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  1. I have multiple 1/72 scale Fujimi, Testors, Hasegawa, and other brand kits for trade. To be honest, I am going to leave the 1/72 realm. I went thru a seperation and she moved out of the house and was called two days before she left to get stuff I had left in the garage. Cocooned in cardboard boxes were my 1/700 ships. I was overjoyed to find them as I had a lot of money and time invested in them. I got into 1/72 and 1/35 to ease the pain, but getting my 1/700 back was overwhelming. Sooo, I have kits to trade. I will try getting an active list going, but if there is anything you're looking for something in particular, send me an email at gglc70atyahoo.com I am looking mainly dragon, pit road, skywave, or 1/720 stuff. Even if they might be incomplete. 1/700 and 1/720 scale aircraft as well. What I can really use is a couple of Lindberg Essex class 1/900 carriers. The ones with skyrays and crusaders. Any questions, email me. Oh, and In the US only. Thanks guys.
  2. Message sent. Interest in some of the 1/700 ships. New York , Nimitz, and tarawa
  3. I would like to build an F-4S from my time at DALLAS NAS. I would like to buy both of these if anyone has the sheets and are not planning on using them. I would love if VF-202 was represented as well. I am in Texas. Thanks VMFA-112 F-4S 153851 (MA 01), NAS Dallas, 1987 VF-201 F-4S 155836 (AF 105), NAS Dallas, 1984 Gabe
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