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  1. Hello, As it states, I'm looking for the cockpit parts for the old Monogram or Revell kit, any A/C variant. I had the parts but off loaded them when I thought my Legacy Hornet building days were through. But, I picked up the old Revell early F-18 kit and the Caracal F-18 'The Early Years' and decide to add that one. The cockpit that comes with it has crude side panels and IP and that's about it. I'm looking for a full cockpit (with a floor) from any of the Revell/Monogram kits. It's not the best of kits (by a long way) , but it does have the early LEX's, nose probe and wings, so it will w
  2. I have the Monogram D, the Italeri G and the old AMT H. I started the H a long time ago and I get it out from time to time and tinker with it. I may save my pennies and get aftermarket engines but it's only going on my shelf so only I would know the difference. I did pick up aftermarket bomb pylons for a non-cruise missile loadout. I may get another set for both the G and H.
  3. Well..that is the most major flaw. It also lacks all of the probes and the various recessed intakes around the nose and front fuselage. I'm sure that there are more. The wrinkled panels will be a challenge as well.
  4. Good luck in finding it. I looked awhile back and came up with nothing. I am currently building the kit and modified the internal wing support to make the wings droop...or that is my goal. I will still have to do some mods to the wings and do some filling to get them to work.
  5. You can find some here: https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VF/Fighter-Squadron-32.htm
  6. Titanium is usually also anodized (tiodized) not so much for the traditional moisture corrosion prevention but to prevent galvanic corrosion. From my experience, It maintains the base color of the titanium which is still a grayish brownish color.
  7. I probably won't be buying from there until the current situation is resolved.
  8. Since photos can't get a definitive color, it would seem to be up to you to choose.
  9. For corrosion protection all bare (not painted) aluminum components are anodized. Anodized aluminum has either a nickel acetate seal which is a light to mid gray color or a chromate seal which is a yellowish/gold color. From the photo it appears to be the former. I would think that all versions of the S-60 would have similar internal components.
  10. I don't know first hand, and I'm not sure why, but I thought the engine bays were a gray, much like the interior cockpit color of modern US jets.
  11. While I know that the sheet is designed for the new Italeri kit, but I'm going to use it on the Kitty Hawk kit which I already have in my stash. Hopefully, they will fit.
  12. Looks great! Also, I'm looking forward to the sheet with the C model.
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