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  1. Just finished this gem of a kit! Full article and gallery : https://vvsmodelling.com/2019/05/14/grumman-f-14a-tomcat-vf-41-black-aces/ Some teaser photos
  2. Thanks, mate! I don't like everything open as well, but since she will be placed on diorama, eventually, I can live with that 😄
  3. A bunch of bits and pieces attached, matt coated and unmasked... The end is in sight at last!
  4. Hi everyone! After a longer absence, I am back. Was pretty busy at work with some joint NATO exercises going on and we had to provide ATC services for extended periods of time and the little time that was left, I spent it with my family. Then this came along - another TOMCAT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_FCuMAl8oA But fear not, I managed to sneak some time and add some details and put her on her own legs and here she is... some details still waiting to be attached, then flat coat, and again detailing, some weathering and on towards the finishing line.
  5. Landing gear was improved by the use of Albion Alloys brass tubing and Plusmodel lead wire Landing gear painted up and weathered. Tomcat after light washes Final look after specific panels were further weathered and certain panel lines over painted.
  6. And here's a good view of Airfix decals problem - left wing Airfix, right wing Microscale
  7. Thanks guys! I've hit the builder's block with this build when it came to decals. The only company that did the decals for the scheme I'm building, were Airfix. They have included decals for one of the VF-41 line birds from the JFK's 1997 Med cruise as well as CO's bird of VF-14 Tophatters with really nice tailart. The latter however has two serious problems - one side of the decal sheet is pretty badly off register and Airfix managed to screw the pooch with Modex numbers - the real bird carried 214 while Airfix printed the 201. Anyhow back to VF-41 option. While the decals are surprisingly thin and the tail art decals fit perfectly, almost all other decals are like 15% too big. The "NO STEP" decals, compared to the Microscale sheet I used in the end, looked like 1:48 compared to 1:72. So yeah, in the end, some scheme specific decals were used from Airfix, others were mostly Microscale and some from a Fujimi kit (which had quite bad adhesion). Anyhow all the troubles behind, here she is, ready for the next level of weathering.
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