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  1. Hey, are you still alive??

  2. Hmmm, now you´ve got me thinking...

    I´d love to bring my old GBU-15s to bear somewhere, but I also want a F-111 with the Pave Tack...

    So I think I will go for the LGB-option.

    Thanks a lot so far!


  3. Thanks a lot fr the link, very very helpful! The page about antennas and GPS-stuff has no working pictures, though...

    I´m no rivet-counter, but I want my F-111F to have a correct weapons loadout.

    Would the following be correct or is there some "disqualifier"?



    MER with Durandal on the inboard pylons

    GBU-15 (V) on ...

  4. Hi, I´m about to build a F-111F, would like to have you as back-up reference...


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