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  1. There was this but it's 17yo so good luck finding it. The drawings do not include cross-sectional views: https://modelingmadness.com/others/books/poim2k.htm
  2. The Kinetic Kfir was released nine years ago. My guess is if there was a market for such a correction it would have been done already.
  3. RV master parts were handmade. ClearProp is CAD/CAM so I'm more optimistic on the parts fit.
  4. If you want to design a geometrically accurate 3D model of an airplane you need the most reliable reference material. In particular you need loft and station lines drawings. Scale drawings may be nicely detailed but it doesn't mean they are accurate because you don't know how they were made. Search on Ebay "1970's General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark Jet blueprint plans tech drawings DETAIL. Someone in the UK seems to be selling a drawings archive CD-ROM/DVD-ROM that you'd probably find interesting (check the previews).
  5. The article doesn't talk about the nose shape. It just says that Azur and Matchbox fuselages are both to short compared to the scale drawings (*) especially the Azur one. It's said that the end of the fuselage is worst on the Azur kit. The nose profile of neither kits look good to me. Matchbox nose is purely conical. There might be a slight curvature on the intake side of Azur nose. The issue might be that the angle of the cone is too big on Azur and Matchbox and that the intake area profile isn't curved. Ref: *: Yeah but are the scale drawings actually accurate ? Scal
  6. I'm no Mystère IVA expert but I see no solution. The Matchbox nose looks weird to me. It looks conical to me.
  7. The Scaleworx Mirage F-1AZ conversion set incudes a whole new front fuselage and a vacuformed canopy. The wide windshield of the Esci/Italeri kit is corrected. http://spring-air.com/scaleworx/home/8-148-mirage-f1az-conversion-italeriesci.html There's also a conversion for the Kittyhawk kit but I don't know its content. http://spring-air.com/scaleworx/home/11-148-mirage-f-1az-kitty-hawk.html
  8. The sketches are to the instructions what a storyboard is to a movie.
  9. Google "mirror edm". The hits will be roughly in two groups: mold maker claims and research papers.
  10. Nope to "you need to go Hasegawa or Fujimi". GWH.
  11. Hey those rails in that nice artwork look actually accurate. Scroll down: https://www.academia.edu/12111956/Il_G.91_con_i_Sidewinder_sveliamo_la_storia_che_non_fu
  12. I've only found a painting no photo. I've never seen missile rails like these.
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