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  1. Emvar

    1/32 CF-18

    Love it!
  2. Just going to say congratulations on the first Auction....
  3. I know you have Canadian details..... pleaae do pass them on. 😜
  4. SR-71 and A-12 are in my interest. Be buying those sheets!
  5. I still have Hasegawa bugs in my stash and will not let them go.
  6. I'm getting sets from both companies when available.
  7. Glad you are a conousor of Active WW2 memorabilia. Still in service in the Canadian Forces. All branches.
  8. I've gone through my stash of decals and yes I have multiples Bae hawk moose markings and Texan 2. Looking forward to your A-12 SR-71 Early F-18 Nasa CL-600/605 P-3 sheets Like I said you have listened and thanks. For the CL-600/605 let me know what Canadian references you need. I have some.
  9. The nice thing is the F/A-18/ CF-188 boxing and the specific F/A-18C boxing all come with weapons. The kits with special markings do not have weapons included.
  10. Yeah a NASA basics sheet would be great...... but I'd also be in for a specific sheet with the different aircraft types on it. You might need multiple sheets early to present. I just hope someone makes a X-29 in 1/48th scale.
  11. Supposedly there is a new Livery coming to replace the United/Continental hybrid scheme. I work for AC and love all the retro schemes..... ours is on an A319
  12. One day I might do that to a BSG kit.
  13. Maintenance flights are allowed.... good time for necessary upgrades to the WIFI and IFE which is happening. Hope Boeing gets an upgrade to the auto pilot soon.
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