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  1. To the person I somehow offended with my simple joke about Donald Trump. Sorry. Please forgive me. I lean over my sword and take one for the team for upsetting your sensitivities. I won't mention your name as your completely entitled to your thoughts and I am NOT saying your wrong. If you were in Canada the last couple days, you would see everything on the news right now is how Canada is "disgusting" somehow robbing the US. It was a light hearted joke. I am getting bothered by how quickly people are claiming outrage over ANYTHING! I will spend the rest of the day pulling weeds out of my garden trying not to make jokes that I thought some people might appreciate. (nice joke Scoob!!!! and guess what. I wore my big boy pants today and was not offended.) No doubt THAT statement will get more more hate mail. Right, still need 2 votes.
  2. 2 more votes. That NO vote is clearly from Donald Trump so we can ignore it!
  3. Ahhh!!!! Almost done.
  4. Found this old girl at an antique store. Nice 1973 molding. But with the 25th !!!! anniversary stickers from back in 1991! As another Shuttle was done recently for this GB and done up REAL nice with lots of extras, I am just going for the most part out of the box. I might add a couple little things like braces under the fuselage but not a great interior like the other one here.
  5. And its a shuttle craft. Going OOB.
  6. Never did this one before, kind of think I might do it for myself one day. Oh, all of these except the up coming grey one used Belcher bits decals and spares to round out the base markings. The grey one uses Leading Edge decals.
  7. Finished 5 really old , as in over 50 years old, T-33s. Most still had the old added chrome feature! These will soon belong to someone else.
  8. Yeah, But I HAVE 10 Hornets in the stash. Just want decals for all these missing sppecial schemes.
  9. There WAS a Canadian medic who BUILT a bunch of Phantoms..........
  10. 4 more yes votes needed. Too bad it had not all ready statred, building 9 T-33s right now. Might build another Star Trek kit before I start the next couple.
  11. Those new sets and cockpit look great. Let us know when they are available. I have 4 CF-100s to build still.
  12. Bill of course have every decal option in ALPS. And his book. Plan on getting that myself soon.
  13. Nothing I have ever seen apart from decals which are all out of production. Would like to find the right bang seats, that would help the look of the kit. But, with the thick windscreen that can not really be opened without giving yourself a heart attack. Guess there is little point.