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  1. I'd send you a message on the B-52 wing box mod but your mailbox is full....


    1. ElectroSoldier


      I already have all the information about the mod thanks :)

    2. fasteagle12


      I'm looking for info, not looking to give it.  You mentioned you had the article.  I'm looking to see if you would share it with me. 

    3. ElectroSoldier


      sure, message me your email address mate

  2. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Thanks guys.....I've given Paul a PM.
  3. 1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Does anyone have a link to the specific steps to take to modify the wing box support to get the correct wing droop for a plane on the ground? I've done some searches but haven't come up with the exact cut location/stock removal for the droop. Any help, hopefully with photos, would be greatly appreciated........TIA
  4. The Two Bobs sheet that was mentioned in the above post has markings for 84-0025 that had 2 kills during Desert Storm on Jan. 26th, 1991. It is in the Compass Grey scheme and has the two kill markings on the left nose. Also with the sheet, you can easily make the markings for a 'D' by changing out the tail number on the 'Tiger Meet' 'C' to 79-009 using some of the tail numbers that comes with the sheet. I did that to a 'D' that I had and it looks good to me....it's also in Compass Grey. Here is the markings for the 'C' on the sheet...as you can see, except for the tail number, the markings are the same...
  5. F-35B Tail Markings

    This may have already been posted somewhere here, but I ran across some photos of an VFMA-211 bird with colorful tail feathers.... Hopefully, more color will follow as more squadrons stand up....
  6. I picked up the Italeri Tornado ADV kit No. 836 and it was missing the decal sheet. I need a replacement. If anyone has the sheet and didn't use the RAF markings, please contact me and see what we can work out. I'd take other RAF markings if you have them. Thanks.....
  7. Yeah...I asked for them too with no response.
  8. Two Bobs Decals For Sale

    See my post in 'Bad Trader'....
  9. Deleting post. Now working with seller
  10. If all you need is the wheels/tires, I have a couple of leftovers from a Fujimi kit. The Fujimi kits come with both separate wheels with rubber tires or solid wheel/tire combos. PM me your info and you can have them.
  11. How long to wait before posting here?

    Guess I'll wait until a full month, next Friday, before I post. Really disappointing that I've heard nothing or received the item, especially from a long time member here.
  12. How long to wait before posting here?

    Yep, the transit time shouldn't have been more than 4 days, tops.
  13. How long to wait before posting here?

    Nope....he's in the states, no where near flooded area, only a hundred miles or so from me here in Michigan.
  14. Got confirmation that he received payment on the 29th; said he'd ship within 48 hours.....still haven't received the item or heard anything from him. I've never posted here and don't really want to but how long should I wait. Doesn't look like he's been here since the 29th. I've made lots of trades and purchases here without any issues. Any advice?