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  1. fasteagle12

    Stash Reduction for Grad School

    Opps....double post....
  2. Thanks for the offer, but wwesly3 has them and he is in the US. I might contact you about your other decals, but I couldn't if I wanted to because your mailbox is full.
  3. I picked up an original issue kit that needs a lot of work to get it in shape. I was going to use it only for updates of my old Revell kit, but since it's mostly all there, I thought I'd try to piece it back together. One of the things I need is new decals for the cockpit instrument and consoles. If anyone has these decals, please contact me and see what we can work out. I'll also need to eventually get some squadron decals for it. If anyone has any markings from the 1994 version (or any other early/mid 90's markings), please let me know if you can part with them as well. TIA opps...I meant to post this in the 'Spare Box' forum....oh well...
  4. fasteagle12

    1/48 OV-1A Mohawk Cockpits sold out?

    I, regrettably, put off a couple of buys from Cobra, not knowing he was shutting down. I'll probably never get them now.....not sure how many more decades I'll be around....
  5. fasteagle12


    Just completed a flawless buy from ReccePhreak. Great communication and fast delivery. Thanks Larry!
  6. Thanks Aaron....PM on the way..
  7. I picked up a couple of these kits, years ago, that were started but more or less complete (I've already built one of them). Most of the parts of the second kit were there, but I'm just about finished with it and found that it's missing parts C2, C8 and C24 times 2 (the wing pylons and missile mounts) . I could also use some other manufacturer's (Revellogram, Tamyia, etc) matching parts if I had to. Please PM me if you have the parts and can part with them. Thanks, Gary
  8. fasteagle12

    Eagle Strike Decals for sale

    I bought a sheet from him last September and it seemed to go okay....
  9. fasteagle12

    Eagle Strike Decals for sale

    I guess if he responds to a year+ old posting, I might request one too........
  10. fasteagle12

    LF Has. RF-101 Parts

    Got the parts....Thanks Model-Junkie!
  11. fasteagle12

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    Thanks Waco...do you know what scales the decals are for? I don't see where they're specified.
  12. fasteagle12

    LF Has. RF-101 Parts

    Still looking....TTT
  13. Try this: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=1814 It is the first hit I got when I googled it......
  14. fasteagle12

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    Have the graphics been posted?
  15. fasteagle12

    2018 IPMS USA National Convention pictures

    What was the sponsored decal sheet this year? If it was posted, I must have missed it.