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  1. Emvar

    Lockheed AP-3C Orion, 10 Squadron RAAF

    Very nice work!
  2. Need some LR fuel tanks for a Canadian F. Hope am MH-47F version comes out which should have those tanks. Or maybe AM.....
  3. Just helped a friend liquidate her late husbands kits...... definitely added to my stash..... but we certainly did better than we thought we would. She actually paid for the tables at the show prior to the doors opening to the public. Built models I'm sure will be appreciated by the units depicted.
  4. Emvar

    Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team tragedy

    Wow....... the unity is unbelievable worldwide. All I can say is wow!
  5. Emvar


    I have all your wants...... Pm me.
  6. Emvar

    HeritageCon coming up March 25th.

    Yup I'm in this year.
  7. Actually easy to get a F-18B.... kinetic makes them...... get the CF-18 box. Includes everything you need for the B. $39.99 + $15 shipping direct from Luckymodel. I'm also from evil Canada 😈
  8. Emvar

    Trumpeter LAV-III 1/35 scale

    You might want to check out trackjam models. Great source for aftermarket. Many AM stuff available if you want hatches open.
  9. Emvar

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Nice mods.
  10. Ok...... you had to go there...... don't feed the alcoholic more vodka..... 😂
  11. Lol..... Seen his stash and built kits. He has a fair amount of AJ tail codes and F-18 aircraft. Should charge for tours.
  12. Yeah need mods for that as well as the CH-47F/G. Going to have to wait on an AM co. To do it I suppose.
  13. Emvar

    F-35 news roundup

    Been looking for a rebuttal...... can't find one except....... the first election he did not have majority...... needed the opposition to help him out.
  14. Emvar

    F-35 news roundup

    Iltis was retired..... g-wagon you are thinking. http://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/support-for-caf-1.3929956 Liberals allocated moneys for the Hercules..... Harper just okayed it. It's all about optics. Just like Harper allocated money for the sar fixed wing program and JT okayed it. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/what-kind-of-military-can-canada-afford-1.1230004