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  1. In my quest to build kits that I have been trying to avoid (due to complicated assembly, size, etc.), I dug out the 1/10th scale Bandai “ISS Space Suit” kit. I bought this at an IPMS Nats in 2012 and knew it was articulated and would require a lot of filler and putty to eliminate the “toy” look. I filled in all the movable joints with Apoxie Sculpt and I think it came out pretty nice. I have videos of the build here: https://youtu.be/GQwVegq4TwE. Note I also have a lot more space model build videos at my YouTube channel.
  2. I made an album for this model on my Flickr page, so better and more images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjmackowski/albums/72157715110964441
  3. I used BMF Chrome for the CM finish. The kit is actually a bit rough. I will post a detailed review soon. Check my videos for more description.
  4. Sorry here is the YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfP1d0SapPhSN2YnFUvwDuQ/
  5. I finished the RealSpace 1/48 Apollo CSM. I've had the kit a while, and realized I did not have a model of the Apollo CSM in this scale on my shelf. I have a series of videos on this build (and other work) at my YouTube channel at: I can post more details on this build here if anyone is interested. (BTW I had trouble shrinking these images enough to meet the tiny limit allowed here.) Mike Mackowski Editor, Space In Miniature
  6. Hi,


    I am planning to write a booklet on Buran for my Space In Miniature series of modeling guides. I'd like to use your review of the Amodel kit you wrote in 2013(?). Can you send me a note?


    Mike Mackowski

  7. That looks like the MasterModel kit?
  8. Hi, I am in the process of building up my small collection of Energiya-Buran kits. I am likely to take all my notes from building the various Buran/Energiya models and writing up a Space In Miniature Tech Report. But I don’t have the RealSpace kit nor the Amodel kit. Does anyone know of a good review of either? I could use that as I’m not up to building two more and I expect the Amodel kit to be a pain. I am posting videos of my builds here if you are interested in following: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfP1d0SapPhSN2YnFUvwDuQ Thanks, Mike Mackowski
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