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  1. So its not accurate OOB, Ill need to order the "B-52G nose, tails replacement part"... How about after, is it a good model?
  2. So theres a local shop that has this kit of the Modelcollect B-52G Having read some of the thread about the B-52H kit I was wondering if some of the problems that hit the H model also hit the G version. What are the problems with it? Have you made one, how did you fix any issues you had?
  3. What the airfix kit really needs is a release and an after market bomb bay. Ive had one or two in the stash for years and years and never really thought about it because the kit is so lacking in any detail. I dont want a modern version, I want the old version with the SRAM launcher loaded with SRAMs and B-61s or a CSRL in the front. Just something other than nothing, which is what the kit has.
  4. Then it looks like you have at least one sale Mark
  5. Yes I would Mark. I can combine it with something else of yours im interested in but dont want to pay USPS shipping for... Your post office is killing your export market!
  6. So one has detail but its inaccurate, while the other doesnt but the little it has is accurate.
  7. How do they compare to the Paragon exhausts?
  8. So is this modelcollect kit worth buying? A local shop has the B-52G model on the shelf, I didnt pick it up as this discussion has rather put me off it despite all the detail it has because I have so many of the AMT kits.
  9. I wouldnt say so. Ive a few dozen myself, bought over the past 30 years. But then when I started I wasnt just spraying models with them. Now I dont do illustration and photo retouching then that many is a bit daft. If you want a nice airbrush you should look at oneof the purple box Iwata models
  10. I found it on the whole rather useless as far as paint goes compared to alternatives. I would use a light colour primer, there wasnt enough pigment to cover darker ones. Thinning, well I suppose you will thin it to your desire, and theirs might work better than Vallejo did for me. I mixed in some flow improver and retarder of the same brand and found it needed many coats to build up a colour. Low PSI, as low as you can go and still spray. A MAC would be invaluable here as the speed will pick up without the force. Good luck with it, I bought the USAF 60s/70s set for some Vietnam colours, which should be fairly robust colours over white... The model was painted in Vallejo USAF set and I defenestrated the Hataka set.
  11. Dont know. I use something called RPDE as a heavy solvent, its safe for aquatic life but how you would get it smaller than a 45gal drum Ive no idea.
  12. Yeah thats what I come to when I started looking at the kits. I speed built one of the HB kits a while back to see how it actually looks. I made a lit of all the things wrong with it and yeah when you look at it so many things need attention it starts to look like scratch building Do you think anybody will ever make a good one MrVark? Ive given up hope myself.
  13. I always airbrush it myself, I was wondering if it could be brushed on. Thanks Why do you dip clear plastic in it?
  14. I dont think we'll ever get one in any scale. Even the almighty Hasegawa kit has some glaring faults with it. Its the best game in town Im not going to pretend it isnt but it isnt as accurate as all that. I had high hopes with HobbyBoss made one a few years back. Which was nice, but in the end there were faults with it. It just depends on what faults you're willing to live with as to what kit to go for. Ive managed to build up a collection of several of all of them over the years but Im in no rush to torture myself with any of them. I think the only company who could make a good one is Tamiya. But they never will now.
  15. Do you guys spray it with an airbrush?
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