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  1. Message me your address. I used resin on mine so the kit parts are yours, I just need to locate them.
  2. Ken, Interesting photo, THANKS! What version of the Hind is that do you know? Many issues I see with putting the twist in the Revellogram kit. If you draw a line from the nose-gear up through to the rotor-head, the rotor-head is still on center-line with aspect to the canopies and nose gear so the exit point at the top of the fuselage must be off-set to port. Look at the asymmetrical bulge on the aft canopy. Is this normal? Also, it appears the angles of the stub-wings to fuselage did not change so the starboard tip pylon is closer to the ground at least in the photo it appears so. Also the landing gear poses a problem. Were the starboard gear shorter to keep the aircraft level or was the gear bay "cut" higher into the fuselage? I am wondering if the right gear hydraulic pressure has bled down/collapsed due to the distance of the gear door bottom edge in relation to the gear itself. Many questions. Any suggestion on a good reference book or two? I would like to see how much twist is also at the aft fuselage/tail boom/tail rotor. Thanks again Brother for the photo/post!
  3. Specter1075, Got what you need. Scale Aircraft Conversions D-704. I have 2 and will let one go.
  4. Specter1075, I too ordered B-58 sets in February and they arrived last week. I may have a spare buddy store in one of my A-6/A-4 kits. I'll look this weekend and let you know.
  5. Patrick, Thank you for the reply. Do you have a suggested interior color? Lauren
  6. I have some WWII French Aircraft that I need help with colors (interior and exterior). They are old kits and some don't list specific colors, especially interior. Never built a French aircraft before so any assistance is appreciated. Leo 451 Breguet 693 Bloch 174 Potez 633
  7. Thanks Jeff. I did not think of that route. Cheers!
  8. I need the entire clear sprue set for the Eduard P-39Q kit #8063. Thanks!
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