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  1. The exhaust on viggen is huuuuuuge and the petals are at the very end of it. Sadly the petals in the box lacks detail and the upper petals always hangs down when parked. As do the elevons, yes the JA have elevons while the AJ have ailerons and flaps. The two surfaces are simply connected on the JA.
  2. Hiya...with more than 15 tarangus viggens under my belts I have a good svensexa of what is needed as a bare minimum and what can spice things up. All new boxings of the JA37 have a correction sprut with new fin, and canards as well as a RAT. Minimum needed are: turned brass pitot tubes from Master, CMK reverser petals and new wheels! To further Spice things up there are an entré new exhaust from Res-Kit (it's gorgeous), PE for the cockpit, Pilot Replicas ejection seat, new fuselage pylons. I also recommend having a look at wolf 3D resin, there are lots of nice stuff there.
  3. Thanks Trojan :) Well I aim to please my customers.
  4. Thanks Dutch :D it found a happy home :) thanks Mr. Happy :) It's a striking scheme :)
  5. God's Seb, my eyes hurt from that fantastic detail work you do in that tiny scale! I'm considering moving up to 1/32 scale because of my eyes :P
  6. Oooooh Already started on a new build! That pit looks fantastic with the printed instruments.
  7. Outstanding project! Really impressed by your super detailing and attention to all the details! I've been reading the thread from the start, fantastic... I'll use this as my go to thread if I do a F-117 ever again.
  8. Thanks mate :) Wasn't an issue with my other Gripen though :P but it's full of other issues....
  9. Thanks Bastian :D a stunning scheme isn't it.
  10. Another one bites the dust. Finished this fun and different project. It's a commission build of a Gripen C but painted up like the Gripen E prototype. I have to say that I'm, myself, partial to this scheme. It's simply gorgeous and fun to paint. The kit is the Kittyhawk in 1/48 with a bit of CMK resin and Aires exhausts. And it's a horrible kit as you know...this particular one suffered from the fuselage halves being of different length.... But I'm not griping about the Gripen... I'm a modeller after all :P. Anyways here is what it ended up like.
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