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  1. Have more trades with Don scheduled for Friday!
  2. Its the same upper colour as found on a Canadian Hornet.
  3. A 1/72 MPC Millenium Falcon from back in the 80s. Homemade lights and it also has Han Peter Griffen Solo holding a couch on the loading ramp.
  4. I use all kinds of things. Banana hooks with the top cut off. Wooden dowels built into a flat block. The stands that hold up Barbie dolls. Digital camera stands. Sometimes go to the surplus, or the dollar store and look for something the right shape. Might paint it to look a bit more professional.
  5. You mean to say there are Voodoos that are NOT Canadian...... Who knew?
  6. 1/48 Hasegawa F-18E with Furball decals.
  7. bet ya he will have more to see after our next trade.
  8. Fast is correct the decals are the only REAL problem area. All of mine have used after market decals. I find the kit cockpit just fine, but tend to replace the ejection seats with resin. In early additions of the kit I found the main lading gear would sag over time. There are metal replacement gear available. The last couple I built (of 7) did not get the metal gear and they have been thus far so good.
  9. Then built this 1/72 Hasegawa and Belcher Bits CL-52 for the same customer.
  10. Finished off 3 mostly built kits for someone else........
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