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  1. The ATARS control panel is in the aft cockpit for the WSO. There are no controls for the ATARS in the front for the pilot. While the initial plan was to install/remove the pallet as needed, it became clear that wasn't feasible. Once an aircraft was fitted with it, it pretty much stayed on that bird. I know you're building a 1/48 kit, but our 1/32 conversion for the Academy kit includes a replacement panel for the aft cockpit with the control panel.
  2. Not necessarily. Not a single person from the 'old Squadron' is even remotely involved in the 'New Squadron' and Brandon Lowe has a proven track record from his time with Free Time Hobbies and Blue Ridge Models.
  3. The original tail was flat at the top and the rudder was attached. The corrected tails have the correct curve at the top and the rudders are separate parts.
  4. Yes, parts F17 are the ADU-299 adapters
  5. This is my opinion and my opinion only and I am sure others will disagree. I think it is unfair for anyone to speculate on what the issues may be. As I stated before, it is none of our business. His reasons are his own and I personally do not care what they are. They're not important and shouldn't even be a point of discussion. While I've never met him personally, I've known Steve for almost 25 years now going back to the Rec.Models.Scale Usenet Newsgroup back in the early 90's when AOL was king! With the exception of a few years 'away', I've been a member of ARC before it was ARC
  6. Actually, there could be an explanation for both. The videos could very well be her 'job'. I don't know for sure, but it's possible. If that is the case, it could explain the purchases and the reason to hire a videographer. If Steve is in fact still working the three jobs, it would also explain why he isn't the one recording. To be honest though, it really isn't any of our business and neither of them need to explain or justify any of it to anyone here. At this point, and I believe I may speak for others, we don't really care about her videos or what she's buying or why. All we're
  7. Agree with you there. While I can't even begin to imagine what he's dealing with, it's a bit disappointing that he hasn't taken just a moment to post he is okay. He literally has dozens of people here sincerely concerned about his welfare and not a word in months. From what I gather based on other posts, his wife's YT channel has recently been updated, so that implies things aren't too bad. While ARC going away would suck, it really isn't "that" important in the grand scheme of things. At this point, just knowing Steve is safe and well is the only thing that matters.
  8. I have the CAD started for the dual bucket mod, but haven't worked on it in a while. However, it will be included in the Whiskey Update/Conversion. I'm working with the company planning the new tool kit, so they know about it. Again, no guarantee the kit will actually be released or released any time soon.
  9. Main sheet and insert have arrived from Microscale and Cartograf respectively. Sheets are being packed and will begin shipping in about a week or so. Link on the site has been turned on - https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl48001-ch-53e-heavy-haulers
  10. Working on an update and conversion now for the Italeri kit. While it lacks in detail, it is dead on accurate in outline and shape when compared to drawings I have from Bell. While true, no one (or at least no one is saying) knows the status of the AH-1W kit. I've heard it was almost done, I've heard it was done and I've heard it never got past the idea stage. I know for a fact there is another company eyeing a new tooled Whiskey in 48th, but it could realistically be a few years away if they follow through.
  11. Brandon (the new owner) is good people.
  12. Available now on our web site, as well as Ebay
  13. The ATARS Conversion, set FL32-2008 is now complete and in full production. As noted previously, this was intended to begin shipping on the 15th as we were experiencing some design issues. However, these were resolved much faster than anticipated and the sets will start going out within the next few days as all that's left is to finish the instruction sheet and pack the parts. With the exception of the pitot tubes and clear window, all parts come removed from the supports, so all that is left to do is a little clean up of the edges to remove any remnants of supports. I
  14. Hmmmmm, I might have a Hornet or two.......might have a problem too!.......😀
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