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  1. Then another 1/32 CF-104 with even older Leading Edge decals.
  2. 1/32 Hasegawa CF-104 with 20 plus year old Leading Edge decals.
  3. Thanks guys, i like the way this one turned out.
  4. Along with the CCRAP, the left leaning government decided we needed greener fighters to replace our Hornets. Seeing as the old American engines used to much fuel, green engines that run off kitten tears and unicorn farts were duct taped in place in the missile racks. Sunny ways did not like the pointy kill bombs anyway. As he once famously stated "If you kill your enemy he wins! (no really, he said that). Also, as several cabinet ministers cried remembering what happened to "Goose" in "Top Gun" it was decided not to put any Gooses (Geese?) in the back seat. So Fancy socks installed a Green bin to collect tax, or carbon incentives. Oh, as the green engines changed the aerodynamics so severely and also reduced the speed of the CF-14G to around stall speed the wings had to be locked forward. The armed forces used to doing more with less, found the Tomcat was next to useless as a fighter so they reactivated 416 squadron to use the Tomcat as an aggressor.
  5. OK, I have to admit I like the way it turned out.......
  6. Thanks, its actually done now and drying. Turned out much more "believable" looking then I thought it would.
  7. Thanks. The 1/72 turned out even better! Used decals from a company called 26 decals. Really like them.
  8. Some detail before the gloss coat.
  9. Two more colours and some weathering. Went for a CF-5 Freedom Fighter motif.
  10. Mostly Tomcat shaped now.
  11. Play time at your house! Nice.
  12. I know. If your Canadian you know how close to the truth my idea is.
  13. Here is where the green "what-if" happens. Because the environment minister gets a say in everything we had to use bio fuel made from kittens tears and unicorn farts. But the big US Navy engines wanted no part of that. So they ripped engines off our retired Challenger executive jets. Made them green and slapped them on the Tomcat.
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