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  1. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    And here's a good view of Airfix decals problem - left wing Airfix, right wing Microscale
  2. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Thanks guys! I've hit the builder's block with this build when it came to decals. The only company that did the decals for the scheme I'm building, were Airfix. They have included decals for one of the VF-41 line birds from the JFK's 1997 Med cruise as well as CO's bird of VF-14 Tophatters with really nice tailart. The latter however has two serious problems - one side of the decal sheet is pretty badly off register and Airfix managed to screw the pooch with Modex numbers - the real bird carried 214 while Airfix printed the 201. Anyhow back to VF-41 option. While the decals are surprisingly thin and the tail art decals fit perfectly, almost all other decals are like 15% too big. The "NO STEP" decals, compared to the Microscale sheet I used in the end, looked like 1:48 compared to 1:72. So yeah, in the end, some scheme specific decals were used from Airfix, others were mostly Microscale and some from a Fujimi kit (which had quite bad adhesion). Anyhow all the troubles behind, here she is, ready for the next level of weathering.
  3. Sebastijan

    Mirage M-5A Mara 1/48

    Excellent build!
  4. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Thanks, Laz!
  5. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    The interior compartments were give a coat of White paint. Afterwards the details were painted and a wash was applied to enhance the shadows. The right hand side was given the same treatment. With all the details painted and wings and pylons attached, it's time to gloss it up and finally start the decalling process!
  6. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Thank you, guys! Can't wait to continue with her tomorrow.
  7. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Thank you! Last wip of 2018! Did further weathering of the overpainted panels and added grime and dirt on the most often used panels. Added antiglare panel, over-intake walkways and painted the canvas bags and airbrake interior.
  8. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    After a coat of AMMO One Shot primer I've put a marbled coat of Lt. Ghost Grey on. Marbling was first done coarser and will be made finer later. Before final painting I added brown marbling on the areas of higher wear and tear. And the final subtle effect. But the painting is not done yet.
  9. Sebastijan

    1/1 scale F-16 ICP - scratch build

    Great work! It's a good thing DCS Viper is slowly on its way!
  10. Sebastijan

    F/S 1:72 and 1:48 kits

    list refreshed
  11. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Thanks guys! Yeah, she's ok now already. Luckily she only had fever without much or any pain, but on the other hand, we didn't know what's causing it until visiting the doc; antibiotics made a short work out of it. Steve, thanks for pointing that out - haven't checked all the little details before the painting yet, but I might have missed that little detail if you haven't pointed it out.
  12. Sebastijan

    F/S 1:72 and 1:48 kits

    refreshed the list
  13. Sebastijan

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat - dio/ update 11/02/2019

    Not much time for model building last week as daughter had high fever and ear infection but nevertheless I managed to finish something during the weekend. Dryfitted the wings and tailerons and attached the fins - Tomcat, baby! Was playing with different shades of metallic colours, picking out single petals, and attacking those with washes. I’ll further putt a matt coat on them as they’re too shiny now and probably add a little more staining. And dryfit of the nozzles - They look really nice attached to the fuselage. Had to bypass instructions a bit so I can remove and install them later in the build.
  14. Yeah, I fly warthog with 5cm extension (more than enough for desk clamp mounted stick) and have been flying a10c since first beta in 2011 and the series since first Flanker game. TrackIR is great but I've recently had a chance to get Oculus Rift VR set for a mere 100eur and it's a total game changer. Think of it as much of a step forward from TiR as it was from no headtracking to TrackIR.