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  1. Discontinued again. It was over priced for what it was anyhow.
  2. Limonene is a chemical added to change the smell to stop solvent abuse or remove the strong smell so its more friendly to children. I had a bottle of regular extra thin do that same thing to me. it just didnt cure. I cant only imagine it was a bottle gone bad.
  3. Erm.... No thats not what I was saying at all. A manufacturer sets a value to its product to a market based on localization values. So when they sell it to a US disty it might be $10, when sold to a UK disty it might be £10. Then the disty takes over and sells it to retailers and every step beyond that increases the prices as I have given in examples above. The example I gave with the Italeri Tornado above, both of those kits come from the same disty. Oh and in most, not all, but most cases the distributer and the manufacturer are not the same enti
  4. So going on this basically you are agreeing with me then.
  5. So you think the manufacturers sell their products at different prices depending on where the exporter is intending on sending those products?
  6. Yeah I can understand that line of thought right up until I get to these two facts. I can go onto a site like Luckymodel and pay £82.35 (and this site makes a profit on its sales) I can go onto a site like PMmodels and pay £137.99 (and this site makes a profit on its sales) 50.5% difference in the retail prices of those two kits, which are the same kit. I prefer sites which are closer to home. But not everybody uses the same shops and online retailers. People see those two different prices and know that the excess money, the +50% is going into
  7. Is that a big secret? Not every modeller buys online. A lot of people only really know their local shops. I buy local when they are open, but usually online. Once you pay VAT and shipping the kits from Luckymodel and HobbyEasy are not that competitively priced for me. Your millage may differ as you dont pay the same tax and shipping. The way you read my posts here isnt really what Im talking about. As I said I probably pay no more nor less than you do at the end of the day. My point is the manufacturers are not the ones who are causing the massive rise
  8. Ok Ill go through it again. Ill use UK prices because they are the prices I pay. How you get them to what you pay is up to you. If I walk into a shop, my local shop here in the UK who stocks Italeri kit then I would pay £137.99 for the new 32nd Tornado GR4 kit. I can get that kit online for £94.31. £43.68 price difference. I know how much these kits cost when you buy bulk from the manufacturers in China because I buy them. Theres no real big shocker there... people do work for distributers, or are owner operators. I dont have any "insider information
  9. No Im not trying to be note myself because I reality I probably pay no more or less than you do as long as you dont pay the retail prices for kits... I have no special access to anything. I dont care what you pay at all, you are the one who asked why its a problem. For some people it is a problem. For some people they see themselves as paying way over the odds for something and they have no idea why. I attempted to explain why, thats all. I my trying to explain a problem for you? Or maybe people discussing it is?
  10. Yeah I know what you mean but the prototype is what it is. It cant, in this instance be inaccurate. The use of it can be, or the depiction of it as original can be. Zimmerit as applied to German tanks is a good one. People say they dont apply zimmerit perfectly because when you see them in a museum they are not perfect.... 90 years later...
  11. I would get use to those over there. Your wind turbines dont have anti ice and solar panels need to see sun not snow. Inaccurate prototypes... Because when it goes wrong you can always blame the real thing for being wrong! Should have used the 5 Whys on that one... or is that the Dunning-Kruger effect coming into play?
  12. Didnt something go wrong with one of or some of the BLU-107s used? The chute didnt deploy or the motor didnt fire or something... Cant remember, its been such a long time since I was told about it.
  13. Its not for me, but then I dont pay half what most people do for their new model kits anymore. Would it be a problem for you if you knew you were paying over the odds for something? How about if you were paying twice as much as I do each and every time you bought a kit from even if its from a discount online retailer at staff rates?
  14. Over all if you ignore any kind of colour accuracy problems (I would leave such pedantic things to others) then over the years Mr Color lacquers to be very good, solid reliable paints to work with. Their thinners work best at about 2:1 but you can get away with less thinner (but that will bring its own use characteristics, ie you might need a higher pressure at the regulator). Pigments are nice and fine, the thinners keep them together well its easy to spray them because "the thinners are hot" Over all Mr Color lacquers are a great way to start airbrushing because they wo
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