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  1. Which 1/48 SU-35?

    Tadaaa !
  2. I love "pathfinding" build threads where the builder gives workarounds on little issues that almost any kit have. Constructive and didactic approach. Keep up the good work Yufei !
  3. Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF has arrived

    Well even professionals do mistakes especially when time is counted (commission build).
  4. Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF has arrived

    It's a tribute to the Fujimi kit 😁 Well Eduard isn't only a plastic model kit producer only so... use the kit to feed the whole Eduard ecosystem !
  5. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Lets take single-piece ordnance. This was introduced by GWH on the 1/48 MiG-29s. AMK made it systematic. There are pros and cons to everything. Pros: - no need to align the missile fins - almost no seam when the mould parts are propely aligned Cons: - terrible steps if the mould parts aren't properly aligned (tooling wear) - plastic and in-box space waste and : each part has to have its own sprue, no mutualization of the sprue is possible; shipment cost of an individual box depends on the box size so the ordnance sprues may end up using a lot of space in the box so box may have to be enlarged - high tooling wear: one cycle per kit is necessary inject a top wing sprue, four cycles per kit are necessary to provide four missiles - long to inject because one part per sprue and mould parts movements - sink marks if the parts are too thick; or let the sprue cool longer but then production rate is slower
  6. Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    Yes but it's useless unless the kit producer takes in account of these feedbacks during the CAD design phase. Retooling can be an option only if the producer has tooling and injection capability which is often not the case. Retooling is a waste of ressources and hits kit profitability badly so it must be avoided. The efficient way to do things is to makes the "expertens" contribute during the design of the kit. This is what GWH did on the Su-35. The fact that the tooling quality changed since the MiG-29s and F-15s may be an indication that it wasn't the case before.
  7. Google Image "turkey F-16 175000"
  8. Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    Isn't it possible that some people help producers without talking about it on forums ? Producing a model kit is an industrial project. Engineering is the art of making compromises: the budget is finite, there are constraints on the number and size of sprues, on the tooling quality that can be achieved, etc. Most of the times a contributor doesn't hold the purse so he doesn't decide in the end. Consultants don't decide, that's supposed to be the manager's job. Stating publically that one is associated to the development of a particular kit is a difficult position as public may consider that the person endorsed decisions that he won't have taken.
  9. Trumpeter Sea Vixen 1/48 released

    Well the decals need replacement as the under wings serials should be black not white.
  10. Given that the site is Chinese, unless you read the language, difficult to run into it :) Thanks Yufei !
  11. Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    F-14: there's the Fine Molds A and Model Graphix D now but I don't know how they compare to Hasegawa. F-15E in particular: there's GWH and Academy now. I didn't look into these.
  12. What's up with Academy and Hasegawa?

    Tamiya is a hobby products producer: scale modelling, RC, Mini racing cars & tracks. Hasegawa is focused on scale modelling. Different marketing approach can be expected.
  13. What's up with Academy and Hasegawa?

    What justifies the DACO upgrade set then ? I don't have the Hasegawa kit nor the DACO set.
  14. What's up with Academy and Hasegawa?

    The ZM is a high-end kit. It's designed to sell aftermarket. The rear fuselage cross-section issue is a big problem to my eyes so it makes the kit's value-for-money of the kit plummet. I think there may be still a room for a good, sound, not too sophisticated, good value-for-money yet modern 1/48 Phantom family range to replace the Hasegawa kit.
  15. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Gee it was Sio who was supposed to say that !