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  1. Thanks for the updates. A lot of us here are watching your site for any changes. Last year was a rough one for you and your family. As many have said, you have to take care of your family first. I know everyone here hopes that this year will be a great one for you.
  2. It sucks that you got shorted the vertical stabs. Maybe someone here might have a set. I suppose it you can't find them you might try seeing how close the Monogram C kit stabs would fit the Has. kit. I think the Monogram kit has pretty good looking stabs and that may salvage the kit for you. Good luck....
  3. Here is a link to the kit: 07203 Nice kit.....
  4. The files won't open for me either.
  5. Lisa, Welcome to the site. You've already gotten lots of great advice from other members here so I'll add one more. Make sure before you apply any decals, you have a glossy finish. You can get this from a glossy paint, from airbrushing 'Future ' as someone suggested, or use Master Modeller clear gloss coat. If you do there shouldn't be any 'silvering' around the decals. After the decals are applied, also seal them with either a gloss, semi gloss or flat finish (depending on your build ). You can get either of them in Master Modeller spray cans. Remember, Several light coats instead of one heavy coat works best. Good luck on your build. I'll be watching how it goes.
  6. I'm by no means an expert but I do know that the first F-15A's had squared off wingtips, a small air brake, and no dogtooth leading edges on the horizonal tails. They also still had the turkey feathers on the engine nozzles and large antennas on both vertical tails and the nose mounted test boom . I'm sure there are other external differences but others will have to help for those. It may be difficult to convert but anything is possible. Good luck!
  7. The status is the same as it was in January. Anybody heard any other news about the set?
  8. If anyone has one of these for sale, please contact me. I tried using the search function but it must not have liked the way I searched because it didn't come up with any hits. Thanks...Gary
  9. Thanks for the update. Glad the site will be back soon.
  10. I hope it comes back up soon. I was just getting ready to order their 1/48 UH -1N update set.
  11. Anyone know what's up? When I go to their page, it states that the website can't be found.....or is it just me?