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  1. I've got quite a few 48 scale decal sheets for the P-51B . Do you want just 1 single A/C or a Full Sheet. Email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
  2. I'm desperatly looking for 48 scale Typhoon MkIb Decals for the A/C Named "Pulveriser II " I don't want the Superscale sheet. The A/C I'm building will be going into a musuem. I'm willing to pay for the decal sheet, so any Help will be greatly appreciated Regards Bob in CANADA
  3. Just throwing this out there. Is anyone interested in Tamiya 48 scale P-51B & D Mustang kits? I've got 3 P-51B's and 3 P-51D mustang kits I'd like to Sell or Trade. If anybody is interested email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
  4. I've got the Lindberg 72nd scale B-17G Kit, Box is opened, Parts are in F/S Bags. The kits in excellent condition. If you're interested you can email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
  5. Hello I've got a 72nd scale >indberg B-17G in excellent condition. Box is opened and parts are in F/S Bags. This is a decent kit, bought when I was in the U.S.years ago. If you want to trade, I'd be interested in Trading for your 48 scale Tamiya P-47D T-Bolt Razorback kit. Email me dirct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
  6. Hello Modelers Well here's another Pkg from my collection I'm selling. Tamiya P-51B Mustang Pkg. I will not break the Pkg's up. Deals will only be in Canada and the Lower 48 States. All payments are in U.S. Funds and Do Not include P&H costs. I accept Paypal (NO Family or Freinds), NO Personal Cheques, I'll accept I.M.O.'s but they have to clear through my Bank before I ship any Pkg's out. I'll ship overseas if you're willing to pay the Postage. Here we go. TAMIYA 3 KIts #61042 P-51B Mustang Boxes are opened/ 2 kits are in F/S Bags, 1 Kit has 1 Bag opened, All parts are Accounted
  7. Hello Modelers I'm down sizing my collection so here's some more PKg's For Sale. Some boxes do show Shelf Wear. I will not break these Pkg's apart. The deals will bre for Canada and the lower 48 States, but if you're willing to pay the postage I will ship overseas. Payments are in U.S Funds. I only accept PayPal (NO Freinds or Family) or an I.M.O. and it will have to clear my Bank before I'll ship out the kits, also (NO Personal Cheques.) The price does not include P&H costs. from Canada. All kits have been inspected and are in Excellent Condition, If I missed anything I apologize and I'
  8. The Eduard FW 190A-6 Kits on thisl isting are Profi pack Kits. Sorry about that. Regards Bob in CANADA
  9. Hello Modelers Well it's about time I started to let go some of my 475 Kit Stash. All kits are 48 Scale and are Sold as Pkg's and won't be broken up. Most of the Kits have been in my collection for some years now, so the boxes show shelf wear. All kits have been inspected and are in excellent condition. Most of the Pkg's come with some sort of Aftermarket Items. I will only Sell to Canada and the Lower 48 States, but if someone wants to Pay the Postage I will ship Overseas. All kits will be shipped from my Canadian Address, I only accept Paypal (No Freinds & Family or Personal Cheque
  10. Hello I'm looking for a 48 scale Hobbycraft British Commenwealth FAA Corsair kit. I'd like to Trade for this kit and keep the Deal in North America. Thank You Bob in CANADA
  11. Like the title says, I'm really looking for this particular kit, maybe even a couple of them if anybody has one to Trade. You can contact me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Thanks For Looking!! Regards Bob in CANADA
  12. Hello I'm looking for this particular 48 scale Hasegawa P-47D T-Bolt Bubbletop kit # 09305. I'm actually after the decal sheet from this kit, but if I have I'll purchase or trade for this kit. If anybody has this kit and wants to make a deal then you can contact me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Thank for looking!!! Regards Bob in CANADA
  13. The Posting should read IPMS CANADA #14 441 Sqn Mustang III Sorry about that, I guess I should proof read before I post?? Regards Bob in CANADA
  14. Hello I'm looking for these 2 specific 48 scale Decal Sheets. If anybody has any of these 2 decal sheets, I'm willing to Purchase or Trade for either of one of them. IPMS #14 441 Sqn Mustang III SUPERSCALE 48-618 Spitfire XIV Aces. Thanks for looking. Regards Bob in CANADA
  15. Hi Ron Not a problem, been a pleasure Helping out a fellow Canuck & Modeler. Regards Bob In CANADA
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