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  1. some more progress (after 3 years:))
  2. some more progress (after 3 years:))
  3. just checked the internet: Jiri Manak fell into captivity in August 1943. At that time hardly any German officer thought the war is lost.- So I would say the interrogator might just felt for fellow airman. Yes, you are right. But in case of CsAF pilots and bomber crews, it was about hiding real names AND nationality.....because ambiguous legal status when captured by the Germans.
  4. P.S. the POW thing reminds me of an interesting story told by Jiri Manak (first Czech pilot to lead a non-czech RAF squadron). When Manak was shot down over Netherlands and fell into captivity, he of course pretended to be British using name 'George Manning'. He was interrogated by a luftwaffe ex-pilot who said he could not fly any more due to injuries or something. The interrogator was also a Sudeten German from Czechoslovakia. During the interrogation it was apparent that his interrogator recognized czech accent in Manak's broken english and played games with him uttering czech words here and there. He was apparently not satisfied by Manak's explanation that his accent is Welsch. After an hour of this game,German told 'Manning' that he decided to believe he is British and he is being sent to POW camp (rather than to Gestapo) ... German officer ended the meeting with a smile and sentence in Czech: 'and see you in Prague after the war Mr Manning' Manak said he was extremely grateful to this interrogator and wanted to find him after the war, but never managed.
  5. That would be my guess too. Not exactly, POW allied pilots were generally treated according to Geneva conventions and mistreatment was an exception rather than a rule. - I am speaking of the western front of course, eastern front was a totally diffferent story. And I read few articles about CsAF pilots who fell into captivity- they said they did everything to hide anything that would give away their Czech identity - including carrying receipts with their fake English names. Nazis managed to identify only minority of POW CS pilots as such. And these guys were sent to court and sentenced to death..... with execution 'postponed to victorious end of the war'(apparently potential retaliation from the brirish side played a role). But still, these pilots spent rest of the war in Gestapo prisons rather than a POW camps.... quite a difference.
  6. no one can be sure, but I would say there is 99% probability that there was no CS cocarde. Here is why: photos of airplanes used by 303 squadron during BoB show there were no special markings, not even polish cocardes. It would be very surprising if polish ground staff ground staff of 303 painted CS cocarde for Frantisek but none for 'their own' pilots. I think the colour profiles showing CS cocarde on RF-U are from old times when probably artists assumed that all airplanes flown by Czechoslovak pilots were adorned by the cocardes- in fact this is not even true for Czechoslovak squadrons during the BoB and afterwards. CS pilots were typically not keen to adorn their planes by CS cocarde as it presented danger in case they were shot down over the enemy territory and were captured.. (this was related to German legal point of view that Czechoslovak citizens were citizens of Protectorate Bohmen und Mahren that was annexed by the Reich before the official start of the war- and therefore not entitled to POW status. Instead, from the german legal point of view, they were 'traitors to the Reich'....with expected consequences) So when you see hurricanes/spitfires with CS cocardes, it is more case of personal bravado of individual pilots rather than a rule.
  7. I am not sure whether Karel will really be blown away: over last 50 years in the industry, he has seen it all! But who knows..... his own aircraft carrier might finally put Karel a league above Tom Jones or Udo Jurgens. And he might like THAT.
  8. I just came across picture of this BoB ace off duty on September 9th ....I find this picture and story fascinating as well as funny - showing 'other' side of 'The Few' and their lives during the crucial days of BoB Background: Jozef Frantisek, No 4 highest scoring pilot of the Battle of Britain. Based on all reports, very undisciplined pilot. He was nearly kicked out of Czechoslovak Air force before ww2 for lack of dicipline. After the WW2 broke out he fought in Poland and France. After retreat to Britain Czech RAF squadrons were not keen to enlist him due to his known problems with dicipline. He did join Polish 303 squadron(that soon became highest scoring BoB squadron) and flew with the Poles during the battle of Britain. Poles soon found out that Frantisek's lack of dicipline and refusal to fly in formations endangers his colleagues in the air. The commander wanted to kick him out of the squadron. But by then he already gained status of 'ace' , so the compromise was found: Frantisek was made 'guest' of 303 squadron, assigned 'spare' airplane and his superiors let him fight his own private war. He eventually scored 17 kills during Battle of Britain. Now, the story behind the funny photograph: Frantisek was shot down on September 9th over the Brighton(south England). Frantisek, apparently not used to NOT winning, he headed to nearest pub to have a beer before planned return to his base in North London. One beer turned to many, he apparently became agressive..... Here are the exerpts from article by Ben James /Martin Hickman: Jozef Frantisek spent night in the police station. Next morning when he sobered up, Frantisek was released. Smiling british policemen took a photograph with a foreign pilot. I find contrast in the expressions of policemen and Frantisek really amusing: ( Picture: ©Martin Hickman ) Jozef Frantisek was killed four weeks later in 'banal' landing accident (probably due to exhaustion from non-stop operational flying). He scored 17 enemy planes destroyed during BoB which makes him 4th highest scoring RAF ace of BoB. (considening he only started operational flying in September 1940 -and thereffore only took part in second half of BoB- makes his position even more impressive) (http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/13651822.Mystery_of_ace_fighter_pilot_arrested_in_the_pub/)
  9. Jan

    F-104S 1/32

    thanks. I will test your method on my current project!!
  10. Jan

    F-104S 1/32

    how do you treat decals? I use future->micro set->micro-sol->future, and I am sure decals would go off or get damaged if I used terpentyne to remove excess oil colour P.S. the weathering looks beautiful!!!
  11. In 2010, the Czech Ministry of Defence commissioned construction of three new aircraft carriers. Three new Karel Gott-class aircraft carriers will be: LL Karel Gott, LL Helena Vondrackova and LL Jiri Korn. in 2011, funding was provided to start licence production of French Rafale M fighters for new aircraft carriers. New czech -produced version of Rafale M got new designation: Aero 169 Rafan. The external differences from Rafale M are negligible, so I used Revell 1/48 kit as a basis for model of Aero 169 Rafan . Based on available photographs, Rafan bort number "25" is one of four Rafans used during the trials of first czech aircraft carier Karel Gott. According to the sources from the Czech MoD, LL Karel Gott will become fully operational in early 2018.
  12. Beautiful! I have always thought Flanker is the most beautiful jet in service. Your flawless 'interpetation' really reflects this. Hope you are doing well my friend
  13. Jan

    1/48 F-15Cz

    Thanks! The trick with masking is really simple as you can see. Roll Blue-Tac into 'snakes', then use the snakes as mask. You control the feathered edge by rolling 'fat' or 'thin' snakes. Here are two more pictures of my Eagle family (F-15Cz is part of my private eagle group build: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Cz): B)/>
  14. Jan

    1/48 F-15Cz

    After long delay, I managed to add some more weathering, undercarriage and weapons. I did thry to make my Eagle/Flanker look worn-out and busy (Pythons on wingtips, this was obvious choice- they look so different from your typical missile): What do you think? Shall the Czech AF go for this F-15 version? :monkeydance:/>/>/>/>
  15. Jan

    1/48 F-15Cz

    ASAT:) I think there might be GBU-24s in Kinetic F-16F kit, right? and I also have two nice AGM-142s that come with Academy F-15I kit... may be I could use chinese,israeli or russian missiles as well...
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