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  1. THe reverse paint job seems to have worked. More detail stuff today.
  2. The other Academy kits i have done were great for fit. This one not so much. Putty sand putty sand then clamps seemed to do the trick on the right side. The left fit fine.
  3. Easy colours, black and white. From here on its all masking.
  4. Hey, thats NOT Canadian!!!!!!
  5. Holy crap its dead in this GB. Not a single comment? Oh well... Ready for basic paint.
  6. Doing your best is all we can ask. Its not like I have empty cells I co...... wait a minute.......
  7. This one seems not too fit as well as my past Acaedemy jobs. Will make it work of course.
  8. Cockpit and wings done. Have to take a break. On the tail end of the flu and the medication is causing me to make mistakes.
  9. This is the last Mig killer of the Viet Nam war. A F-4B of VF-161 in 1972. Using the Academy kit with Furball decals.
  10. APPROVED> NOW>>>> This time EVERYBODY who said yes.....FREAKING STEP UP AND BUILD SOMETHING!!!!!!! The GBs around here of late are getting very few completed and not many more started builds. Its up to you all to make this GB process work. Yes, life gets in the way and all that. But take some time once in a while and build what you say you are going to build.
  11. Killer Proposal

    Think i might switch my VFA-87 build to 1/32. Sooooooooooo another Phantom. Last Mig kill of Viet Nam, VF-161 F-4B.
  12. Hasegawa 1/48 F-4S Phantom

    Very nice. That might be Phantom 202 for me.
  13. Very nice, first time I have seen a model with the other engines.