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  1. Bump...cleaned up the list...removed the sold/traded sheets.. The sale will continue this week.
  2. Probably not....your profile didn't give your location. Good luck..
  3. I have these for sale on page 2. It has low viz F-4S markings. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/microscale-48-314-f-4-s-usmc-alabama-ang--1215993
  4. PM sent on: Monogram Promodeler P-38F/G/H $25
  5. I looked around without luck to see if anyone made any aftermarket pipes. Someone gave me a partially built Tamiya kit and it was mainly all there, but missing the exhaust pipes piece. If no one makes one, I'll post to see if someone has a trashed kit or one they started but won't complete. I'm not sure if the Monogram part would work on the Tamiya kit, but I guess that may also be an option. Please let me know if you know or have heard of the aftermarket part... Thanks, Gary
  6. Have to share a great deal I got this afternoon. I got out of work early for my rescheduled dental appointment for cleaning. I had a few minutes extra and stopped by Hobby Lobby to see if there was anything new....nope. On my way out I thought I'd check out their clearance area. There, sitting alone, was the kit with a red sticker with the writing 'Missing Parts', with a price of $4.99. I quickly grabbed it up and figured for that price, how can I loose? When I got it home, figuring it was probably missing the clear parts, but upon inspection found that it was only missing one prop. Out comes my spare box and I found my B-25 extras (a little different, but close enough) and now I have a complete kit for 5 bucks! I guess every once in a while lucky things do occur.
  7. I can help you out. PM me and we can work out the details. Gary
  8. Looking for the windshield/canopy from the Hasegawa or Minicraft kit. I've had the kit for years from a trade but it was missing the clear sprue. If anyone has a trashed kit and can spare it, please give me a PM. Thanks, Gary
  9. Still anxiously awaiting the 1/32 AV-8A sheet. Maybe August?
  10. PM inbound for: A-4B "Falklands Fighter" Hobbycraft #HC1433 - Box in fair condition, Sprues complete $5.00 + shipping
  11. Weekend Bump...still some nice decals here with reasonable prices which includes shipping in the CONUS....
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