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  1. Yep, I have a Fox One sheet for sale here for $20 for weeks and nobody has even nibbled at it. I thought it would be gone pretty fast.
  2. Sorry, I'll clean up some space in my PM..thanks for letting me know. Those sheets are all still available. I'll send you a PM
  3. I just listed this Two Bob's sheet for sale this morning. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p140.html
  4. Sorry, the post was updated as 'Pending' a few days ago. If it falls through for any reason, I'll let you know.
  5. If you looked around, you've probably already seen the photos here, but this site shows the cockpit and stick fairly well... http://www.thescale.info/news/publish/Hellcat-Cockpit-photos.shtml
  6. Kursad, Any idea of an appropriate release date for this sheet?
  7. SOLD I have a partial Xtradecal decal sheet X44005 that I'll never use. If anyone wants them, all I'm asking for is $5 to cover the shipping. The decals do not have the instructions with them but I've seen them online so I think you should be able to figure out where they go on the kit. The complete tail markings left on the sheet are: Hickam, McGuire, Dover, Elmendorf, Travis, plus partial for Altus, March and Edwards, Also, in addition, I think, kit tail markings for McCord and Mississippi. I'm keeping this for CONUS only and I don't have PayPal, so either a USPO money order, well hidden cash, or per personal check (will only send after the check clears) will have to be the payment methods. Thanks https://www.scalemates.com/kits/xtradecal-x44005-c-17s--257308
  8. The photos I've seen look to have the full stencils:
  9. I wasn't certain of the date. It could've been the summer of '86. The name on the left side under the cockpit is 'CDR ROB WEBER' and under that 'CO' and to the right of that, the Mig ground kill marking. I tried posting a couple of photos, but they were too large.
  10. Great looking markings! I have photos I took at an airshow in, I think, 1987, of the 501 bird from VA-55. It was really weathered but only had the Mig-23 ground strike marking, no boat strike.
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