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  1. Thank you, guys! Actually we both used same paints - Mr.Paint Medium Grey, Dark and Light Ghost grey. The major difference was me using the black surfacer as primer, while Mitja used grey one, which created some difference in the finished look.
  2. Beautiful Finnish MiG! I had Zvezda kit but sold it, as I was anticipating Eduard will release it 😞
  3. In December, one of the guys in a modelling group I am part of, gave an idea - let's do a "One week wonder" group build - you've got the first week of 2024 to start and finish a kit from your stash. I was up for the challenge and picked up HobbyBoss' easy kit F-84. It's not a bad kit per se and it has a few weak points but for a price for around 5€/$, it's hard to complain. Decals come from Hi-decals and represent one of the 34 of Imperial Iranian Air Force F-84Gs. Link to the article and full gallery: https://vvsmodelling.com/2024/01/08/republic-f-84g-thunderjet/
  4. About a year ago, me and my buddy Mitja decided, we should build the same kit from our stash but do it in our own ways - we picked GWH F-14D in 1:72 and picked VF-101 Grim reapers squadron, me going high vis, Mitja low vis. There was some aftermarket used - I used metal pitot tube, resin wheels and burner cans, while Mitja went with wheels and ejection seats. For the purposes of my vignette I also used excellent Reedoak figures. My vignette is called "Last season, baby!" and shows preseason photo shoot of one of the two display aircraft for the last Tomcat airshow season in 2004.
  5. I was happily patiently waiting for this aircraft, got it still warm after release at Moson and after that followed more than 4 months of arduous work, trying to stick the parts together to look like something and got very close to binning it a few times. But I persevered and here she is. The build article is in the In Progress section of the forums and the full gallery and article on my page: https://vvsmodelling.com/2023/12/03/mig-23mla-flogger-g/
  6. Weapons: missiles are a nightmare to build - nothing wrong with them, really, but just for example, the little R-60s are made out of 13 parts each plus over 20 stencil decals. The larger R-24s are a little better construction wise, but again many decals slows the build down. They look good though in the end! Landing gear: It is a complex affair on the real aircraft and the same goes with the model. While the gear struts have nice secure locating positions, great care must be taken attaching all the landing gear covers and their associated actuator arms. Wheels: I have to say I
  7. I agree with Ken - by using motion blurred base you are implying at a fast scene at low level. Any clouds in this case would be further away and not as blurred if it all due to the distance of a subject.
  8. Thanks mate! Thanks rom! Hvala Mario! Again playing with oil paints, I've faded and distressed the plain look of pale blue grey undersides... Some streaking was added and as you can see, the wheels assembly has started.
  9. I liked the previous result of the oil paint rendering and though I could push it even further for more fading. Even though it is time consuming, I am really starting to love this technique.
  10. she's such a beaut! can't wait to start mine!
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