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  1. Me yeah? No.... 😂
  2. Just secured the 3rd in the Leading Edge Models series of Challenger kits......like I've said the quest was long......but I am a patient person. Picked every kit up for a reasonable price.
  3. Found one at the Hamilton show last year. And no it is not for sale.....lol
  4. Well this is the one caveat......a reasonable price. Mine is less than 100.....this was $115 Cad shipping from the UK in.
  5. Finally acquired the Leading Edge Models 1/72nd scale Challenger 601. Been looking for one for my collection. I have the Challenger 600 kit......as well as BPKs offering. Well that's my quest over......whats yours?
  6. Tax payer Emvar favours F-35 but model builder Emvar is intrigued with F-18 E/F/G.
  7. I think the nice thing is that with the Kinetic C boxing and this boxing you can build any legacy bug. From A to D.
  8. I've got that FT sheet and it is excellent! Even has HUD markings..... hope they do it for the F-18 A/B/C/D. Afterburner did it for the F-18E/F.
  9. Great effort as usual..... that Lancaster resides in a greatful home!
  10. Try Flightdecs... http://flightdecs.ca/a_canuck_48.htm Cheers Emil
  11. http://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defence-watch/photos-introducing-the-new-off-road-vehicle-for-canadian-special-forces