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  1. funny sim playlist

    I came across this YouTube channel the other day and if any of you game online with friends, you'll get a kick out of this. Enjoy! Steven L
  2. Dogfight with a MiG-29

    Nice play on words! HaHa
  3. A GWH Su-35 will be far better then Kitty hawk's weak offering. I would love it if they did a Su-30MKI/MKA/MKM in 48th scale. just my 2 cents, Steven
  4. Royal international Air Tattoo 2017

    Nice spread of images Michel It's too bad Mother Nature was not cooperating. Steven L
  5. 1/48 Su-30MKI/MKM

    Just because someone does not the skillset to take on and complete a complex conversion set, does not make it impossible to build. https://www.adventurephotomodels.com/models-gallery/sukhoi-su-37-f-terminator/ Steven L
  6. 1/48 Horten Ho.229 Zoukei Mura

    That's some amazing and beautiful work. Keep it up, Steven L
  7. Here a few images from the 2017 Goshen Freedom Fest. More here...https://anadventureinawesome.com/2017/07/04/2017-goshen-freedom-fest/ Steven L
  8. Shooting hand-held is the way to do it. Nice shots!
  9. Youngstown Air Show

    Yes, but thinking I might split the weekend with Thunder. Who knows.... Steven
  10. Youngstown Air Show

    Nice shooting Mike! Good to see you out shooting again. Steven
  11. Got Published

    Great question. When I started my blog, I wanted to write about my experiences and share my thoughts on photography. Getting published wasn't something that I set out to do. As long somebody read what I was posting. Even if it was only 1 person, I was happy. I told myself to try to post something a least once a week and try to build a following. A few weeks later I when out to Chino for the Planes of Fame show and meet other photographers, taking pics and talking shop. Run into Larry, who happens to be the president of ISAP, we exchanged info and since then he has encouraged me to write more. Days later, he asked if I wanted to write an article on the Planes of Fame show and the rest is history. Thank Pete! That really means a lot to me coming from someone with your background and experience. Thanks again! Steven
  12. Got Published

    Thanks guys!
  13. Got Published

    I just wanted to share with you guys that I got published in this month’s issue of ISnAP, Magazine of the International Society of Aviation Photography. Hopefully the first of many more to come. I have to thank my new friends as well as fellow aviation photographer Larry Grace for making this happen,Thank You Larry! Here’s a link so you guys come see my work as well as the rest of the issue. Mine is “Planes of Fame Airshow 2017” http://issuu.com/isaporg/docs/isnap_june2017 And if you have not seen my blog, come on over and check it out. https://anadventureinawesome.com/ Cheers, Steven L
  14. Here’s brief pictorial review of the 2017 “TICO Warbird Airshow” at the Space Coast Regional Airport. More here... https://anadventureinawesome.com/2017/05/27/better-late-than-never/ Until next time, Steven L
  15. Planes of Fame and CAF pictures

    Oortiz10, I've been into photography for about 13 years now and I'm still cutting tails and noses off aircraft! Aviation photography is addictive and expensive. There are a ton of great shooters out there but don't let that stop you from nurturing your passion. If you want to be better photographer, you have to understand exposure and how to properly use your gear within its limits. Talk to other photographers and ask questions. Don't be afraid to play with your setting. Shoot, chimp, switch setting, reshoot, chimp...Find out what setting work well for YOU. Post process editing is just as important as shooting. I would strongly urge you to learn your editing software. Google and YouTube are your smart friends, use them and learn from them. The weather at this years show made for some tricky lighting conditions. Especially on Saturday but Sundays weather was better until the F-turdy-five flew and the rain began. Here's what I think was the star of the Planes of Fame airshow this year. More images of the show here.... https://anadventureinawesome.com/2017/05/16/2017-planes-of-fame-airshow-post-show-comments/ Never stop shooting and learning, Steven L