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  1. Lol.....wish they'd do it on airliners.... had 10 staples to the skull after whacking my head on the nose gear door on the Gimli Glider.
  2. Like his new show Training Day...... oh well.
  3. Scheduled to work that day...... but I am working to get it off. Cheers E
  4. http://www.8adecs.com/v2/site/index.shtml 8adecals has a set for the 787 and A321
  5. Funny how that red line would pay homage to both CP and AC. But I have seen the livery up close......and I like it. Way better than the sparkley minty green Barbie scheme.
  6. Speaking of Harriers......would you consider doing RAF GR.7 and GR.9 operational markings?
  7. Does it come with all the UH-1N parts?
  8. https://www.aircanada.com/content/dam/aircanada/portal/images/galleries/highres/new-livery-1.jpg
  9. https://www.aircanada.com/content/dam/aircanada/portal/images/galleries/highres/new-livery-2.jpg
  10. 1230 EST will be the public announcement. Good bye minty blue....
  11. Got mine..........nice kit!
  12. Me yeah? No.... 😂
  13. Just secured the 3rd in the Leading Edge Models series of Challenger kits......like I've said the quest was long......but I am a patient person. Picked every kit up for a reasonable price.