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  1. Aigore

    TIE Interceptor, Bandai 1//2

    Thanx my favs are F's πŸ˜„ Yeah, the details on this are insane...
  2. Aigore

    TIE Interceptor

    Thanx πŸ˜„ get going it is a fun build πŸ™‚
  3. Aigore

    TIE Interceptor

  4. ANd some finished pics of the beasty πŸ˜„ it took me a day to get it almost done and 3 weeks to apply the panels πŸ˜› But looking at it now I think IΒ΄ll use OH-film for TIE solar panels in the future too. I tried to edit put the stand hera and there....with mixed success πŸ˜› Cheers! WIP-thread
  5. Aigore

    TIE Interceptor

    Thanx πŸ˜„ Weeel...not other than it looks cool and gives an extra dimension to the model. I shot a thin coat of holographic spectral chrome on the gloss black panels too.
  6. Aigore

    TIE Interceptor

    Okie...this took a bit longer than anticipated. A weekend build turned nasty πŸ˜› After the idominable Intruder I wante to do something simple,a no fuzz straightforward build....Like a BanDai TIE Interceptor! I shook out the few sprues and oogled the amazing details on them for a bit before getting on with it. I started with masking the clear parts... Then I primed everything black A bit o blackbasing and started making swirls and stuff in light grey. Threw together the pit and pilot... Supposed toi be a bunch of decals in there but I figured whoΒ΄d notice...I want it done! Closed the inner orb... put it into the fuselage... And closed the fuselage... Covered the "eye" with a taped up glass less frame... And painted everything in thin layers of Airsuperiority Blue. Then some weathering after I glosscoated....washes and pigments, I wanted this Interceptor to look used...like it was in the hands of a superior pilot who actually never had to bail out of his interceptor πŸ˜„ Started putting things together after a flat coat... Somewhere around here an idea popped into my mind...it is almost finished, actually just seconds from being finished and I came to think about a nifty TIE I had once seen.. it had OH-film covering itΒ΄s solar panels I think it was made by a very talented builder called Diego. anyways I ran with that idea... and things starte to take time:P I got some OH film sent to me by a mate, Thanx Fredrik. and I got on with it. I had to cut many panels..I had a long learning curve on getting them right, I know meassure thrice and cut twice or something... Panel by panel it took shape... until..done! More finished pictures to come later! Cheers!
  7. Aigore

    Ohio Class

    Thanx Slartibartfast πŸ˜„ Thanx CO πŸ˜„ indeed....I don't have to be bothered with aftermarket and AS ME, just slap them together and add paint πŸ˜„
  8. Aigore

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Bell AH-1Z Viper

    Gorgeous!Beutiful!.....a bit clean tho πŸ˜‰
  9. Aigore

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Fantastic, outstanding paint job and finish πŸ˜„
  10. Aigore

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    did you just make the landing gears foldable? You are an extraordinary plastic carvery! Effing outstanding!
  11. Aigore

    1/48 KINETIC EA-6B Prowler

    Gorgeous work, few things as crisp as an Aires cockpit....outstanding!
  12. Aigore

    1/48 Kinetic Prowler for VMAQ-2 - One of 25!

    Wow, a monumental task! 25 Prowlers....yup a bit of assembly line thinking is prudent πŸ™‚ I'll be cheering on πŸ˜„ remember the time saver is in the prep work!
  13. Aigore

    Ohio Class

    A little odd build...not the easiest boomer to get your hands on nowdays. Dragons !/350 scale Ohio class....not much to say, lots of putty and sanding πŸ˜› Cheers!
  14. Thanx John πŸ˜„ indeed, I'm in need of better backgrounds for my pics. This got to do for now πŸ™‚
  15. Aigore

    1/48 MiG-15

    Sweeet! Really nice scheme πŸ˜„