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  1. Yeah thats what I come to when I started looking at the kits. I speed built one of the HB kits a while back to see how it actually looks. I made a lit of all the things wrong with it and yeah when you look at it so many things need attention it starts to look like scratch building Do you think anybody will ever make a good one MrVark? Ive given up hope myself.
  2. I always airbrush it myself, I was wondering if it could be brushed on. Thanks Why do you dip clear plastic in it?
  3. I dont think we'll ever get one in any scale. Even the almighty Hasegawa kit has some glaring faults with it. Its the best game in town Im not going to pretend it isnt but it isnt as accurate as all that. I had high hopes with HobbyBoss made one a few years back. Which was nice, but in the end there were faults with it. It just depends on what faults you're willing to live with as to what kit to go for. Ive managed to build up a collection of several of all of them over the years but Im in no rush to torture myself with any of them. I think the only company who could make a good one is Tamiya. But they never will now.
  4. Do you guys spray it with an airbrush?
  5. Ebay has been applying tax on certain auctions for a few years. I dont know how they decide what does and doesnt have taxes applied but some do and some similar items dont. You are supposed to pay export tax on all the items you sell, and the buyer is supposed to pay import taxes too. Its nothing new and its not big bad ebay trying to take your money either.
  6. Ive never seen all the elements that make up the F-111F. You can take a D or E kit and turn it into an F if you had the cockpit with the Pavetack hood and the engine nozzles. There are other differences too of course, like the paint work but the main ones as far as building the kit are the cockpit and exhausts.
  7. From what I saw of them both are open. So it shows a jet with both engines running.
  8. Have you got an actual set of them or are you just going from the renders they put on facebook last week?
  9. Maybe these are the two greens that go with the tan that make up the colours of the B-52D during the Vietnam war. Many people say its SEA camo but its not, and its not SIOP scheme either. even if you change the black undersides for white its still not. Ive never been a big fan of the D model. Maybe somebody with a monogram B-52D in the camo scheme could post what FS 595 numbers it says to paint it
  10. I cant find any refs that show a B-52 wearing 24091 in any pattern
  11. We did a thread about the B-52 and the colours used in its various schemes a few years ago. Search for it, its still there somewhere
  12. My bottle is clear has a slight yellow tint to it. Is it still useable?
  13. Yes, back then I used brush and airbrush and they go down well with a brush with very fw brush marks at all. Nice enamels over all really. I would recommend them over most
  14. Does anybody have any experience with them? They look more like Iwata than H&S or Badger Im thinking of buying one or two to see how they handle, but like I saw they look very much like Iwata so Im 50/50 on whether or not to bother.
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