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  1. Have fun and start it from the beginning. I don't know why it starts at the last lap. You will get to see were I'm run off on the straight at 110mph by a "friend".... Started 5th, finished 2nd. Just as an aside, my car is an Historic car and all the others are more modern, and technologically advanced Club Fords.......just sayin........
  2. Ah, my Lola. Below are some stills, below that a vid from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy.
  3. As some of you know, I have a passion for race cars. I race my own '71 Lola T202 with the FFCS (Formula Ford Challenge Series) group here in the USA. This gives me many opportunities to see real race cars up close for details you don't get from photos. This has been around for years. I have never built it as I build in 1/24 scale but figured I would give it a go. To get a real true sense of just how special this car is, take a look at the vid below from people who know... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhQZmlrRuRY Engine went together well
  4. Good, glad I could help getting olde kits from the stash.
  5. To help you find where to look.... The Flying tigers P-40's were sent over to Claire Chennault in 1941. These a/c were actually a/c that were supposed to be shipped to the UK as part of our lend/lease program but were diverted at the last moment. The a/c were painted here in the states following strict RAF protocols. As such, they match color wise, all the Spitfires flying in the dark earth/dark green scheme. The painters in the USA even left areas were the British roundels were to be added in the UK. The China markings were smaller and in a different position.
  6. Thought some of you might enjoy this olde plastic. I'm sure most of you have seen or built this kit from 1967 or so. Mine came to me in a baggy missing the stand and with 2 sets of unusable decals. Although much maligned for being inaccurate, it really is not that far off from drawings or even the later more expensive offerings. I wanted to recreate this moment when F/O Collier became the first known pilot to down a V-1 Buzz bomb by tipping it over using his own wing. I had no
  7. For very minor dollars Halifax decals can be had online at Evilbay. I have bought from this dealer for years, very reliable. All the decals from the Matchbox or Airfix kits will be as old, why not have fresh?.....
  8. Starting with the old Heller kit, (also issued once by Airfix,) we find some wonderful old, short shot, warped black plastic. Putty, thick plastic and sanding sticks are our friend. Upper and lower wings were badly warped but after some time with the hair dryer all looked much better. I reshaped the rudder for better accuracy. I sanded off all the raised detail for pencil panel lines. I am going to do Cecil Bouchier's personal a/c finished in all gloss black with gold trim. Always a killer combo.
  9. Just a reminder, this is about the only time we can stock up on plastic gold Christmas balls. Available at dollar stores and pretty much everywhere else now, after Christmas, they all vanish until next season. You are best off getting a variety of sizes, never know what application you might need in the coming months. And they really do work... Happy Holidays everyone, be safe and happy modeling.......
  10. The plain wood base needed some attention. This is a method I've used on several other bases, works well and is stupid easy. I sanded the wood to rough it up and apply wall spackle. I plopped on the rocket to get footprints and then added craters using different objects like pens, beads of different sizes and fingers. For the "sand" effect, I stippled the spackle with a stiff brush. The three craters in the front are made by my grand daughters finger. She wanted to help make "Papa's Moon". When dry, I took cans of
  11. I want to do a diorama of the first two astronauts on the moon taking that Iconic photo, Armstrong shooting Aldrin. The Revell kits in 1/10 scale will just be too big at about four feet long. I have the RH150 of Armstrong and need the RH104 of Aldrin. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks, working on that just now........HUMPH !!!!.......
  13. Sorry folks, Photopheckit strikes again. All my posts have used the "IMG". I can't even delete this post, don't see any "delete post" button...
  14. I built this for an online GB awhile ago, thought you might like... I think this is the coolest looking helicopter out there and I always wanted one in the classic evil Russian garb. Starting with the Airfix kit from the 80's. Looks like aftermarket decals are needed. This was going to be an out-of-box build but the cockpit was a bit sparse to say the least so I scratched up some cockpit. I assembled the rotor on telescoping brass tubes.
  15. OK....... Firstly, I can't thank you all enough for your input, it has chided in well for helping me make a serious decision as to how to proceed. ".... you can use basic trigonometry...." seriously? I'm agreeing that the average truth seems to put Armstrong/Aldrin about 19' apart. Looking at photos, scaling with dividers from known dimensions, we can kinda come to the same conclusions the math did. A specific dimension from pad to pad would be helpful but I can find no drawing with that call out. We can use the 3' dimension called out and use
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