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  1. I need your help. I am looking for the following scale models to be used to complete a project for VMA-513 / VMFAT-502. 1/48 AMT/Italeri F7F-3N 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-5N 1/48 Czech Model/Encore F3D-2 1/48 Kittyhawk F-35B Can trade product from my Flying Leathernecks Decals line or purchase. If you have any of them to part with, please contact me via email at : flyingleathernecks@att.net Thank you
  2. Set FL48-8014 contains four correct SUU-63A/A wing pylons and one correct SUU-62A/A centerline pylon for the F/A-18A+, A++, C and D. These pylons are correct for F/A-18A+ thru D aircraft with BuNo's 163427 thru 163782. While the locating holes are designed to fit the Hasegawa series of F/A-18 kits, they will fit all other kits with little to no modification needed. They not only correct the shape of the kit pylons, they provide details unmatched by the kit supplied parts. All pylons are 3D printed and require little clean up to remove the print support nibs. Master Pattern files created by Richard VanZandt https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/p/fl48-8014-10031027-fa-18aacd-pylons-for-bunos-163427-thru-163782
  3. No, they really don't. Their ordnance is good, but it isn't the best available on the market. As I pointed out in the A-6 ordnance thread, their MER's are a scale foot too short. You can't put six of their Mk-20 on a MER as they don't fit. Their Mk-82's have a different shape than the Mk-82 bodies that make up their GBU-12, even though they should be the same. Their 1/48 and 1/32 LAU-10's are also a bit too short. You may love them, which is fine as that is your opinion. However, the only thing they have going for them are the details. As far as accuracy is concerned (which many of us are concerned with), they leave a lot to be desired on several of their items.
  4. Yeah, I'm in a group for Ordnanceman on FB and the general consensus is that Skipper wasn't that great. We built several during ODS in the first couple weeks, but they didn't perform well and we concentrated on conical fins, BSU-85 and GBU-16 for the rest of the war.
  5. Just an FYI, the Eduard MER's are a scale foot too short. The real racks are 13 feet long and Eduard's scale out to 12 foot. Because of this, none of their ordnance fits correctly when attached to them. By that I mean you can't load one of their MER's with 6 Rockeye, Mk-82, etc.
  6. I couldn't sat with 100% certainty how many GBU-16 were carried at once, but I can easily find out as I know several of the Marines that were with both squadrons during ODS. GBU-12 were carried with Mk-82 and the configuration was almost always 12 x Mk-82 (6 per MER on stations 1 and 5), GBU-12 on station 2, centerline tank on 3 and an AN/ALQ-167 on station 4. 1/48 TER's are available from Eduard and are pretty nice, as are the AGM-45. Both are currently in stock at Hannant's at the moment as well.
  7. I'm talking about modern jet's ordnance and pods as well.
  8. Not for too much longer....... Then again, some of us actually worked with the stuff and have a lot of photos, drawings and measurements.......
  9. Those noted above are just a couple of several ordnance configurations for 224 and 533. I can't speak for the Navy Intruders, but for the two Marine squadrons at Sheik Isa, these are just a few : 8 x Mk-77 (2 per MER on the centerline) and a centerline tank 22 x Mk-20 Rockeye (6 per outboard MER, 5 per inboard MER), centerline tank 22 x Mk-82 (same as above) 4 x Mk-77 (2 per outboard MER on centerline), 1 x GBU-12 on station 2, 1 x AGM-45 on station 4, centerline tank 8 x CBU-72 FAE (4 per outboard MER, slant loaded), three fuel tanks 4 x LAU-10 (2 per outboard TER, slant loaded), 1 x GBU-16 on station 4, 1 x AIM-9M on station 2, centerline tank
  10. Not a whole lot done, but both intakes are installed. Careful sanding and a lot of dry fitting got an almost perfect fit of the fuselage sides to the bottom piece. A bit more putty and sanding work will get everything smoothed out. The bottom wing halves were modified to simply slide in after the top fuselage half is attached to the bottom. More to be done this week!
  11. Just cancelled : The following is a joint announcement from the San Marcos 2020 Convention Leadership team and the IPMS USA Executive Board. We jointly appreciate all the feedback we received regarding this year‘s convention. We’ve taken your comments and concerns into careful consideration, while maintaining an ongoing dialogue and negotiation with the Embassy Suites convention center in San Marcos. These negotiations have been proceeding carefully due to the significant financial exposure that IPMS would be subject to if we simply decided to cancel the convention unilaterally. We are now prepared to announce that the 2020 National Convention is officially canceled. While this may disappoint many, including your authors, we believe it is the prudent, safe and sensible thing to do. On a more positive note, we have been successful in negotiating the use of the Embassy Suites San Marcos location for the 2023 convention. Therefore, the rotation for the next three years, circumstances permitting, will be Las Vegas in 2021, Omaha in 2022, and San Marcos in 2023. Tentative dates for the 2023 convention will be August 2nd through the 5th. We are currently finalizing details of the contract with Embassy Suites and expect a finalized version within a week. For those who have registered already for the convention, we will be processing your refunds. For those who have booked hotel reservations at one of the convention center hotels, it will be up to you to cancel those on your own. Vendors will be refunded their money for tables as well through our vendor coordinator, Craig Gregory. Chapters and individuals who have sponsored contest categories may also receive refunds for their sponsorships. Again, we want to thank you all for your patience and support during these trying times, and hope that you recognize we have made the best possible decision for all under the circumstances. For any questions please contact John Noack at: IPMSPresident@ipmsusa.org Or Len Pilhofer at: director.nats2020@gmail.com Respectfully submitted, Len Pilhofer, 2020 Convention Chairman John Noack IPMS USA President
  12. Nothing, but as he mentioned not liking PE, I would suspect he's asking for complete resin items. I actually do have them in 1/48 scale (already available on the site and at Spruebrothers). The GBU-32 is definitely on the list. However, due to the number of SUU-30 already available, I may pass on those. Sales overall have been good, but not great and I really can't justify spending the hours it takes to create these to release an item currently done by several others.
  13. Build will be updated daily on my Facebook page and will be updated here every few days. One of the many 'next' projects on the bench. Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C with a bunch of aftermarket from Flying Leathernecks Decals, Res.kit - accessories for modeling - UA, Royale Resin, Reedoak, Wolfpack-Design, Eduard Model Accessories, MASTER, Infini-model, AIRES HOBBY MODELS and Rhino Modelworks. Photo 1 : All the goodness! Photo 2 : Relevant parts removed from parts trees and laid out. Photo 3 : After a couple hours of careful work with a file and sanding sticks, with a lot of dry fitting, the starboard intake is in place. Photo 4 : The Reedoak Pilot. An absolute work of art! Model will depict an aircraft from VMFA-251 as it appeared during the squadrons 2015 deployment aboard the USS Roosevelt in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.
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