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  1. Both 1/144th scale and 1/72nd scales I know several airforces used these birds. Canadian RCAF Norway German Aussie USCG Malaysian Would you consider limited runs?
  2. Emvar

    A380 end of production

    I work for Air Canada..... the 4 engine aircraft is a thing of the past here. The 787 has been the perfect aircraft for us behind the 777.... our other darling has been the medium range A330...... awesome cargo hauler. We like it so much we bought 4 more from Singapore..... through TAP. The 747-8 is great looking and I wish there would be more but economics just backs the duel engine aircraft. Our 777-300 make so much money it's scary when you add the PAX rev to it.
  3. Emvar

    Amodel 1:72nd Bombardier CL600 & Yak 42D

    The Amodel CL-600 is based on the BPK 601-605 series has the old style engines and no resin. I've seen the 601 built and it is very decent looking. Can't speak for the Yak.
  4. Emvar

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/48th Bell 421 1/48th MH-47F/G CH-47F/G With long range tanks. 1/48th S-92 1/48th EADS C-295M
  5. Emvar

    Possible new topics?

    How receptive would a Canadair/Bombardier CL-600/601/604 and 605 sheet be? Kits have been Done in 1/72nd by Amodel and BPK and in 1/144th by BPK. Countries off the top of my head would be Aussie, Danish, German and Canadian examples..... I'm sure there are more. Cheers Emil
  6. I know fonderie miniatures made one..... need one for a friend who wishes a replica of his Uncles aircraft. No reasonable offer will be refused. I am in Canada. Cheers Emil
  7. Emvar

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Interested! Need your email.
  8. Been a lurker on your builds. Great work bro. Looking forward to your next kicked up a notch tutorial. Cheers Emil
  9. Jake, Took advantage of your black Friday sale bought the A-10 book and a set of decals for the A-10 and F-15. As usual great packing and prompt serve to Canada even with the postal disruption. Thanks bro! Emil
  10. Emvar

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Alrighty.... where can I get this set?