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  1. The interesting thing about #2 was its wings had 5° (I think) dihedral, which you can see in the above picture.
  2. Yeah, just slipped again, but this should be the last one. Book is being published in Europe and the latest slip probably reflects shipping time.
  3. Make sure you're using BRU-3A/As and not MERs. Also, if the reverse taper (narrow by the fuselage, wide at the tip) of the Hobby Boss flap vanes annoy you as much as they do me, the Scaledown wings made for the Academy kit will fit the HB kit. One last thing--the aft MLG door was parallel to the fuselage during Vietnam, but was shortened and bolted to the back of the MLG making it perpendicular to the fuselage by the time it was acquired by the RAAF.
  4. Try this first. Second, get the ResKit RS48-0442 for the correct ECM pods (F-111As didn't need the RAT nosecones) and RS48-0438 adapter for the rear ECM pod. The attached picture will help with positioning. The front ECM pod was installed directly behind the gun blister (not on the centerline). Its adapter is easy enough to scratch build. ResKit also does a number of kits to correct the numerous flaws in both the Academy and Hobby Boss kits that can be ordered directly from them, SprueBrothers or Hannants. Especially useful with the Hobby Boss kit is their RSU48-0166 escape capsule
  5. The book has been to the printers, you can see some sample pages HERE. It should be available in Europe in February and late March in the U.S.
  6. I agree with A-10 Loader that bomb racks go on all four tunnel stations. If you want, you can add an AIM-7M on the aft (#4) station. Also, you must install the FPU-1 fuel tanks. The glove stations were independent, but while carrying LLLGBs, they'd undoubtedly carry an AN/AAQ-25 LANTIRN pod on the right pylon. Corrected thanks to Gerry's comment below--I misread a table.
  7. Hi Pappy, I'm NOT a Spark Vark expert, but I can answer some of your questions: 1) By the time 66-0044 had the Straight Flush artwork applied, it had received the AMP modifications and did have the GPS antenna installed. In late 1992 it didn't, butBy April 1994 it did. The pic I have of the artwork was taken in 1995. 2) I think the AN/ALE-40 was part of the AMP upgrade, but I'm not positive about that. 3) I looked through my pics and the prototype had the CMRS installed, but I couldn't find any pics of operational jets with it. I didn't do a thorough search, but certainly b
  8. I hate to burst your bubble, but it was supposed to come out LAST July 4th! đŸ¤£
  9. Just a quick update on the BOOK. Originally scheduled for release last July 4th, it's now scheduled for release in the U.S. the third week in March. As I understand it, it will come out about a month earlier in Europe. A LOT of folks have asked for autographed copies and I'm happy to do that. Rather than run up everyone's postal bills, I will be at both the U.S. and U.K. IPMS conventions next year and (as I understand it) you'll be able to purchase the book at a discount and I can autograph it there. I'll also be giving my presentation again at Madison (a 1-hr. version) on Thursday morning. I'
  10. Pretty much. However, the F-111C had Triple Plow I (TP I) inlets while the FB-111 (aside from the first two) had TP II inlets. That said, none of the TP II inlets on either of the kits are accurate.
  11. If you read my previous post, there is a hot link to OzMod's 1:48 F-111 page...
  12. While the Hobby Boss kits have more pronounced panel lines, it has numerous flaws that just drive me nuts (bug-eyed canopy and flap vanes that have increased chord as they go outboard, etc.). The Academy kits are cheaper and look more like an F-111 in my opinion. Their canopies, while still a bit too wide are MUCH closer to correct than the HB kit's. The best place for a lot of F-111 aftermarket (including wheel wells) is OzMods. ResKit also does a lot of F-111 related aftermarket, as well.
  13. We had a pretty good turnout—about 60 people attended. Sorry you missed it.
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