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  1. phantom

    2 F-5F bad guys.

    Decals, next clear parts.
  2. phantom

    F-5F Bad guy

    Decals, next clear parts.
  3. phantom

    F-5F Bad guy

    Touch ups....
  4. phantom

    2 F-5F bad guys.

    Well. I think these are both early 80 schemes. But the resin is not in my budget.
  5. phantom


    If I remember correctly it was also one of the last F-4s built for Israel. Notice the fancy camera nose in the radome. The conformal fuel tanks were actually just cardboard mock ups.
  6. phantom

    2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    Yep, not too shabby. Only ones I really missed was the aggressor F-16s.
  7. phantom

    Revell F-106 Delta Dart

    Great work on that (former, not visible) seam. Very smooth job.
  8. I have seen these kits, great deals for all the stuff in there.
  9. phantom

    Score !!!!

    Nice, you can build that in the Revell Group Build.
  10. phantom

    F-5F Bad guy

    Yeah, I am going to adjust that next day off work. You don't see it on the bench but it shows in photos.
  11. Good progress, lots of attention to detail.
  12. phantom

    2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    Yeas, only airshow I could make this year is here!
  13. phantom

    F-14A Tomcat Adversary

    Would never know its a Revell, outstanding job!!!
  14. phantom

    F-5F Bad guy

    Naw, its just such an easy build....When I take too much time I over do things and screw it up. I have a paint method that saves time. Just airbrush , then touch up as required. This one oddly needed very little touch up, just the tan in a couple places.. Keep a pretty low pressure so it does not fly all over. Stash, still have 90 or so to go.
  15. Love it!!!! One of the few I have yet to build! ....yet........