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  1. Roflmao....I got to see that 🤣
  2. Yay.....will be like masking a digi cammo, enjoy the masking 😛
  3. Thanks mate 😄 indeed, though there are still issues with the layering but there are ways to combat them.
  4. Thank you 😄 Don't be affraid to ask about refs or info on Viggen.....it is a jet I happen to build a lot lately 😛 (just finished a 4 build commission job)
  5. Today I started with doing some dishes.... em that is I washed the resin parts in water and detergent as to remove and release agent from it. But we will go on to the yummie parts right away! Let´s have a look at what kind of RAT Jetmads brings us. The parts are 3D printed and has exquisite details that made me feel a tiny bit panicky as I cut the printing supports. incredibly enough I didn´t destroy anything. After cleaning the parts I went ahead and inpaled them on toothpicks and readied them for
  6. Hehe...I follow Doog too 🙂 Brian always knows his stuff....I would be lost without his insights! looks good, generic mottling is great to do free handed, the template is useful for salt stains in a post shade.
  7. Geee....you're talking blasphemy! Decals are boring and a necessary evil 😛 I have decals for my 1/14000 bandai star destroyer...looks neat actually
  8. Thanks Dave 😄 I'll have a look 🙂
  9. Time to put the seat to rest! I added the decals... lovely things that conformed perfectly and they are thin. And then I carved the lost ejection handle, yes I know it doesn´t look perfect but nor does it have to....no point detailing something that noone will see, I choose my battles. And the finished bang seat with it´s saftey handle in place as well .....now I just have to put it somewhere for saftey where I won´t destroy it until installment in the cockpit!
  10. Looks great, I should get me templates like that....
  11. On with the seat... I primed the parts in Alclad gray primer. And the shot white aluminium over the seat frame Love the harness, painted in light ghost gray and XF-11 JN Green With that I put the seat together....I like what I see I painted the parapack in the seat with dark green FS34079, the seat cover in XF-61 Dark green, the seat cushion headrest and anklepads are painted in XF-70 IJN Dark Green, the top headrest cushion is in RL
  12. Indeed, there are some crazy details here!
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