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  1. Thats exactly what made me think. A few years ago I tried to fit a roman nose radome to a ESCI C-130 to convert it into an early model but the nose wouldnt fit, the profile of the body of the model was different.
  2. Certain conversions wont matter what version of the plane they go one, the C-Scale EC-130E and H conversion for instance, but do you think the Flightpath nose will match up? on the MC-130H
  3. Yeah... I mean with enough cutting and filling you can get any thing to fit on anything. I mean I could get a Tornado GR1 nose cone onto the front of a C-130 if I wanted to. What I really mean is do you think the size and shape of the new kit will allow a nice relatively painless fit of the parts designed to fit the Italeri kit.
  4. So back onto the C-130H then. Do you guys think that all the conversions and updates designed for the Italeri kit will be compatible with the Zvezda kit? I mean things like the Flightpath conversions to make an LC-130 or MC-130P
  5. Weird, it looks like a modelling table to me...
  6. Yeah, 10-15 years ago I was a big fan of Squadron, now I dont even bother looking.
  7. Kenetic plan a C-17. Yes thats why Ive been waiting all this time, I built an Airfix AC-130H years ago followed by a couple of the Italeri kits of verious types and always ended up slightly disapointed by the kits over all. I have high hopes for Zvezda on this one, I have so many decals... The white Blue Angels C-130, an L Ski 130, a few MC-130s and EC-130E & H. Just need a decent kit for them all
  8. Rapid thinner gives a rather nice deep matt finish for obvious reasons.
  9. With Zvezda I dont know. They might decide to go with just a C-130H if they can get enough of a return out of it and move on to the next project. I know a lot of people were thrown by what they do, I mean how many swore blind they were making a C-130J...
  10. My experience of Squadron over the years has been mediocre at best. Then when the post office decided to start rinsing more money out of international customers to shore up its business model it made them just about the last place I look, if I bother looking at them at all.
  11. None of that surprises me in the least. I know there is a paint shop "locally" to me that paints wind turbine blades. The majority go out painted white all over, but some are painted in a light grey depending on the customer order. The way they get the grey... They take the white and add a dark pigment paint to it, mixed by weight. So if the guy pouring the dark pigment in is a little heavy handed then the paint comes out darker than the others, once they are painted and on the quayside nobody cares if its a slightly darker shade of grey than the others. People seem to think paint mixing in industry is a fine art to get the exact right shade. I had a lot of fun with German tank camo coloirs too. I believe you 100%
  12. A lot of goods used to piggy back ride on flights, as those flights are no longer its all coming via surface mail or just sitting is distrubution hubs waiting for a flight to piggy back on. Thats why air freight costs has gone through the roof, lack of supply. I ordered a PE zimmerit set on 26th March, Ive not seen it yet. It was still in China 2 weeks ago, I cancelled the order as I bought it from Poland who had stocks. I bought some paint dishes from a seller on 25th April, they are showing as being at Heathrow Distribution center 34 days later so it took over a month to get it placed on a flight. I know that might not seem like it links to your question but it does. The reason you cant find it in shops is the same and for the same reason. Supplies of sundry items like this will get worse until the flights start again, which doesnt look like it will come any time soon
  13. I wonder if they will also release a C-130J version. As it is I am happy to see a new tool C-130H, and it coming from Zvezda I feel it will be rather nice.
  14. Its the same colour from the intake lip all the way down to the fan blades.
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