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  1. I have a wholesale account with Kinetic and have two of the kits on the way. One is spoken for, but if you're still looking, let me know and I'll set the second aside. $60 plus shipping.
  2. FL172-2037 FL48-8037 FL32-2037 LAU-7/A-5 Missile Launcher for F-4 Phantom - Image Coming Soon FL172-2038 FL48-8038 FL32-2038 LAU-7/A-5 Missile Launcher for USN/USMC aircraft (70's-80's) - Image Coming Soon
  3. Okay, checked a little further and stand corrected. There are/were 31 F/A-18D's that had the non-missionized cockpit. All Lot 10 (blocks 23,24 and 25 - 23 aircraft) and Lot 11 (blocks 26, 27 and 28 - 8 aircraft) Deltas with BuNo's 163434 thru 163778. The F/A-18D you want to replicate has the missionized cockpit with the later panel and cover.
  4. A Delta is a Delta regardless of who's operating it, the Marine Corps or the Navy. It will have the NA style instrument panel and cover.
  5. I have a hard copy of NA 11-140-5 Weapons Assembly Manual for Mk-80/BLU series bombs. 35109 is noted in section V, page 5-84, table 5-9.
  6. I received my two kits yesterday and it's clear HB had their "A" team on it. A couple things to add. First, the vertical tails are very close in shape to those found in the Italeri kit. If you have decals from XtraDecal, Caracal or my line FLD, our existing sheets should fit with little to no modification. Second, I've already released a canopy/wheel mask for it and currently have correct pitot tubes, as well as an open crew entry door in work.
  7. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/flm48-49-canopywheel-mask-for-mv-22----hobbyboss
  8. Still working on the placement guides and the UH-1N drawing, but here are the profiles of the aircraft covered on FL72002. As these were all drawn at different times, they vary in the Pantone colors that were used to represent the FS colors. When the new placement guides are done, they'll all match.
  9. Exactly. When I released my 48th KC-130J sheet I immediately started getting the "can you please do it in 72nd scale"? "A 48th C-130 is too big for my space and there are conversions available" and so on. All in all, I think I received a little over 50 emails/messages asking for the sheet in 72nd. So, I obliged and released the sheet..........crickets from most of those that sent emails/messages. Fortunately, I at least got my money back in the sales I did get. Now to be fair, there has been a slight uptick in sales and I believe this is due to the new Zvezda kit. Supp
  10. First test print of the 1/48 LAU-7/A-6 Missile Launcher. We can say with confidence these will be the most accurate renditions of this launcher ever produced and even include the Detent Holdback Pin, which is always present on the launcher. CAD work was done by none other than Richard VanZandt, the current world champion of pylons and launchers! Created with reference material provided by myself and Gerry Whiteside. When all is said and done, there will be four different versions of this launcher in all four scales......1/72
  11. Yes, they're on the list and will make it into the line up in the not too distant future. In 48th, Italeri is the only choice. In 72nd, they 'should' work with any C-130 kit. The mounts will be included with the bottles.
  12. A couple test prints of the JATO bottles. Preliminary work on new Deflector Doors with corrected mounts for the bottles has been started. Master CAD work by Ralph Batykefer Fire up those KC-130 Fat Albert models!
  13. Coming in the next batch after several changes and adjustments to the artwork.
  14. It really all depends on the individual and what needs to be designed. As an example, after a lot of trial and error, I was able to create this GBU-32 : However, I really struggled with the shapes of the nose and tail fairings of the MER/TER and had to ask someone to help design them. What's frustrating for me personally is some stuff I grasp pretty fast, while other stuff just completely stumps me. Late 80's to current day. Yes, but no. Same for the Hasegawa tails. While they're both 'wrong' when compared to the real item,
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