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  1. Good luck to all involved. My order can wait a little longer for this! Give your wife a hug for us!!
  2. Did step 1. The kit seats look like a lounge chair, so I will use the after market I was saving for another build. The wheel ....not a well. Its a flat surface. Wow.this is an older kit!!! But it does indeed look like a CT-133.
  3. I don't think so, I read somewhere it's 1/650 Ish or something . BUT with a crew of only around 12, it looks right beside a over 400 crewed starship in 1/350.
  4. Klingon bird of prey for the Star Trek GB.
  5. Right, a Klingon is the next completed build. Real easy build, the paint took the most time.
  6. First coat on the living room is done, so I finished my bird of prey.
  7. Well, if I am going to help moderate this GB , better build something. Have a couple in the stash that should work. 1975 Tamiya Lancaster 1972 Hasegawa Neptune But I shall start with the oldest. A 1958 Hawk re-released by Testors T-33 T-bird. Now, the box is the 1980 addition with what might still be almost usable decals. But the kit itself is from when the T-bird was still new. Going to use Canuck decals for a 1958 ish Europe based RCAF CT-133.
  8. Change of plan, today ....paint the living room.
  9. Today, more dirt then a tone down.
  10. Boy, that is delicate looking!!!!
  11. Ahhh, but now it looks like a real pointy plane!!!!
  12. WOW!!! That is Sweet!!
  13. Little more weathering...
  14. A Star Trek group has started? There is still LOTS of time to build something? What are ya waiting for???
  15. Come on guys we need some more builds in here!