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    Thank you very much sir.Just one more question.Can SK-37E carry any air to air missiles,air to ground or bombs?
  2. Nino_Belov


    Hello friends, I just got myself a Special Hobby SK-37E in 1/48 scale. Model kit is very nice.But there is nothing to put as payload on model kit. Does anyone know anything about this aircraft? Does it can carry any armament,any pods....anything.I would like to put something what is correct for it configuration,but I don't know what he can carry.So Viggen experts...help. 🙂
  3. Hello brothers modelers, I just got Eduard's MiG-21PFM Limited Edition "Vietnam" in 1/48 scale. There is so confusing things inside this kit. Firstly it say to use black stencils,but on real aircraft was blue...ok I got for it references.And there was blue 100% with red warning stencils. But the most confusing thing is that they say to put NVAF markings on wings...I have never seen any NVAF MiG-21PFM with markings on wings...not even on bottom side or on upper side.And I have many books about it.But what is a mith,in all those reference materials there is not a single photo where is this variant of aircraft can be seen from above or from below... Can someone please help with any of reference photo where NVAF MiG-21PFM have markings on wings.Or to uncover the truth about this variant of this famous aircraft while it was in NVAF? Thank you.
  4. There is also non narrow panel lines on those pictures.Look better my friend.
  5. OK,I realize that modelers like perfection,but as i am very long time on real Soviet/Russian aircrafts,and my family eat bread of it,I want to show you some "references",about GWH Su-35 panel lines...please check carefully those pictures that I am showing you,and you will see,that on real aircraft ,panel lines on Russian aircraft are not even close like on Tamiya.I dont know how it looks on real F-15,F-18 etc...but as of GWH SU-35,those panel lines,are perfect,every single one of them.I am telling this from the spot of tech airman,then secondary as modeler.Please look carefully all those photos.So it would not be real if GWH made panel lines like Tamiya,it would not look real.I personaly know that GWH had made a BIG work to exacly made those panel lines looks real as it is posible.Thank you.
  6. Well this will be serious mission...
  7. Friends, you have helped me a lot.Thank you very much.
  8. Ok...Maybe some day GWH will make that kit. 🙂 Now on drastic step,what about 1/72 scale offer?What we have there? IS there any decent F-111 in 1/72 scale?
  9. Thank you very much sir,you are most kind.I see that I will need to invest much more than the cost of model kit itself. Why HB made it so inaccurate???I dont get it.Academy is also way off...I dont know what about old Monogram kits,i just dont know what to do now.I dont like so much inaccurate model kit.I need more 200$ to make this kit look as "pig".I like that aircraft,it is my favorite west jet.I dont know what to do really.I am very mad to HB,how they could let that legendary jet be so "no good"??? I thank you to all who helped me in this,but from what you have told me,I dont know,i will give this model kit to kids in local club to practice on it.
  10. Wow...thank you very much friends.It seems that i have a lot of work here...Ok,lets start.Can someone of you tell me where to search for good reference materials.I dont know much western aircrafts.This is my first "west jet" 🙂
  11. There is nothing wrong in shape of Kinetic kit...The reference that you are shown,is mat surface.And bulged area is just where it needs to be.So I think that you are wrong my friend.Kinetic F-104 is wonderfull.
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