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  1. If you are in the US, Academy is distributed by MRC. I called them because I was missing a few parts that fell off the sprue. I was told that they don’t sell replacement sprue and the only thing I could do was return the kit to the retailer I purchased it from. They may be more helpful since you have a manufacturing defect. Outside of SAC, I’m not aware of any aftermarket landing gear. It would be nice if someone did 3D printed that offered a little more detail.
  2. Looks great, nice work.
  3. You might check eBay. There are several clear sprue listed for sale. Do a search for “1/48 B 25 parts”.
  4. Jeezum crow, that’s a nice display there. Something to be proud of, ah-yup.
  5. No pictures for me, just blue boxes with question marks inside. Hope you can fix this. I would really like to see your build after reading all the superlative comments.
  6. That’s quite the bomb load. Solo do you know the time frame of that picture?
  7. Just finished reading one of the Osprey books on USN F-4’s in Vietnam. The book stated load was two AIM 7’s in the rear wells for W&B purposes during the war. Others may know more.
  8. My son is currently a crew chief on the A-10. What questions do you have? I can pass them along and see if he can answer them.
  9. Res-kit makes a set of TER’s for the F-16. They are very nice. https://reskit-models.com/scale-plastic-model-kits?product_id=3555
  10. Some of the Guard units especially those flying block 50/52 jets are replacing their analog flight instruments on the lower center console with a glass center display unit.
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