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  1. Beautiful!!!! What weathering mediums are you using? Oils? Pastels? Enamel washes?
  2. You are moving fast on this build. I found this pic of the same bird.
  3. Holy crap! You are speed builder! I work at a glacial pace. The Spad is looking great. Do you use enamels, lacquers or acrylics?
  4. Dumb question on my part, but how did you know that the pink would give you a richer tone? Serendipity? Are you an art major? Did you remember a past experience with your box of 64 Crayolas? Inquiring mind's need to know. Also, you are going to paint this up in the SEA scheme or go with the Navy gull grey? I'm experimenting with the "black basing", but when I'm done, my models look closer to your "gray basing." I don't know if it really matters. By the way, beautiful builds. I got here because of your gray Corsair A7. It was stunning and you were robbed. Just supply
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