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  1. All but two yes. The Vallejo sets for Vietnam, USAF Grey and modern USN are covered apart from two.
  2. Yeah I couldnt find a UK stockist so I went with the Mr Paint site
  3. The first one is great apart from not having the colours I want and several of the ones that they do have are sold out. So apart from not being able to buy what I want theres nothing wrong with it. The second also doesnt have the colours I want. MJR models I know, its not far from Crow Nest Junction on the Hindley line in Rose hill... If a quick google search was all it takes to get the results I wanted then I wouldnt have needed to ask here Mstor.
  4. Yeah, still looking for a UK stockist.
  5. Is that the complete range on that site do you know Mstor?
  6. So Ive been hearing some really good things about the lacquer line of Mr paint colours and Im wanting to get hold of some of the basic USAF, USN, USMC etc etc colours in the UK. Im really looking to source them in the UK as I prefer to support our own companies before the rest of the world. Any suggestions would be nice as Ive had a google around and I cant seem to find anywhere that carries the range here, or is it that they dont have many colours in their range? Also am I correct in thinking that the lacquer paints are in the glass bottles with the crew top lid and not the plastic flip tops?
  7. So you do just need a new needle and a new nozzle?
  8. Bubbles in the colour cup is usually because the nozzle isnt sealed and its leaking. This is probably due but not definatly due to the needle being bent. Replace the needle and you might want to inspect the nozzle to to make sure its not damaged.
  9. So is the Model Master paint line still for sale, not being distributed in the US or what?
  10. I remember years ago when they were still painted in teh strategic scheme while on display the tank was fitted in the arf bay. I remember it 100% but the kit always confused me as it says to fit it forward
  11. Whats wrong with the kit EVS turrets?
  12. OMG That was 20 years ago!!! It doesnt hardly seem possible 😞
  13. Couple of years... Its worth waiting for
  14. Nigelr32 will all the updates be external ones?
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