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  1. fasteagle12

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    Have the graphics been posted?
  2. fasteagle12

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    What was the sponsored decal sheet this year? If it was posted, I must have missed it.
  3. fasteagle12


    Great seller! Deal with confidence. Thanks Kevin.....
  4. Looking for the horizontal tail and top of vertical tail parts (parts 6 and 7)for the 1/72 Hasegawa/Minicraft RF-101 kit. I have a habit (maybe a bad habit) of looking at several unfinished/unstarted kits and I must have put the parts in the wrong boxes. I've looked through box after box, but can't located them, even know they must be in one of them. That said, I've already converted the kit to an A/C version using a resin nose and I'm ready to put the final assembly together but can't find those darn parts. If anyone has either a trashed kit or the pieces, please PM me and see if we can work out a deal. Thanks, Gary
  5. Are you looking for the decals like the kit decals from the Revell kit as shown here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/159022-revell-85-5803-f-14a-tomcat If so, PM me and I think I can get you mine.
  6. fasteagle12

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    I grew up about 15 miles from Blytheville AFB and lived a couple of miles from it just before I moved to Michigan in that time frame. I sure wished I had the foresight to get a good camera and take some photos. I used to sit at the end of the runway and watch them do touch and goes......oh well. A test B-52H landed at Blytheville without the vertical tail....it would make a great diorama...any thoughts on markings for it? (you wouldn't have to worry about the tail markings).... http://worldofaviation.net/b-52-emergency-landing-flight-without-a-tail-fin/#
  7. fasteagle12

    CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

  8. If I had that kit, you'd be welcome to borrow it, but I don't. Wouldn't you save a few bucks if you only asked that the clear sprues were shipped? Just a suggestion. Good luck!
  9. fasteagle12

    Revell 32nd F-18E

    Yeah, I know, but I've pre-ordered mine and I was planning on building both my Trumpeter Foxtrot Hornet at the same time.
  10. fasteagle12

    Revell 32nd F-18E

    Summer's here.....anyone have any other info on the release date? I know summer just started but I'm getting impatient........
  11. fasteagle12

    VFA-131 Super Hornet

    Looks like we need some new decals for the Rhino.....
  12. fasteagle12

    VFA-147 F/A-18 picture

    Only the 'C's have the extra antennas on the spine and nose, so it's, for sure, a 'C' . The Argo's were on the Nimitz from November of '95 til May of '96. Google 'VFA-147 on USS Nimitz' and you can get more photos or info.
  13. fasteagle12

    1/48 Kits and Decals FS/FT

    PM sent on Skyray...
  14. I've misplaced my Eagle Strike instruction sheet for the placement of the decals. I had them but must have put them away with some other kit, so now I can't find them. If anyone can share a scanned copy, I'd really appreciate it. It appears that the CAM sheet has basically the same markings, so either would do. I'm at the point on a Hornet build where I'm ready to put on the markings. I can get probably all of the placement by looking at photos on the web, but I'd like to use the instructions that came with the sheet. If anyone has the instructions, please PM me. TIA Gary