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  1. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    aaaand the main camo is done! Now off to paint all the details... masking this SoB is quite challenging due all the things protruding from the surfaces
  2. A-6E Intruder

    how about uploading the pics of your previous builds to the respective folders of the image provider of your choice and include the link to your model building account in your signature? just a thought
  3. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    Thank you, sylphia! Green parts of camo added as well
  4. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-27. 968 IIAP, Lipetsk AFB.

    Nice looking Flanker, Alex!
  5. First Topic: My 2017 realisations

    welcome to the forums! Nice models to present yourself with as well ;)
  6. PAK FA

    In fact, over 6 years. Here's my shot from MAKS 2011.
  7. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    Oh very cool progress on the big Fitter! You don't see many of those built. Here's some painting progress - or at least what I was able to do this week anyway ;) Nice coat of primer makes a whole bunch of difference to the overall looks. Some little touchups were needed but nothing serious. First top colour. I had some problems determining the right paint to use, as all the photos of this rare birds I found have really bad photo reproduction resulting in colours appearing different from one photo to another. And first part of splinter camo pattern is applied. No major problems, apart from some slight overspray, but that will be easy to remedy.
  8. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    That's correct! ;) Although I love Afghan theater Fitters, I'm gonna do this one in this special scheme... M and M4's are gonna be Afghani ones.
  9. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    Thank you, Gianni! Indeed they have raised the bar quite high... And we're talking about a small short-run producer, not some big name in the modelling industry with big budgets.
  10. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    Thanks Giovanni! it's actually a rather slow build... Little kid at home and unfavorable working schedule prevent more work to be done... But at least I've reached the priming and painting stage. She's gonna be carrying Azerbaijani markings. I am quite sure, Modelsvit will include M4 at some point in the future - not a lot of modification compared to the M3... I am also hoping for M2 version.
  11. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    thank you karl! Hope to see the photos when you do! OK, long time since my last progress post - I was working on her but the pace was slow. Fuselage went together rather fine - I only had some problems on the join line in front of the cockpit. It is possible that was of my own doing though. Main wheel well sidewalls have two functions - apart from the obvious details and the depth of the well, they also serve as spacers for the swing wing. Wings themselves are made of two halves; they are a bit too thick, but easily sanded down to achieve a perfect fit. Unfortunately I experienced a little bit of setback during this build. When sanding the intake ring for a better transition to the fuselage, I accidentally sanded through the rather thin plastic and created a bite on the upper side. I somehow managed to fix this by using Milliput Superfine putty. Using metallic paint dry-brushed over the seams, reveals any seams that still might fixing. Wings completed without any hassle and dryfit to the fuselage shows a perfect fit! The main problem I had during the construction so far is the big wing fence near the wing pivot. It's made of one piece with an aperture to slide the whole wing assembly through. And while the fit is great in the frontal area, there was quite a nasty gap on both top and bottom side along the way towards the trailing edge. Windshield is up, instrument panel with sighting glass and gun camera installed. Finally the wings attached and it looks like a Fitter at last! A bunch of little details added to the airframe. All the little intakes on the sides of the fuselage were drilled out. If you are asking what's with the metallic paint - I drybrush it on to see the state of join lines and puttied areas. Also hats off to Modelsvit to providing the painting masks for canopies (both inner and outer!) and some other details. Although I've only seen Azerbaijani Fitters equipped with drop tanks, I don't see any reason, why they wouldn't carry classic Soviet weapons - I'll be equipping it with two underwing drop tanks, two S-24 rockets and four FAB-500 M62 bombs. The only aftermarket item used on this bird will be a set of Master pitot tubes. Delicate little things that proved a bit challenging (diameters didn't match perfectly) and I still have to fix the longer one a bit, but they look really awesome and 3D printed vanes are so thin yet flexible and a little mishandling won't break them.
  12. Magnifiers for small details

    another happy user of Optivisor - I have a very good eyesight (40yrs old), but when I started my 1:700 USS Cole kit, the PE parts were just too tiny... it has since become an essential piece of equippment, especially for cockpit detailing.
  13. F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Following with interest, Giovanni, as I plan to build a Canadian Voodoo sometime in the future.
  14. A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Amazing attention to details! Keep up the good work, mate!
  15. Su-17M3 'Fitter-H'

    Grazie mille, Giovanni! I wouldn't be me, if I haven't complicated things beyond necessary. After I attached the nose ring, I went on to sand the little seam for the better looks. Not taking into account of how thin the plastic really is, I managed to sand in the bite on the upper side of the ring. Milliput Superfine to the rescue - it's not a perfect solution, but better than nothing :) Some in progress pics to be followed in a few days.