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  1. Dave, Please respond to my emails. Thanks. RSM6bw(at)yahoo(dot)com
  2. PM inbound for Neptune P2V-5/MR1 conversion Falcon 72 $10.00 Vac Neptune P2V-5/MR1 conversion Final Touch 72 $8.00 Resin – solid fuselage
  3. 1/35 -Mini Art 35519 Ruined City Building $15.00 If it is still available I am interested!
  4. Yup - 2 the past few months: aleftwich Started conversation: August 4 - Have You Checked With Wynder, He Has a 1/48 MIG-27 Decals for sale . Here Is His contact mactoolx@yahoo. com His Avatar and the email listed for the member made me suspicious. I do not know if this was a scam, but did not contact Wynder. Also from killer5 Started conversation: July 27 - Hi, I got a message from theresa09 that he has 1/48 MIG-27 Decals for sale. Thought i'm
  5. Looking for Super Scale 48420 Mig-23/27 specifically Indian or any make with Indian markings for the MIG-27. Thanks!
  6. I am in need of/searching for the following: Wolfpack WP72060 A-3 Skywarrior Wing Fold AeroMaster No. 72-160 Skywarrior Collection Part 1.
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