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  1. Well a little burdy told me that the F mods are in the works..... old school resin. To echo Dave yeah if someone shows interest Reskit will do it. For now mums the word to give this a shot. BTW it's not me! Dave would have the plans to print if I was involved. Sorry Dave... but I like your work! Or PHR.... 😂
  2. Emvar


    Great seemless! Deal in confidence!
  3. As the title says I'm looking but at a fair price, I'm also willing to wait. So if you have one complete kit I'm interested. Not interested in the 1/32nd scale Monogram kit. Will pay through PayPal. Thanks for looking Emil
  4. I think I have one. I'll look. Just did a major move and it's packed. Are you in a rush?
  5. That is a new engine with the beginnings of heat staining over time it dulls and goes to more of a burnt metal look.
  6. Shawn, Like I said very cool...... I'd be in for 1/48th if it happens. Cheers Emil
  7. Yep can say Don and I have had many dealings and not one was less than exceptional. Emil
  8. Don, I'll take all the PH Escapac seats, the QB F-15 seat and dream model PE. Cheers Emil
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