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  1. EDM can achieve mirror-like surfaces nowadays and High-Speed Machining reduces or eliminates polishing.
  2. According to the CAD renders they carried the nose fix done on the IIIEA/EBR. Good ! I hope the landing gear will be weighted this time.
  3. You're an engineer so you know that a toolshop capabilities depend on the capabilities and availabilities of the equipements. For example surface details at the base of an anode are difficult if not impossible to make using a 3-axis CNC machine. 4 or 5-axis CNC is required.
  4. My interpretation: - 2nd photo is the final core of the mold - 4th photo is the anode for to produce the port slider I expect the middle-rear fuselage part mold to be composed of a core part and two cavity sliding parts. It's likely to me the part won't be attached to a (cold) runner. Similar mold breakdown to the GWH MiG-29 top part mold.
  5. I (and many people here I believe) would love to read it ! What publication and what issues ?
  6. Not "in contact" but "in close proximity". The idea is to maintain a voltage difference between the anode and the cathode so that sparks erode the cathode in the shape of the anode. If anode and cathode were in contact, no sparks but a short-circuit. Well this is how high-pressure plastic injection molds have been made for 40 years. What impresses me is the amount of ressources (machines, raw materials, man-days, etc) necessary to produce toolings. Retooling molds is something that's to be avoided at all cost so everything must be done to ensure that the CAD model has no breakdown and accuracy issues. I believe that no other application than plastic model kits use that much EDM process when producing molds.
  7. I believe there's a cavity mold half (outer side of the main parts with all the surface details) and a core mold half (inner side of the main parts with all the ejector pin holes).
  8. Well... "were impossible" given the equipement owned by the mold maker used by Airfix.
  9. Not too long I assume as it's on the pre-order list at Lucky Model.
  10. Reminder: Italeri is supposed to rebox the Platz kit... https://www.scalemates.com/fr/kits/italeri-1444-t-33a-shooting-star--1264793
  11. There seems to be two categories of kits in terms of profile of the front fuselage: 1) deep: distance between the fuselage bottom and top canopy is bigger than in the Grumman drawings. Hasegawa... Fine Molds... Since Fine Molds was founded by former Hasegawa employees AFAIK, similar reference material may have been used. 2): slim: canopy curve and bottom fuselage match the Grumman drawings. Academy... GWH... The match between the Grumman drawing and the GWH profile is particularly tight. Same thing in top view...
  12. There would be too much optical distortion. I didn't post yet but given that the drawings of the painting instructions are probably standard views of the CAD model, I've overlayed these to the Grumman drawings. Too late to post.
  13. Weird. These are just the names of the files. I'll host on Imgur. GWH Fine Molds Bonus... Academy
  14. They got posted as I can see them on my phone also. Try copy-pasting the URL.
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