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  1. Emvar

    CD72090 - 1/72 P-3 Orion Part 1

    I know you have Canadian details..... pleaae do pass them on. 😜
  2. Emvar

    May releases

    SR-71 and A-12 are in my interest. Be buying those sheets!
  3. Emvar

    Leading Edge 2018 CF-18 Demo Decals

    Yep please.
  4. Emvar

    Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18s

    I still have Hasegawa bugs in my stash and will not let them go.
  5. Emvar

    Leading Edge 2018 CF-18 Demo Decals

    I'm getting sets from both companies when available.
  6. Emvar

    1/48 F-16XL Skunkmodels workshop

    Got mine too! Nice kit.
  7. Emvar

    Hey Cudos for Listening

    Glad you are a conousor of Active WW2 memorabilia. Still in service in the Canadian Forces. All branches.
  8. Emvar

    Hey Cudos for Listening

    I've gone through my stash of decals and yes I have multiples Bae hawk moose markings and Texan 2. Looking forward to your A-12 SR-71 Early F-18 Nasa CL-600/605 P-3 sheets Like I said you have listened and thanks. For the CL-600/605 let me know what Canadian references you need. I have some.
  9. Emvar

    Kinetic 1:48 F/A-18s

    The nice thing is the F/A-18/ CF-188 boxing and the specific F/A-18C boxing all come with weapons. The kits with special markings do not have weapons included.
  10. Emvar

    more NASA subjects?

    Yeah a NASA basics sheet would be great...... but I'd also be in for a specific sheet with the different aircraft types on it. You might need multiple sheets early to present. I just hope someone makes a X-29 in 1/48th scale.
  11. Emvar

    707-27 - 707 and 727 mashup

    Supposedly there is a new Livery coming to replace the United/Continental hybrid scheme. I work for AC and love all the retro schemes..... ours is on an A319
  12. Emvar

    USS Reliant, lit up.

    One day I might do that to a BSG kit.
  13. Emvar

    What'd ya see today???

    Maintenance flights are allowed.... good time for necessary upgrades to the WIFI and IFE which is happening. Hope Boeing gets an upgrade to the auto pilot soon.
  14. Craig thought you finished your build..... remember it well using the Hasegawa kit. Looking forward to your references.
  15. Emvar

    more NASA subjects?

    I'd love to see F-18/ F-18 HARV F-15 F-16XL F-104 and any other NASA subject.