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  1. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    I would say it is a must have item for a B-52... Even for me and I only really model Cold War era jets.
  2. ElectroSoldier

    Special Hobby 1/72 Mirage III FAMILY !!!

    This should be an interesting one. I was over in Provence for the summer, I saw a couple of these getting refueled in flight by one of their C135FR tankers. Rather kool, been thinking about a Mirage model since.
  3. ElectroSoldier

    Early B-52G/H radome

    The radome was the same after the EVS chin turrets were added.
  4. ElectroSoldier

    Searching for a persons phone number. WTD?

    Some times the old ways are the best ways.
  5. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 related question

    Not really. The Hasegawa kit is the best kit of her, you just have to show it in a spercific scene for the configuration to be proto-typical thats all. The TPII blow in doors is a problem on all the kits without exception... Ive seen many a "pro built" model perfect in every way except the blow in doors should be open for that particular pose.
  6. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 related question

    It very much depends on where it was parked if you are talking about a UK based plane. They usually had the wings flaps & slats down, the glove veins up, spoilers closed, tail plane drooped. If parked with the engines off then one nozzle would be open while the other would be closed... As good as the Hasegawa kit is it isnt correct in all ways. You would for instance need to show it with the engines running on the ground, in which case the blow in doors on the intakes would be held open as the engines fight for air on the ground... Ive got pictures of the E and F in all manner of configurations, wings in mid sweep with the tail up or down and at some shows even wings fully back with the tail flat... The one thing all the kits have in common is the lack of an accurate way to represent one engine nozzle closed. Model it how you like, Im sure I could come up with a photo to show its proto-typical.
  7. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Whoever got them to fix it need to also get them to add the stiffeners to the rear fuselage. So far it seems the only company to add them to any model or conversion is AMT.
  8. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    Yeah I found that too Mstor, I didnt post it as it doesnt show the most notable feature which is the shape of the fuselage it sits in unfortunately 😞
  9. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    I dont sorry, the FB-111A wasnt a common visitor to any UK air base so I never really got any photos of any of them. They were even shy at RAF Mildenhall.
  10. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    Yeah he was talking about the EF-111A. If he had asked about a different jet he would have got a different answer. Im not sure what the SEA night scheme is... I know 68-050 was the only UH AMP jet to have gunship grey painted over the whole plane even between the ventral strakes, after 68-050 that area was left black because of the oil film they had to try and clean off before painting took to much time.
  11. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    If they fix the tail problem for the H then there is no reason why those parts couldnt be used on the G model too
  12. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    Yes the Astrocompass and the GPS dome antenna were fitted into the same place. AMP was multi stage, the GPS was if not one of then it was thee last stage. All the jets had transferred to Canon from Upper Heyford and Mountain Home by the time the GPS dome was added. You can even find picturesd of CC marked jets without the dome. For modelling purposes no MO or UH jet should have the GPS dome fitted to it.
  13. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Yeah thats pretty much what I think about it too. If you bought it then you pretty much got ripped off. We waited for years for a company to build a decent model of the B-52 and then they come along and make something that when you consider the cost of the kit isnt worth buying.
  14. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Do those EVS chin turrets look to small to you? And how would any company go about fixing the lack of the ribs around the rear fuselage anyway?
  15. ElectroSoldier

    What is wrong with AMT/Italeri's 1/72 B-52 G & H offerings?

    I agree there. Thats why you have to follow the old FSM fix that drops the wings at the root thus changing the angle of the wing from there down... There was a company (of dubious memory) that made a wing box fix for it that takes that problem away completely. I have several of them, in addition to a half dozen H engine sets etc etc... Once you fix the engines and the wings the H model comes out ok. The G model has the wing problem too but the engines were ok from memory. The kit is devoid of any real detail by todays CAD standards of course but with some modelling effort it makes a nice model, but without the engine fix the H model is a write off... Those kit engines and just to small, they change the look to the point it looks like it has different engines fitted.