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  1. Their F-16 kits aint that bad. F/A-18's are a bit on the high side for what they are
  2. A lot of the releases from last year still havent seen the light of day so I would take their catalogues with a pinch of salt.
  3. Maybe best built as an F-15I then, as I would like to make one of the first F-15Es that were based at Lakenheath back in '92
  4. Welcome news but no surprise I'm happy to say. Most welcome kit
  5. I've recently bought an F-15I Ra am kit. I was wondering if anybody can tell me something about the kit as it's not something I've looked into before. Is this a version on the kit that doesn't have all of the single cft stub pylons or is it the updated version of the kit? Can it be made into an early 90s F-15E from Lakenheath? Or is it best kept as an F-15I?
  6. wooo slow down. Going by what you have said here in that you reach far far far more people on facebook than you ever could on here then I would say that you in, in a business sense tied into that platform. Theres nothing wrong with that. especially if you dont mind the platform.
  7. The only groups I was part of that I actually got anything out of was one which allowed users to buy and sell. All the others were more a showcase for completed builds, build photo albums etc. Not really of much interest to me at all.
  8. Im on facebook. I dont use it to keep track of groups like that because its really really **** at it because of its timeline based news feed. Had this been facebook not a forum that post you just made above. What are the odds on me seeing it in 4-5 days time when I check in again after I finish work? Slim to none if youre being really honest. I would have to scroll a lot to get to see it wouldnt I... And how many times does a normal person sit there scrolling through 5 days worth of posts on there? Not very often. For some it works, for others who dont want t
  9. Kursad are the only decals I know about. Furball, Fightertown or Bullseye I only ever see when their new products hit ebay. I think Ive missed out on loads of decal sheets because they rely on facebook. Not all of us are tied into that platform Dave.
  10. I thought the star and bar was from a stencil. Ive seen that eagle hub before... It was an open day/airshow thing.
  11. Pretty much yes. Once its sold its sold. What happens to it after that isnt their problem becuase it left them "working". Cant say I blame them because from what I can tell they would be replacing hundreds of bottles of paint per year if they didnt anything more than tell you what your problem is. Pretty much yes. Once its been shipped in something that was akin to cold then it seems susceptible to this problem. Anything that has been shipped from their plant in the shade from the sun can be affected. If doesnt need to have been frozen, and when
  12. Usually wait until we have enough people wanting to take it on then wait for the start date otherwise its not really part of the GB... Might get away with a light start, like starting weapons but you dont really want to start the build proper like the cockpit etc as its all meant to be within the GB timeframe.
  13. No thats wrong. The speed increases after the constriction, not the pressure. The pressure does drop. But the drop in pressure isnt why you should be using a MAC valve, thats what the regulator is for...
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