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    He Looses it, HE SNAPS!!!!
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    PHANTOMS, CVW-8 aircraft.
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    Aggressors and PHANTOMS

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  1. phantom

    Bandai AT-AT

    Welcome aboard.
  2. Ready for paint. Well after the excessive putty is dealt with. To get to this point was maybe 4 hours. Now its time to eat and watch a hockey game.
  3. Getting ready to put he fuselage together.
  4. Not at all. This is just a really simple model. Wings together.
  5. It begins. This one might even be BUILT by tonight. Not many parts. Won't be painted by tonight.........but built.
  6. Just to bug all the purists out there.... I am beginning a Star Trek version of the X-wing fighter. Out of the box (mostly) build but using United Federation of Planets markings. So far it appears that Puke Skywalker has gone AWOL so I will have to toss in a jet pilot from the spare bin. Big empty box. with way more air then plastic.
  7. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    USS Reliant, with home made lights.
  8. phantom

    Finished builds, That ain't real GB.

    1/537 (?) USS Reliant.
  9. phantom

    USS Reliant, lit up.

    All dones.....
  10. phantom

    Postwar C-47 markings

    I used the Canmilair sheet, sadly Bill has gone out of business.
  11. phantom

    USS Reliant, lit up.

    I can let you borrow my stuff if you want. Seeing as I know where you live and can hunt you down if needed.
  12. phantom

    1/48 F-20A 187th FW Alabama ANG

    Hey, we know you started by the book. If it gets done before you buy a new camera it gets done. Its all good.
  13. phantom

    F-16E -XL version

    I am getting the photo, Nice job on your modification.