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  1. Well first extra colour, black is on. Seems to have leaked a little under the masking tape. Repairs tomorrow.
  2. Amazing jobs, I agree with Joel building these TWO amazing kits at the same time is not something I would attempt.
  3. Good improvements.
  4. Gooood......Gooood.
  5. I loved driving those trucks. Looks weird without the big arse tarp on the back.
  6. Just shy of 48 cm. So pretty dang big. Thats more then 18 inches for you American types.
  7. Thanks, just hope the decals show up before the GB ends.
  8. Could just be brittle with age. I have found the Lancaster (circa 1975) from Tamiya being very VERY brittle too.
  9. Base colours on. But this one will be colourful, so stand by.
  10. Yep, ready for paint.
  11. Only way I have found is to drive to another ARCers home and trade in person.
  12. Ahh...but its still looking great.
  13. Keep it simple. I apply a thin line to whatever needs it. Then wipe a T-tip over the line to even it out. Remove over excess with a tissue. Give it a day to dry. Sand flush.
  14. Oh, she is good with me going, just have lots of other stuff I have to do that day.