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  1. Message me your address. I used resin on mine so the kit parts are yours, I just need to locate them.
  2. Ken, Interesting photo, THANKS! What version of the Hind is that do you know? Many issues I see with putting the twist in the Revellogram kit. If you draw a line from the nose-gear up through to the rotor-head, the rotor-head is still on center-line with aspect to the canopies and nose gear so the exit point at the top of the fuselage must be off-set to port. Look at the asymmetrical bulge on the aft canopy. Is this normal? Also, it appears the angles of the stub-wings to fuselage did not change so the starboard tip pylon is closer to the ground at least in the photo it appears so. Also the la
  3. Specter1075, Got what you need. Scale Aircraft Conversions D-704. I have 2 and will let one go.
  4. Specter1075, I too ordered B-58 sets in February and they arrived last week. I may have a spare buddy store in one of my A-6/A-4 kits. I'll look this weekend and let you know.
  5. Patrick, Thank you for the reply. Do you have a suggested interior color? Lauren
  6. I have some WWII French Aircraft that I need help with colors (interior and exterior). They are old kits and some don't list specific colors, especially interior. Never built a French aircraft before so any assistance is appreciated. Leo 451 Breguet 693 Bloch 174 Potez 633
  7. Thanks Jeff. I did not think of that route. Cheers!
  8. I need the entire clear sprue set for the Eduard P-39Q kit #8063. Thanks!
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