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  1. BRAVO! Totally agree!!!! Monogram F-105 is waaaaayyyy better than Hobby Boss.In shape and details, only panel lines are in positive,but that is thing which is much easier solved than to correct a whole model kit,in dimensions and shape.
  2. Hello friends. I plan to build Spitfire Mk.VIII in 1/48 scale,and I have Eduard's model kit which is excellent.I have also set for cockpit doors from same producer,and there is decals with stencils for it. Does anyone have any picture of Mk.VIII or Mk.IX cockpit doors ,where is visible writings on it,so that I can compare does Eduard have done it right,and which stencil that I put on my model kit. Thank you very much,and happy modeling.
  3. I don't know what to do with this kit, she is making me stress with all those errors on her. I am an airman also,not just modeler,so it needs to be accurate. Does anyone knows what is need to be corrected that i made at least an aggressor aircraft,since I can not made that one from Vietnam?
  4. I was hoping that Kitty Hawk done this kit right...this one goes to swap...No more Kitty Hawk for me!!!!
  5. Look what I found...It says that in Vietnam was F-5E and that Russian have get one for testing,and boy o boy it was F-5E. http://alert5.com/2017/06/12/soviets-flew-captured-f-5-against-the-mig-21-f-5-was-the-winner/ What is confusing me is that it looks a little diferent shape of the leading edge extension,than this in the box.
  6. Thank you very much dear sir.So Kitty Hawk made mistake...again.Thank you for this value info.
  7. Ok, but most of photos show F-5 A,B and C variant. I have in box "E" variant. And E variant is deferent. Does someone have any photo or info about E variant while it was in Vietnam in USAF markings?
  8. Hello my brothers modelers. First of all I wish to everybody good health and may God keeps us all from this virus. Today I got in my mail Kitty Hawk F-5E 1/32,and there is markings of aircraft which was used in Vietnam war. I have very little info about it's campaign there and reference materials,photos etc. If anyone have any,please share,that I can made my model kit accurate as possible.Thank you.
  9. Ok,thank you very much dear friends. So from this one can say that I can use any P-51 wheels with any template and there will be no problem about accurasy of my model kit.
  10. My dear friends.I had some great investigate and found one more photo, with same unusual pattern which have lead me to conclusion that this wheels on this P-51,is not P-51 wheels, and I have found one more picture where you can see same pattern ,which is on my presented subject here.So the things are like this:Because this aircraft was in England ,and in war times you use what you have near hand,so they were short in tires and they tried to put Spitfire tyre on wheel hub of P-51,and it went well.So please take a look those photos good what I am presenting to you,and please comment.Because IF I am right,this is very important part for aviation history,and for modelers.Please take a good look,and comment.I think that this is Spitfire's ,Dunlop's wheel on P-51 hub.Please correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Can someone please help me what type of pattern on wheels is here on this aircraft, I think that this is cross tread.Please help.I have never seen this kind of pattern. Thank you.
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