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  1. You guys have the best figures in the hobby. Are you guys on Instagram? Steven
  2. Here’s a video I’ve found helpful Cheers, Steven
  3. Thanks Guys. I truly appreciate it Steven
  4. Thanks Guys. Glad you all enjoy it. Thanks for looking, Steven
  5. For those enamel users, there’s also “True North”. FS, RAF and RLM colors. https://www.truenorthpaints.com Hth Steven
  6. The Mohawk is not a glamorous aircraft by any stretch of the imagination. I got it as a starting point for a German WW2 asymmetrical fighter similar to the BV-141. And soon after I got the Mohawk kit, guess what Hobbyboss release… So, the Mohawk was a “Stash Queen” for a few years. After the huge Scooter diorama, I told myself the next project will be simpler. Project Mohawk like all my builds will be a “What-if”. Not sure what nationality it’s going to be, but it will be a target decoy launch aircraft. The only major changes I’m going to do to the airframe is new props and spinner, which are
  7. I've found all I need is... A desk or workspace A light source Sanding sticks Super glue My airbrush And my compressor
  8. Being a “What-if” builder, that was easy. Thanks for looking, Steven
  9. Years ago, I started a “Family model” (two-seater) Scooter project. Got halfway through it then life showed up. And not in a good way. Lost my job, apartment and had to move out of state. Along with my passion to build eroded to nothing. Fortunately, after some time things changed for the better and it was time to get back to my scooter build. And like my life, my build idea changed too. It was going to be based on a theoretical Royal Australia Air Force Scheme from Richard Chafer, but now she will be flying for the Hellenic Air Force. And because I enjoy building in pairs, I added another sco
  10. Take a look at crafting wire. It comes in different colors as well as various gauges. From 10 gauge which is 2.5mm, down to 34 gauge which is .16mm. Take care, Steven
  11. Hello there, I'm looking for the decal sheet from Academy 1/48 F-15K Slam Eagle Kit Number 12213. If anyone has this sheet and is willing to part with it, please PM and or email me at far148@gmail.com. Cheers, Steven
  12. The fact is there’s not a quick and easy way (that produces good results) to properly photograph scale models. You need a basic understanding of the relationship between aperture and depth of field. Without that understanding, it’s kind of a waste of time. The key is having a aperture small enough(that’s right, small) that your depth of field will cover the model from nose to tail. Which means longer shutter speeds. Hence that’s why you need a tripod to keep the camera still during the long exposure. You can read more here, https://anadventureinawesome.com/2021/01/24/photographing-scale-models
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