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  1. Still drawing it, along with several other sheets. Working directly with 401 on this, and the goal is to get everything 100% accurate.
  2. Coming next from Flying Leathernecks Scale Creations are five sets of AERO-1D 300 gallon fuel tanks. Each set will include two tanks with different tail configurations. FL48-8115 AERO-1D with Bullet Fairing Tail FL48-8116 AERO-1D with Single Fin Tail (A-6E, EA-6A, EA-6B) FL48-8117 AERO-1D with Dual Fin Tail (A-4) FL48-8118 AERO-1D with Three Fin Tail (A-7E) - Not Shown FL48-8119 AERO-1D with Four Fin Tail (S-3)
  3. Just received the shipping notice for my first 6 from my wholesaler, which are expected to arrive on Friday! Only 18 more to order over the next few months!
  4. Sherman, First, Happy Thanksgiving and good to see you posting again. Hope all is well on your end. Well, I'm glad they've finally come around to considering a rerelease of the kit. I was introduced to, and spoke to MRC's 'Brass' at the Nats in Omaha about the kit and they completely blew me off. Oh well. If there is anything I can help with again, drop me a line at : flyingleathernecks@att.net Dave
  5. Interesting. 162001 is the Echo that picked up Capt O'Grady
  6. No, you're not the only one. Literally every Marine I know believes it's a crock of $h!t. Every modeler I know also believes it's a crock of $h!t. However, US Law gave them the right and authority to trademark all of the terms and logos they have. To a degree, they do (at least the USMC T&L Office) believe they're a business, but not in a literal sense. All of the proceeds made from licensing literally funds their offices and goes toward Morale, Welfare and Recreation Services. For what it's worth, the fees are rather small at 2%. So, for every $20 decal sheet sold, they get 40
  7. Yeah, the more I researched, the more I was dumbfounded. A friend is the Beaufort Air Station CO and even he was shocked to learn what the Corps has trademarked. While I haven't looked myself, I've heard the other services trademarks are just as ridiculous. Unfortunately, it would literally take an act of Congress to change and with everything going on today, this isn't even worth fighting.
  8. Oh, absolutely not and I apologize if it came across that way. Was just trying to clarify.
  9. Our annual sale celebrating both the Marine Corps birthday and Veterans day is now live! Sale runs until midnight on Sunday, 12 November. Resin, Masks and vinyl products are 24.8% off and discount is automatically taken when items are placed in your cart. https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/ Decals are 24% off and discount code : usmcbday248 is required at check out. https://military-and-le-patches.myshopify.com/search?q=decals Unfortunately, due to the way things are set up on the back end, orders will be shipped separately and
  10. Deniz, All of the decals will fit the Tamiya kit, but the tail markings for the VMFA-121 and VMFA-211 options won't fit perfectly, simply because the tails in both kits are different. When I designed the artwork for these options, they were correctly proportioned to fit the Italeri kit. When on the Tamiya tail, they're a bit off. The update will have these markings correctly sized/proportioned to fit the Tamiya tails. Like sheet FL48023, I'll mail out the inserts to those that purchased FL48017 when they arrive from Microscale. Regarding the second sheet. We are cu
  11. Here is just a small sample of what they've trademarked..... https://www.hqmc.marines.mil/Portals/134/USMC Content Guide 2021_1.pdf
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