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  1. If interested in anything, please send email to flyingleathernecks@att.net
  2. Hello, is the KH 1/35 MH-60L available? If so, how much shipped to Florida 32011?

  3. All sold items have been shipped. Pending items marked, and a few prices dropped. Wedding bells in November, so kits got to go!
  4. All kits are complete with no work unless noted. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping, which will be from Temple, GA 30179. Prefer NOT to break up packages. Payment via PayPal goods and services preferred (PayPal will be to dlroof@att.net) If interested in anything, please send email to flyingleathernecks@att.net The only trade I may be interested in is for an Academy 1/32 F/A-18A+ (*US only for a trade) Thanks, Dave Takom 1/35 AH-64D Block II, kit 2608 $60 Takom 1/35 AH-64D, kit 2601 $60 Takom 1/35 A
  5. Almost all purchases shipped today. Sold items removed, a lot more added
  6. More kits added. With the exception of my modern USMC stuff, and a few hard to replace kits, my entire collection will be listed for sale over the next several days.
  7. Send an email to flyingleathernecks@att.net if you're interested in anything. 1/72 Zvezda C-130J $70 1/72 Italeri C-47, kit 127 $15 1/72 Italeri AC-119K with AOA Decals 72006 $50 1/72 AMT KC-135A $50 1/72 Academy F-35B $30 1/72 Academy F/A-18A+ $20 1/48 Kinetic T-45C, kit 48094 $25 PENDING 1/48 Kinetic T-45C, kit 48094 $25 1/48 Kinetic AMX-T, kit 48027 $45 1/48 Kinetic IA-58 Pucara, kit 48078 $45 1/48 Kinetic M-346, kit 48063 *Canopy Det Cord attached to canopy, fuselage parts loose $40 1/48 Kinetic F-104A/C, kit 4
  8. Thanks, it's nice to finally make some time to get back on the bench. As luck would have it, this build will get changed to another squadrons markings, or set aside while I break out another kit. Got a request from MAG-31 yesterday to build a Hornet for their CO's change of command on 28 June!
  9. Ha! Funny you brought these up. I was at MCAS Beaufort a few weeks ago and photographed and measured a set they had in the hangar. Trying to resolve some issues with the F/A-18 flap set and finish the cockpit parts, then I was going to knock these out. Give me a couple weeks.
  10. Way back in 2000, I released my first decal sheet under the Orion Scale Models banner. The first subject was an F/A-18D from VMFA(AW)-225, and the Marine that designed and painted the jet was a friend and fellow Ordnanceman. I had an opportunity to photograph the jet while it was being painted after he let me know it was being done. The CO at the time, LtCol Harmon "Stock" Stockwell, was excited to see "his" jet covered on a decal sheet. Over the years, he and I kept in touch via email and the occasional phone call, and we're still friends to this day. One this is completed, it wi
  11. Happy to hear it was a good seller for you. Sadly, I wasn't one of the buyers. I was really hoping you were going to do the foreign users, as I wanted to do the Qatari option in 35th scale. Oh well, got a couple of your 48th sheets!
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