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  1. Hello friends,I plan to made base for my Su-33 in 1/48 scale.And that base is planed to be a part of deck of aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" but I have one missing detail about it.It is landing light,because the place where I plan to put my Su-33 have that landing light on that part of deck.So does someone have any picture how it looks like,from close,it is visible part on my base so I want to make it looks detailed.Thank you.
  2. Ok,now I am sure that he had K-14.Thnx
  3. Thank you very much.I have decided,I will put K-14 because,I will made model from period of early '45,because photos are from that time.
  4. Thank you friends.But as of elevators,if there is dorsal fin instaled ,the angle of horizontal stabilazers is changed also so logicly they also changed the linen elevators for metal...that's what books say, and also on this photo that I have presented to you I think that there is that configuration with metal elevators,because surface is to much smoth,there is no distortions of linen surface.🤔
  5. Ok,here we go.This is aircraft which I want to made: P-51D-5 s/n 44-13984 -flown by Lt. Clarence Boretsky, 334th FS, 4th FG, 8th AF, Debden,United Kingdom. I had some deep research and found out these photos.Photos are from early spring 1945. It is very visible that he have metal elevators,and that gun front point marker is removed from place just near front of windshield.It gives me right to think that N-9 old gunsight is removed ,and when dorsal fin and metal elevators have been instaled that also K-14 was instaled together with all what comes with it.What do you think my friends?
  6. Thanks bro,the main thing that makes me confused is that model of aircraft which I want to make as model kit is from period of autumn '44.His base was in England,he wore USAAF markings and the variant is D-5 which is modified with dorsal fin and metal elevators.British mustangs have recived Acemaker II (K-14) in late spring-early summer,so because my model was from period of autumn same year and those external airframe modifiations has applied on it,and as British have updated thier mustangs with K-14 practicly near same time as US mustangs have been upgraded with dorsals and elevators,there is pretty big chance that US 'stangs D-5's got also the K-14...?Also since new wire instalation is added and new electronics,new fuse box is also going...There is so much to research about it...HELP... 🙂
  7. Hello, Can someone help with this research? I wonder was there any K-14 gun sight on P-51D-5 variant which were modified with dorsal fin, since they are already upgraded with dorsal fin and elevator, did they get also K-14 gun sight? Please 'stang experts help.I plan to made Eduard's upgraded D-5 variant which have dorsal fin and metal elevators, which is field modification.Thanks.
  8. Solved, thank you.
  9. I have figure it out my brothers, I need some of spare decals from Eduard 11134 "Chattanooga Choo Choo", does anyone have some of spare decals ...pleaseeeee 🙂
  10. Hello my brothers, I am JET dude, and since I have seen Eduards P-51D-5 in 1/48,i am in loved in this model kit of this famous aircraft...anyway...Can someone of you Mustang experts tell me , is there any D-5 variant with dorsal fin, and to share few photos of it,and some reference material, because I like it the most with dorsal fin.So , I have D-5 variant,and i would like to made it with dorsal fin,is this possible???I have heard some speculations that some D-5 varinats were modified on field with dorsal fins? I have box of profipack D-5, and box of overtrees of basic sprues. I have dorsal fin from overtrees. Can someone help me is there any model with markings from D-5 profipack, that can be upgraded to D-5 with dorsal fin? Thank you. 🙂
  11. Of course...we also have Hobby Boss Su-27/30...Kitty Hawk Su-35...but bro...GWH is GWH!
  12. I hope that in future Flanker family of GWH will be also a Sea Flanker? 😉
  13. Thank you very much,this one helps,but we need to have closer look :-),see those tiny details.
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