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    PHANTOMS, CVW-8 aircraft.
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  1. Well , this should be neat!
  2. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    I will admit a chuckle.😘
  3. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

  4. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    Its ok, Hasegawa is better. Kenetic is better, but for the price the Monogram is not bad. Only no wing folds and the nose is too big. Still looks like a Hornet when done.
  5. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    This one took over a month, for me thats a while!
  6. phantom

    Finished builds, That ain't real GB.

    NCC-1701D very tiny scaled kit with home made lights.
  7. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    Thanks, looks like she will be there for a few days. Anyway, the Enterprise got its gloss and now is done.
  8. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    Well, spent the day at the hospital with a family member, gloss later.
  9. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    Decals are on, hopefully gloss coat this afternoon then photos.
  10. Just sand off the middle RWR. Then you have a A/B tail.
  11. phantom

    707-27 - 707 and 727 mashup

    Don't ya hate when that happens?
  12. phantom

    1/350 AMT Klingon Bird of Prey

    Very nice paint!
  13. phantom

    Lancaster Bomber Diorama - Motorised

    Very nice, your brave doing the decals before the paint is done. I would be afraid the decals would peel off when I removed the mask.
  14. phantom

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D

    Still have to sand the bottom, but the top looks ok. Gloss on my next day off. Think the impulse engines on the primary hull should have been red. However the kit plastic is blue. Too bad the flash of the camera drowns out the hull lights. Trust me. The 1600 plus little holes I drilled in look good. With the lights coming up from behind.