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  1. I'm sure the Cyclones were cool to build huh? Hopefully more Countries pick it up especially in Asia...... which probably would prompt a kit... fingers crossed.
  2. Mehh..... still a CAD rendering. I'll reserve my comments when sprues are in my hands. Some nice ideas though with the Weapons.
  3. I ordered off ebay in March...... just got the kit in November.
  4. A 1/48th S-92 or M-92 Updated 1/48 MH-47F/G 1/48 Bell 412 C-295 in 1/48
  5. Looking good bro. I have several Hase kits. Need to find that thin nose for my project. BTW nice article in RT!
  6. JP I would be all over this kit just for the decals however I can't. It is indeed rare and for the longest time was the goto as only vac kits were it's competition. The closest competitor now is the amodel limited run kit. Awan is good people.
  7. Sorry Dutch but No. Problem is the original and even the 'new tool' windows just are not right. Best thing is to use the Arrow Graphics Decal sheet which used decals. If you can find a Canuck Models sheet you would be fine.
  8. The D would be a good start. Have several and would like to see the conversion in 1/48th.
  9. Hope someone decides to do a MH-47E conversion in 1/48th scale. Including CH-147F Canadian items...... and the Chinook Landing gear Skis.
  10. Would you consider adding the Marines to this sheet, VMAT-102. I think the smaller scale guys would like that too.
  11. Rarer than hens teeth, I'll keep an eye open when I attend model shows. Looking for the 1/48th version myself. Cheers Emil
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