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  1. I modify paper clips to size for the big ones. Little pieces of wire of the little guys.
  2. Nope. That is why I go to the surplus store, buy LEDs and hook them up to a 9 volt battery. In fact I am working on a Excelsior right now.
  3. Doubt its 327, that is the upper colour on a CF-18 Hornet. Far to dark. My ***guess*** more of a 320. Could be the even lighter 375.
  4. That means you might have a couple hours left! Get them done!!!
  5. Looks like 15 models are completed on the deadline. Some of them are works of art!
  6. Yep, just like that. Lots of models were completed by many people this time.
  7. Eight 1/72 RCAF trainers for someone else.......
  8. Love it, been waiting to see if Polar Lights actually WILL do the interior before I start mine.
  9. Thanks, a lot on the most recent pages have been built for others. But its getting near time for another cull. Think most of my Tomcats and 48 scale Sabres are going to be next. Anyone wants to pick some up I'll sell them cheap, but I am NOT mailing them. It would cost MORE to mail them from what I plan to sell them for.
  10. That's a question for science. Not a bunch of guys on a model airplane site.
  11. Getting near the end folks, Sept 22. Finish those builds up!
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