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  1. Habu has the right idea, but most SUVs now come with three rows. Side by side seating , 2 adults 2 kids going to Disney world with luggage in the back row. So two front pilots in scale, say 1/48. Two rear seats 1/72 pilots with the seats covered in books, videos and snacks. Use 1/48 seats but with booster pads. Like Tom Cruise would have had to use in Top Gun.
  2. The first batch of two seat CF-104Ds were Mk.1. For the most part they stayed in Canada from the beginning until 417 squadron shut down. The Mk.2 were more capable for weapons delivery and for the most part equipped the units in Europe. Near the end of service anything that still flew pretty much got sent overseas and eventually went to Turkey.
  3. 1/32 Czech model CT-133 , Belcher Bits decals
  4. no, the 29 is not on my build list. Made the assumption the instructions would show the order.
  5. Just go with the instructions, in the order they say to use them. You will have touch ups required no matter how you do it.
  6. That is a single seat CF-104. Have not done a dual in just green........yet. Here is a couple shots of that one. They tended to be painted green once the gun was installed after Trudeau (senior) said we would no longer use nukes for anything. Hence we had to learn how to use the Mk.82s as shown here. Posted January 15, 2022 ยท IP Back to airplanes for a bit. 1/32 Italeri, with spare bin decals.
  7. Never would say never, but in Canada (red tailed at that time) not much other then fuel tanks and more often then not, 4 fuel tanks. Then the 72/73 time frame in Europe, (white tails) the centre practice bomb dispenser was semi common on the CF-104D Mk2. And 4 fuel tanks. Marking wise this would be the short lived English port side French starboard Canadian Armed Forces markings on the intakes and the CAF roundel last 3 time frame for the fuselage markings. The markings in Canada continuing red tail over bare metal and the Europe airframes a mix of white tail over bare metal and some over
  8. Its been the colour of Canadian Hornets for over 40 years.
  9. Thanks,I figured no one saw this ship. One of my favourites.
  10. You got it, Took $40 worth of wrapping and packing stuff, then around $75 to mail it. Ensured it for enough to replace it if the dead bears go nuts on it. But I think it was secure enough.
  11. That is exactly what I need thanks Adam. Too bad the shipping is SO nuts.
  12. As done as this 1/32 Academy Hornet with Above and Below decals is gonna get by me.
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