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  1. Flying Leathernecks..... amazing options and service! Quinta Studios...... looks awesome. Caracal Decals are amazing!My next delivery is from Phase Hanger...... I expect the same as every one I mentioned. I have also had good service from LE models.
  2. Hope you consider the White top with Lightning stripe Canadian markings. Love to see RAF IDF.
  3. Actually you will find that Canada Post uses all sorts of transport. Surprisingly some of our airlines are still flying domestically and internationally as pure cargo flights, the airline I work for has actually removed pax seats and carry cargo on the main deck. In the beginning the priority was med supplies second priority went to mail. We are now pulling some owned 767-300 out of being parked and converting them to Total Cargo aircraft. Cheers Emil
  4. Got my order in good order yesterday! Thank you!
  5. Hello, this is not the site for diecast...... some do collect however this is extensively a model building site. Cheers Emil
  6. Looking for the full sheet or 2. Postage to Canada Let me know if you have some available. PM me if you are willing to deal..... I do PayPal. Regards Emil
  7. I work at Toronto Pearson YYZ. coming up on 31 years. Worked 747-200/747-400 Combi/747-400 total pax 767-200/300 737-200 737-8 Max 727-200 L1011 ERJ-175/190 A340-300/500 A330-200/300 A319/320/321 A310 Polaris A220-300 F27 B1900 Dash8-100/300 Q400 DC-8-73F CRJ-200/900 DC-3/4 Freighters Concord Cheers Emil
  8. Hey have a small order with you! No worries..... just planning ahead and getting backup decals. Was looking for your F-106A 48112 but sadly you are sold out. Stay safe and warm.
  9. I'm sure the Cyclones were cool to build huh? Hopefully more Countries pick it up especially in Asia...... which probably would prompt a kit... fingers crossed.
  10. Mehh..... still a CAD rendering. I'll reserve my comments when sprues are in my hands. Some nice ideas though with the Weapons.
  11. I ordered off ebay in March...... just got the kit in November.
  12. A 1/48th S-92 or M-92 Updated 1/48 MH-47F/G 1/48 Bell 412 C-295 in 1/48
  13. Looking good bro. I have several Hase kits. Need to find that thin nose for my project. BTW nice article in RT!
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