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  1. Since the report was made in 30. of april, 1945.,and it is saying that aircraft with nickname "Mary Mac" was shot down in april the 2nd ,1945,and that the pilot in this flight was 1st Lt.Paul J. Murphy,which had probably over painted aircraft which was first painted like in Eduard's manual.The real "Mary Mac" (first) with nose art was flown by pilot Lt.Gordon H. McDaniel,and probaly when aircraft was signed to other pilot to 1st Lt.Paul J. Murphy,then the red and yellow stripes on the wings was over painted,and nose art "Mary Mac" was removed,also the kill marks,and after almost a one month the aircraft have been shot down.
  2. Thank you sir. Please check this report. This is very confusing,and that is the main reason why I am asking for assistance for this project.Please check these scans:
  3. I have checked instruction completly and my judge is that it can be built in correct position...canopy.Also Eduard brassin wheels are in correct dimensions,because tyre 27SC is in dimensions 27,5"x9,75".And when one scale it down in 1/48 scale they are correct in hundreds part of milimeter.So brothers modelers please dont hurry with build. Also,tail wheel is in correct position 100%,checked with the owner of real Stang bird. And on this build one can see that canopy is standing correct. So here is photos of real bird and three photos of finished model kit of Eduard. So Eduard really made perfect kit... Please correct if I am wrong.Thank you.
  4. I dont know if this can be fixed on Eduards kit,because I didnt started it yet,and I dont know how it will turn out,there is a lot of work until installing canopy on model.Or,maybe modelers dont put it on model as it should be...I dont know...
  5. And one more thing about P-51 kit,on every model kit,canopy cover ,is not standing in good position,lover rear side of the canopy,needs to touch fuselage,I have never seen any model kit in 1/48 scale that this is done correct,am I correct,or this is just some mind game with myself?
  6. Thank you sir. So it can be, that they overpainted those wing tips after they put nose art of Mary Mac?
  7. Thank you very much dear friend, but I have found some photos or real aircraft and it is confusing me very much,about wing tips, please check those photos.As of red and yellow stripes around nose and tail,they are clearly visible here on photos,only problem is wing tips,because they look different than Eduard have shown.Does anyone have any photo of "Mary Mac" where is those wingtip visible,like in Eduard's manual?
  8. I want to make this P-51 from Eduard in 1/48 scale.And in Royal Class, there is this paint scheme,but I am a little bit worried is this correct paint scheme what Eduard have put inside. Because I have never seen on any photo this wing tip colors like they put in manual. I have seen colors where wing tip are in same pattern like tail,black and yellow check boards. So please,mustang experts,please tell me is this painting scheme correct?Thank you. 🙂
  9. Hello my brothers modelers. Can someone of Mustang experts help me which gun sight is here on this photo. Thank you.
  10. I dont need anything from you.
  11. Aahhahahah,so you DID read it ,and you have keep silent until I edited,and you got the rouch ahahahahaha,and yes I have 75 year old brandy and my own destilery,but only for friends.
  12. Thats not nice way to talk your self out of the public bet 😉,which you have lost 🙂
  13. Well you are right,I prefer more : prava Srpska Rakija "Serbian Brendy" 😉
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