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    1/48&1/72 Aircraft Military and Commercial all types 1/35 Armor 1/24&1/25 Emergency Vehicles 1/24&1/25 Automobiles,Race Cars and Heavy Trucks. 1/87 H.O. Trains. A passion to build Aircraft stationed a Selfridge joint air base. MI ANG and any aircraft based at an of Michigan's bases in history. Wurtsmith,Kinloch and K.I. Soyer.

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  1. Erik C

    1/72 parts?

    Chris, That would be great. I am not picky at all. I just want to put a pilot in my cockpit. Erik
  2. Hi I am looking for a pilot from Hasegawa's 1:72 legacy 2nd generation Legacy Hornet (C/D models). I just need a pilot. I am not picky. I just need a pilot for my Hornet. Erik
  3. Erik C

    1/72 parts?

    AV O & Quixote74 Thank you for all the information. It's very helpful. Erik
  4. I am modeling the complete CVW5 1/48 scale. I am looking to model HSM-77 Saberhawks they operated MH-60R and HCS-12 Golden Falcons they operated MH-60S. From the research I have done. If I am correct the biggest spotting feature is the tail wheel location. The MH-60R tail wheel is located closer to the cabin and vertical. The MH-60S is located further back and on a angle, like the Blackhawk. It also has a glass cockpit. I know I am going to have to scratch build parts to make these kits. I am not looking for 100% accuracy. But I want it to be close. What kit or kits would you r
  5. I normally model 1/48. But I am building a 1/72 F/A-18E Super Hornet. I would like to add a pilot to the cockpit. Where could I source a pilot for this model? Thanks in advance, for any help. Erik
  6. andyf117, Thank you that is a huge help. Erik
  7. Hi I am doing research on my upcoming build of 1/48th Kitty Hawk SEPECAT JAGUAR RAF gulf war "sadman" XZ364. One item I keep coming across is the RAF pylons are diffrent from the French version. Which the Kitty Hawk kit uses. Most who have built this kit. Have used Airfix SEPECAT JAGUAR for donor parts for the pylons. I have not been able to locate a kit to become a donor. Could someone with knowledge of the pylon difference. Please explain to me what they are? I have come to the idea of having to scratch building them out of styrene. I just need some direction on what the differenc
  8. Has anyone ever purchased from Amraam Line? I am looking to purchase 1/48 RAF Armament Update resin set Product # 48003 I need this set for my Kitty Hawk SEPECAT Jaguar Are they still in business? Thanks in advance for any help. Erik
  9. I am looking to model CVW5 Currently assigned to the CVN76 USS Ronald Reagan. I am looking to model their deployment during 2016. Previously CVW5 was assigned to the CVN73 USS George Washington. Most decals I find are for CVW5 before they were on the Reagan. So the question I have is. When a CVW changes ships, dose the squadrons paint scheme change? Or do the just change the name of the carrier on the side of the planes? Thanks in advance for any help. Erik
  10. Hi, I am looking to buy CAM Decals 48-120 - Lockheed S-3B Viking VS-35, Blue Wolves, "NAVY 1" – President George W Bush Thanks Erik C
  11. Hi during a recent move. I lost all the gun turrets to my B-29. If anyone can help. Please message me. Thanks Erik
  12. Here is a link to the blue numbered car decal set. https://www.lakefeesc.com/cd1256-52-jimmy-means-alkaseltzer-pontiac-124-scale-decals-p-658279.htm
  13. I use the Harbor Freight Fortress 1gal super quiet air compressor. It's rated at 53db a household refrigerator is 55db. So it's pretty quiet. It recovers fast and holds air well. I can leave it for weeks. Without a drop in psi. I added a inline moisture trap and a standard male quick connect to my airbrush hose. It's affordable at $139.00 plus there is a 2 gal model. If you want more reserves. Good luck with your purchase. https://www.harborfreight.com/1-gallon-135-psi-ultra-quiet-hand-carry-jobsite-air-compressor-64592.html
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