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  1. They are not painted. That is the natural color of the metal used. It's been a long time and I don't remember exactly what metal it is.
  2. I don't think you're referring to the same part of the missile we're discussing here. We're not talking about the lens/window, but rather the guidance section itself, which is not the same material.
  3. My failure rate on the 72nd parts is about 50%. I have them set up 8 probes per runner and print a total of 24 sets at a time. Either a whole runner of probes doesn't print, or half of the probes on a runner don't print. In 48th scale my failure rate is about 5% and 32nd scale it's about 2%. After several attempts, I gave up on the 72nd scale.
  4. The seeker head has a green-ish hue to it that varies depending on the light or angle it's viewed from. While not perfect and still a little bit too metallic, Scale Finishes had an out of the bottle paint called AIM-9 Seeker Head Green in development. They tried to match the color based on several photos I sent them (including the one below). When airbrushed, it's a tad light. However, when Tamiya smoke is airbrushed over it, it brings it a little closer. However, I can't seem to find it on the site, so not sure if it actually went into production. I do have a sample bottle though
  5. All kits are complete with no work done unless noted otherwise. Payment by PayPal preferred. When sending email, please provide your zip code so I can provide an accurate shipping amount. If interested, please contact me via email at flyingleathernecks@att.net Thank you, Dave 1/35 Kittyhawk HH-60G Pavehawk, kit 50006 $150 1/72 BPK P-8A Poseidon, kit 7222 $125 PENDING 1/72 AMT KC-135A, kit 8848 $70 1/72 Model Collect B-52G, kit 72212 $130 1/48 Academy MH-53E, kit 12703 $100 PENDING 1/48 Academy CH-46E,
  6. These will be added to the web site later this evening. FL48-8101 $6.00 FL48-8102 $8.00
  7. Some drip pans for you diorama builders! Product number will be FL48-8101 and will be a pack of 4 for $6.00
  8. Well, now that it's been mentioned I can speak! I've been working with Gustav Jung (the kit's designer) on this for a while now, with what little information I can provide. Grateful to a few Marines that assisted behind the scenes with a few photos and information as well. Yes, I've already scaled up my 1/48 Yankee sheet for it!
  9. Coast to Coast Locomotive Works in downtown Upland, CA back in the late 80's. Also my first job while in high school and when I was into HO railroading.
  10. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl48-8090-lau-138-bol-missile-launchers
  11. AERO-3 and LAU-7 Launchers for the Phantom, LAU-7 and LAU-138 BOL for the Harrier. The LAU-138 and Station 1A/7A pylon will be released next week. We also have a fully detailed Weapons Pylon set for the AV-8B Harrier and another set for RAF Harriers.
  12. Well, you can't build a Tamiya F-4S or a ZM F-4B, so I don't quite understand why there is a dilemma regarding those two variants. There are USAF specific parts in the Bravo, so you may eventually be able to build a Tamiya F-4C, but no way to know how soon.
  13. Just an FYI, but HMLA-269 had a Zulu painted in a modified tri-color scheme. They sent walk around photos and decals for it will be on my second Zulu sheet that will be released sometime this year.
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