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  1. Yes, I belong to several Marine Corps groups on FB. Like everything else in this world, things change. The Marine Corps today isn't the same as it was during the beginning of OIF/OEF. The Marine Corps of that time wasn't the same as it was in Desert Storm and so on. Besides, these are only "plans".
  2. There is nothing more comical than a bunch of people that never served in the Marine Corps questioning or commenting on the decisions of the current CMC, or insinuating they know what is best. Just stick to building plastic models and leave the policy making decisions to real Marines.
  3. Thank you. I've released a lot more over the past few weeks, just no longer post about them here.
  4. After two test prints, we got the files for the Mk-83 and BSU-85 down. Currently printing slightly modified files for the fuzes. Once they're done and we confirm they fit like they're supposed to, we'll go into full scale production.
  5. 20 hours later! A little more adjustment needed to some of the files, then back on the printer they go. This should be the final tweak before production begins. FL48-8005 1/48 scale Mk-83 with BSU-85 fin, M904 fuze, Mk-43 TDD and MXU-735 nose plug FL48-8007 1/48 Mk-77 fire bomb FL48-8006 will be Mk-76 practice bombs (not shown)
  6. The Mk-82 is done and I'll eventually get to the BSU-49. However, my initial focus for the ordnance is going to be Navy and Marine Corps specific. Once I get a few items out that I've been wanting to release for awhile now, I'll get to some Air Force stuff. The plan is to cast the bombs in both varieties, thermally protected and non-tp.
  7. I can't speak for anyone else, but I chose two parts for a few reasons. First, regardless of whether or not you want a standard Mk-83 with conical fin, or the BSU-85 or a GBU-16, or AGM-123, etc., they all use the same Mk-83 warhead/bomb body. These will all be cast in resin and 'mass' produced. All of the fuzes/nose plugs and tail sections will be 3D printed. Second, done as a 'one piece unit', there is absolutely no way I would be able to print/cast the parts and retain the details added to the parts. Lastly, it will allow the modeler to paint each component separately, then assemble the bomb. No need to mask anything or struggle to hand paint the color demarcations. While not the greatest photos, this is how the BSU-85 looks printed in .001 layers. It might be hard to tell, but every detail added to the drawing printed. Finished piece is slightly over 3/4 of an inch.
  8. First test print is done. Need to do a little adjusting on some of the files, try a different layout, etc. Once everything is locked down and we get a few successful prints, they'll be covered in RTV, then the resin casting will begin. The BSU-85 fins all be 3D printed. Possibly the Mk-76's as well.
  9. Two new resin bombs will be released this week. FL48-8006 Mk-76 25lb Practice Bombs (package of 6) $TBA FL32-2006 $TBA FL48-8007 Mk-77 Fire Bomb (package of 2) $TBA FL32-2007 $TBA
  10. Not sure. If you have a junker kit, paint it and let the paint dry for a couple days, then put it in the MG and see what happens.
  11. Vince, I picked up a small Invisiclean for $58 through Amazon. The tank is only 7 x 3 x 2 inches though, which works for what I'm doing. Dave
  12. Yes, the conical fins are coming next. Also being planned are BSU-86 snakeye fins for the Mk-82 (82 is done), Mk-84 (84 is done) conical fin, Mk-76 practice bomb (done), Mk-77 fire bomb, and the GPU-2 gun pod (just received references from G. Whiteside). On the aircraft side : 1/48 ICAP III instrument panel for the Kinetic EA-6B, correct F/A-18D WSO instrument panel and cover for Kinetic and Hasegawa, F-14B and F-14D HUD's for Tamiya and the 1/32 ATARS conversion for the Academy F/A-18D.
  13. Our next release in the resin line will be an ordnance item I have personally wanted to release on my own for a very long time. Having had a hand in assembling several dozen, if not hundreds during Operation Desert Storm, this one holds a special little place in my heart. 😄 I even have the parachute from one here at the house! We're still ramping up production, but should have these ready to order before the end of this coming week. FL48-8005 Mk-83 1000lb bomb with BSU-85/B Air Inflatable Fin, M904 fuze and Mk-43 TDD, set of two (2) $TBA
  14. Didn't even know it existed until I watched that video. I'll be using it around the house now also!
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