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  1. Hi Jari! Thank you for this, know for that. Look for Part catalogue, maybe more details there... Kind regards, Marko
  2. Hello from Croatia! Please, can you help me with photos of F-86D radar, for scratch build? With kind regards, Marko Jeras
  3. Here you go: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/u2sdwa_1.htm http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/u2sdwa_2.htm Happy modeling!
  4. Thank you for explanation about that under-wing inlet doors. I will most likely cut out molded ones and make thinner ones from plastic.
  5. Me likey J nosey, short and clean (of chin gun, cameras and such) :) But I have one serious question about J model - those two symetrical uderwing 'doors' that are on Hase 1/48 F-4J moulded with wing undersurface in open position (showing nothing inside): 1. what this doos use for? 2. Please, tell me that that doors CAN be clesed on ground :) All the best! Marko
  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks for great news, Kim! Please, is it possible to get a 300 dpi .pdf of the instructions to print them for wall-poster? With best regards, Marko Jeras
  7. Dear Kim, Any news on this set? Please keep us updated. I am looking forward to it very much! With best regards, Marko
  8. Everything you did to it is outstanding. Only wheels need to be loaded, now it looks like the plane is feather-light. And the real one is a heavy one :blink:
  9. Slow down, I think that this decals are not yet available. We wait for Kim to announce sale open
  10. Very nice model! :D What text PAVEL TARAN? on plane reffer to? With best regards, Marko P.S. I did not get answer on last pm and email I sent you
  11. Beautiful model of beautiful plane (I remember first seeing it in JaPo book on 109K, part 2.)
  12. Hi Ken! Yes, I checked many web sites but there is no close-up photos that would show manufacturer markings on the engines and that something red on the right lower vertical stabilizer. Did anybody have walk-around of any Russian Knights Su-27?
  13. That is the answer I hoped for :blink: I can make Bort 15 from Trumpeter kit. Could you possibly help me with close-up photos of the markings on the plane?
  14. Is it true that Russian Knights use single-seater Su-27P and what is difference of P model?
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