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  1. Thanks Alex. It looks as if there's hardly any blending at all even at the front of the hump so the Ж cross-section looks ok also.
  2. Thanks. The cross-sections surprise me a little as there's no blending between the engine humps and the top fuselage surface. Is that the case on the real aircrafts also ?
  3. Design of a mechanical system uses geometric primitives. It's the first step in becoming a CAD designer but then the designer must learn how to design surfaces which seems (I'm not a CAD designer) very different. Designing a tank or a WWI plane is less demanding on surface design than designing a modern fighter model.
  4. It isn't a CAD software issue. "Song" is an experienced CAD designer who worked for Trumpeter before so he uses CAD software that allows design of complex surfaces and he knows how to do it. My belief is rather that either cross-sectional data isn't available or reliable, either it wasn't used for designing the CAD model. Example. Look at In the zip file you have su33ma-15.jpg that contains cross-sections for the top-fuselage engine humps area. This kind of data is mandatory to design an accurate 3D model of a modern jet. Questions: is Su-35 cross-sectional data available ? if so, is it reliable (are the dimensions at least coherent with the ones of the side/top/front views) ? is so, has it been used during design ?
  5. Research is a step of producing a kit. Errors can creep in during CAD design and tooling. Good research doesn't guarantee accuracy in the end. Accurate compaired to what ? Is the reference material accurate ?
  6. Sure but can any been considered as a reference ? Especially when the version depicted is another ?
  7. I think it will in...
  8. The kit was not designed to have a closed canopy option and I guess the majority of 1/48 modellers don't close the canopy anyway. If the builder insists on wanting to close the canopy, he can omit part C65 for example.
  9. It's understandable and it makes sense (when a company starts) but it isn't a good thing as inaccuracies may be replicated and add to new errors or misinterpretations.
  10. Exactly Harold: "World wide Rep at Kitty Hawk & Panda model companies" not "the man behind KH".
  11. Mmh are you sure ? I don't picture Glen as the decision maker but more like the laowai representant of the company.
  12. Beautiful job as usual Yufei.
  13. By looking at ARC member's previous messages.