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  1. The D would be a good start. Have several and would like to see the conversion in 1/48th.
  2. Hope someone decides to do a MH-47E conversion in 1/48th scale. Including CH-147F Canadian items...... and the Chinook Landing gear Skis.
  3. Would you consider adding the Marines to this sheet, VMAT-102. I think the smaller scale guys would like that too.
  4. Rarer than hens teeth, I'll keep an eye open when I attend model shows. Looking for the 1/48th version myself. Cheers Emil
  5. http://hedgehoghollow.com/buzz/Colour_Guide/ships_clr.html http://hedgehoghollow.com/buzz/Colour_Guide/ Hope these links help you too
  6. Would love to see Aussie /Canadian/ Danish/ and German military schemes. I think the Malaysian Airforce deployed them including the the Chinese.
  7. I have been stocking up on your fine decals. Is there a possibility of 1/72nd and 1/144th scale CL-600/601/604/605 Challenger decals since the release of Amodel and BPK kits. If needed I can supply you with Canadian references. Cheers! Ps got the F-18 the early years and Cf-104 decals..... look great!
  8. I've waited years for acceptable priced oop models. Have done that with the LE CC-144 challenger in 1/72nd scale kits. The nost I have paid is 80 CAD.
  9. Good friends I've never met and have met were made here.
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