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  1. Don't have one in my stash.... be a shame to buy one just for those parts.
  2. Mine is 'I hope you like it'..... really doesn't matter what I think...... it's what you think of your own build. Not all of our skills are the same. Cheers Emil
  3. Does anyone make the exhaust paddles and Decals in 1/48th or 1/72nd? I'd love to build one...... oh even the X-29A in in 1/48th scale..... Cheers Emil
  4. I don't care what anyone thinks but I have an allergy to death. Any vaccine that keeps death away is good in my books. Got 2 shots and waiting for the world to follow. Emil
  5. I'm of the thought that there are people out there that can do 3D printing..... I'm a modeller with a job that gives me either time to build or produce. Having said that I thought I'd start printing my own decals using a Okidata printer same as ALPS. Took up too much of my time was going into it I lost interest and sold the printer. What I'm saying is I'm a consumer. Cheers Emil Now if someone would make the Larger Tanks for the MH-47E/MH-47F/G in 1 48th scale.
  6. One Man Model 3D printed. http://one-man-model.main.jp/index.html He has already released the Electra L-188 in the same scales. Cheers Emil
  7. Flying Leathernecks..... amazing options and service! Quinta Studios...... looks awesome. Caracal Decals are amazing!My next delivery is from Phase Hanger...... I expect the same as every one I mentioned. I have also had good service from LE models.
  8. Hope you consider the White top with Lightning stripe Canadian markings. Love to see RAF IDF.
  9. Actually you will find that Canada Post uses all sorts of transport. Surprisingly some of our airlines are still flying domestically and internationally as pure cargo flights, the airline I work for has actually removed pax seats and carry cargo on the main deck. In the beginning the priority was med supplies second priority went to mail. We are now pulling some owned 767-300 out of being parked and converting them to Total Cargo aircraft. Cheers Emil
  10. Got my order in good order yesterday! Thank you!
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