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  1. I see no need to look any further. Nice stuff Neo!!!. Send me a text
  2. I used to build for competition(Nationals) and have won awards there. Near the end of my plastic model hobby I was doing "cut away" versions.(see F-86 below) I started on this kit and thats where I left off. Much of the work has been done on the wheel wells and I have cut the fuse for the internals to be viewed. Many of the ribs have been added. This model is FREE! but only to the right person. I would like you to reply to this add with a photo of your best work and mention awards for said model. Im serious about giving it away(you pay shipping) but I want it to
  3. NIB.. Still in bags. Complete kit. Sorry no aftermarket parts added, only what came in the original box. Also sorry.. For sale in Canada only. Send me a PM or for faster response text me at 416 886-1844 Also my email addy is old and I cant seem to update it. sent PM to admin..but no reply. Texting is best! $50CAN.. +25 shipping. PP add 4% Im just N of Toronto.
  4. Thanks Tony! That was all I needed. Take Care Trev
  5. Thanks Pete. But I cant click on the photo to enlarge it. The zip file under the picture uses Winzip to open it, and I cant use Winzip. Trev
  6. Hey Guys! I need some clear Drawings of the F-104 Panel lines. I cant use Winzip. So if you have some clear drawings of both top and bottom, Please post here. Thanks! Trevor
  7. Thanks for your help! That will do just fine Trevor
  8. Could someone please post some drawings of a P-40 showing the panel lines with a Top and Bottom veiw. Type of P-40 dosnt matter. Thank You! Trevor
  9. Hi Anthony! Long time no see... We sat together at the Kansas City nationals for Dinner. Hope all is well. Trevor
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