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  1. There are a couple problems with all of what you posted. First, and what should have been the most obvious by simply reading it all, is all of those links discussed the cleaning of the parts after they were produced. A couple of them quite literally mentioned cleaning the parts to make them usable. Once that process is completed, the end user does not have to clean anything as it's already been done. I also mentioned this in my first response. Second, most of the 3D printing technologies discussed in your links are completely different than what most of us are using to
  2. . No, they do not need to be cleaned as they already have been. Regardless of what was used to clean them, which is almost always IPA or Denatured Alcohol, 3D printed parts need to be cleaned and cured under a UV light prior to packing and shipping. 3D printed parts are made from a liquid resin and you would receive a wet and sticky mess if the above steps weren't followed. Sorry, but there is no different kind of 'support medium' used. The rafts, supports and parts are all the exact same resin and all are cleaned the same way. Unlike most other producers of
  3. Gentlemen, We have the following new kits and package deals in stock. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping. To order, please send an email with zip code included to : flyingleathernecks@att.net Thank you, Dave and Tanya Dave's Modeling Den Marietta, GA 30062 * Local pick up available ** Have 2 in stock Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A/C/D 'Aggressor', kit 48088 $150.00 (Retail value of over $250) Includes the following aftermarket items : - Flying Leathernecks FL48009 Hornet's Swarm
  4. 'Collaborting with' and 'Being licensed by' are two completely different things. While Meng may be licensed by Boeing, that may simply be so they can use the name (F-4G Phantom II) and to ensure the final product doesn't show Boeing and its product in a negative way. However, I'd be hard pressed to believe Boeing would give Meng actual production drawings, especially considering the fact they're a Chinese company. Absolutely not saying it didn't or couldn't happen, just saying that I personally would lean more toward 'no, it didn't'.
  5. Who or what says it was done quickly? They may very well have started researching and designing their kit the moment ZM hinted at it, then planned the release to coincide with theirs. Sadly, it happens more often than some would like to believe, even on the aftermarket side of the house.
  6. Doing the same, but for a different reason. I currently have about 30 kits in rotation that are either commission or gift/squadron builds. I've tried the approach of just working on one at a time, but I can't do it. Can't really explain why either. I'll work on one for an hour or two, then put it away. Grab a different kit the next day and do the same....rinse and repeat! Some days I work on a kit for a few minutes (maybe cleaning a couple parts) and some days I work on a kit for several hours. The positive is I get 'something' done every day. The negative is it takes forever to finish a kit a
  7. Well yes, different countries are going to have different prices, some being less or more expensive than others. I was specifically talking about the US as obviously, that's where I'm located.
  8. $87 with shipping. That $53 is also LM's price, which can't be compared to the ZM price. For starters, ZM isn't carried by Lucky. The Meng Super Hornets also sell for $53 at LM, yet they retail for over over $100 here in the US (Yes, they sell for $84 - $95, but the MSRP is still $100 +). Would bet money the Meng retail price in the US for the F-4G is going to be comparable to their Super Hornets, thus making the $75-ish price of the ZM kit more affordable to some.
  9. Plenty of options from the aftermarket side..... Flight Line Resin, Eduard and Hasegawa Weapons Set C
  10. EDIT***** Ha, looks like we were posting at the same time!
  11. Long since removed, along with all of my other content and profile. Sorry, it's no longer available anywhere.
  12. Just an FYI if you weren't aware. Almost all of the current Kinetic Hornet boxings have all of the parts necessary to build both single and two seat aircraft.
  13. Well, because there's never been a decent kit of the Apache in 32nd or 35th scale. And had they announced a different Helo, someone else would be asking......why?
  14. Because it was several years ago and I no longer have the kit, the photos or the write up.
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