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  1. okthree

    Minicraft B-52D

    It would be great to see some decals for the Minicraft B-52D.
  2. okthree

    second intruder/crusader type pilot by Reedoak

    Your second pilot figure looks great. I’m planning to order both, with some of your USN deck crew one of these days. I hope you release more pilot figures from the Vietnam era to today.
  3. okthree

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The real SJU 17 seats have different sized canopy breakers on the headbox of the front and back seat on the F-14D. The pictures of the Aires and Quickboost seats that I have seen, it looks like the canopy breakers are the same size on both seats. You may want to confirm this detail before you go with the Aires seats. Wolfpack Design got this detail correct with their SJU 17 seats.
  4. okthree

    Imgur Test

    Another test
  5. okthree

    Imgur Test

  6. okthree

    Imgur Test

  7. okthree

    Image test

  8. okthree

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    Good work so far.
  9. “Tally ho...I’m in”. Fight’s on. Now i I just have to recall how to post pictures.
  10. That does sound reasonable... I may have a wee bit more finished on my AFV F-5 than that but not by much. I’ve worked on the aft fuselage but that’s about it. No paint yet. I started the kit a few years ago then packed it up when I had to move. It’s been sitting on the shelf ever since. I’ve been meaning to get back to it and this GB seemed like the perfect reason.
  11. If a kit was started before the GB how far along in the build process may it be to still qualify to take part?
  12. okthree

    AFV Club F-5E USMC Aggressor

    I would agree with tobiK. I have an AFV F-5E that is half built. I bought the Aires cockpit for it and I’m sorry I did. It’s not that big of an improvement over the kit’s cockpit. In fact the instrument panel out of the box is better than the Aires panel. If I had to do it again I would get the Quickboost seat and call it good. The rest of the kit so far has been a joy to build. Enjoy.
  13. okthree

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Furball should size the cockpit details for the Tamiya kit and release a sheet like they did for the Phantom.
  14. okthree


    Make it two... Ditto
  15. okthree

    Lo-vis Tailhook Colors

    Thanks guys