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  1. Why is the ARC page loading like this and how do I fix it? Its like this at work too.
  2. Its a long shot but I am looking for a KMC 48-5015 P-47D Curtiss Prop Wide Blade Type.
  3. Looking for these: Warbird Decals #148162 and Furball Aero Design 48055.
  4. For sale is a factory sealed Tamiya 1/32 F-15J Kit #60307. Asking $90 plush shipping from zip code 98258. Paypal preferred and photos available on request. The only trade I am interested in is a complete 1/72 Nostalgic Plastic P-4M-1Q Mercator for which I am more than willing to deal.
  5. I need 4 total 1/48 British 250lb. depth charges for my Hudson Mk IIIA and 1 1/48 US Navy Mk XIII Torpedo for my Devastator (the monogram kit torpedo blows IMHO). Thanks!!!!
  6. I may be forgetful at times but Larry is ONE OF THE BEST when it comes to deals and service!
  7. I will second the request for CD 48013: Air National Guard F-102 Delta Dagger´╗┐. I am looking for a set of these.
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