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  1. Dave Roof

    Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18s

    It has everything except the correct cockpit for the D. Like Hasegawa, all of the Kinetic Hornets only include B cockpits.
  2. Dave Roof

    Marine decals?

    I'm your huckleberry.......... https://www.flyingleathernecksdecals.com/
  3. Spruebrothers will have them soon as well.
  4. Still a lot more to do, but it's almost there. I started this kit about 10 or 11 years ago and it originally had decals for a Libyan raider from VMFA-314 using the old Microscale sheet. Decided to pull it from the shelf of doom and get it finished. Sanded down all of the original decals, then touched up the areas with new coats of paint. Added parts to bring it to A+ standards and used decals for an aircraft from VMFA-115 using my latest sheet, FL48009 'Hornets Swarm'. Hope to have it done within the next 2 to 3 days.
  5. Dave Roof

    New model building room

    Thank you. The desk actually belonged to the Navy. When NAS Atlanta was shut down, all of the office furniture got tossed. We were all able to take what we wanted once it left the building.
  6. Dave Roof

    New model building room

    You were scared of a hat?
  7. Dave Roof

    Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    I'm not so sure. However, we'll see for certain when the second builder gets further along.
  8. Dave Roof

    New model building room

    Finished this about a week ago. Going to work on a custom spray booth this week, then really get cranking on my Models for Marines project, releasing some new resin items and a sh!t ton of new decals!
  9. Dave Roof

    Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    For what it's worth, there are currently two builds of the Revell F/A-18E on LSP. The second one, which has much less views and comments, is going together pretty well. Before completely writing it off, keep in mind the problems being encountered in the build linked above may not be due to the kit's design. I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'............
  10. Dave Roof

    kinetic 1/48 hornet nose issue

    I figured it out. As soon as I can, I'll post an update with photos showing where and how much to remove from the windscreen piece.
  11. For what it's worth, the turned exhaust from the Zulu kit mates almost perfectly with the fuselage of the Whiskey kit.
  12. Gentlemen, After building the Prowler models for VMAQ-2, I have been inundated with requests to build models of the EA-6B and F/A-18D for other Marines. Because of this, I have decided to devote all of my free time to building scale models for Marines on active duty at no cost to them. In order to help cover some of the costs (kits, materials and shipping), I started a fundraiser on Facebook that has so far been a big success. All funds raised will be used to purchase the needed kits. If you're on Facebook, weekly updates on Friday evening will be posted with donation and expenditure reports, as well as the build list and progress of each build. The page on FB is : Flying Leathernecks Scale Creations With that, I am looking for the following kits at the most reasonable price you can offer them (read : least possible price). Raymond Chung of Luckymodel/Kinetic has already helped me with bulk purchases of the Kinetic Hornets and Prowlers, so I do not need any of those. I would also be happy to trade Flying Leathernecks Decals for kits and would obviously be grateful for donations. 1/48 Academy CH-53E1/48 Academy CH-46E1/48 Kittyhawk F-35B1/48 Kittyhawk UH-1Y1/48 Kittyhawk AH-1Z1/48 Italeri MV-221/48 Italeri C-130J1/48 Italeri AH-1W1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B II Plus1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Night Attack1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18A1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18C1/48 Hasegawa F/A-18D1/48 Hobbyboss A-6E If you have any of the above to part with, please contact me directly at the following address : flyingleathernecks@att.net Thank you, Dave https://www.facebook.com/donate/351256892151306/?fundraiser_source=external_url
  13. Dave Roof

    Tomcat TPS in Tamiya Paint

    If you can, I would strongly suggest you pick up AK Interactive Real Colors. If your local shop can order from Steven's International, they carry all of the individual colors. I just used their 36375 mixed about 60/40 with Tamiya's lacquer thinner and it airbrushed beautifully out of my Grex. I'd be willing to bet the AK paints use almost the same formula as Tamiya, just matched to Federal Standard colors. I just ordered about $150 worth from my local HTUSA for my squadron/Marine builds. Two other excellent lines of paint are Ammo acrylics by Mig Jimenez and the Hataka lacquers. All five of the Prowlers I built for Q-2 were painted with both of these paints right out of the bottle with no thinner added. They were simply added to the color cup and airbrushed at about 18-20 psi. Very smooth application, dry to the touch in a couple of minutes and great coverage. While each lines 36375 varied slightly in shade, they were very close to the 375 color chip in my fan deck. The biggest positive is this......while an aircraft, a missile and a bomb may all be painted 36375 on the real item, they all are different shades for a number of reasons. Using these three brands of paint literally give you the same effect. While I haven't decided which one will be which yet, I will use one brand for aircraft, one for missiles and one for bombs. Both the Hataka and AK paints were cleaned out of my airbrush using low odor lacquer thinner (Klean Strip brand) from Home Depot and the Ammo paints were cleaned up using Windex. For me personally, I hated Vallejo (and their color matches suck), Mission Models and Mr. Color. For the latter two, I just can't seem to get the thinning ratios down. Vallejo just sucks.......my personal opinion only. Moving forward, the only four paint brands I'll use will be Tamiya (flat white XF-2 and NATO black XF-69 are indispensable)!, AK RC, Hataka lacquer and Ammo.
  14. Dave Roof

    Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18s

    The only accuracy issue with their F/A-18 kit was the vertical tails in the initial F/A-18C release. These have since been corrected and included in all subsequent boxings. They were also added to that first F/A-18C release, but there is no indicator as to which kits got them. Of course, any kits already in the supply chain prior to the new parts being added won't have them. Several months ago I ordered two through Spruebrothers and both kits had the updated tails.
  15. Dave Roof

    Best early early Hornet in 1/48th

    We just talked about it above. Both have their pros and cons and you won't go wrong with either choice.