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  1. I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for the markings for the B-52D from Wolfpak sheet number 72-003 or 72-026. I've got an old Monogram kit on the way and looking to update the markings. If anyone has either of the sheets, I'm only looking for the BUFF markings, but if need be I could purchase the entire sheet as long as it's not too much. Thanks, Gary
  2. I went through my spare parts box and found one that is really close and since no one will be seeing it but me, it's close enough.... Thanks for looking....
  3. Finally getting to this old kit that was given to me a few years ago that was started. Got the decals and looked and I only have 1 of the nose wheels. I don't know if it was missing when I got it or if I lost it in the years I've had it, but it's gone. All that said, if anyone has a trashed kit or one that had the gear up and are willing to part with the wheel, I could sure use it. I can get aftermarket wheels, but all I've found was for the IDS. I don't know if they're the same or not. Anyway, I thought I'd try here first. Please let me know if you have the part and can part with it. Thanks, Gary
  4. I definitely have it. I just finished an old 1/32 Has. F-16A kit that I bought in '95. I started it shortly after that. I'm trying (but I'm finding it difficult) to finishing some of the dozen or so kit that I've started and put aside, before I start another, but I'm itching to build a few others.
  5. Dutch, If the marking are for the dashed red circles and the solid red centers, those are the ones that I'm mainly looking for. I'll shoot you a PM... Thanks!
  6. Looking for the markings for the fuel tanks. I picked up tanks for updating my old Has. early F-16 kit. If anyone isn't using the tanks, I could sure use the decals for them. Please let me know. TIA
  7. That would be generous of you! I'll PM you...Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the tip. I looked around some and it appears they may be hard to find. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks habu....that's what I thought but just needed confirmation. Can't think of a better source than you!
  10. I finally dig out my old 1/32 Hasegawa F-16A kit and have gotten to painting. I assumed the area under the rear canopy would be black but looking through many photos online I couldn't really find a good shot except for one where it looked to be a light grey (the photo is of a C model). Other photos I found it appears to be dark grey or black but it's really difficult to see. Does anyone have a definitive color for this area?
  11. Hello...as it states, I'm looking to find out if anyone makes a set of these (I've looked through Eduards website). I have the Italeri kit and the Cobra update, but it doesn't come with the set. I know I can probably make them from card stock, but if anyone makes them, it would save time. Please let me know. Thanks! Gary
  12. I made a couple of transactions with Dean about 4 years ago. He was a straight up guy. I wasn't aware of his passing. So sorry for your loss.
  13. Good luck...probably half of the members here would like the same thing you're looking for.
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