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  1. That gap is common on the Voodoo kits, built 5 of them last year.
  2. I get mine at the local surplus store. But electronic, computer parts stores also have them. Just not this month. Those stores are closed due to the pandemic.
  3. At my job, (prison) they are taking applications for early release. Wish they would do the same for we the staff! So-called non violent clients (criminals) seem to be getting approved. Most clients (criminals) are seriously thinking all of them are getting out early, so look for a crime wave soon.
  4. Sad thing about the gas, ONLY place I can drive to is work, home and the gas station. Mind you the dollar, have some decals I wanted........Dollar IS too low. Damn near $40 after exchange for the decals.
  5. All ready happening on some reserves. Gas is supposed to go down near 65 c a litre for tomorrow. Has not been that low in 19 years.
  6. Thanks, I know about the poor Phantoms, only around 150 left of the 230 some odd.
  7. As much as we all sometimes wish we could...…..still humans. (most of them) Of course a few would not be missed by society. Now, if we could put them up on the ice flows...……...
  8. Last weekend was good. Now I am being "strongly encouraged" to work more> 60 hours this week. Hopefully we don't get to being ordered in, or worse yet, not permitted to go home. Can't close down jails, if I did not show up it would be "Lord of the flies" in there after 20 seconds. So far so good...….
  9. Well, that was to be expected. Delayed is better then cancelled.
  10. These silly kits took all of two hours. Had these as a child in the 70s. Nasty kits then not much better now. I also included some closer to scale more realistic props I found over the years.
  11. It was a productive weekend off. Also did these tow very simple Romulan warbirds. The big guy is the old school AMT kit with 6 LEDs. The little guy is Polar Lights OOB.
  12. Finished two very simple models. I picked up the tiny Polar Lights one months ago. Originally planning to light it up as I do with most of my kits. But it was just too small. Recently I found the old school AMT kit, build back on! The Big brother recieved just 6 LEDs and a bunch of holes drilled into the hull. The little guy is OOB. It seems the little guy is closer to what was recently seen in "Picard". The big guy much more like TOS.
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