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  1. phantom

    GEMINI 9A - 1/24

    Absolutely top notch.
  2. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Battery connection broke and can not solder back together.....But the replacement part costs 25 cents so I will fix it later. If anything I have to shield down the navigation lights a bit.
  3. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Bridge lighting works.
  4. phantom

    1/32 F-35A

    Looks good. One day if Canada buys these things I will have to get this kit.
  5. Right guys, we are running low on time. Of course we want you to keep adding photos if the build won't get done in the 6 month window. However, to be eligible for one of the GB prizes, the model must be completed on time. I would consider this GB a success. We all ready have LOTS of completed builds. And some darn nice ones too!
  6. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Thanks, no nothing for the bridge. But once the outer walls are up I don't think much will be visible anyway. I might just toss a few, what the heck simple mods in there just for fun. Or, more likely that is where all the wiring is going to come together. we'll see. As for after market. No idea. I am trying to get away from expensive resin the last couple years.
  7. phantom

    Dual Build 906th TFG F-4D and F-16A DONE!

    Wonderful finish!
  8. Very nice detail.
  9. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Thanks!! Yep, still swear by the stuff, even if I am the last customer who does not buy it with a clear plastic bag and hangs out in the alley. Huh.... yeah, back to the build. Lots of misshapen boxes that need lots of sanding later.
  10. phantom

    F-14 Tomcat Parking Only

    Might have been having some maintenance on deck.
  11. phantom

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Very nice, its no Enterprise, but still VERY nice!
  12. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Bridge taking shape.
  13. Rick, I have picked up Bikeriders decals. Just happens he lives a couple blokes away from were I had to be this morning. Thanks Bikerider!
  14. phantom

    HMCS Kitchener K225

    Thanks, As my references are all black and white video or photos, I am hoping the colours are simular to HMCS Sackville as she is in Halifax.