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  1. The sketches are to the instructions what a storyboard is to a movie.
  2. Google "mirror edm". The hits will be roughly in two groups: mold maker claims and research papers.
  3. Nope to "you need to go Hasegawa or Fujimi". GWH.
  4. Hey those rails in that nice artwork look actually accurate. Scroll down: https://www.academia.edu/12111956/Il_G.91_con_i_Sidewinder_sveliamo_la_storia_che_non_fu
  5. I've only found a painting no photo. I've never seen missile rails like these.
  6. The 1/48 Tamiya also matches well those drawings.
  7. Perhaps you're thinking about my pictorial digression ?
  8. "Aviation Art" (I put quotes because AFAIK it's just a label not an actual company name) as a lot of mainstream producers do not make their toolings.
  9. Yes to the second point no to the first. Kitty Hawk doesn't had a QC process during design phase. For example the cannon fairing parts are not in the Etendard IV kit while they are present in the Super-Etendard kit. These kits are three years old.
  10. I didn't look at the kits myself but I think I remember reading that the location of the wings on the fuselage is better on HB than on BM. BM wings set too high apparently.
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