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  1. I've tried both, and get best results with Tamiya's own thinner (no I do not have shares neither am I on the payroll). I also add a drop of Cryla "acrylic flow enhancer" (drying retarder). Ratios? I tend to go on "that's about right", depends on the colour. HTH
  2. I built that, and cheated by using the Airfix Tiger to source the struts and u/c. It was finished as a Cambridge UAS machine post-war and turned out rather nicely, but alas when I moved house it ended up as a Cat 5 (=write-off) monoplane. Shame, as I don't build many biplanes - the T/M was in 1994 or so, the next biplane I built was started a month ago. Anyway, if you can get hold of an Aeroclub that's what I'd recommend.
  3. And don't forget to position the control column accordingly - how many models do you see at shows with beautifully displaced control surfaces and the stick dead central?
  4. Small package with Neomega MB Mk IV seat (Mirage IIIE for the use of) and Sea Harrier cockpit. Told myself I've got to finish one before I can start the SHAR, fortunately the A-7's in the decalling shop at the moment so not long!!
  5. Cloggy, I look forward to seeing it in the plastic. Cheers, Mike
  6. I've left Eduard masks a few days, no ill-effects, just make sure they are stuck again before the second coat of paint. Incidentally, I have an Eduard P-51B set that has been used for 3 models now - is this a record?
  7. I remember reading that - I think it was in Scale Aircraft Modelling in the late 80s or early 90s - must look it up.
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