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  1. As promised my first entry will be a "what if"-build. I´m going to convert the 1:72 Revell EC-135 into a SpecOps-Support bird. Mostly by hanging some additional stuff on it and I plan also to add a sniper-team. I had started some months ago, but stopped after having cut off the doors, glued in the seats and painted the cockpit. So now I will officially start this build. This is how it looked on march 1st: In progress of the two pilots, one still missing his head: I used pilot figures of the Revell set, but changed the heads, using some of the old Esci/Italeri Ground Crew and Pilots set: Glueing the fuselage halves together: HAJO
  2. Hajo L.

    Eurocopter EC-135 SOF in 1:72

    Color evolution: Green: Another green: Black: I also finished the Sniper-Team, using a US-GI and a SAS-soldier (with the M82) by Ceasar. As you can see, the helo is basically finished. I hope to be able to take pictures soon. HAJO
  3. Hajo L.

    Completed Builds

    My 1/72 Revell Lancaster B.MK.III is done! More pictures and of course the WIP here: HAJO
  4. It´s done! The build was fun, but you defenitely need to replace the gun barrels with some offering of the aftermarket! New barrels by Quickboost: High legged aircraft! HAJO
  5. Uooh, I wouldn´t dare to do that, but it looks awesome! HAJO
  6. Hajo L.

    1/350th scale K'tinga

    What´s the idea behind the special treatment of the PE-parts? HAJO
  7. Hajo L.

    1/48th Boeing B-52H 'BUFF'

    Cool, that´s modelbuilding! Looking forward to more progress! HAJO
  8. Hajo L.

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    Lovely! HAJO
  9. Hajo L.

    Eurocopter EC-135 SOF in 1:72

    Yeah, compared with the Lancaster I just built it is really small. But good thing is that this small thing is a fast to build. After mating the fuselages I added armor-plating to the pilot seats: The two guys don´t seem to be much impressed: The next two additions were the gear and the FLIR. The gear struts came in the Revell EC-145-kit. Which is strange, since you can´t use them there, but they work fine with the EC-135. The FLIR was done by scratch using various stuff: It also took me some lead to get the helo standing straight, but now it sits good! Clear parts of this kit are known to have some problems, but it worked good enough for me this time: This morning I received a little parcel with stuff I ordered in Bulgaria... It´s the equipment for my Sniper! 😄 Another addition is the new exhaust which will help to cool down the hot gases, so the helo won´t be that attractive to heat-seeking missiles anymore: You can also see new antennas and RWR-sensors: Now it´s time for some paint! HAJO
  10. Great, this is just awesome! HAJO
  11. Hajo L.

    No love for OH-58A

    Maybe you are talking about Lupusprimus? If yes, just head over to his Skycrane-thread: HAJO
  12. Thanks for the hint, now it is! 😉 HAJO
  13. It´s done! I gave the panellines on the camoflaged-parts of the model a wash with brown. I also added the exhaust streaks, using Revell NATO-Oliv. I´m very happy with the overall look of the model and will take more pictures for the gallery during the next days. HAJO
  14. Great to have the pictures back and also some news about the current state! Looking awesome as usual! HAJO
  15. Hajo L.

    Dirigible Aerial Landing Platform

    I like that idea! HAJO
  16. I painted the struts of the canopy with some light black as a base before I add the camoflage. And from a different angle: HAJO
  17. I´m a bit behind the curve with my pictures... The camo is done, only a couple of parts still missing here: Among them the cockpit-canopy, which reminds me of a glass-house: You can still see some white glue which hasn´t dried yet. HAJO
  18. Hajo L.

    1/350 lit up Klingon battle cruiser.

    Congratulations, nice build! HAJO
  19. Electrifiying! 😉 HAJO
  20. TT, most of your posted pictures are not showing... HAJO
  21. Hajo L.

    F-16E -XL version

    Is that 1:48? HAJO
  22. Hajo L.

    Rules, That ain't real GB

    Pheeew, I´m lucky in this case. I had started my EC-135 but so far had only assembled the instrument panel and the seats and painted that. So I think I´m still within the limits, right? HAJO
  23. Hajo L.

    Dragon 1/48 He162/Me262 mistel

    What a cool looking combo! HAJO