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  1. Wonderful, thanks. Hopefully a few more people might join.
  2. I have a copy of the decals, they look great. Should have two Phantoms painted and decaled up within a week.
  3. Another big 'un. Tamiya 1/32. My 220th Phantom.
  4. Nice, dont see that one often.
  5. Steve has not been on to start Kurts ability to start the thread. Hopefully he will have time soon. I do not have the ability.
  6. Back to airplanes for a bit. 1/32 Italeri, with spare bin decals.
  7. Thanks guys, nope, no inmate labour. Not into giving criminals scalpel blades and chemicals.
  8. Cracker is right. Hey, I am just about to finish a replacement model for one I made decades ago. I used to think it was good. Not compared to what I make now. You cant get better until you start. In fact the first few models I shared on ARC are not great, but they were good for me at the time. NOW, I can see how much I have improved from learning from the people on this site. With time you can learn from yourself.
  9. Thanks, that was a partial built by someone else, missing a bunch of parts kit.
  10. Looks good, glad to see I am not the only one that can build these things in less then a week.
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