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  1. There you go! Everybody can build a couple models! I told you Kurt had some great ideas!!!!! Now vote yes, and let him get cracking.
  2. I don't know if it has nose art before we took ownership, just that it used to be yours.
  3. It WAS one of your old Chinooks. In fact I think its almost as old as me and first served in Viet Nam before it was upgraded. I have a photo of the very faded nose art somewhere from last year.
  4. This is one of the more colourful Canadian Mustangs, using the Leading Edge sheet in 1/32. Leading Edge has two sheets of even more boring options.
  5. Almost there, give Kurt his dream of running a neat GB!
  6. Back to work on Monday so the parade will slow done a bit. 1/32 Chesch model CT-133 with a combination of Leading Edge and Belcher Bits decals to do a 401 squadron airframe from the late 50s.
  7. I grabbed some, but lots of great Don deals left. Bump for Don. Oh, and Elmo, i have your loved ones hostage in my basement.
  8. Like I said, preaching to the choir. Get the other guys on board.
  9. Hey, preaching to the choir, but i am not the only person required for approval. Rules were made, some rules recently changed, like timings. But the 25 is one that seems set in stone. To which I agree, 25 may be high. But 15 yes tends to work out to 5 completed kit
  10. No clue who the resin was from. I lost the instructions and picked it up for free second hand. I almost went with the scheme you did. Except off Nimitz in 1978, just could not confirm the airframe numbers. So Shangra la 1968 instead.
  11. OK, the Tutor was not a show winner. This is better, also NOT a show winner but better. Monogram F-8 Crusader with a large amount of resin to make it a RF-8G.
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