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  1. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Wow, thanx and that is some coincident 😄 Always fun when someone has a personal relation to a build I've made 😄
  2. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    There, pics are back...
  3. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    I´ll do the rest when I get home from work
  4. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Hmmm...seems I broke the links after I adjusted the exposure... I'll fix it as soon as possible.
  5. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Thanx BoeingDriver 😄
  6. Aigore

    Klingon Bop

    It's gorgeous! Awesome weathering! 😄
  7. Aigore

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    Oooooooooo...this is so exciting, I'm jumping up and down like a 5 year old at X-mas!!! So cool, MH ....seriously cool!
  8. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Thanx O golden Water of Life!
  9. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    I cranked up the exposure a bit... hope it did the trick
  10. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Yep... I should get me a better monitor, when I edited I thought the brightness was as good as possible but when I see the pics on my pad they are way to dark.
  11. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Part 3 There, Thanx for looking Cheers!
  12. Aigore

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Part 2 MOre in part 3
  13. I have kept another secret build from you 😛 It´s a Viper...but just not any Viper but a Viper that was part part of one of the USAFs attempts to replace the A-10 as the USAF main CAS plattform. It did not turn out well and the A-16 was not to be as it was a way to delicate for a powerful 30mm gatling gun. Nothing tells the story of the CAS Viper and the GAU-13 gun better than this article: https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-16-gun-pod-that-tried-to-shoot-down-the-a-10-wart-1597577525 A Viper in wraparound Euro-1 was simply irresistable so armed with a Tamyia F-16C block 25, Aires exhausts, seat and Caracals CAS Viper decal sheet, a GPU-5 gun pod from the hasegawa weapon set and Rockeyes, Sidewinders and Mavericks from Eduard, I set out to build a true CAS Viper! The first hurdle to overcome was the Pave Penny pod, the pylon attached to ithe air intake was no where to be seen until I found a resin set for a IAF Netz conversion from wolfpack. It is the only source for this Pave Penny pod needed for this build just so you know 😛 The second hurdle was that I got plagued by silvering on the Caracal decals...not their fault, somehow skimped on the surface work or something I tried fixing it but to no avail..the decals decided to stay silvered 😞 Other than that....Tamyia Vipers are fantastic to build, just so you know if you never tried one 😛 OKi here comes the picture avalanche 😛 more in part 2
  14. Outstanding work and detailing!
  15. Aigore

    F-15I - 1/48 GWH

    Great work!