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  1. Not a plane. Something a bit different...
  2. Finished this up last week. Kitty Hawk SU-35 in 1/48. The kit itself is fantastic. No fit issues. As a matter of fact, the intakes were a dream! And I HATE intakes. This is well engineered kit, with excellent quality. The exhausts are fantastic BUT they only give you the option of having them straight back, as in flight or powered up. There is no drooped option. I had to get a resin set to be able to do that. Regardless, for the plastic, an A. The directions. Graphically, excellent. Instructional wise, they suck. Even with careful examination I had to take apart a few things and re attach them properly. In many cases they are unclear, and in a couple places flat out wrong or they leave off parts or part numbers. They also were little help as to which weapons pylons were appropriate for which weapon. They showed a few, but not all. Directions get a D. Decals. Physical properties, great! Nice and opaque. Tough but thin. Did not completely melt under solva set and sucked down into details perfectly. Accuracy, NOT. They have the wrong stars. There is only one set, and it is NOT correct for all the versions. Also, they have you putting markings on the version I did that are not on the real plane. And all the criticisms of the directions apply to the decal directions. Decals get a C. I feel like if KH just did a few more things better they would be toe to toe with Tamiya. For its faults, it builds into a really nice model. I didnt look, but I am sure there are after market decal sets that would rectify that issue. Oh, yes, I full well realize my load out is NOT realistic. So no need to point that out. I dont particularly care. This was done for my son, and he wanted lots of boom, so thats what I did. And HE knows full well its not realistic.
  3. The review HomeBe posted is informative. I will have to check these out.
  4. I know there have been a few sets done. I know Hasegawa also had a boxing of this as well. I did notice some things that were not totally accurate with Revells decals, but they are fairly close. I was happy with them.
  5. The decals are thick. Which I liked in this case. You have to do a lot of fiddling around with the large ones to get them in place. If they were overly thin, they would not have stood up to the handling. Use Solvaset. Micro set is NOT going to be strong enough. I applied the Solvaset, let it sit for a few minutes and wiped it of. Next day the decals were settled down well.
  6. Revell 1/48 F-15C ANG 75th anniversary
  7. Got mine yesterday. Looks like a good kit. Clearly not from a large company. The instructions and decals were packed in a page protector for note books. LOL The decals in it dont look bad at all, but I will likely get the Caracal set also.
  8. I happen to have one of these in the stash. Will have to work on getting another it seems. 🙂
  9. Interesting article! A Huskie that went on a diet. LOL
  10. I thought there were a number of them in civilian hands still flying. Could easily be wrong on that.
  11. So, I did not detail the interior like Ernest did. I like my results none the less. 🙂 I made the cargo net in the rear out of lead strips.
  12. Oh, I know they are functional. I just went with putting in a ceiling and closing all the gaps with plasticard. I've never done that type of detailing. One of these days I will give it a go.
  13. I believe he is still making them. I bought mine a year ago or so. He makes them as ordered so it takes like 6 weeks to be made. https://www.lonestarmodels.com/store
  14. As mentioned, virtually as soon as engines are shut down FOD covers go in/on. So it's not like it would be something you wouldnt see on a flight line. I have a bunch with and a bunch without. Just depends on my mood at the time.
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