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  1. Man that looks FAST! Really great looking model! Even if I prefer P/PDs I am now considering adding one of the Rs to my collection.
  2. Great job! what's that tool called you used for making the camo masking?
  3. Great job on the couple! Can't wait to start mine - got the 4 of them in royal class boxing. What's wrong with kit stencils that you decided to replace them?
  4. Glad I could be of use with the vids. I am improving the quality as well with the current build. Filming was a steep learning curve so I'll try to improve as much as I can with the limited resources I have at hand. Yeah I skipped a few minor things in the vids - I masked the canopy and airbrushed the sealant. But in case you haven't noticed, Begemot released sealant decals in 3 different pink tones in 1:72 and 1:48 just a few days ago. Thanks for the info on the UB-32/wheel door thingy. I will certainly remember this if I build any more mudmoving variants 🙂
  5. Cool W40K projects you got there! I was also tempted into these by a couple of friends and will probably build a few Space Wolves figures.
  6. Thank you, Moritz! Link sorted out! I have a plan to build several Afghan war veterans in the future, so this Azeri bird was kind of a testing ground and I really like the outcome. regarding the UB-32s, ha you got me. I used overtrees version and instructions from the very first bunny club members edition release, which had only brassin a2s weapons included. Although I have checked Ed's instructions in pdf on their site, there is no mention of UB-32 or different doors. I am not so familiar with the -21 to know this "mod" but it seems entirely possible.
  7. New addition to my display cabinet! Full article and gallery: https://vvsmodelling.com/2020/08/09/mig-21sm-fishbed-j/ And in video for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/embed/cPJ14amMNAI https://www.youtube.com/embed/pkZkmmtt6jE
  8. Thanks guys! Actually they come with the kit - it's a special edition of Revell Spitfire with 2 Eddies and 2 variants of decals - either this Aces High or the stage version that Iron Maiden are using on current tour.
  9. I don’t normally build ww2 era planes and even rarer you can find 1:32 subject on my desk. But having Revell release this kit about 6 months before my good friend’s birthday, who is (surprise surprise) a huge Maiden fan, the ever present “what to buy for birthday” question was solved then and there. I am happy how she turned out and the Spit brought the new proud owner to the brink of tears and a huge bear hug 😄 Anyhow, Up the Irons! Full gallery and model info: https://vvsmodelling.com/2020/05/24/spitfire-mk-ii-aces-high/
  10. Thank you, Ken! Like the Facepalm but I guess it could also be called Flop 😄
  11. New model in my X-plane collection Full review article and gallery: https://vvsmodelling.com/2020/04/28/ilyushin-il-102/
  12. Thanks Ken! Glad you like my work so far. I've spent quite some time trying to figure out the colours. The instructions suggest Humbrol codes but I don't use enamels anymore. As I am painting exclusively with Mr.Paint lacquers now, I was searching their catalog. Blue shouldn't be a problem as I have a bunch for different Flanker variants - in the end, AMT-7 WW2 underside blue seemed a good match. Black was no brainer, dark Green I've decided on SEA Dark Green. Sand, I was searching in their catalog and found a good match - will write it down when I finish the kit in the article. Mi
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