KDC-10 was the first tanker to employ this system. Later the same system is used by the KC-767 by Italy and Japan There where 3 tankers at some point altough number 3 was never a tanker and not converted to tanker. Number 3 was very short lived and left the RNLAF after only very short time. T-235 and T-264 where the tankers that flew in the white/grey scheme. Nowadays the KDC-10's use the grey scheme which is consisting of underside FS 36375 Top FS 36173
  6. To give you some more ideas Kursad look at the link http://www.f-15.nl/f-15a.html
  7. cag_200 I have them as well, bit yellowed condition. Do PM me if you still want them
  8. How hard can it be to do your homework in research for a kit Roden!?
  9. Will be expensive for a kit this scale! https://www.megahobby.com/products/preorder-c-5b-galaxy-military-transport-aircraft-1-144-roden.html?utm_source=7%2F22%2F17&utm_campaign=UA-5732446-1&utm_medium=email
  10. A word of advice, make sure you have deep enough lines on the model. The lines on my C-141 are wide but not too deep. Making them disappear when you brushpaint grey over white or even airbrush white may result on not seeing the lines again.
  11. Cockpit altough very tiny thing should be possible with some seats and interior. maybe some C-17 parts of the cockpit http://manuals.hobbico.com/rvl/80-4044.pdf
  12. I did hear that the molds where lost during the travel back home. Its great to see Roden produce the C-5 but what I see now on the plastic of the C-141 its weak, and perhaps too weak to hold the Starlifter on its feet.
  13. Did anyone hear rumours about the oldp Otaki kit being re-released by Revell or others?
  14. Thanks KusadA ! I did some checking on that colour, Humbrol seems to have a matt version of this colour being number 64
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