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  1. Scoob, You've been a great trader/seller! Absolutely not parting with this set.......... I've been known to just sit by and wait..... very patient person as I will find one in 1/72nd scale..... Cheers Emil
  2. Emvar


    John Is a great trader. Just finished a transaction very pleased! Regards Emil
  3. As the title says I'm looking for the canopy pieces for the Monogram F-4C in 1/48th scale. Pm me if you do. Cheers Emil
  4. Very nice build I'm sure Roto will enjoy it.
  5. I was thinking what Nasa stuff I'd build...... how about F-18 such as HARV along with the regular chase birds.
  6. Did some more work on the phantom. Not liking the fit of the cockpit. But this is not a perfect build it is intended to get my MOJO and concentration back. So far I've applied Mr Surfacer to see the many imperfections including a couple of finger prints. I still haven't glued the bottom to the fuselage. As there are gaps especially were the bottom fuselage comes to the nose section. There are several places this kit is lacking however the intent is to actually finish it. Cheers Emil
  7. Nice Alf.....hope you did a manicure before your next pics. 😉 Cheers Emil
  8. Thanks for the tip I will try that technique. Cheers Emil
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