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  1. Got mine yesterday. Looks like a good kit. Clearly not from a large company. The instructions and decals were packed in a page protector for note books. LOL The decals in it dont look bad at all, but I will likely get the Caracal set also.
  2. I happen to have one of these in the stash. Will have to work on getting another it seems. 🙂
  3. Interesting article! A Huskie that went on a diet. LOL
  4. I thought there were a number of them in civilian hands still flying. Could easily be wrong on that.
  5. So, I did not detail the interior like Ernest did. I like my results none the less. 🙂 I made the cargo net in the rear out of lead strips.
  6. Oh, I know they are functional. I just went with putting in a ceiling and closing all the gaps with plasticard. I've never done that type of detailing. One of these days I will give it a go.
  7. I believe he is still making them. I bought mine a year ago or so. He makes them as ordered so it takes like 6 weeks to be made. https://www.lonestarmodels.com/store
  8. As mentioned, virtually as soon as engines are shut down FOD covers go in/on. So it's not like it would be something you wouldnt see on a flight line. I have a bunch with and a bunch without. Just depends on my mood at the time.
  9. I am currently working on the Testors (Originally Hawk) 1/32 HH-43. As it turns out, back in 61 when Hawk did the original kit, it was motorized. There are gears so the rotors spin correctly still in the kit. Which is great, but the hang down in the compartment and are painfully obvious. Ideas and suggestions for hiding them? Hell, for that matter, ideas on motorizing it?
  10. Well, guess I will have to get the one for the Tamiya then
  11. Finding it will be the issue I can see.
  12. I will look at what's there when I get it and go from there. Perhaps flip a coin. LOL
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