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  1. Finished up the old 1978 Monogram Cylon Raider. Took a lot of extra work to make it OK. Decals were shot, so I painted the black stripe and the pentagon markings are not present. But still turned out OK I think.
  2. To the ZM vs Academy F-4. It still grinds my gears that ZM go the rear end wrong on the short nose variants. In this day and age, how you do that is beyond me. Otherwise, the engineering is great. The Academy is fantastic. Though I have run into the same toe in issue. At least I know its not just me. Otherwise, the Academy is perfect shape wise. I have the ZM D kit, but wont get any others. I will stick with the Academy. That aside, just finished this a couple days ago. Mengs 1/35 D9R with Friul metal tracks. The kit ones suck IMO. I almost tossed it due to them. Thankfully I foun
  3. New tool 1/48 Revell SR-71. Completely OOB. Good kit.
  4. And the Italeri 1/48 Skyraider in VNAF service.
  5. 1/48 Academy F-4B from the Eduard Good Morning Danang boxing.
  6. Finished up a few in the past couple months. 1/48 Monogram F-100D with Aeromaster decals
  7. https://the48ers.com/f-15-c-d-e-k-p-w-exhaust-nozzle-set-opened.html I do believe those would work for you. And scroll down and see all the other stuff they recommend.
  8. The GWH is wrong in shape where as the Tamiya is not. IMO, do NOT waste your time or money on a GWH. There are plenty of options out there for resin exhausts and cockpit details. IMO, the cockpit is horrendously lacking for ANY version. This is an old mold, so NOT the same as a Tamiya kit from today. As for missiles and rails, again, plenty of options out there to dress her up correctly. And in the end, you have a CORRECTLY shaped 15C.
  9. I dont do a lot of spinny thingies, and certainly not many WWII or any subject. But I did this one for a group build so had to. My first ever F4U-1 Corsair. And first ever anything from the Pacific theatre. So totally was guessing on the weathering. Tamiya 1/48.
  10. I have no problems with the Eduard stuff. And I figured out it IS indeed a C cockpit. So I can manage with that. As for the Phase Hangar stuff, I did ask him on his page. He said he thought some of the stuff could be modified but not the intake fans or exhausts. Thats why I was asking, in case anyone had used anything and which sets if they had.
  11. OK, I have the A-10C Blacksnakes kit. I am aware it is wrong for a C. I also know the Phase Hangar stuff is for the HB kit. So here is my question. Is the Eduard PE set labeled for the C actually correct for the C? And what Phase Hangar sets would be able to be used for the Italeri kit? I am presuming the antenna set would be usable. What else? And yes, I did a search and couldnt find a thread on this. So my apologies if its been beat to death. Im sure it has.
  12. That was all I took so far. My photography skills are not that great. LOL What were you looking to see?
  13. Just finished the F-15EX with the GWH kit and BAM Models conversion kit and Caracal decals.
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