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  1. A quick little OOB build to regain the modelling mojo. Link to the full article: https://vvsmodelling.com/2021/11/22/tu-134ubl-crusty-b/
  2. Actually, they didn't have siginificant variations - apart from the paint fading which was not extreme. Original dark grey had blueish hue while the repainted ones had it darker with greenish hue. MrP paints that you've used are correct for repainted birds.
  3. The above mentioned paints are ok for the repainted ones that @Berkut mentioned above. From what I could see, not a lot of aircraft were repainted and it's a shame, Rene chose to release paints for this version and demo 777 instead of the original splinter option.
  4. Well known Eduard 1:48 kit OOB with Balkan Model decals. Commision build for an ex-21 driver and the number was his wish (101 was in fact a bis number in YuAF). Unfortunately this is my first aircraft model this year. I only managed to build and paint a few Warhammer figures in between. But after the stresfull year at work (I have become an ATC approach controller!), the modelling pace is slowly picking up. Not entirely satisfied with the build, but it turned out quite OK in the end, I think?
  5. yeah, ED used to be pretty slow in bringing changes and updates, but recently they picked up a pace a bit. Looks like new management is doing the right work. And now you have free Mariana's map in this weeks Open Beta patch! I am flying F-14B in 108th 'Specters' Tomcat squadron, part of a 132nd virtual Wing. http://132virtualwing.org/
  6. There are several great campaigns (both free and payware) for DCS and the team is now actively developing dynamic campaign generator, which should, if I remember correctly, be released sometime later this year in its basic form, so some really fun times ahead. But flying in a virtual wing beats any single player (dynamic) campaign. I remember one mission, when us (Tomcats) were tasked with CAP on a night mission, with Hornets coming in behind us for a strike, while I could see in the distance AAA and SAM launches further up the coast, where I knew A-10s had their share of fun. So immersiv
  7. To be honest, when you finish all those training missions, you know just basic stuff. But like with everything, practice makes perfect. It also helps if you join multiplayer and find yourself a nice MP community, virtual squadron or a wing, because those guys will teach you the trade better than anything else.
  8. I sooooo knew I have to give you this kit! This is marvelous!
  9. Thank you for your kind words. I have never used Surfacer as a primer before, but guess what. I just received two bottles of Mr.S 1500 Black. I've had enough of experimenting as well, I guess 😄
  10. I don't have a preference of the type, as long as it works. I've had really great results with their Grey primer, but Black failed me on first try. Off to Surfacer 1500 Black. Thank you, Curt. Actually I do it just as you've described it. 00 brush and Mr.Paint acrylic paints (aluminum in this case). I also use optivisor for such detail work which helps immensely. Recently I've been playing a bit with figure painting so I got a little bit more confidence in brush painting. Yeah One Shot. Grey has served me well, but Black just didn't work. Ah no worries.
  11. Hehe. Thank you. Unfortunately I had to temporarily shelve this project. Ammo's black primer hasn't levelled out and filled most of the scribed details and left worst surface you can imagine. I will return to it in a few months but have to regain the joy of modelling. Ironic how you get one of the best kits in the market only to be let down by faulty product.
  12. Maybe a bit late with the reply, but MRP actually recommends that you use their 2K lacquer before applying the chrome.
  13. Be cautious about that VR test. I've had 1080Ti until early December. It is a monster of a card and will run everything without hiccup on high settings. But on monitors. In VR, it's a different story. It doesn't have a problem running first generation VR sets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and I guess it would run Oculus Rift-S as well. But if you go the higher resolution way with second generation headsets like Index or the 4K HP G2, 1080Ti just won't cut it. Or you'll have to seriously reduce graphic quality which defies the high res logic in the first place. I went Oculus Rift
  14. Thanks! You are right on both accounts. All plastic so far and yeah, ejection seat handles are a bit on a thick side. Gauges actually come in a single instrument panel decals, but I cut them off individually and applied them one by one and filling the faces with UV glue, creating glass like effect - not really seen in the photos, but looks nice in person. Well it was never my intention and to tell you the truth, my modelling table atm is too small for this Flanker. I constantly keep on hitting things with it so I am really looking forward to going back to my 1:72 😄 N
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