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  1. Yeah we got a saying at the airline "Hurry up and wait" the new word for hurry is hustle....... and wait is " Stand by"
  2. Lmao........ could you care more?
  3. Well if I nearly missed something....... I hit it. If I nearly hit something....... I missed it right? Start the conversation........ 😂
  4. Oh i figured that! Been looking for the resin nose conversion for a while. 😁
  5. I'm sure the deal was very good. Would love to have been a fly on the wall in that conference room. I think at this point delivering the planes is at the utmost... efficiency will be realized shortly and the orders I'm sure will come in once the operating data comes in. The biggest hurdle was getting that firm domestic order from Air Canada.... which ironically will be operating both C series 300 and 737-800/900max aircraft. Dumping the Embrear 190. The 787 has been a success for AC where the CEO has said that this aircraft was tailor made for the airline. I believe The F-35 will carry Canadian markings.
  6. Crap...... a couple of days too late!
  7. Realistically I don't think government is scared.... just peeved. This is not just about buying the SH but also replacement tankers attack helicopters and other equipment. The C series will continue on..... I'm thinking Delta Airlines will be the one with the largest opposition to Boeing. In the big scheme of things this is a small pissing match.....
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if Boeing screams bloody murder because it's subsidized.....
  9. TT I think the interm acquisition will be more than likely the final replacement fighter. There probably will be a biased competition leaning towards the F-35. At least the number needed has been increased to 88 as a minimum.
  10. Reminds me of a book I've read.... The Corporation. Analyzes the psychological make up of a corporation.
  11. Problem now is that the investigation is going ahead and Boeing can't stop it....... LM is in partnership with Bombardier as they have projects together ....... like I said it's going to be interesting. I think the F-35A will fly in Canadian Markings. SH while as a modeller I'd like to see it in Canadian Markings....... as a taxpayer no. Hope we choose the Venom and Cobra for Helos....... probabably see the Airbus A330 Tanker win....... will be interesting.
  12. Well the plot thickens...... Boeing has peed in it's own bowl of cornflakes. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/f-35-jets-waiting-in-wings-as-interim-super-hornet-purchase-in-limbo Looks like LM might just swoop in and give that save face I had no other option but F-35A. This also puts the new tanker and utility/attack helos out of Boeings reach.