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  1. Hasegawa is drying up a bit... Consignment backlogs are causing problems in Europe. They have a shortage of truck drivers too it seems.
  2. Yeah no sorry I read up about the Block 40/42 version that gave LANTIRN capability and managed to trace some of the build numbers to Aviano but I wasnt sure if they actually had an used them there or if their jets were just capable of but never used both the nav and targetting pods because Ive managed to find so few photos of a jet carrying both pods
  3. No you cant just add a clear gloss paint to a matt paint and have it come out with the same glossy finish as you would expect to get if you spray the gloss coat over the colour coat. Ive never bothered to decant spray paint from a spray can so I can comment on that.
  4. Did the Aviano F-16 jets have LANTIRN pods?
  5. You wont see them, there will never be anything to weather. It wouldnt get past the Quality Control.
  6. Did any USAF F-16 of any type ever use both LANTIRN pods? If so is there a kit for it? 72 and 48?
  7. When would you see them fitted and what to? Would you, for instance, see them fitted to an F-15E on a training mission in the UK?
  8. If CATM-9 is a sidewinder painted blue what it the pod that is a sidewinder body only with a tube on the nose? ( I think its called ACMI pod) See Hasegawa Weapons Set D What is it used for, what does it record exactly, when would it be used, etc etc?
  9. Rescribe using one of the Tamiya 0.1mm fine blade saws. That will rescribe without ripping the putty. Priming it very much depends on what putty you are using. Some are better than others. Fill the bulk with something like Humbrol, leave it a good few days and then sand it all the way down to a polisher or maybe roll with some Tamiya extra fine white putty. But you will still need to sand down to a polisher pad. then prime only the putt with something that puts a skin on it like one of the Vallejo PU primers. You shouldnt get any bleed through with that in the way. But your top c
  10. I have an AN/ALQ-87 and an AN/ALQ-119 long both from the Hasegawa weapons set. Would either of those be contemporary with the jet from the decal sheet? In addition to an ECM pod, if contemporary, would three or four Mk82 with fuse extenders be a likely load for it? Would it be possible to use a triple ejector on the inner pylons? Or even a Multiple Ejector Rack? I would like to load something on to it as the pylons themselves are not very detailed, and I really dont want to hollow them out to make the look realistic. Oh... The kit doesnt come wit
  11. Not really no, so many things wrong, or not exactly right its hard to know where to start. Acrylic is a medium, but used in acrylic paints, you can also get acrylic pigments that can be use in lacquer paints but it should be confused with acrylic an medium for acrylic paints. A lacquer paint is not an acrylic paint. Tamiya produce an acrylic paint series and a lacquer paint series and you cant take their acrylic paints (by some for of "magic" remove the carrier (alcohol) from it and replace it with lacquer based equivalent and expect it to work, the lacquer will pu
  12. Hasegawa kits have been reboxed by many. Hobby2000, Eduard to name but two.
  13. Great photo. But all I can see is an ECM pod and a tank. I take it you dont know the Monogram kit.
  14. I dont have a problem with the thread. I like it thats why Im here. Thats why I dont want to see it watered down with photos which are run of the mill
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