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  1. ElectroSoldier

    C-135FR vs USAF KC-135R Differences

    Yeah... Didnt they cover over the celestial navigation windows before it was converted to an R model?
  2. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    What you have to bear in mind is that the wing droop happens when its fueled up. They probably followed the design dimensions to the letter and ended up with a good representation of a B-52G/H. But as we all know the wet wing makes the wings have an undesigned droop. To model that you would have to use fuelled up planes from the get-go.
  3. ElectroSoldier

    Best way to duplicate CH-47D oil stains??

    I would go with a black wash then highlight by repainting it the lighter none stained colour myself.
  4. ElectroSoldier

    How to clean inside airbrush behind cup.

    Airbrush cleaning brushes. There are "solid" wire versions of the same then an UltraSonic cleaner to tidy up
  5. ElectroSoldier

    How to clean inside airbrush behind cup.

    Ultrasonic cleaner might help. Its not easy to clean in there. Pull the needle out the front after taking the nozzle off rather than out the back
  6. ElectroSoldier

    HpH Models 1:48 B-52H Stratofortress - 2019 Release

    If it ever actually makes it to market Ill buy a straw hat just to eat it.
  7. I use Citadel Air Caste thiner. works with all the usual acrylic paints like Citadel, Coat d'arms etc etc.
  8. I use The Masters Brush soap, WN is basically the same thing. If that fails how about airbrush cleaner? I dont know if it will destroy the bristles but if its splayed out its dead anyway.
  9. ElectroSoldier

    1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Huh well would you believe it, its still on sale. https://kalmbachhobbystore.com/product/back-issue/fsm021201 I guess the author cares after all... Does anybody want a piece of old rope?
  10. I'd send you a message on the B-52 wing box mod but your mailbox is full....


    1. ElectroSoldier


      I already have all the information about the mod thanks :)

    2. fasteagle12


      I'm looking for info, not looking to give it.  You mentioned you had the article.  I'm looking to see if you would share it with me. 

    3. ElectroSoldier


      sure, message me your email address mate

  11. ElectroSoldier

    Mini-Review: BUFFMaster Products HSABs

    I dont know it its possible, the production was scetchy, suppliers thin on the ground and the maker was a little flakey from all accounts... If you havent already got the parts you want for the kit the only way to get them now is find somebody who has them for a project thats never going to happen.
  12. ElectroSoldier

    1/72 B-52 wing box fix

    Its a shame the kid who made Golden dragon, Super bug, BUFF master etc etc parts doesnt really make them any more, he had a one stop fix for the wing box. Ive got a few of them myself, only dry fit tested them but they do look like they work. Ive got a scan from a magazine published a few years ago that I think tells how to do it... I was going to say I can try and fish it out but I quick search of my computer found it (Win10 search is quite nice, we come a long way baby!) Yeah its just a 5 page, 5Mb per page article on how to modernise the kit. It does show the wing box... Ive got no mould making compound left, otherwise I would cast a copy of the wing box Ive got... Basically its a solid flattened out version of whats in the kit. I cant email the sheets over if you like. FSM article was from 16 years ago... I dont suppose they would mind. If they do who cares, nothing ever actually happened anyway ;)
  13. ElectroSoldier

    F111A Air Force prototype color?

  14. ElectroSoldier

    Mini-Review: BUFFMaster Products HSABs

    Not to me
  15. ElectroSoldier

    Brush Painting Figures

    It really depends on how good a result you want. I prefer 28mm myself but 48th is pretty much the same. paint the darker first and edge highlights work best as they are smaller, the details such as skin should all be done before you wash to get the recesses, then layer up with the same colour then edge highlights