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  1. It reminds me of something: a quote from "Russians" song by Sting... There is no historical precedent To put the words in the mouth of the president
  2. Model Art is japanese a scale modeling magazine. I guess you intended to say Aviation Art but the brand under which the Su-33 "V2.0" is to be sold is not publically known.
  3. I've received it several days ago and it looks very nice indeed.
  4. Academy == Tamiya (same angle between the stabilizer leading and trailing edges) so it implies that AMK !=Academy
  5. Zactoman noticed in this post about the stabilizer that Tamiya == Grumman while AMK != Grumman (== stands for "matches", != stands for "doesn't match"). Last night I overlayed the 1/72 GWH F-14D stabilizer with the Tamiya leaflet. GWH == Tamiya (same angle between the stabilizer leading and trailing edges) so it implies that AMK !=GWH I could eventually look at the new 1/72 Academy F-14A.
  6. Er I don't recall anything about a Mirage 2000. And I'm no Wesley or Terry.
  7. A way to determine if a kit/design is based on a copy of another kit/design is to look for errors that would have been replicated. If the original has an error that the so-called copy doesn't, the claim of copy is shoddy.
  8. Er he's talking about the Kinetic kit and its instructions right ?
  9. I'm not sure this can be called theft. To me unauthorized reproduction of photos in a document is theft. Using photos to design a 2D/3D CAD model is not theft as the CAD is created from scratch.
  10. Yes my bad. I intented to say Esci.
  11. No. I believe that Italeri will be rereleasing this one.
  12. There a number of guys who give/gave feedback on CAD designs here. Chris is one of them (HazMat OV-10 and others), so is Haneto or I. Now the feedback needs to be properly argumented in order to convince the project manager of spending designer man-days on fixing this or that bug. Chris posts of this thread illustrate the kind of argumentation one can find in a CAD review report. Explanations can be found without going into conspiracy theories.
  13. Facebook private groups can be the opposite: a tightly controlled marketing tool
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