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  1. This was a lazy build year for me. But I have spent a lot time during this holiday break in my hobby room. Happy Modeling and Happy New Year! Steven
  2. Very Cool! Thanks for Sharing!
  3. Thanks Mike Thanks Habu. About the 5DSR, it's a 50 megapixel beast which produces some stunning detail rich images. I have notice it tends to vignette with slower glass. Cheers, Steven
  4. From the numerous years I’ve been relentlessly capturing images, I’ve never had such an elevated level of anticipation for sharing a collection of photos like the ones from this year. Follow the link below to see more of my favorite images from 2023 https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/12/04/adventurous-images-my-photographic-journey-through-2023/ Thanks for looking and take care, Steven
  5. After my two helicopter flights earlier this year, the American Heroes Airshow, an all-helicopter event in the Los Angeles area was a no brainer. Tap or click on the link below to see more images from this amazing event. https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/11/11/american-heroes-airshow/ Thanks for looking, Steven
  6. Your welcome. Unfortunately, the rest of the Colling Foundation birds were on static display. Steven
  7. I heard Texas calling and felt the need to revisit Houston. So, I gladly answered its call. the link below to see more Wings over Houston 2023. https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/10/30/wings-over-houston-2023/ Thanks for looking, Steven
  8. With the growing number of overcrowded “cookie-cutter” airshows, I feel this event is a hidden gem. Follow the link below to see more images from Wings over Waukegan https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/09/18/wings-over-waukegan/ Thanks for looking! Steven
  9. Thanks guys. I'm glad you all enjoy them. Cheers, Steven
  10. During my adventure in Seattle, I did some seaplane spotting. To see more seaplane action, follow the link below. https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/09/14/seattle-seaplanes/ Thanks for looking, Steven
  11. It’s been seven years since I’ve been to Yankee Air Museum annual event, Thunder over Michigan. And this year was great year to return. All the familiar sights and sounds of vintage aircraft coming to life and soaring above Willow Run airport. Follow the link below to see more images from Thunder over Michigan https://anadventureinawesome.com/2023/08/22/return-to-thunder-over-michigan/ Thanks for looking, Steven L
  12. Great! Was able to shoot over everyone's heads.
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