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  1. It happens, we have a CF-18 (188761) that has been ejected from twice. Still in operation as far as I know.
  2. I am always up for a multiple choice CVW-8 sheet. Toss VFA-37 in there and I would be one happy camper. (all ready have enough VFA-213 decals in the stash.)
  3. Never seen a ZM model. But the Hasegawa is easier then the Academy. Both look like a Phantom when done. Also each has advantages over the other.
  4. Oh sure, just as I am about to finish a Mig killing F-4C. But yeah, van always build more.
  5. I remember doing that. Back in the day when foreign military could get on base and take lots of VF-84 photos just before they stood down.
  6. Wow, that is super good!
  7. True, but the F-105 DID knock down a few Migs in its day. (not as many as the CF-105 might have................he he)
  8. Dong is right. VFA-87 traded in their old A+s a year or two ago. So either 31 or 87.
  9. Looks real good!
  10. So far, I plan on a VF-31 Phantom, A couple VFA-213 Super Hornets. Maybe a A-3 if the squadron fits the rules. Then clear out some Tomcats.
  11. Coming down to just a couple weeks to finish.
  12. Great seam fixing!!!
  13. Its going to look good! Thats my guess.
  14. Just great!
  15. Well come on over , but I suggest an easy one. Less then a month left in that GB.