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  1. Ejection seats and decals are about the only after market I still buy. Tamiya is great, but resin does a better job on the seats.
  2. Really good. Above and Below decals owner was not happy thinking it came out to pink. But I like it. This is a company that is concerned with their product. He says he is sending me non pink shaded replacements!!! My daughter liked it the way it is!
  3. Good fix, dont worry about the nose weight. Built it 5 times now. Not a tail sitter
  4. 2021 CF-18A 1/48 Hasegawa Above and Below decals.
  5. 2011 CF-18A, 1/48 Hasegawa Above and Below decals.
  6. Yep, the Kinetic part fits the Hasegawa kit nice. Canopy needs a touch more work.
  7. And we are ready to go with paint tomorrow!!.
  8. Thanks to ARCs resident Canadian fighter pilot, we now have a replacement spine from a Kenetic kit. Not a bad fit. Little trimming and putty......
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