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  1. To see more images and a list of things I did to her, look here https://www.far148studio.com/portfolio-2/republic-of-china-air-force-forwardswept-wing-idf-fck1c Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  2. Bunch of great stuff guys. Thanks for sharing Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  3. Hello there, Wondering if you all have any personal modeling rules or habits you swear by? For me, before I enter my modeling/hobby room, I got to wash my hands. In the past I've b!tched up to many paint jobs from having not clean hands. Could be grease or oil from food and snacks, thinner or other solvents from cleaning my airbrush. I've been practicing this for over 20 years now and its one less thing to deal with. I have others but this on stands out for me. I'm curious if you all have any modeling habits? Steven
  4. Hope you're doing well. Here's a link to my 2020 review. But it's not your ordinary yearly review. Mine is about how my creativity was affected by the events of 2020. https://anadventureinawesome.com/2020/12/21/2020-year-review/ Happy holidays and stay safe! Steven
  5. found what I was looking for...
  6. Those first three images are f%cking spectacular!!! Awesome build! Steven
  7. Dutch, Sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it. I had to make good use of my time in lockdown and they were a wonderful distraction from all the world events. Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  8. Hello there! Looking for 1/48 scale Afterburner Decals USAF missile and pods decal set. Please send me an email at far148@gmail.com if you have a complete sheet and are willing to sale it. Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  9. Here’s my Scratch built 1/48 scale Hunter/Killer drones. This project began back in August of 2019 and finish them up this past weekend. To see more, look here… https://www.far148studio.com/portfolio-2/royal-air-force-hunterkiller-drones Take care and stay safe, Steven
  10. Your welcome. Like anything, it just takes time and practice. Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
  11. Good to hear you found it helpful. I'm willing to wait until the world gets into a better position for mass gathering of any type. Stay safe and keep busy, Steven
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