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  1. I'm looking to find the conversion of the F/A-18C/D sensor probes. The 1/48 Hasegawa kit measures .385. Rather than screw it up, can anyone tell me what the dimension would be in 1/72? Thanks for any help!
  2. PM me your address and I'll get them to you next week. I can't guarantee the quality but they look usable.
  3. I have these...not from the kit but I think the same tail markings..
  4. I started with only doing 1/72 (around 275 in the stash), then transitioned to 1/48 ( around 175 in the stash)and then some 1/32 around 12). I'm slowly selling off the 1/32 since im running out of shelf space to display them.
  5. I managed to pick up a fairly inexpensive early F-86 kit. The canopy looks close but the windshield isn't. That said, I'm still in search of a leftover Czech Model kit canopy.
  6. Thanks..that's kinda what I thought. I guess I won't be getting the Mustang kit out.
  7. Thanks Don.. I've looked at the Squadron canopies that you referenced, and they may be able to be used, but before that, I'm getting a Mustang kit canopy and see if they're even close, lengthwise. I also have a possible line on an early F-86 that may be closer. Of course, that best and first option is to see if someone has a leftover from the Czech Model kit, since it came with 2 so I'm still looking for one of those. Thanks again!
  8. Still searching... If all else fails, I'll see how close an early F-86 or FJ-2 canopy will fit with modifications.
  9. I just received a 2nd hand kit today and to my great disappointment, the canopy was missing. The ad did say 'Appears Complete, Sold as is' so I guess it can't be returned. That said, I need to find a replacement. I read that the kit normally comes with 2 vac canopies. I tried to see if Czech Model has a replacement part option but they must not be in business anymore since I couldn't find a site. If anyone has the leftover canopy, please contact me to see what we can work out. Thanks, Gary
  10. Since the updated Italeri kit apprears to be vaporware, it should would be great is a someone would bring out an update set for a modern version. I know I would buy one even though I've almost scratch built a FLIR pod and bracket for the one I have.
  11. I have an old 1/72 Hasegawa kit that has markings for an early RAAF bird. I can the part out the specific marking for the Australian Hornet if you want them. They are old so I can't speak for how good they are. Let me know.. Gary
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