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  1. I have a 1/48 F-16 + weapon set package for sale I was planning to do a Polish conversion, but an emergency came up and I need to sell 1/48 Hasegawa Weapons D- U.S. Smart Bombs & Target Pods 36008 Box open, sprues sealed 1/48 Hasegawa F-16D Block 52 Plus Hellenic Air Force Box, sprues open, but complete Did not come with kit decals or instructions, but does have printed Polish & Hellenic Air Force instructions and Techmod 1/48 POLISH F-16 Block 52+ decals $65.00 + shipping for the package I'm in Texas Email t55mbt@o
  2. While finishing up the Mig-23 and 29 kits, I started studing the instructions for the F-16D (Block 52 Plus) Fighting Falcon 'Hellenic Air Force' kit I noticed I have to cut & replace in three areas .... wing tip, vertical stabilizer and rear/back of the cockpit The wing tip and vertical stabilizer are straight lines and will be no problem, I've done the same on a few armored kits, but cutting something like the rear/back of the cockpit is new to me What is the best or easiest way to cut it off
  3. I finally have a kit to work with ....1/48 Hasegawa F-16D Block 52 Plus Hellenic Air Force ... it does not have instructions or decals, but I have Polish decals on the way and instructions downloaded from the internet
  4. I found some AV Vallejo air brush thinner The paint comes out in drops, so how many drops of paint to a drop of thinner
  5. I'm about to finish a Polish Mig-23 and need to know do I keep the mask on the canopy or take it off This is the first aircraft I have weathered/washed
  6. When I redid the model, I repainted it (Testers spray paint) at a distance of 12inches instead of 6 inches, made for a smoother finish
  7. It's a Mig 15 The engine nozzle sticking out is due to it being a old kit, I believe a Testers
  8. Most of these aircraft are survivors of hurricane Harvey and have been finished or redone Here's the first one Mig-17
  9. Well done, cool diorama What type of wash did you use on the aircraft
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