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  1. I seem to remember the Monogram kit is the only one with an accurate wing but over all the Hasegawa kit takes the win because while the monogram kit is accurate overall its isnt that great.
  2. I started building 72nd scale because thats pretty much all there was back then. Over the years there were more 48th scale options to build so I built them but still built 72nd scale too, then 48th scale seemed to become as popular as 72nd scale at least for the more popular aircraft and now 32nd scale is where 48th scale was in the early to mid 90s. Armour I build mostly 35th because all the other things I have are 35 and its a nice size of model. Except I bought a Russian missile launcher that was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. I dont often build cars
  3. Worth waiting for however long it takes.
  4. Yeah you handle these situations by not putting yourself into them. I assume that during your induction to the company you were given a talk about the hazards of the chemicals you will be working with. I would suggest you take those warnings as all substances you touch will be harmful to you in some way. Never touch anything without your gloves on. If they dont provide you with work gloves (which they are legally obliged to do) then get some yourself, because you will regret it if you dont. I work with chemicals ever single day at work, and even on days wh
  5. Hide invisible. Put the words into another context then reread it.
  6. You 2 for 2 so far. I mean ANG units never make interesting subjects for the casual builder.
  7. So what is this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-07211-f-4c-d-phantom-ii-egypt-i--114090
  8. So its actual name is Egypt I but people call it Hill because it was applied there? ]
  9. Why do people call it Hill grey camouflage and not Egypt I?
  10. The markings also changed from a V to a V in a square. So it changed to a different command.
  11. Such an amazing looking helicopter. You did it justice too. Looks great with the Rook in Ukrainians digital camo
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