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  1. Pre-shading

    I do and like the effect. Steven L
  2. Wings Over Houston 2017

    Yes, I shot on Saturday and Sunday .
  3. I finally got around to updating my blog, here's few of my images from Houston. See and read more >>>HERE<<< Enjoy, Steven
  4. 1/48 F-14B VF-143 AG102

    Front wheels are too clean.
  5. Attack Squadron etc. SHUTTING down

    More info here... http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2017/10/11/a-big-change-in-arma-hobby/
  6. Are wish lists still allowed?-in 1/48

    A new tooled F-111 series would be nice along with a Su-30MKI/MKM/MKA/SM series. As long as it is not by Kitty Hawk!
  7. funny sim playlist

    I came across this YouTube channel the other day and if any of you game online with friends, you'll get a kick out of this. Enjoy! Steven L
  8. Dogfight with a MiG-29

    Nice play on words! HaHa
  9. A GWH Su-35 will be far better then Kitty hawk's weak offering. I would love it if they did a Su-30MKI/MKA/MKM in 48th scale. just my 2 cents, Steven
  10. Royal international Air Tattoo 2017

    Nice spread of images Michel It's too bad Mother Nature was not cooperating. Steven L
  11. 1/48 Su-30MKI/MKM

    Just because someone does not the skillset to take on and complete a complex conversion set, does not make it impossible to build. https://www.adventurephotomodels.com/models-gallery/sukhoi-su-37-f-terminator/ Steven L
  12. 1/48 Horten Ho.229 Zoukei Mura

    That's some amazing and beautiful work. Keep it up, Steven L
  13. Here a few images from the 2017 Goshen Freedom Fest. More here...https://anadventureinawesome.com/2017/07/04/2017-goshen-freedom-fest/ Steven L
  14. Shooting hand-held is the way to do it. Nice shots!