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  1. Thanks Bill :D I don't know, I got the printed resin as a gift...
  2. And Grogu And together...This is The Way Cheers!
  3. The Mandolorian and Grogu Here is a new figure thet is finally finished. It's a big 3D print I don't know the scale but I guess it's aroung 1/6th. Painted with all kinds of colours and washes and filters. It is the first time I paint a figure this big and it took forever with layers upon layers to get the effects I wanted, I'm still a novis. We start with Mando...
  4. It's Friday and Midsummer so here we go The end of Painting Time to sort out those small thingies, details I mean. So masking...again... Now it's a few different colors so I have to do it carefully but so far so good. So I started with putting my thumb in the white paint! sand and redo...meh. The rest went well though. I painted some details with a chrome pen, like the C/F-d
  5. Friday is upon us and so is this update! Hot Metal 3 Finally on the home stretch regarding the engines. SO the upper side it was... I started with drawing violet weldlines across like so. Then it was time for some itty bitty masking again and this time I drew brown weldlines. There.... And some blue weldlines....it looks like a drawing but it'll change as more layers are added. First
  6. Hot Metal 2 After the weld lines are in place it's time for some make-up! I gave the welded sections a blue hue and then I demasked the small hatches. Next for some weld lines on the folowing section with brown and blue lines. Before using the Tamyia make-up sets you have to seal the the lines that are drawn. Now I went for a orange base and then lines with blue over the welds....and unmask.
  7. Part 3 Now for the fun part.....masking for the weldlines! Oh joy. I use a violet Sakura pen to draw the welds. Unmasked it looks like this. Now for the outer part of the same nacelle. Here I felt I started to lose focus and sealed them with a couple of dry coats of gloss varnish. So I do the same to the other nacelle next time.....this will take a few updates so be prepared.
  8. Next I masked the outer part and shot Alclad Polished Brass. Here it was time to mask all the hatches, a piece of cake with the New Ware Mask set. Then I covered all with a thin coat of Alcad Magnesium....and I just had to dry fit the the cans to see how they looked, Still some way to go before they start matching more in part 3
  9. Now I hav e a fresh Friday-update for you! Hot Metal It's time to get those wonderful hot metal colours on! I work in layers, the first layer was the shiniest, the Alclad Airframe Aluminium. Next I shot Alclad Polished Aluminium in rough lines and over the small hatches. You see how it is lighter though less shiny than AA.
  10. Thanks cruise:D I'll try making an update later 🙂
  11. Yup....but that takes forever. One of these days it'll work again but the crashes are almost more annoying....perhaps I should try another Web reader
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