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  1. LOL, figure painting is very relaxing....specially wve you're in hospital 😛 Thanx 😄 I'm not sure about the scale...around 1/60th scale I think
  2. Thanx again Drake 😄 yeah, easy to build and heaps of fun to paint and weather 😄
  3. Thanx Seb 😄 Weil, they are addictive....I starter in december last year and I'm thoroughly hooked!
  4. Looks plenty! Still unbelievably fabulous! Most impressive! 😄
  5. A little progress is still progress 😄 looking good, mate 😄
  6. Not much to say.... another warhammer 40k piece and I had fun building, painting and weathering it 😄 There ya go 😄 Cheers
  7. Yep, another warhammer 40k item 😄 Thanx for the look, Glue safely! 😄
  8. That patchy corrosion control looks phabulous....
  9. Hi y'all, I may have started a Phantom build.... a VF96 F-4B off USS Enterprise in 1968. Well, right now can't do much but reserach since I'm hospitalized with a nasty streptococcus infection in my belly skin, while being pumped up with all kinds of antibiotics and being poked and prodded by hospital staff. Anyhew... As I said, reserach! I have found little of action pictures from the war but I have noticed that the white paint off the nose can be heavily chipped...but how often did that happen and how severe was it usually? Next I noticed in some pictures that
  10. Gorgeous builds and awesome weathering! I too have a couple of kinetic mirages in my stas...I think I'm hardened enough by previous kinetic to give them a go sometime in the future, far future 😛
  11. Wow Gianni, your work is truly astonishing....I mean really jaw-droppingly good!
  12. Always, and gritting my teeth in envy of your sense of details! That is your true strength!
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