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  1. Finally managed to get hold of a couple of MH-53J conversions from Lone star so I can get on with a plan that started about 15 years ago when I bought the Revell CH-53GS kits ))) In the mean time do you think Caracal will be doing this scheme? And do you think anybody will ever make the B model conversion? Its not just a case of adding the brace bars, there is a hump over the sponsons too, which Ive never been able to discover the size of. Nor the true shape of the bars come to that.
  2. Indeed. There have been many problems but now it seems they may come back.
  3. Tamiya, Fine art and Excel are all good with Tamiya being the best. Tweezers / Tools / - Model Shop, Modelling (super-hobby.co.uk)
  4. Yeah I guess that was it. Its just a general symbol. It never struck me before that the red star isnt a symbol the Vietnamese used. But I guess it doesnt have to be.
  5. 5.7 bombs per target killed. Is still a lot more than I would have expected given the way people talk about it.
  6. There always were alternatives to Klear, its just that Klear was very cheap. I think mine was £2 for a bottle. AK Gauzy as shown above is one of those products that are better. I use it for cockpit dials, it works a treat on them. I use Klear on clear parts because I have it. Clear parts dipped in Klear can look really good when done right.
  7. I was looking at the Academy F-4D kits built up shots of the kit and something struck me thats Ive never really thought about before Why did the American pilots mark their kills with red stars? The red star was more associated with the Russians rather than the Vietnamese yellow/gold star.
  8. Back when I started there were no dedicated hobby/model shops here, we had shops that also sell toys but they mostly sold hardware items, then in the city there were dedicated toy shops.
  9. As it turns out I have both yellow and orange top lacquer thinners, but only every used the orange for thinning their paints. Not really sure how I ended up with something Ive never used at least once! So you use Lacquer thinners with their acrylic paint X-22 Clear? Ive never tried that myself, I always use X-20A white top thinners in their X-Series acrylic paints.
  10. The A-10 averaged 10 bombs per target killed? 24,000 to kill 2,400 targets... The F-111E couldnt designate its own targets like the F-111F could but it did have a delivery profile for them and did use PGMs.
  11. Why has the H-53 family been so ignored by the aftermarket industry? The bracing bars of the B model have never been done, even recently with Reskit they only touched on details like rotors. Making an MH-53J is almost impossible. I recently ordered a couple of MH-53J conversions from LSM for some kits Ive owned for nearly a decade... Its crazy. I mean it was the wests premier special forces helicopter for as long as I can remember, even its replacement isnt as interesting as the Super Jolly Green Giant and Pave Low III E.
  12. You know I never realised before there are two Tamiya lacquer thinners. Yellow and orange.
  13. They wernt all that rare when they were released. At least not here in the UK. They are one of those nest egg kits that people keep hold of because they will be worth something one day. They have tripled or quadrupled in price now from their release price. But then so have the AMT and Italeri KC, RC and EC kits.
  14. Good call. A nice set of detailed pylons like the ones Flying leathernecks do look every bit as good as a loaded one. In fact where they are hollowed out with the sway braces I think they look better.
  15. Yeah I mean I wont disagree with any of that which is why I asked. Because I cant see it make any new customers in the UK. There are the die hard "I only build Tamiya kits" here of course, but there arent many, and the orders for it are not flowing in like the initial release. It will be cheaper than the Italeri kit because the cost will be lower in Japan, however to get it cheaper in your country very much depends on how much of the shipping cost you can off load over the order. If you just order the one kit then I would imagine it will be as expensive as the Italeri version. An
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