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  1. Neither canopy is correct, but Academy's is less incorrect. Without redoing the whole front fuselage, ResKit had to make their canopy fit the Hobby Boss kit. Attached are two pics, one of the measurements of the actual cockpit taken by Keith Sullivan and one of the Academy canopy on the ResKit capsule designed to fit the too- wide Hobby Boss fuselage.
  2. Pretty sure a weapon bay (and PAVE Tack) is in the works, but not sure how quickly. BTW, since the "Late F-111F" is the Pacer Strike variant, be sure to use the GPS antenna that goes in front of the cockpit.
  3. I'm confused as well--am trying to get them to use more specific terminology. To me, there were three 'F' cockpits: pre-PAVE Tack, PAVE Tack, and Pacer Strike. All of their sprues include the VID and the instructions don't show what are on the cockpit decals. If I find out, I'll post something here.
  4. That Academy versions of the cockpits are coming soon, assuming Putin's attacks on the Ukrainian power grid can be overcome.
  5. This is my first book, so I haven't done ANY for this kind of thing before. I certainly have no problem with signing copies, but we'll have to work out the details later. I'm planning on attending the IPMS Nats in San Marcos soon after the book is scheduled for release, so that would be an easy place to do that sort of thing. I also usually attend Scale Model World at Telford in November (as part of my annual trip to see one of my daughters and her family) and Harpia has a stand there, so that will be an easy opportunity as well.
  6. Thanks, Scott. Bert Kinzey and I have informally discussed having me re-do his F-111 Detail in Scale. I'm keeping VERY busy in retirement (HA!), so I'm not sure how quickly I can get around to it. (For example, I'm currently about to finish a series of detail drawings of F-105 pylons, while working on drawings of the Mk 7 dispenser family (Rockeye II, APAM, etc.), and AGM-69 SRAM. I've also been involved with the new memorial for the F-111 program at the National Museum of the USAF that will be dedicated on 14 October (the straps were temporary after the models were attached):
  7. Thanks to all for the kind comments and interest. A couple of things to keep in mind: 1) This book won't be available until next spring in Europe and summer in the U.S. We aren't even going to start serious editing until October, so there is a long way to go. I've been assured that discounts will be available, but I'm not sure what percentage or when they'll be available. I normally order from Amazon and when I've pre-ordered before a book is published and a discount is subsequently given, it gets automatically applied to my order. I expect all the other sources do the same thing. Probab
  8. On the night of 14-15 April 1986, an armada of F-111Fs, EF-111As, KC-10As and KC-135s launched from three bases in England. They made their way into the Atlantic Ocean, through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea to join Air Wings from the USS America and USS Coral Sea to attack Libya in retaliation for their support of numerous terrorist attacks. Operation Eldorado Canyon is the story of that raid from the viewpoint of the people who planned and flew the mission. This book explains how these missions were executed in a way that non-flyers can understand, but with a
  9. I used KASL's 48049 when I made my Kitty Hawk F-35C. Fit fine, don't recall having any problems with it (can't say the same for the rest of the kit!). That said, I used their cockpit for the F-35B and closed the canopy and had to grind away a lot of the detail behind the seat to get the canopy to close. So, although they look 'busy', I can't vouch for their accuracy. (BTW, DON'T build any Kitty Hawk F-35 with the canopy closed! They are too wide and too long to fit the fuselage seamlessly!!!)
  10. There were two large Napalm containers: The BLU-1 and BLU-27. The Hasegawa kit is of the BLU-1, which was what was in the inventory at the beginning of the Vietnam war. It had ogive shaped front and rear fairings, but was more expensive to produce than the more angular BLU-27. While both were converted later to MXU-648/A travel pods, the BLU-27 ones were by far the more common of the two. The AMS ones are available from Sprue Brothers. KASL also does them, but I'm not sure if they're available from a US source.
  11. Too bad BLACKDOG didn't do correct weapon bay doors. Be sure to fix the horrid kit ones!
  12. Yes. Amazon a the U.S. distributor for Harpia.
  13. Since this thread has popped up again, I'll update the progress on my book. It took 6-7 months, but passed the DoD classification review unscathed. It will be published by Harpia. Tentative title is simply Operation Eldorado Canyon. Expect to see it in the Spring of 2023 in Europe and early Summer in the US. In addition to OEC, it will also cover Operations Attain Document and Prairie Fire, which happened the previous month. I got lucky with that thanks in large part to a group of us old farts (mostly Navy) called the Old Geezer Fighter Pilots who get together for lunch every month in Richmond
  14. As I understand it, they are. I certainly hope so, I have six Academy kits!
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