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  1. Scoob you kill me...... I'm thinking of that Iranian thing......lol
  2. I've been looking....plenty in 1/72nd and 1/35th scales......but none in 48th . Would also like to see an MH-47 IN quarter scale. Little fruustrated as I'm building a D model for my brother in law as he worked on them in Afghanistan for the RCAF. Would love to see the F model too.....
  3. Well...... I will be blunt. $Free. Don't take it personal.
  4. Thanks......just what I was looking for.
  5. No the Engine intake filters on the CH-47D that were in Afghanistan.
  6. Oh nooooo........
  7. Thanks bro.
  8. Interested..... how much extra for shipping ti Canada?
  9. Reality is that his costs are going up.... he needs to be able to sell a significant amount to make it worth his while. The licence issue has been resolved and from what David has told me, it all covers the colour birds. I have asked him him if he could add an addendum to the standard Symmetrical Hornet sheet for the original tiger CF-18 188769 and he has said that the cost would make the sheet less profitable. So reality is that demo schemes don't sell too well.
  10. Got mine too. Look awesome now I need the Zvesdia 787-8 kit.
  11. I've got one of each kits....... both have issues. Will build both.
  12. Got it off so I will be attending.
  13. Yup just checked my kit.... C/D tails are there.