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  1. I´m currently working on a 1/72-scale "Miss Clawd IV" (Hugh Mills OH-6A). I read in Squadron Signals "Gunslinger" that Mills painted a ""set of gold-crossed sabres" on the front canopy of his first aircraft. Any ideas if he continued that tradition on his later rides, including "Miss Clawd IV"? HAJO
  2. Am I wrong or are there not many 1/72-kits in this category?? HAJO
  3. Hajo L.

    The future of group builds?

    I disagree a little with that point. I always saw a lot of enthusiasm when the GB started (and it was good to have some waiting time, so you can purchase kits and so on), but the Mojo usually died down after 2 months. I don´t see that this won´t happen if we´d start a GB right away. HAJO
  4. Hajo L.

    The future of group builds?

    I think it always depends on the GB topic and the individual motivation. I´m currently taking part in a german modelling forum GB with the topic "Vietnam". Since January I have built only Vietnam-related models, and have already completed 6 builds. I still have at least 3 models to go and I´m happy tate this GB lasts for one year! I have participated in several GBs here and always wondered how they took off with great steam (= a lot of people throwing in their ideas and models) and very soon the whole thing nearly stalls. Maybe my german genes take over here, but I only build models that I like and I´m motivated to do, and don´t stop that damn thing until it´s completed! Maybe we should think about some more ideas to keep the GB-community focused. Like stories about the GB-topic, walk-arounds, new projects from decal-manufacturers, etc... HAJO
  5. Hajo L.

    DC-130A VX-30...1/48

    Great start! Will follow this! HAJO
  6. Hajo L.

    Question about raised panellines

    Just make sure to check one of the several reviews you usually get for nearly every model. First point to start would be scalemates.com HAJO
  7. Hajo L.

    CD72084- 1/72 P2V Neptune - Part 3

    Thank you, but since my OP-2E is already done (and I don´t plan on adding a second one) I wouldn´t have use for the decals! But your offer is much appreciated! HAJO
  8. Hajo L.

    CD72084- 1/72 P2V Neptune - Part 3

    Dutch, thank you so much, but my AP-2H didn´t got the Airmodel-set... 😉 I used it on my OP-2E: HAJO
  9. Hajo L.

    CD72084- 1/72 P2V Neptune - Part 3

    Why not mention the Airmodel-set? I used their vac-canopy and was quite satisfied. HAJO
  10. Hajo L.

    Revell-Germany, 1/32, Kit # 80-4948, H-145M, LUH, KSK

    No indications of any problems with Revell Germany. Alive and well, I´d say. HAJO
  11. How do you avoid the props hitting each other?!?!? HAJO
  12. This is the end, beautiful friend This is the end, my only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes, again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSUIQgEVDM4 Yep, I did it! I bought this Mach2-kit, kept it (and not tossed it in the bin), and even built it! I have to say, it was a really pleasant project after all, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Only real downside are that some more detailled parts like M60s or the relings are lacking a lot... I also found out during my build that this kit is a complete rip-off in 1/72 of the 1/35 PBR by Tamiya. Someone copied all the parts and made them smaller, tossed in some figures of the Esci figure-set "US GIs in Vietnam" and called it a day... I made a quite extensive WIP, but in german only: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=60611.0 But I think the pictures in my WIP say mor ethan thousand (german) words. A PBR with a Team of Special Forces closes in on the beach, to drop the men for a Recon-mission in the jungle: No signs of enemy activity so far, but the crew is ready and keeps the weapons ready in all directions: Looks like a "cold" landing-zone, though! The team-leader maintains radio contact to the CAS-forces, just in case...: Looks too quiet to be good. What´s waiting in the jungle? The team is ready to start its mission in the jungle: They still hesitate to leave the massive fire-power of the PBR behind. HAJO
  13. Hajo L.

    1/48 Airfix Hawk 100

    Lovely paint job! HAJO
  14. 1/72 F-5 by Italeri has raised panel-lines, while Hobbyboss does not. I think the overall looks of the Italeri is a bit better. HAJO
  15. Hajo L.

    Keeping up to date..

    I like www.scalemates.com They have a "news"-section, and you can always browse through their archive. HAJO
  16. Hajo L.

    Monogram/Koster P4Y-2 Privateer

    Wooow! Cool looking bird! HAJO
  17. I suppose the C6 is very similar to the M240, used by the US Army? If that´s the case, the Dragon Humvee kit has some nice M240s in there, I´d use them. HAJO
  18. Hajo L.

    German H145M gray

    Ok, Basaltgrau is 77 in Revells nomenclatura, which I also always use as gunship-grey. I think this case is closed! 😉 HAJO
  19. Hajo L.

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    Wooww, all that tiny stencils!!! HAJO
  20. Hajo L.

    German H145M gray

    To me it looks a lot like it. Maybe a slightly bit lighter. The longer it will be in service (still brand new), the lighter the grey will turn. Although I think it is a missed opportunity to not have the original aircraft painted in some cool camo-scheme... 😉 HAJO
  21. Cool! Or is your browser showing them? I can view my pictures (haven´t tried it today, but during the last weeks it worked) because I installed some "short-cut"-program that enables it. Maybe many other browsers got an automatic update? HAJO
  22. The Pilatus PC-6 Porter is one of the secret main characters of the movie "Air America". Unfortunately a kit of this versatile aircraft in 1:72 is only available as short-run by the german company "Classic Planes". This model was part of my current series of builds for the Vietnam-GB in the german modellboard.net forum. Although of german brand, this is really typical short-run... 😉 Nevertheless, I added some details, mainly cargo in form of "hard rice" (ammunition by Air America freight code) and other stuff you´ll need to fight communism! The pilot is wearing a "chicken-plate" vest (no idea where he got that from... 😉 ), while his indigenous co-pilot trusts his Uzi: "You know, that would make a great TV commercial? 'Excuse me, is that an Uzi?' 'Why, yes it is. Hey, self-defense is no laughing matter! That why when I want number one I pack an Uzi... accept no substitutes.'." I had to scratch-build a new exhaust, since the kit came with a different engine: And the finished model: A PC-6 Porter has landed on a small dirt-strip somewhere in Laos: It carries "hard rice" and is flying for the "private" ( 😉 ) company "Air America". The customers aren´t visible yet, but that doesn´t worry the crew. They have already turned the aircraft for departure to make up time after the off-loading. Ah, some movement in the bush?!? A segeant of the Special Forces, fighting the communist with his team and the local population, checks the situation. "Any news from home? Got some letters for me? Did you at least sent some nice letters to my wife in my name??" "Good flight, see you next week!" HAJO
  23. Hajo L.

    1/72 F-8H Crusader

    Great presentation! HAJO
  24. Hajo L.

    M35 Guntruck in 1:72, Academy

    In our ongoing Vietnam-GB in the german modellboard.net forum I came up with a ground vehicle. My inspiration was a chapter of Tom A. Johnsons book "To the limit", where he describes his year as a Huey-pilot in Vietnam. In this chapter his unit, the 229th of the 1st Air Cavalry Division, had just arrived in their new AO near the city of Hue, just at the days of Tet 1968...: I used Academys excellent M35-kit and also some parts of the older Matchbox/Revell M16: The Quad-Gun and the GI with the M79 obviously are shooting at a target, while the soldier with the M16 is securing their flank. Whoever is receiving some "metal love" can clearly see, who´s the responsible distributor: The "Cav"! Lots of metal! A M551 Sheridan (Ace model) is coming for support! This M113 is a USAF base perimeter defence as well. HAJO