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    Skyhawk Builder/Honorary VA-216 Black Diamond

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  1. Nick M

    Martin Doman's Skyhawk

    Nice job on the Skyhawk, Martin. The office looks exceptional!
  2. Nick M

    Giannis' TA-7C Corsair

    Beautiful job, Giannis...you've got some serious skills! Maybe the best 1/48 Corsair I've ever seen.
  3. Nick M

    Goggo's Scooter

    Nice job on the Scooter Goggo!
  4. Nick M

    Eric Hargett's Demon

    Great job on the Demon, Eric. The weathering is spot on. I'm guessing it's your favorite part of the build.
  5. Great job, Artur! Did you build the furniture?
  6. Nick M

    Adriano Souza's Flanker

    Adriano, Excellent paint job! Really brings the Flanker to life.
  7. Nick M

    Gary's Scooter

    Great finish on the Scooter, Gary!
  8. Nick M

    Peter Doll's B-58

    Peter, Beautiful job on the bare metal finish. She looks fantastic!
  9. Nick M

    Dave's Avenger

    Great looking Avenger, David. Masterful weathering!
  10. Nick M

    Terry Davis' Diorama

    Great job, Terry! The figure is fantastic...and not glossy! I love the way the controller strap hangs off the table. Your scratch building skills are awesome.
  11. Nice job on the Catalina, Stanislav. The weathering is very believable.
  12. Does anyone have the instructions for this set? I bought it on EBay, and it came without them. Thanks in advance Nick M
  13. Nick M

    invaluable modeling tools

    Optivisor. Couldn't model without it.
  14. Nick M

    Willys Jeep

    Holmes, Most of my airplanes are in the ARC gallery. I've been on an airplane break for a few months, though. Here is a link to my Mustang, which I completed just before the Jeep. It came out pretty good. https://picasaweb.google.com/nickmonopoli/Mustang02?authkey=Gv1sRgCIP-y6Czw6no-wE#
  15. Nick M

    Willys Jeep

    Thanks, Holmes!!!