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  1. 1 minute ago#1 Hello I'm looking a couple sets of 48 scale P-51B/C Mustang (Resin Cockpit Sets) I can purchase them or Trade for other 48 scale WW2 Aftermarket Sets. Here's the sets I'm looking for. True Details 48-465 Aires #4223 Legend #4043 Thank you Regards Bob in Canada
  2. Hi Gary I can Help you out with your quest. I've got 2 of the Tamiya kits, and I'll never use the kit decals. If you're interested email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in Canada
  3. I've got a 48 scale Accurate Miniatures P-51C kit that I'd to Trade for a 48 Scale Accurate Miniatures P-51B Mustang kit. The P-51C Mustang Kit comes in it's original Box. Shows Shelf Wear, Box is opened with Parts in F/S Bags and is ca complete kit. I want the P-51B Mustang to be the same way. I'm keeping the Trade in Canada and the Lower 48 States. Contact me direct and Thanks for looking. Regards Bob in Canada
  4. Hi Ryan I don't know exactly what happened with my last posting to you but the next kit is a 48 scale EDUARD Spitfire MK IXc (Late Version) Profipack. Comes with a Ultracast Resin Top Cowl. Regards Bob in Canada
  5. Hello I've got the following 48 scale kits I'd like to Trade for your 48 scale Tamiya P-38J Lightning. TAMIYA Spitfire Mk Vb (Trop) Factory Sealed P-51D Mustang Box is opened parts are in F/S Bags. Comes with these Aftermarket Items. Quickboost Resin Correct Dropped Flaps and Prop Blades, Exhausts EDUARD Photo/Etch Cockpit Zoom Set, Canopy Masking ULTRACAST Resin P-51 Diamond tread Wheel Set EDUARD S
  6. Hello I've got these 48 Scale WW2 Aftermarket Items "For Sale". All prices are in U.S. Funds, and I only accept PayPal (No Friends or Family) or Cash in a well concealed Envelope. Shipping is from Canada. Here's the list. German 48 Scale FM Details Resin & Photo/Etch Bf 109K-4 Cockpit Set (Factory Sealed) $14.00 TRUE DETAILS Resin Bf 109G5/G6 Cockpit Set (Factory Sealed) $ 8.00 TECHNICS Resin/Photo/Etch FW 190D-9 Cockpit Set (Factory Sealed) PARTS-R-PARTS Resin Engine Plug & Wheel Bay Insert (Factory Sealed) $22.00 These 2 last items are Sold as
  7. I've got couple of these kits in 48 scale, but there the AMT ones. Bob in Canada
  8. Hello Sorry for the late reply, really bust working at a local museum. I'm a Retired Carpenter so they got me building custom cabinets and shelving units. "Retired" LOL. I should have a quote for you by Thursday for Postage, Kit and the Props. Sound Ok to you. Regards Bob
  9. Hello I've got a spare 48 scale Tamiya Mk I Spitfire kit. Box is opened Parts are in F/S Bags. (Complete Kit) I've also got a 48-scale set of KMC Resin Props for the A-20 Havoc. Email me if you're interested in these items. Regards Bob in Canada
  10. I hear you on the Stash situation. I've got well over 475 48 scale WW2 Prop Kits and a pile of aftermarket and decals. At my age there's NO way In Hell I'll build all of them. Hey, a least I tried, I'd purchase the kit from you, but with the exchange rate and postage from the U.S. that just kills a deal. Regards Bob
  11. Would you be willing to Trade your Mustang kit for another 48 Scale Eduard Profipack kit? Regards Bob
  12. Hi Frank I'm interested in your 48 scale Airfix P-51D Mustang Kit $15.00. What I have in Trade is a Factory Sealed 48 scale Minicraft/Hasegawa SHINDEN Canard Interceptor if you're interested in making a trade. Email me direct. Regards Bob in Canada
  13. I've got quite a few 48 scale decal sheets for the P-51B . Do you want just 1 single A/C or a Full Sheet. Email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
  14. I'm desperatly looking for 48 scale Typhoon MkIb Decals for the A/C Named "Pulveriser II " I don't want the Superscale sheet. The A/C I'm building will be going into a musuem. I'm willing to pay for the decal sheet, so any Help will be greatly appreciated Regards Bob in CANADA
  15. Just throwing this out there. Is anyone interested in Tamiya 48 scale P-51B & D Mustang kits? I've got 3 P-51B's and 3 P-51D mustang kits I'd like to Sell or Trade. If anybody is interested email me direct at bubbha53@hotmail.com Regards Bob in CANADA
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