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  1. Yeah Zvezda go on the idea that the kit should be released with a relatively low price for all, then those who want the extra detail can add it.
  2. Personally I had seen that photo of the F-15E of the 494th FS before. I just had no idea when it carried it, which is why I said nothing about it with regards to the OP question. You opened up the idea of other ops as pointed out above.
  3. I think it was you who opened up that one with your previous post.
  4. Basically yes. Its not just a matter of replacing the parts like for like because they intakes are so very different from each other.
  5. I still like the SUU-20 with Mk84, AIM-9 and ACMI. Not being able to find the Mk84 AIR wont change much, the LDGP fin would just mean a different delivery profile for it on the live portion. It would mean something in real combat as the change in profile would very much depend on the threat however in Red flag it would just mean a higher altitude delivery. Which isnt what the F-111s did during red flags but thats not to say they never did. In fact its likely they did do it, I just have no photos of it.
  6. They releaased the F-111A, EF-111A, FB-111A, F-111D/E, F-111C
  7. They didnt release an F-111F per say. If you forgive or ignore the inaccuracies of the kit over all. The the F-111D/E kit has the decals to make an E only, there is no D option in there so Im not sure why its an F-111D/E kit, as OOB its an F-111E. Having said that its possible to make a D, E or F from that kit if you use after market decals to make it. So they never released an F but they did make it. I used the Paragon Designs exhausts on mine but the rest of it was pretty much the same. The Academy kit does need the pave tack cockpit, the scope for it is noticeably
  8. SUU-30H outside of an all SUU-30H loadout isnt something Ive seen in actual use. When used its a slant load on the inner pylons while on the outer it could be all 6, flat or slant loaded onto a BRU-3A. But 6 all round is possible.
  9. No there was no F-111F. The F-111D/E could be used for the F as it has all the parts to do it but almost none of them are accurate. The Hobby boss kit is probably the worst of the two but its in some ways a better start. It all depends on how much work you want to do, or not to, to add the details. If you want the bomb bay for instance then the Academy kit has nothing at all, while the HB kit has one that is at least somewhere to start. Ive done both a few times... quite a few times. They are both much of a muchness and in a masochistic kind of way I enjoyed building all of
  10. I know Eduards Brassin line do them. OoS at the minute though. Couldnt even find any on ebay Mk.84 bombs retarded fin 1/48 1/48 - Eduard Store Buddy lasing is pretty normal. It allows greater flexibility in delivery as the jet dropping it no longer has to follow a predictable flight once its dropped. It happened a lot during ODS, the F-111E carried Paveway for others to guide. Mk7 (rockeye) or SUU-30H dispensers for area denial after counter air. First you destroy the runway, then you stop them from affecting repairs. Or you go with a can of instanc
  11. Its actually before taxi The same goes for the blow in doors, shut down engines, rbf tags, red covers ... Many many things are missed. I never ever add crew, it makes me think about the people and the ideology of the people. Which would make me not be able to make most all of the models I do.
  12. There are several interesting load outs for the D. Im not quite sure where to get a Mk84 AIR from, but its certainly an interesting looking loadout which is why I mentioned it.
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