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  1. ElectroSoldier

    Why do builds stall?

    Unfortunately, something in life comes up and the model comes in a very poor second place. My latest build stalled when I moved 6 months ago... I didnt get a chance to restart due to working away and now Ill be moving again... Life and model making doesnt mix well
  2. ElectroSoldier

    Strange bombs from Eduard

    World Airpower Journal did a book about the F-4 Phantom II It had a wonderful section near the back full of useful information with old bombs like this.
  3. ElectroSoldier

    C-130 research questions

    I could never find that serial number relating to a C-130 either
  4. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Ar I see. I never had the Monogram conversion set, only the AMT update set. I ended up with a dozen or so to go with the kits Ive got.
  5. ElectroSoldier

    Differences between the F-8E and F-8J Crusader ???

    Why is this thread a sticky? I mean its useful if youre looking for information on the F-8 but hardly worth being a sticky topic
  6. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Huh I just looked at the BUFF Master set and it doesnt have any tanks. But I know Ive got at least 2 sets of replacement tanks somewhere in the box of bits. Not sure where they come from though... Airwaves maybe. Im packing up for another house move, so its unlikely they will see the light of day for some time to come and Ive no time to look, but Im sure its nothing somebody else cant post
  7. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    I think it does, ill have to dig it out and take a look.
  8. ElectroSoldier

    Kinetic C-17 - Any word?

    Looking forward to an accurate one. I've got the Anagrams one which ends up looking more like a C-17 than nothing but I do hope for am accurate one
  9. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Next time I'm back in the UK and have time to dig some stuff out I'll post some pics comparing the different tanks... From memory I have all but the CE tanks, including the buffmaster ones
  10. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Doesnt that conversion have some pretty big problems of its own? From memory it doesnt have the rear fuselage bracing to properly convert the monogram kits to a H model
  11. ElectroSoldier

    Correcting Hobby Boss FB-111 intakes

    Its been talked about on here before. When the crew shut down the engines they do them one at a time, the first has the power to close the nozzles as it still has power from the running engine, when the second engine is shut down there is no power to close the nozzles so they stay open.. . Its something most modellers miss, most concentrate on accurate intake spikes, seamless intakes or accurate bomb loads 🙂
  12. ElectroSoldier

    Correcting Hobby Boss FB-111 intakes

    Yeah the blow in doors fit if the engines are off, but the engine exhausts dont...
  13. ElectroSoldier

    1/48 Revell B1 bomber new kit

    Yeah i have a couple myself. Ended up with two because of the SRAM launchers. It only gives you two while i wanted three. Never did get all the B-61 special weapons though
  14. ElectroSoldier

    1/48 Revell B1 bomber new kit

    Yeah Hannants have a pre order listed price of £119 Steep for a repop...
  15. ElectroSoldier

    Correcting Hobby Boss FB-111 intakes

    They would open when the flow of air through the intake wasnt high enough to feed the running engines... Its hard to model any of them accuratly in this regard as the exhaust cans are always fully open from what I've seen.