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  1. As it states, I'm looking for a prop, only 1, for the 1/48 Revell kit (one from the Monogram kit would work as well). It can be new if you used an aftermarket set or one from a trashed kit. Please PM me if you have one so we can work something out. Thanks, Gary
  2. Is this one in the foreseeable future?
  3. I'd love to see a conversion to make the F-15 S/MTD and Active. I thought of tryng to scratch build one but I don't think my skills are up to it. Your other conversions look great!
  4. Another bump...still looking. Will also take the 1/72 F-35C Black Knights markings from their later sheet...
  5. I picked up this old Tiger II Agressor kit, partial started and it was missing the clear parts. If anyone has an old or trashed kit and they let them go. I could sure use them. Please PM me and see what we can work out. Thanks, Gary
  6. Steel Beach made a set, if you can find one. I picked one up a few years ago and still planning on using it.
  7. Yep...confirmed that they are the sensors on the sides of the front fuselage..
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