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  1. phantom

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    He all ready did Topgun Tomcats. Least I think it was him. Built Mavericks and Icemans.
  2. Plan to do a semi low vis S one day.
  3. phantom

    1/32 VFA-87 F-18E

    I get that, had the same compressor for twenty years. Dies, get the same kind from Badger and it died after 2 years. Hopefully number 3 lasts a good 20 again.
  4. phantom

    Killers Flightline- Display case

    1/32 Trumpeter F-18E, Speed Hunter VFA-87 Su-22 shoot down decals.
  5. phantom

    1/32 VFA-87 F-18E

    The decals are really nice, but VERY light in colour. So I lightened the paint on the model to have some more contrast. Looking forward to building a F-18F 213 colour bird from the same Speed Hunter sheet.
  6. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    One that has been waiting for decals. 1/32 Trumpeter F-18E with Speed Hunter decals.
  7. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    At last BUILT something! Also for a customer. Hasegawa 1/48 Sea King with Belcher Bits sponsons and decals. Along with my RCN Sea King from a number of years back.
  8. phantom

    1/32 VFA-87 F-18E

    Yeaaeee, the decals arrived. So hopefully I can get back to it this weekend.
  9. phantom

    Academy 1/48 phantom assembly question

    I just went with the instructions and painted everything before assembly. It worked.
  10. phantom

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

  11. phantom

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

    Yeah.....right.😃 However, as your Monograms are SO easy compared to Hasegawa, perhaps 2 (or 3) of those kiddie😱 models should count towards the MANS kit.
  12. phantom

    1/32 VFA-87 F-18E

    Soon as the decals arrive, we'll be back at it.
  13. phantom

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

    Have 6 left to build. Have 8 decals in hand ready to go. 3 1/32 Tamiyas ready to go. Just lack of time. Have the 1 1/48 Tamiya. Its the only one I am not sure which markings its going to get. So many other kits ahead in line right now.
  14. phantom

    What did you just finish building?

    Thanks, these are not new builds. In fact I only built the helicopter/ These are repaints rebuilds repairs and decal jobs for a customer.
  15. phantom

    Hasegawa F-4S misadventure

    You would love my estate sale when I kick off. You can have MY Phantoms when you pry them out of my cold dead hands. Which is not all that far off I should think!