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  1. Yeah. I got one of the Monogram kits, I think Ive got a conversion from the Hasegawa kit for both single and two seat versions in the stash somewhere. The F-16 was never the top of my build list so havent looked at it for years now. All I remember is picking them up from Japan and it cost a fair bit.
  2. Havent you heard? Klear is back, Pledge Floor care.
  3. I think thats pretty much exactly how I see it too. For me the thing that tipped the scales towards the AMK kit was the details like the control surfaces. That the shape isnt 100% isnt really much of an issue as it looks like an F-14 regardless. It depends on what you want. The Tamiya kit wasnt really an option because Tamiya missed a trick when they didnt detail it up like AMK did on theirs.
  4. So the Monogram kit isnt a good representation of the XL?
  5. You dont have to convince me about it. I had the choice of the Tamiya F-14D in a local shop, I went with the AMK kit off the internet last Thursday inspite of me prefering to buy local. I went with it because In not a fanboy of the F-14, to me its just an average jet and it seems the nicest looking model of those on the market right now.
  6. Matt is is a bit samey, Phil just does box reviews. Unless its a build you know nothing about the fit of the parts.
  7. It does seem strange that they wouldnt mention any of the faults with the kit. I can understand not mentioning the alleged shape problems, but the other problems that would come out of a box review, such as the mould line on the canopy makes it look like they didnt review the kit at all. But its a very common problem with online reviews in general these days. You can see it on youtube all the time. There are very few reviews a would trust and even then I only really trust them to show the instructions if its a box review, build reviews are all but pointless as modelling skills vary so much and they alone impact on the review.
  8. I think the guidance pod the the Popeye EOGB was also mounted to the HSAB... Lower rear station if I remember correctly.
  9. Unless youre an owner there is very little any of us can meaningfully contribute. There are many things I could say about each and every point you raised but Im not going to because it just makes the site look bad. Something you say you care about but then the actions dont match the words. I kinda do see them niart17 and as you say they dont really bother me as much as some other people, which is fair enough, I can understand that even if I dont agree with it. What I dont really like about it is the constant jibes towards AMK and the guy from AMK who posts here... If I was a manufacturer of a kit I would think twice before contributing to this site now after this thread. Which is a bad thing. As to the differences. Well theyre pretty obvious aren't they? I know you didnt contribute to it, I neither expressed nor implied that you did.
  10. Not really. he seems to think AMK owe him something because his help wasnt required.
  11. Why not? Im just as allowed to complain about you complaining as you are allowed to complain about what is. Well what I can I say to such an earth breaking post. I was totally devoid of any and all information what so ever! Shame he couldnt think of a way to put it into words. But there isnt a difference really though is there. The shape... meh! the subtle difference isnt all that important as it basically looks the same
  12. Was your offer to help on a kit turned down again on this one? Your writing style and your reaction to this kind of thing reminds me of somebody... Its all very reminiscent of a C-17 project a few years ago...
  13. No Im not. You are trying to make out a minor flaw is a major one. Which doesnt really work on me
  14. Somebody new to the hobby... Sounds like you are trying to blind him with science there when there really isnt any point. ross1562 what paints do you have readily available to you? I know for instance Mr Color is rare here in the UK and Model Master acrylics and Enamels even more so.
  15. Erm, no... I honestly cant see what Im supposed to be looking at.
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