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  1. Sorry, I missed your comment. Anhedral? Nonexistent πŸ˜›
  2. Wilco....tho sanding doesn't make for sexy updates tho
  3. Awesome TPS weathering....the decals look fantastic too. You really spoilt us with that build!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous build! Like how the light weathering comes together. Great work!
  5. Fabulous detailing as usual! I really like the weathering you did in the inlets! Taking notes here....I have another Tammy cat in the pipe this year πŸ˜„ Keep up the great work!
  6. To think I found a brother and fellow puttier all the way in Milwaukee πŸ˜›
  7. I think we should start a club, Anonymous Puttying........for us who heavily rely on putty and can't be bothered with getting parts to fit! πŸ˜„
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ˜„ Thanx Mstor, you're a real bro! πŸ˜„
  9. Ah, time for a little update to show IΒ΄m actually doing something πŸ˜› The fuselage is glued.. And the top with the wing fold mechanism...rather cleverly done I must say, not the mechanincs of it but the break up of parts. Having everything fit into a separate piece really makes construction simpler...good thinking πŸ˜„ Before I glued the top on I needed to put in a distance made from a toothpick to make ends meet so to speak. And the top glued in place, the fit is about as good as I can make it, any discrepancies are my fault and they will be dealt with! Yep, I will have to putty it up... itΒ΄s my curse! I use way more putty than the average bear so I usually say (with a tone of self irony)IΒ΄m a crappy builder but a good painter πŸ˜› To save my putty account I mask the areas to putty... On with the green stuff! Yeah yeah, I know there are other ways to putty that pprobably are smarter but this is how I do it and I darn well like it! OK? πŸ˜› Cheers!
  10. It is a fine piece of kit of a kitty....I'll keep my eyes on this thread πŸ˜„
  11. It is a brand of pigment pens with brush tips....pretty much like sharpies but higher quality.
  12. Hey, is that a HP-CH+ airbrush? Hehe if so we got the same general purpose airbrush πŸ˜„
  13. Update time, donΒ΄t you think? πŸ˜„ Before closing the fuselage I realised that perhaps I needed the exhaust in place first. So I started painting the engine parts. Burner rings in bright green and the rest in shades og aluminium and steel. Next a dark wash...IΒ΄m not going anal on the engine exhaust...well since noone will see all the lovely details really πŸ˜› Assembled the burner...really nice fit and eduard graciously gives you a color guide for the parts (wish Aires did the same) I used pigments in the shaft to give it a nice burned hot feeling. And added the shaft to the burner. Dry fitted the exhaust can... Now I out the fuselage together... a bit flimsy and a bit hard to align but I think this will be alright, a bit of putty here and there πŸ˜› I dropped the engine assembly in place...what can I say, it was nice not to have to make room for the engine...itΒ΄s a drop fit! And the can fit beautifully Well I guess the top next then πŸ˜› Cheers!
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