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  1. The Gigant Viggen did well at the last weekend model show It got me a Special Honorary Mention, or a Silver if you want :D Otherwise I dominated the ScifiFigure class with winning the class with my Mando and Grogu figures, Special Honorary Mention with a Warhammer 40k Warglaive and a Honorary Mention for a Warhammer 40k Palladin...so gold, silver and bronze :)
  2. Thanks Thadeus :D really kind of you :)
  3. There is something awe inspiring to watch someone deal with such miniscule details...
  4. Wohoooo! It's alive!
  5. Wow, you've got crazy hairy stick skills! Lovely!
  6. Thanks again niart17 :D it's nice to do something else sometimes :)
  7. Thanks niart117 :D a bit of diesel punk mixed in too :P
  8. Thanks John :D I hope you got on with your Viggen :D
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