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  1. The tooing is done so it's unlikely any issue would be fixed. CAD models need to be peer reviewed if accuracy matters. Some producers do it, most probably don't.
  2. They could be drawings made by Furball also.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if a factor of compressor/turbine stage design is avoiding some resonant vibration modes.
  4. Interesting but are you sure about that ? I have verified this for KH, HB/Trumpy and GWH who make the decal designs themselves but in the case of AMK it's Furball that did the decal design so things could have been different. In other words I think you may have done a Tamiya vs Furball overlay.
  5. Parcel dimensions restrictions perhaps ?
  6. Is it supposed to be about the MODEL also Terry ? I like to check if a plastic model or CAD model ends up as an accurate representation of a real aircraft. Take the KH 1/32 OV-10 discussion here... ... yup was there bought the T-shirt. I've built a Special Hobby Mirage F1 test shot. I've provided them some material, checked some CAD snapshots for the Mirage III/5 and Super-Mystère B2. Recently I've looked at a HB 1/32 A-26C test build photo and I wondered if the engine cowlings aren't off: diameter decreasing continually from rear to front while I believe the rear 2/3rds should be cylindrical. Some play(ed ?) Sudoku, I play the Seven Errors Game on physical and virtual models. Kinetic has asked me for feedback on CAD models just like DML did some years ago. Now there are numerous F-14 model kits around each with their pros and cons. Why should I keep my mouth shut ? Because my factual findings don't please a kit producer ? Should modelling forums turn into extensions of closed Facebook groups ?
  7. Several years ago it wasn't because AMK was a subcontractor for Kinetic and that Kinetic's project manager was hired by AMK. Nowadays I think it's related to the MMCT (Military Modelling Club Taiwan) that supports FMK & AMK and bashes Kinetic.
  8. Lets be pragmatic. What's the best turd: DML or Airfix ?
  9. Your overlay actually gives weight to the assumption that the canopy is too short and you did this without using the Grumman drawings but the photo of an actual aircraft. Materialize the rear edge of the canopy and see for yourself.
  10. Because the CAD model was based on these plans perhaps ?
  11. Well he'd be completely stupid to do so. He won't modify anything now that the tooling is finished and it wouldn't serve any positive purpose to him.
  12. Simple. It depends on each individual's knowledge on the subject.
  13. How much ? It's easy to measure some things like the dimensions of landing gear struts or doors, intakes and some other things but many measurements are not convient at all to make especially when you need to climb on the aircraft to make them. It's dangerous and if the airframe is in a museum, the museum is unlikey to allow access. Take the thickness of a wing glove... how do you measure it without the risk of damaging the airframe ? One can scan some areas of the aircraft but as suggested in my previous post it doesn't guarantee the actual CAD will be accurate. In any case the CAD (not just top/bottom/front/side snapshots of it) would need to be peer-reviewed to correct errors.
  14. Not at all because the CAD model has to be made from scratch so human error can creep in. An example is the Airfix 1/72 MiG-17: designer did not replicate the wing airfoils accurately while the info was in the scan. Making a scan requires sending some guys to a museum/airbase with expensive optical equipments perhaps mounted on a drone (to capture the top of the airframe). How much would that cost ? Would the kit's ROI be high enough to justify such expenditures ? Would a kit producer accept to pay dunno 5000USD just for a set of laser scan capture STL files when he'd still have to do the CAD from scratch ? I'm not quite sure.
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