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  1. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    If they fix the tail problem for the H then there is no reason why those parts couldnt be used on the G model too
  2. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    Yes the Astrocompass and the GPS dome antenna were fitted into the same place. AMP was multi stage, the GPS was if not one of then it was thee last stage. All the jets had transferred to Canon from Upper Heyford and Mountain Home by the time the GPS dome was added. You can even find picturesd of CC marked jets without the dome. For modelling purposes no MO or UH jet should have the GPS dome fitted to it.
  3. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Yeah thats pretty much what I think about it too. If you bought it then you pretty much got ripped off. We waited for years for a company to build a decent model of the B-52 and then they come along and make something that when you consider the cost of the kit isnt worth buying.
  4. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Do those EVS chin turrets look to small to you? And how would any company go about fixing the lack of the ribs around the rear fuselage anyway?
  5. ElectroSoldier

    What is wrong with AMT/Italeri's 1/72 B-52 G & H offerings?

    I agree there. Thats why you have to follow the old FSM fix that drops the wings at the root thus changing the angle of the wing from there down... There was a company (of dubious memory) that made a wing box fix for it that takes that problem away completely. I have several of them, in addition to a half dozen H engine sets etc etc... Once you fix the engines and the wings the H model comes out ok. The G model has the wing problem too but the engines were ok from memory. The kit is devoid of any real detail by todays CAD standards of course but with some modelling effort it makes a nice model, but without the engine fix the H model is a write off... Those kit engines and just to small, they change the look to the point it looks like it has different engines fitted.
  6. ElectroSoldier

    F-111 astrocompass

    The Astrocompass was only fitted to the FB-111A, it was removed when they were converted into the F-111G. It was a small hump aft of the radome and forward of the cockpit glass above the avionics bay... Im not sure what you are talking about when you say some have it and some dont... Maybe we are thinking about different things. If you show me what you are talking about maybe i can tell you what it is and what jets had it.
  7. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    The whole tail section looks wrong for any G or H model as it doesnt have the ribs that were added to both of those versions. Cutting Edge missed those out of their Monogram conversions. I wonder if either of them actually looked at a G or H model before they made the kits. Had high hopes in these but it seems those are but meer wreckage now 😞
  8. ElectroSoldier

    Metric drill bits

    Here in the UK we can buy in Imperial or Metric. Just source your drill bits from any EU supplier. The shipping to the USA isnt bad these days.
  9. ElectroSoldier

    New compressor recommendations

    at 55db you wouldnt always notice the noise when youre spraying. Others might but 55 will go away as you concentrate
  10. ElectroSoldier

    C-135FR vs USAF KC-135R Differences

    Yeah... Didnt they cover over the celestial navigation windows before it was converted to an R model?
  11. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    What you have to bear in mind is that the wing droop happens when its fueled up. They probably followed the design dimensions to the letter and ended up with a good representation of a B-52G/H. But as we all know the wet wing makes the wings have an undesigned droop. To model that you would have to use fuelled up planes from the get-go.
  12. ElectroSoldier

    Best way to duplicate CH-47D oil stains??

    I would go with a black wash then highlight by repainting it the lighter none stained colour myself.
  13. ElectroSoldier

    How to clean inside airbrush behind cup.

    Airbrush cleaning brushes. There are "solid" wire versions of the same then an UltraSonic cleaner to tidy up
  14. ElectroSoldier

    How to clean inside airbrush behind cup.

    Ultrasonic cleaner might help. Its not easy to clean in there. Pull the needle out the front after taking the nozzle off rather than out the back
  15. ElectroSoldier

    HpH Models 1:48 B-52H Stratofortress - 2019 Release

    If it ever actually makes it to market Ill buy a straw hat just to eat it.