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  1. Ah, Friday again and here thngs are moving on at a steady pace. Well well, masking wells. Today I decided to try something new for the intake lips coroguards... a black pen! I only masked thin strips... Well that turned out good enough, maybe next time instead of masking the entire thing I should use a pen instead OK I'm sorry about the white balance, the light conditions changed faster than I could change the se
  2. Hmmm...I have no clue why some of the picture links don´t work I have tried different ways but for some reason some picture links simply doesn´t work! It's very annoying.
  3. Time for the Sunday update Much ado about nothing Right, this is where I left it yesterday... Now for one of the most boring paintjobs there are, the protective tape on the wings and fins edges! They are in black and to avoid overspray this means a LOT of masking for little gain, but it has to be done! Sheeesh, an hour later the masking was done and ready for a minute and half paint session! And after carefully remo
  4. I have to share this! A mate made me new F4 wing shields, I refuse to use the rubbish jetmads put in the box, and they have arrived! They are magnificent, just look at this! Cheers!
  5. Ah, Friday again and here is a small update again. Moving on After finishing that splinter cammo one would think that the model is all but finished but no. Now it's about making the canvas ready.... everything up to this has been a transport distance and there are more to do before it is time to breath life to the model and give it a soul. It's a serene moment when you move on to the small stuff. First off is to paint the regulator and you also see the edge of the cover that shuts the reverser slits in supersonic flight. I begun with masking
  6. Thanks Thadeus 😄 it's not that hard....you put down a mask at a time 🙂
  7. Hehehe....yup, it ain't that hard D take it slow and easy and it's no probs 🙂
  8. Thanks my friend 😄 oh yeah, I fixed those small beauty spots easily Thanks Bastian 😄 inspiration is the best praise 🙂 and your Vark is wicked cool!
  9. Well I got a surprise for you, I wasn't sure I could make the usual Sunday update hence the extra friday updates.As it turns out I had the the time and I won´t torture you any longer than necessary, so here goeas 😛 Unveiling! Ok, this is where I left it yesterday.....time to mask the dark green! And the dark green masked Paint it black! I use the MRP black, it's slightly greyish but not as off black as Tamiya NATO black. but really any black works 😄
  10. Dark Green... Yup, another shorty.. Here is how I left it yesterday... SO I masked the tan.... And shot MRP Swedish Dark Green.... Tamiya XF-13 JN Green match pretty well too Tomorow I´ll mask off the dark green and paint the black and then it´s revealing time Cheers!
  11. Part 2 And the fin...both sides The left canard, the right canard only have a tip of the front masked...so nothing to show. With that I moved on to the forward section of the left fuselage.... The right side... Now I started with the trickier bits since there's lots of curves on the flanks. A bit of patience and forgivness to your self....perfect alignment is a mystical beast I've heard of in tales.
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