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  1. Good friends I've never met and have met were made here.
  2. You vewy evil! More sheets to purchase!
  3. Dave, I don't doubt it as my experience has always been at airshows. Operationally you can give a more definitive answer. Emil
  4. I wish they made the extended range tanks in 48th scale....
  5. Not definitive..... I've seen one open one closed.... both closed or open.... I think its just something to do with hydraulics and the shut down. You really can't go wrong.
  6. Got my Sheets! Amazing work as usual. Thanks. Have the A-12 now I need a SR-71
  7. Looking around since Canada is buying 16 CC-295/ CASA C-295 SAR aircraft and was wondering if it is worth my time purchasing one.
  8. Ok..... I'm not waiting got one of each.
  9. I'm interested.... Let me know if it still available. I'm in Guelph ON N1G4V4. Let me know what it would cost to ship.
  10. Yeah.... don't pay the 75.... It comes up at lower prices be patient. Have 2 in 1/72nd scale because I'll be doing both schemes. I'll keep my eyes open for you at Model shows. Took me some time but I found some Avro arrow resin for another ARCer. Took 3 years though. Cheers. Emil
  11. Actually jbot and Canuck are finished Leading edge is pretty much the only game around. Which scheme you looking for?
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