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  1. I hope that you will finish model kit before Christmas,it would be good time...this would be great present.
  2. If you buy Begemot set of decals for Su-27 Stencils you will get everything you need.They are the best! http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=52
  3. Nino_Belov


    Thank you my friend.I will contact you.
  4. Nino_Belov


    Thank you friend.
  5. Nino_Belov


    Thank you very much friend.I don't know just what to do.I like this jet very much....I have not done 1/72 model kit for some time...maybe 15 years..lol....Ok,do you how is the quality of that Airfix 1/72 A-4?
  6. Nino_Belov


    I want to build it so badly 🙂 I will try to find what i need for it,and thank you friends very much for advices.
  7. I asked you did you modified it, and you told me that you did, I am asking you what is this?
  8. Thank you my friend.As I have seen here on latest updates on pictures it shown that it looks to big...That is the reason why I am asking you this. And also the reason for canopy why I am asking you this is because I have watched real Su-33 many many times, and I see that on v.1.0 is wrong shape.And it looks smaller than it should be, when you look its place parallel with panel near canopy. The canopy on Su-35 from GWH is in good shape,and size, and it is not much deference betwean Su-35 and SU-33 in canopy, that is the main reason why I am so boring to you, if we will have best Sea Flanker here,let's have him best, not near best...Am i right???
  9. Dear friend.I see on pictures that bulge in weel bay is visible and it looks too big,but can you please tell just did you make canopy bigger than in v.1.0?And did you have made that bulge in wheel bay smaller?Why is that hard to say yes or no...why cant you say that simple answer...yes or no.And that is it....thank you...
  10. Ok, let's do this simple way.... Did you or did not redesign canopy, and area in air intake, that bulge of wheel bay?Please....just simple, yes or no?Thank you. P.S.As of SVP-24-33, it is not my foolish desire, it is your ticket for Version 2.0. Am I correct?
  11. That's nice,Liang have send me those pictures almost year ago.... 1.)Where is new things? Why are you don't answering e-mails? 2.) Did you fix this???? 3.) And this????
  12. Nino_Belov


    Hello friends, I want to build A-4B from Argentina A.F.,period of Falklands war.My scale is 1/48, so...can some of A-4 experts help with infoes which model kit is most correct to use,decals...etc.Thank you.
  13. Ok,now back to real life.I am glad that we are back in game.I cant wait to see first molds.
  14. Of course not, ,it was my grandmother,o silly me, she came here and asked for help to build model kit,and then after I give her help, she disappear....ouuu grandma,grandma...bad grandma! I'm worried about her, we don't know where she is, we hear from someone after three or four months that she told that is fine and she is building her model kit, but we are worried about her, how is she, is she fine, or she is just thinking that she is making model kit, no one have seen here or her model kit, come on grandma stop making funny stories , come home ....
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