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  1. CC-144 Challenger

    That was around noon. The rest of the build was pretty straight forward.
  2. CC-144 Challenger

    This was the hard part. Sanded and re-puttied 3 times.
  3. CC-144 Challenger

    Thanks, had to buy more putty. Put the windsheild on today.............Wow, nastiness. Photo after I clean it up......a LOT!
  4. CC-144 Challenger

    Now it was started a couple days ago, just have not had time to load the photos. Its been drying like this since Monday, So tomorrow sanding and fixing.
  5. CC-144 Challenger

    The cockpit, actually looks not bad. Have not built a 1/72 kit in a while so my eyes are not having fun.
  6. CC-144 Challenger

    Well, decided to start the Challenger before the big scale CF-18. Mostly has I have to buy some stuff for the Hornet, and I think I have everything I need for the Challenger. Start with a little cutting of the resin to clean things up. Quite warped fuselage.
  7. USS Excelsior NX-2000

    Mad skills!!!!!!!
  8. 1/72 L-19 RCAC

    Not easy. Most parts do not fit into the next. The clear stuff apart from the windscreen is awful...........enjoy!
  9. 1/32 F-4B VF-111 MIg Killer

    Ohhhh, yeah!
  10. 1-72 Canada 150 CF-18

    That turned out great. You may have the first ever competed model with the new RCAF x ARC markings. Very nice!
  11. Check with Neo, he is the only one with that power. But I thought it was September. Pete and I are the little guys. That and I have next to zero computer skills, unlike Neo who knows what he is doing.
  12. Had to put some new photos up. I really like the way this one came out before Photobucket got stupid on us........
  13. Whatcha gonna build?

    Now that I am done builds for others its time for me..... Which to do first......... 1/72 all resen Challenger in white with red? 1/32 Hornet in Battle of Britain markings? Going to do both, but which first?? Then later.....more Hornets, maybe a Voodoo
  14. 2 1/48 CT-155 Hawks

    Thanks, check out the 1/32 builds.