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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Too many other projects in queue to start on them. But I'll probably build another TBD sometime in the future, in a dive, releasing the bomb and all weathered up! As for the weathering - not much. I just did light postshading with base blue colour + some lower grey and if the effect seemed too pronounced, blended it with diluted top blue grey. Other than that, a little bit of oils just to pop up some panel lines and tie together the markings and the paint.
  2. Here they are, both finished. I'll post them in the Gallery, as soon as I finish a simple base and some figures.
  3. Most of the weathering is done on both aircraft. I have backdated the rear guns on Dauntless removing the shielding and adding the early ammo boxes as well as PE gunsight from a generic gunsight PE sheet.
  4. I am no expert on details of BoB fights, but I've heard of this encounter many times before so I hope this helps. It is a simulator reenactment based on historic data. Also check this page and scroll down to Battle of Britain: https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/Werner_Mölders There are several pilots named which Mölders shot down, so I guess finding info on their Spitfires should be much easier.
  5. I have finished both engines for the duo this week. Wildcat's P&W R-1830 Twin Wasp is nicely done and you even have exhaust pipes at the back, although they are of same length and don't reach the front cylinder row. The electric wiring, the ring and spark plug cables are made of photo-etched parts, are extremely thin and can hardly be seen in the photo. Dauntless' Wright R-1820 Cyclone engine is also nicely moulded, however, there is no electric wiring provided, so I created it using various diameter lead wires. Tedious work but in the end, I think it was more
  6. Been flying MSFS for various virtual airlines since Covid struck and restricted my travelling around the world. Not the same, but I've managed to "see" a lot of world this way and accumulated over 700hrs of "flying" time in MSFS alone. Flying mostly CRJ-900 and FBW's A320neo and a little bit of 330-900 for long distance flights. I am on the fence of buying the Fenix 320ceo and waiting for PMDG's 737-800. But my main love still remains in the DCS World, F-14 in VR.
  7. I've finally put both aircraft on their legs, added some brake lines to the struts and applied the final coat of semi-matt varnish which is a bit shiny for that new bird look, but will provide with enough bite for some light weathering to come later.
  8. Thanks, guys! As these were basically new machines, I'll try to keep the weathering light as it is... maybe just a little bit of non-too contrast wash and some light exhaust and gun staining.
  9. Thank you, BW! If you get one, you certainly won't be dissapointed. I am using MrPaint lacquers - so for the top MRP-133 BLUE GREY M-485
  10. It's been a while so it's about bloody time for an update, ain't it? 😄 Since it's a double build and since both carry the same camo colours, this step was finished rather quickly. Wildcat Dauntless
  11. Yeah I am aware of two planes - actually Arma hobby provides both numbers in their Wildcat kit. Re-Dauntless - did they use underwing bombs or just the central one? Before watching the Midway movie, I read the book called The Silver Waterfall by Kevin Miller. Albeit being historical fiction it puts you right into the thick of the action - so much better than the movie itself. In fact, it made the movie experience very bleak to me just for that reason. Enjoyed the book tenfold more.
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