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  1. Ooooooh....neato projectm mate 😄
  2. Awesome! The details are incredible!
  3. We're fine, our youngest have a cold but that kept her sister from school and me from work as well... been hone since Tuesday last week and it looks like we'll be spending next week at home too. We only leave home for groceries and a bit of air now and then and we kick out the kids for bike rides once a day.
  4. Sacred bovin..... that looks amazing! And massive!
  5. Stunning! Amazing build in every way! Impressive how you manage to get all that into 1/72 scale!
  6. Hot darn, you make those seams disappear! Wish I got mine together as good...I way too inpatient 😛 (yes I'm sneak building the dog at a mates place :P)
  7. Outstanding, Gianni 😄 I'll be eagerly awaiting the pics of the finished kit 🙂
  8. Thanx my friend 😄 How's things in Rome btw?
  9. LoL, as usual I'm taking one for the team 😛
  10. Looks real nice 😄 I've found that working with pastelles, pigment and Tamyia makeup sets really gives exhausts that special exhaust feel 😄 http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc63/Aigore/F-14A Tomcat/DSC_3287_zpsbui7gupt.jpg
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