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  1. Thanks, had the parts , might as well use them.
  2. Finished these 1 and a half models......Both 1/350 Polar Lights.
  3. Ahh. In the episode The Ultimate Computer, the Excalibur was destroyed by the Enterprise under the control of the M5 computer. I figure the same would have happened in the Mirror universe. The Empire would not waste a perfectly good ship. Just remove the dead crew and a coat of paint, you have a repaired ship. The primary hull is being readied to be connected to the new engineering section. In reality, I bought a extra saucer in case I screwed up the cutting up of the Constellation. As I bought the very expensive decal sheet, it seemed a waste not to get more use out of it.
  4. BIG project. 1/350 USS Constellation.
  5. She is almost done. Touch ups and such still to go. But thus far I am very happy with the ships. Hopefully Tuesday I can do the real photos.
  6. Yep, I love what you did with that. They should have used your model back in 1967.
  7. All the lights still work. The flash makes it hard to see the internals.
  8. Now, the ship is together. Next comes the decals and a BUNCH more paint. But after the decals.
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