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  1. Bazinga! Fixed the formatting for me.
  2. Thanks for the information. My friend texted me from the store earlier today with the same release date. I’ll just order it from a retailer in the USA as this is probably his last trip to Japan for awhile.
  3. So my friend is in Tokyo today. The Tamiya store doesn’t open until noon, after he leaves. Even though the store wasn’t open he decided he’d take a walk past to see if he could spot the new P-38 in the store window. (There’s usually several models and dioramas on display in the store window). When he got there this is what he found. He returns Saturday when the store is open. We’ll know then if the P-38 is for sale in Japan.
  4. I see on Spruebrothers home page that the new Tamiya P-38 is due to arrive in the US on 10/20. Does anybody know when it is to be released in Japan? I have a friend who flies 777’s for a major carrier and is heading to Tokyo next week. His layover hotel is close to the Tamiya store. If the P-38 is available I’ll send him on an errand and pick one up for me.
  5. As was pointed out, I referring to the quality, accuracy and ease of construction as to recent Tamiya releases ie. their F-16 and F-14A/D. Sorry for the confusion. You are correct about the old Tamiya A-10A, it does not represent a production aircraft.
  6. Shape wise the Monogram is the most accurate but it is not a “shake and build” kit as compared to recent releases from Tamiya and the like. Add to that, it has raised panel lines and deployed speed brakes. Plus it’s an A model. I would love to see an accurate A-10C molded to current quality and accuracy.
  7. I keep getting redirected to play9628duedatetoday to win a free amazon card. Happened on two separate devices when I tried to get on at spruebrothers.com
  8. Well that’s good news. I’ve always had great service from Hobbyworld USA, my only complaint is that they don’t ship as fast as SprueBros. It will be nice to have a second source here in the US.
  9. No pressure suit, but looks like he is wearing a poopy suit. Maybe to guard against an angry cat with claws?
  10. Could it be heading to the Thunder Over Michigan Airshow near Detroit this weekend?
  11. Thanks for the reply. I figured Friday is the best day but that’s the day I have a commitment I can’t get out of.
  12. Hello all, It has been nearly two decades since I have been to the national IPMS convention. The last time was in 2000 down in Dallas. I had hoped to attend this year’s convention for the entire time but due to outside circumstances I can not. I do have time to attend for a day or two. I would like to take advantage of what the vendors have to offer and realize that if there is something that may sell out getting there the first day is vital. I would also like to see as many of the models that are being entered and on display. My question is this, if I was only able to attend on the opening day, Wednesday, am I going to be able to see many of the models that are entered? Mark
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