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  1. fasteagle12

    VFA-147 F/A-18 picture

    Only the 'C's have the extra antennas on the spine and nose, so it's, for sure, a 'C' . The Argo's were on the Nimitz from November of '95 til May of '96. Google 'VFA-147 on USS Nimitz' and you can get more photos or info.
  2. PM sent on Skyray...
  3. I've misplaced my Eagle Strike instruction sheet for the placement of the decals. I had them but must have put them away with some other kit, so now I can't find them. If anyone can share a scanned copy, I'd really appreciate it. It appears that the CAM sheet has basically the same markings, so either would do. I'm at the point on a Hornet build where I'm ready to put on the markings. I can get probably all of the placement by looking at photos on the web, but I'd like to use the instructions that came with the sheet. If anyone has the instructions, please PM me. TIA Gary
  4. fasteagle12

    fasteagle12 - Deal with confidence

    Thanks Yang. The sale on your end was flawless as well. Great seller!
  5. I have a Monogram port horizontal tail that had the connecting rod broken off close to the tail. It would take some scratching to make it work, but I've made thing like this work before. The shape is close to the Has. tail but it's thinner, especially on the lower half. I also have the spotlight part. As long as it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to mail them to you (no problem if you're in the US), you can have them. Not exactly what you're looking for, but it could work for you. PM me if you want them. Gary
  6. If someone has leftovers from their Academy build, the kit came with both clear and amber sprues. I'm using my extras for my early Has. F-16.
  7. fasteagle12

    1/72 kits FS

    Thanks for the update. I hope things are better for you now. Get those things taken care of before here.
  8. fasteagle12

    1/72 kits FS

    I PMd and emailed him on April 12th and he hasn't responded yet. Good luck.
  9. fasteagle12


    What scale is the F-14?
  10. fasteagle12


    Ken, I hope he gets my email and PM I sent him yesterday before he gets yours.....although he hasn't responded to either yet.
  11. fasteagle12

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18 Tail Swap?

    A trade is in the works...thanks to those that responded.....