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  1. Dave, If you get those profiles up, I'd probably do a pre-order of 72002.....I'd just like to see what they will look like on the planes..
  2. Dave, Will you be putting up profiles from the 2 sheets? They both look great!
  3. Had my 2nd shot yesterday (Pfizer) and other than a sore arm and maybe a slight headache, I seem to be fine.
  4. Back to the original question....I get my 2nd shot tomorrow.. I'll let you know how it comes out...
  5. Still interested in your item: Meng 1/48 Satellite Guided Bombs $6.00 Still awaiting a response....
  6. I was lucky in picking up a very hard to find low-viz boxing of the Fujimi kit a few years ago. Other than that, I think Wolfpack did a sheet that had one on it, but that was years ago and probably not obtainable any more. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fujimi-72159-ch-46e-dragons--647930
  7. Thanks Dutch. I saw those and that will definitely be an option if the spares I'm getting from eraucubdfan don't work out.
  8. Joe, If you have a cylindrical paper tank that looks to be right for the kit, I'll take it. I'll send you a PM. Thanks!
  9. As the titles says, I'm in the need for the center tank. The kit I have is missing part No. 38 which is the upper part of the tank. If you have the part or the tank from this kit or even a different maker's kit and not using it, please let me know and we can work out the details. Thanks ... Gary
  10. Wow! That would be great! I'll give you a PM...Thanks!
  11. Dave...sent you an email last week regarding: Meng 1/48 Satellite Guided Bombs $6.00 But haven't heard anything from you.
  12. Heyo, can I order Aeromaster 48-556  American Falcons Overseas  and one of the following? Surprise me? 


    48-691        Marauding Mitchells Pt. IV

    48-743        Oriental Liberators Pt.2 Fancy Art


    ill pay by paypal, I’d like it shipped to 9676concession 3. Caistor Centre On. Canada. L0R 1E0. 

    thank you David Trimmer

  13. Looks like they may be the same...both use NP2000 props. I'll have to look at them closer. Thanks for the tip!
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