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  1. Not Navy, but an interesting load on a Marine Intruder at Sheik Isa during ODS. Starboard side was also a TER with two slant loaded LAU-10 (outboard) and a GBU-12 (inboard), based on the note I received from the Marine that sent to the photo.
  2. Not once have I said or implied anyone had to be. Simply pointed out why some prefer FB over the forum due to how many more modelers can be reached. No, it isn't. Almost everything posted on the Facebook ARC page are photos of built or in-progress models. Other than the comments made in response to those photos/posts, there aren't a whole lot of 'discussions' going on.
  3. Oh, I can see them and they're quite disappointing here. To give a good visual example, here are the announcements I made for my two new decal sheets on Facebook and the Jet Modeling Forum. I was able to reach a much larger audience not only on my page, but the shares exposed them to even more modelers. While Kursad has great success here on the forums, several others don't. When was the last time you saw Furball, Fightertown or Bullseye posting product announcements here? Another huge advantage (for some) Facebook has over the modeling forums is the help available fo
  4. There are members here that have zero interest in joining Facebook and there are modelers on Facebook that have zero interest in joining this forum. Nothing is 'wrong' with either and it isn't a duplication of effort.
  5. The Kinetic kits strongest points are the updated details and the trailing edge flap actuators are a bit thicker, making for a slightly stronger join. Overall, I still rate the Hasegawa kit slightly better as it builds much easier. The vertical tails on the Hasegawa kit are proportionately more accurate as well, which is why I like to size my decals to it.
  6. Not sure what happened, but they should be visible now.
  7. Gentlemen, Both of these sheets are now at Microscale and should be available in 8 to 10 weeks. FL48023 is designed to fit the Hasegawa kit and FL48024 has elements to fit both Hasegawa and Kinetic kits. Retail will be $20 and $15 respectively. Still working on the profiles for 48023 and will post them as soon as I can.
  8. Beautifully done Drew! Appreciate the use of our items as well!
  9. So, back in September of 2021, I was contacted by the SgtMaj and OpsO of VMFA(AW)-533 and asked to build a model of an F/A-18D for the outgoing Commanding Officer, LtCol Brubeck. At the time they were deployed and our comm was great until late October when I stopped hearing from them. After a few weeks, I just figured there was a change of plans or operational commitments took precedence and the project was dead. No worries, it happens. On Tuesday, the 4th of January I received a phone call from the OpsO asking if I was okay because I hadn't responded to his emails or texts. He was
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