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  1. Hi all I am reading alot about the Fujimi {I think that's right} F-14 Kits, and was wanting to know if they are a good kit to build? Are there any problems with the molds, Fitment, etc? I know that all you grreat ARCer's will be able to help me out ;) It looks like they only do 1/72 scale aircraft though. Thank you all, Evolution
  2. Hi all I need some help from you great people I am looking for a set of VF-143 Pukin Dogs{my old squadron} decals when they were aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower around 1980-1984. Anyone that can help? I have tried lookig on the net , but come up with the USS America and the USS Kennedy, can't seem to find the Eisenhower. Thank you all, Evolution
  3. Hi Do my squadron the best in the fleet VF-143 Pukin Dogs RULE. Just my 2 cents but their are 8 votes for the Dogs and 8 for the red rippers. Have a great day, Evolution
  4. Hi all OK I am thinking about buying an airbrush, but don't want to break the bank in case I am no good at it. I have been reading alot on here, and have seen that some people have bought a paasch brush for around 20.00 at harbor freight. Would this be a decent beginner brush for someone like me? I would be using it ti lay down base colors not doing camo. Thank you all, Evolution
  5. Hi all :D In the next few months, I will be building a Tamiya 1/48 USAF Thunderbird # 1. My question is I have noticed in pictures that these birds are fairly shinney. In some of you're opinions which would be a better finish Semi- Gloss or a Gloss. I have been told that a Gloss finish might make it look like a toy or a die-cast model. Need input from all you fine people. Thank you all, Evolution
  6. Hi all Well I'm starting a new project, a 1/48 Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird. I would like to know an easy way to get that shine these aircraft have. Could I use future or what? Thank you all, Evolution
  7. Hi all I would like to know some websites where I can get a seamless resin intake for my Tamiya F16c block 32 kit. Thank you, Evolution
  8. Hi again everyone Is there a huge difference between a blk 30 and 32 F-16c? Thank you all, Evolution :unsure:
  9. Hi again all , Thank you to all who answered my Hasegawa vs Tamiya question. I will be going Tamiya in 1/48. I would now like to pick you're brains about a seamless intake for the Tamiya kit. Any out there? Thank you all so much, Evolution
  10. Hi all , I would like you're valued opinion on which of these 2 kits build into the best aircraft? Thank you all, Evolution
  11. Hi all I would like to know if thier are any companies that produce after market pvc or rubber tires in 1/48 for moder jet aircraft? Thank you all, Evolution
  12. Hi all Sorry to be a pest, but has anyone built the Hobby Boss 1/48 F/A18a kit? And if so How does it build out of the box? Thank you all Evolution
  13. Hi all I am trying to locate a 1/32 Hasegawa F/A18a kit. I tried the Marketplace but no luck. Does anyone know if this might be a discontinued kit? Anyone know of a website that handles old or uopened kits? Would love to do a 1/32 18a. Thank you all, Evolution
  14. Hi all :) I am thinking of building the Hasegawa F/A18E kit in 1/48 scale,and would like to ask about decal fitting problems. I have noticed while surfing the net for a decent kit to buy that there are certain model kit's that require certain decals. I would like to do this kit up in my squadron markings VFA-143 Pukin Dogs. Do you think I might have fitting issues if using say two bobs decals or the like? Thank you all, Evolution ;)
  15. evolution


    Hi everyone, It's evolution and i'm glad to be back!!! I have had a few set backs in the past year. Lost my wife and mother. But i'm happy too be back Your's truly, Evolution
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