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  1. You dont seem to stock many cars and truck models.
  2. I still dont know what he means when he says the tips and needles wear out after just one use. Or a few weeks. I dont know any piece of metal that is so poor wearing... There is no none epoxy based paint on earth that can ignore cellulose thinners. For those using 2Pack, epoxy based etc etc paints then acetone, acid based, RPDE etc etc (If you use em you know em) cleaners. I mean dont get me wrong a needle will "wear out" in time and change the pattern of spray but not after one single use, not even a $5 airbrush from China will only last 1 use. Their steel is
  3. I would like to ask but wouldnt like to imply I dont believe but how do you guys know AMMO mig ONE SHOT primer is Badger Stynylrez? Does the AMMO site say its made by Badger for instance?
  4. It is a bit smaller but then the amount is now smaller. 20 years ago it was common to find a kit had a massive range of after market things for it, from cockpits to wheels now most kits are so well made they need less to dress them up and "super" detail
  5. Sprue Bros is good but it doesnt compare to Hannants for sheer range of products.
  6. Making another one of the Italeri DAF kits with the dreaded one piece chassis. This time around its a Revell rebox of the XF 95 Space cab. Revell 07496. Has anybody ever pulled on of these apart to paint it? When I started the build I was going to roll with a black semi gloss chassis and a nice Italian red body but having looked at some ref photos I took recently of the one I intend modelling I noticed it was infact a really dark metallic grey chassis with black detailing (air tanks etc) and a mix of chrome and aluminium for the metal parts you can see. So now Ive got to the bo
  7. Dont know many people from here but I wrote to Mark a few times. He seemed like a nice guy. I think our community will miss him and his input. Sad news 😞
  8. Yeah I know I have a couple of each version, I didnt know what version was being rereleased though. The G/GS is listed on ebay for £90, might put mine up and see if I get a bite
  9. What version of the kit is being rereleased, with or without the composite rotor blades?
  10. Without referring to an actual kit and going only from memory (Not done a Tamiya kit for a couple of months now). The A36 or D11 would refer to spure A part 36 or sprue D part 11. Each sprue has a letter and each part on that sprue has its own number. There could be several part number 11s but only one is on sprue D. You might get 2 sprue Ds in a kit in which case it doesnt matter which sprue you use to get that part as long as its the right part.
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