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  1. Yes, the back area behind the rear ejection seat shattered too. Good thing I did not toss the kit parts yet.
  2. Needs some repair, some resin on both coamings broke off.
  3. I have built the Hasegawa kit at least 20 times. First few sucked, then they got better. As I mentioned before sometimes they come out good, sometimes they make you want to pull out your nose hairs. Give them a go. They cost much less then Tamiya, and are being unloaded here and at model shows all the time.
  4. The detail in this kit is great, and you need a great job on the paint.
  5. Up on her turkey legs. Starting to look like a Tomcat. The Tamiya legs are much easier and solid then the Hasegawa legs in 48th I usually do.
  6. I get that. May have to unload more of my 1/48 scale built kits. Aging myself into a smaller house one day I'm sure.
  7. Cockpit, seems some resin is missing so I will have to raid kit parts to finish it.
  8. The good old Tamiya moving wing gears.
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