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  1. A while back I did the toilet bowl bomber A-1H. While researching that, I cam across the Molar Marauder. Instead of typing the story out, its in the first pic. I decided to do this Nam oddity as well. Once I got around to it, I was going through my A-7 kits. As I looked at the decals in both the Hasegawa and Esci kits, I realized they were of the same plane only after they put a real sharks mouth on it. So I decided to do both. And this is the result. The molar plane is the Hasegawa kit. The sharks mouth is the Revell kit. After closely looking at the Esci kit, that one was chucked. It was so hopelessly crappy that I decided burial was abetter option than trying to build it.
  2. Which is why skipping to the end of a thread is not recommended. LOL
  3. Thats my point. There is NO excuse for not getting something like that wrong. There are a couple existing 14s that can be readily scanned. There is one sitting in Udvar Hazy right now. Not the case for Russian planes.
  4. Not to be trite, but Ebay. Thats where you will find the out of print stuff. Or one of the sales pages on FB such as Scale Model Graveyard.
  5. But in the case of Russian planes, there is at least a bit of an excuse. Getting a good scan of one of those is likely a LOT more difficult than an American plane.
  6. So I went and took a look at the canopy. Firstly, turns out I have the Capt Hwang Special Edition as well. LOL Totally forgot that. That aside, I certainly can tell it is too flat. The canopy from the old Tamiya kit is better. And this one also has the freaking seam down the middle. Something else that should not be present in a 70.00 kit. I am seriously leaning towards selling it. Oh, also, I full well understand people are not perfect. However, when you are charging this much and using supposed state of the art best ever equipment, getting the freaking shapes of basic parts of the plane correct should be a given.
  7. Oh, I appreciate that folks make corrections for this stuff. But I am loathe to spend more money on top of the 80.00 (counting shipping) I already spent just on the kit. I shouldnt have to. I am honestly at the point where I will just sell it before I spend more money on it. I can manage a wonderful looking C without an over priced mistake.
  8. One half of a dual A-7 build. This is the Revell kit with the normal shark mouth. Furball decals. The other is the Hasegawa kit and it represents the same plane, but with a ridiculous molar mouth. That one should be done in the next few days.
  9. There is an issue with the canopy? Great. I avoided paying out the nose for their E because it had issues (cant remember exactly what they were). From what I read, GW fixed those issues and are not present in the C. But now you guys say it has canopy issues???? How the $@#%^&$ is it that these supposed brand new toolings that are the best ever of MODERN freaking planes have errors???? ZM cant get the hind end of a Phantom right. GWH cant get stuff on 15s right. And yet they charge 70 bucks and more. I mean its not like these are esoteric WWII planes that have only one partial air frame left in existence.
  10. I keep mine away from the 1/48 stuff. Especially the BONE. LOL
  11. Most likely going to have better luck just getting something after market. Or if someone has one they are willing to cast some for you.
  12. To the best of my knowledge the Academy gear is good. I didnt notice any issue when I built it. But I am far from an expert.
  13. OK, hold on now. Something bigger? The 1/72 kit is a decent size! I did it not that long ago with resin intakes. 48th would be awesome, but 72 is just fine on this bird. As they had already done new molds for the other two V bombers, Im not sure why anyone was doubting the possibility of this. I realize it has been being talked about for forever, but it shouldnt be at all surprising. I for one will be in line for this baby.
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