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  1. phantom

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    Thanks for posting, pretty scheme.
  2. phantom

    Lucked Out

    Have to like finding a sale.
  3. phantom

    Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy Nomad

    Cool, first car I have ever seen here!
  4. phantom

    F-4J Academy 1/48

    Very nice!
  5. phantom

    F-4B Eduard 1/48

    Both are real good.
  6. phantom

    F4J Tamiya 1/32

    Very nice!
  7. phantom

    Academy 1/48 F-4B BUNO 150479 VF-151 1973

    Very nice, that tail looks bang on.
  8. phantom

    What'd ya see today???

    During Rememberance services today we had a Harvard then a few minute s later a Vampire do a nice fly over.
  9. phantom

    Phantom or Kurt H

    That happened to me too a couple months ago Kurt.
  10. Looking nice and smmmoooooth.
  11. phantom

    CD48148 - 1/48 CH-47 Chinook

    True, its the kit less F model I want to do. I did that two for hooking D model (for someone else) using the no longer avaiable Canmilair sheet. Hopefully one day Belcher Bits makes a nice resin conversion.
  12. phantom

    CD48148 - 1/48 CH-47 Chinook

    Nice colour for international???? Canada.
  13. phantom

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    I used model master Canadian Voodoo grey. However its a discountiunued colour. So no idea what you could use now.
  14. phantom

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    Here are some other Canadian options........