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  1. 2 water bombers

    I repainted the engine exhaust and will try a photo on my next day off.
  2. Another 150th CF-18 Hornet

    Got a lot done yesterday. Would have done more except one of my 1/32 Hornets took a five foot nose dive and exploded into over 30 parts. That repair too all of the morning. Back to this one. I much prefer the Hasegawa landing gear and cockpit. Those are nice and strong with positive attachment points. This kit is not bad. But I like the Hasegagwa better. I like the extra parts in this one. The kit came with two sets of landing gear, one USN stlye and the other Canadian. Also 2 tails. One a/B and one C/D. Which is REAL nice as the earlier Kenetic kit comes with tails that just look wrong. These spare tails will go into that future build. (thanks for the tip Elmo)
  3. Sure hope they still happen. Have a F-4E waiting for the Egyptian decals.
  4. Another 150th CF-18 Hornet

    My daughter went and stole my camera. Have a bit done but can not show a photo. So.............. Here is a shot of the last Kenetic CF-18 at the same stage. Actually., it looks exactly the same at this point.
  5. Another 150th CF-18 Hornet

    Kind of neat, that repair.
  6. Amodel 1/144 Canadair CL-415

    Sure is colourful!
  7. 2 water bombers

    Thanks guys. Rick I went with the Leading Edge instructions on the exhaust colour. But having seen the photo you sent me, and the simple fact it IS your plane after all. I will switch them to black on my next day off.
  8. ARC Air

    I have to think, it was because the Halifax explosion was an accident. Not caused by direct enemy action. But it certainly was a huge event of WW1.
  9. Another 150th CF-18 Hornet

    It should end up a lot like my previous build....... But not in flight this time. Any other above wing shots of the LEF cap?
  10. 2 water bombers

    Thanks guys!
  11. What did you just finish building?

    A couple Heller Water Bombers with Leading Edge decals.
  12. Starting (hopefully finishing on time) another CF-18 in 150 display markings. This one out of the box, on its landing gear.
  13. Starting (hopefully finishing on time) another CF-18 in 150 display markings. This one out of the box, on its landing gear.
  14. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    A Heller CL-215 in 1/72 with Leading Edge decals. And a Heller CL-415 also in 1/72 with Leading Edge decals.