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  1. ElectroSoldier

    modelcollect B-52D

    I couldnt say, Ive always known it as the Chrome dome scheme. Maybe there are others here who know more
  2. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    I see. Yes the wrong tail gun would kill the kit for me too to the point i would buy the correction before the kit. I think modelcollect has a long future infront of it while they decide to use the social media platforms to release products
  3. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    What exactly is wrong with the G model kit and what will tge correction set correct on the model
  4. ElectroSoldier

    modelcollect B-52D

    I know what the mission was 11bee. That scheme is known as Chrone dome too
  5. ElectroSoldier

    modelcollect B-52D

    I must say i am looking forward to this kit, either with the big belly conversion like the half hearted effort in the monogram kit or without loaded with B.28 special weapons...
  6. ElectroSoldier

    modelcollect B-52D

    The scheme was "chrome dome"
  7. ElectroSoldier

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    I just want Tamiya or Hasegawa to make an F-111F 1/32 Anything else i can live without
  8. ElectroSoldier

    Italeri MC-130E

    Thanks Ron, ill check out the link
  9. ElectroSoldier

    Italeri MC-130E

    Thank you aircommando. Does the kit make a fairly accurate MC-130E if i paint it grey?
  10. ElectroSoldier

    F-111D Camo pattern

    Yes it was common to follow tge check list and leave it like that but at Lakenheath while parked outside their TAB-V it wasnt unknown to have the wings back half way.
  11. ElectroSoldier

    F-111D Camo pattern

    Can be either all the way back or forward or half way between. Cant show you any pics until i get home and then it will be had until i unpa k my computer after a house move but anything goes wing wise, its the rest of the moving parts that have to match thats the trick
  12. ElectroSoldier

    F-111D Camo pattern

    Its deoends on the time. As a rule all US based jets had a gard edge demarkation line while Lankenheath started soft and ended hard, Upper heyford always soft... but ecen them it wasnt a wavy line it just wasnt a perfectly straight line. The finish was satin yes on the E models
  13. ElectroSoldier

    Modelcollect B-52H

    How about a conventional G model with harpoons from the 42nd or 43rd BW?
  14. ElectroSoldier

    Heavy duty sprue cutters

    Have you tried sheet metal tin snips?
  15. ElectroSoldier

    ModelCollect B-1B - a no show?

    I do hope their B-1B is the original SAC version with B-61 and AGM-69A on the launcher... Or a full liad of ALCMs inside and out