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  1. Grétar Are you still looking for this as I have the kit in the stash and won't be doing the Icelandic version Regards Brian
  2. I haven't fitted it yet but isnt the Neomega kit made for the Italeri / Esci kit ?
  3. Hi I have the Scratchaeronautics Casa 235 which is the short version of the 295 so most findings will apply and its a very mixed bag. The positives; -Its one of only two options available to you; there is another in the form of the Broplan vacuform. I understand that Scratchaeronautics are stopping production so if you want one you need to be quick. -The kit has some interior detailing though not extensive. -the fine detailling around the airframe looks good and it tallys with my photos -Breakdown of parts is well thought out, the undercarriage in part
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