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  1. About wings and stabilizers geometry. Vladimir Klimov did good MiG-21 drawings used in Yefim Gordon books. The MiG-21bis drawings are interesting because there are two types on front views in it: - fuselage axis perpendicular to drawings plane - aircraft on it landing gear so ground plane perpendicular to drawings plane The second drawing helps to understand the RFM silhouette: stabilizers"dihedral" and wing cross-section come from the nose-down attitude. The angle between fuselage axis and the normal axis is smaller in the RFM silhouette than in Klimov however: fron
  2. I didn't notice these until today. In the silhouette I think they should be hidden by the wing thickness.
  3. Thank you Inquisitor for the illustration. Some comments though: - stabilizer: the CAD designer did the stabilizer mechanism fairings on top and bottom near the root. They have the same height and this suggest that the stabilizer isn't tilted but perpendicular to the screen plane - fuselage tank: the projection used in the CAD seems to be orthographic (the radio-altimeter antennas under the wing tip are just vertical segments) but if you look at the fuselage tank it doesn't correspond to your drawing (tilted cylinder of elliptic cross-section)... in the CAD you see two ellipses and I
  4. It comes from a CAD render: there's a shadow.
  5. I had some spare time so I played with Paint.
  6. RFM has posted a teaser on their Facebook page. It's a 3rd (S, R, SM, M, MF) or 4th (bis) generation MiG-21 but the scale isn't specified. The K-5 missiles are surprising but I believe they were still used in training at the time of the 3rd generation versions. What doesn't look quite right to me: - stabilizers: I think anhedral should be 0° and they seem placed a little high on the fuselage - canopy: I think the cross-section should be semi-circular not parabolic - things like reinforcement plates on top wing above the outer pylons Anot
  7. Murican ones sure but...
  8. They changed the mold maker starting with the M-346.
  9. If you want to learn about the metal colour shades I think you should look for photos of airframes made while they were being restored like http://www.ratomodeling.com.br/references/mig17F/
  10. Jet aircrafts often have wings with subtle shape features. Airfoil of inner wing is often different to outer wing airfoil. I'm neither an aerodynamicist nor an aviation engineer but I guess that it's because of spanwise airflow which leads to different stall speed for inner and outer parts of the wing. CAD designers or master makers aren't aerodynamicists or aviation engineers either. AFAIK neither OEZ (or SMER... I don't know who did the mold design), HB, KP (1/72), AZ (1/72), Hasegawa (1/72), etc designed accurate wings. Unless the model kit producer has access to full manufacturer blueprint
  11. It seems to me something is indeed happening starting from about the middle of the two fences to outside of the outer fence According to https://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html, the inner wing is based on TsAGI S-10 airfoil while outer wing is based on TsAGI SR-3 airfoil. I wonder where the transition area is. Anyway perhaps the airfoil is the same on the middle and outer wing but the incidence slightly more negative on the outer wing. Twisted wing.
  12. Could you please explain what's wrong with the 1/48 HB kit ?
  13. Funny thing is that Eduard is a Czech company and Czechoslovakia had MiG-17Fs. Oh well the designer probably doesn't know what a Fowler flap is and intricate details are the only things that matter.
  14. It's a fact not an opinion and you've illustrated that. One or two for me... more if PF and/or PFU versions come around. I love the (in)aesthetics feature brought by the addition of the twin-antennas radar. For the same reason I prefer the MiG-19P/PM over the MiG-19S.
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