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  1. Yeah, that is an S model. Not the way our twin carrier looks. I am not able to post an example right now.
  2. I had hoped to have this done by now. But life got in the way. That happens sometimes.
  3. I would guess, anyone who bought our star fighters second hand. Turkey, Denmark, Norway. Mostly dumb bombs and bomblet canisters. Not sure about rocket pods.
  4. That is a lot of nice work!!
  5. No, it also seems vince 14 has not been around in a while. I PM'd him. Hopefully he is ok.
  6. Replacement canopy too.
  7. Nah, we are taxed too much too be nice anymore. And you "mericans keep sending us all YOUR refugees. We are getting cranky. And I agree, use whatever you see. How do you think medications improve. You take an object and make it better by adding or subtracting...... Use what ever you find, but Habu said, I might thank the originator of an idea. Always give credit where it is due.
  8. By the Tracker, its off to the side in an underused area, and bound to be inside.
  9. Now, one more to screw up the balance!
  10. White Immelmann. Completely OOB.
  11. No sorry. I just happened by them at a shop in Toronto a couple years ago. All I remember for sure is they were not cheap. But, it IS 9 sheets of decals.
  12. They also make a nice sheet for the Norm 90. No doubt also out of production.
  13. Oh yeah, 11 no doubt. However I will bet the Starfighter is parked outside again.
  14. Idea? Yes, build Phantoms.