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  1. He no longer sells model decals. Just markings for full size aircraft.
  2. Neat, but those aerodynamics must buger the gas mileage!
  3. Sorry, no, dremil tool, card stock and black paint. Next time, fireworks.
  4. Also did the same kit up again, but this time as the Constellation NCC-1017 after it got blowed up real good.
  5. Just finished another Polar lights 1/1000 scale Constitution class starship, but blown up. USS Constellation as seen in the TOS episode "Doomsday machine."
  6. 1/1000 Polar lights Constitution class Starship with a DY-100, USS Defiant NCC-1762.
  7. Just finished the Polar lights 1/1000 scale Constitution class starship with a DY-100. Decided not to do the Enterprise and made her the Defiant.
  8. Thanks, I have a couple more Starships on the build table.
  9. Good enough place as any, Could you add your location? Shipping built models can be very expensive unless your picking up the models in person.
  10. I have shipped built models. Its not just about packing peanuts around the model. You have to make a jig that holds it secure, that is expensive. Then the mass of the model, multiplying the cost. The prices for shipping ended up being more then I charged the guy to build the model in the first place. I still build for others but no longer ship. The buyer has to come to me and pick the model up. I got tired of having to repair all the tails, landing gear and weapons the broke off once the post al workers got a hold of the package.
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