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  1. Tried to PM you but your mailbox is full.
  2. I'll be making the drive over. Not sure which day.
  3. If anyone isn't using the US Navy markings from the Kitty Hawk Seasprite kit, I could sure use them. I can purchase or we can look to trade. PM me if you have them and are willing to part with them. TIA
  4. I received my intake update set in record time too, but I don't want to start without the canopy/nose update set.
  5. Chris...any updates on the canopy/nose set?
  6. Great looking markings! Is the Memphis Belle IV (60-0001) from Barksdale going to be included? Being from close to Memphis I'd like to see that one. (I saw the original Belle when I was a kid sitting pretty much derelict in front of the National Guard Armory in Memphis. You could stick your head in through the open front windows).
  7. Thanks for the link.
  8. Anyone have a idea what stock still exists and when it will be available and where?
  9. You might be right about the paint scheme, but who knows? After the new wears off the CAG birds could add some color.
  10. It may have been posted somewhere else, but I ran across a recent article where VFA-147 will be the first non-FRS squadron transitioning to the F-35C: "The first operational Fleet unit will be VFA-147 'Argonauts', which will transition from the Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet in January 2018. " I'm waiting to see the hi-viz CAG paint scheme....
  11. I have the Mach 2 B-45 kit and I'm looking forward to seeing the new sheet.
  12. Got mine in the mail today. Thanks Chris!