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  1. Ok, that is wicked bangseats! It's a delight seeing you work this kit 😄
  2. Outstanding!! They look pretty darn perfect from where I am standing! I think you got the weathering down gorgeously!
  3. Thanx Jesse 😄 Really pleased with the weathering 🙂
  4. Awesome build, it's got the right rugged feel to it 😄
  5. Just lovely, I adore that Japanese blue on blue scheme! Great work!
  6. Indeed eduard Mk20's, the LANTIRN was stolen from the Academy F-15I Ra'am box....a wealth of pods and bombs in that box
  7. Uhhuh, nudge nudge ....know what I mean? 🙂 Thanx Steve 😄 I'm sure you will.....I eyed your aftermarket stuff jealously!
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