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  1. Diorama-"Return to England"

    That is awesome!!!
  2. F-35 news roundup

    Sadly even half a brain can not compete with looking bad, or going back on a promise PM selfie socks. But we have come to a point where we have talked ourselves into the corner. Can't go Boeing....All ready paid into Lockhead. Just pull your thumb out and get on with it.
  3. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    I know they should droop. However as I mentioned I had a hard enough time just getting them to sit on the airframe. This short run kit is far from Hasegawa /Tamiya plastic.
  4. CT-133 times 2

    First colours.
  5. CT-133 times 2

    Ready for paint
  6. CT-133 times 2

    More together
  7. CT-133 times 2

    Closed doors. The Academy is a good fit.
  8. CT-133 times 2

    This is how they are sitting for now. Seems they both are missing most of the cockpits. Just the crap seats remain. But seeing as I have to scrounge for some pilots to fill the holes, much of the missing parts will not be noticeable.
  9. CT-133 times 2

    Have a old Academy T-33 which was missing some parts so I decided to build it wheels up. Neat thing I found an old Testors kit in the box!! So seeing as I wanted to do a couple T-33s in flight to go with my CF-18 I figure that I will build them together. One will be getting 25 year old Arrow Graphics decals the other Leading Edge.
  10. Shelf Queens Pt. II GB

    S Sounds reasonable......One question. I have a couple models that someone ELSE started. Can I finish them for this GB?
  11. What did you just finish building?

    From a short run company called AMP, a HOS-3 (S-51) never seen one of these built before.
  12. The display case...eh (sorry..had to do it!!!)

    1/48 HOS-3 or S-51 helicopter by AMP. Big time typical short run kit. But the clear parts which are really the forward half of the model were in shattered pieces. So after glueing them back together some plastic strips were still needed to fix the holes. The rotor is.......not well balanced. Had to glue it solid in place as it would not sit flush at any angle. But in the end its done. The decals that came with the kit appeared very nice. But the customer of course preferred a nice Canadian bird. So I hit up the spare bin. Also had to modify the tail as our in late service only had two blades. Not the three that the kit came with.
  13. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Decals are on, and she be done.
  14. HOS-3 (S-51) weird old helicopter

    Thanks Rick, far from the best.....but I don't suck so that is something.
  15. Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 kit?

    I might have a Hasegawa set in the spare box. I thought these wheels looked a little off too. But I built mine wheels up so can not be certain.