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    1/48&1/72 Aircraft Military and Commercial all types 1/35 Armor 1/24&1/25 Emergency Vehicles 1/24&1/25 Automobiles,Race Cars and Heavy Trucks. 1/87 H.O. Trains. A passion to build Aircraft stationed a Selfridge joint air base. MI ANG and any aircraft based at an of Michigan's bases in history. Wurtsmith,Kinloch and K.I. Soyer.
  1. Hi during a recent move. I lost all the gun turrets to my B-29. If anyone can help. Please message me. Thanks Erik
  2. Here is a link to the blue numbered car decal set. https://www.lakefeesc.com/cd1256-52-jimmy-means-alkaseltzer-pontiac-124-scale-decals-p-658279.htm
  3. I use the Harbor Freight Fortress 1gal super quiet air compressor. It's rated at 53db a household refrigerator is 55db. So it's pretty quiet. It recovers fast and holds air well. I can leave it for weeks. Without a drop in psi. I added a inline moisture trap and a standard male quick connect to my airbrush hose. It's affordable at $139.00 plus there is a 2 gal model. If you want more reserves. Good luck with your purchase. https://www.harborfreight.com/1-gallon-135-psi-ultra-quiet-hand-carry-jobsite-air-compressor-64592.html
  4. Same here in S.E Michigan. My local hobby shop mentioned that Revell is going to be releasing a line of enamel paint line. So that might be what they pick up.
  5. I am looking to buy Super Scale International decal set #72-515 Free Kuwaiti A-4KU / Mirage F.1CK & RSAF F-15C / Tornado Also looking for two bob's 72-108 F-15S Khamis Mushait Eagles F-15E Thanks for your time and any help. Erik
  6. Thanks for the logo and photo. I am looking to build HH65 B. It has the original nose and engines. The markings are similar. The B model has the logo at the top of the tail and is just a black out line no color. The Detroit has a old English D and the rest is in a similar style to the D. Thanks for the help. Erik
  7. Cameron thanks for the information. Now I just need to locate. Some markings for air station Detroit in 1/48 and I will be good to go. Thanks again Erik
  8. Hi the title says it. I am looking to buy U.S. Coast Guard Choppers Pt 1 Model Alliance | No. MA-48150 | 1:48 I am looking for the markings for air station Detroit. So if you don't have a complete set. But the have the air station Detroit markings. I would be interested in purchasing a partial set. Thanks for your time and any help. Erik
  9. Cameron, Is Mike offering these in his normal lineup or are they special order? If they are special order. What was the cost? Thanks Erik
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