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  1. Ditto. His message seemed odd, so I passed on what he had to offer, figuring it was a scam. I figured it was either that or this guy has the best stash of hard to find, out of production items out there.
  2. Phase Hangar resin does have pods loaded with APKWS.
  3. I’ve wondered the same. It’s hard to tell from the sprue diagram posted above. Attack Squadron made LAU-131 pods but Attack Squadron has stopped producing resin products. Supposedly the molds were sold to Brengun and they were going to start producing the Attack Squadron products under their line. I have not seen the Brengun items yet, others may know more. Maybe Dave Roof can come through with his Flying Leathernecks line. A new LAU-131 pod would be a great addition. *I was also beat out responding.
  4. I’m hoping the decelerons have the option of being posed in the closed position. Is there a release date yet? Hopefully I’ll be able to put the kit on my Christmas list.
  5. I know they have been featured already, is there any chance of adding MN ANG from Duluth to this sheet?
  6. Jewelry making dept.
  7. I will echo the sentiments. Tim also came through for me with a decal sheet I needed to do a build for my son.
  8. Looks more like a C model than the GWH.
  9. Long shot here, but anyone willing to part with the MN decals from this sheet? Perhaps you bought this sheet for the SC decals and have no plans to use the MN decals. My son was just selected to fly their F-16’s out of DLH. Consequently I need to build at least one MN jet. I’m happy to pay or I’ve got lots of stuff I can trade. Kursad, any chance this sheet is on the re-print list? Mark
  10. Greetings all, My son was just selected to fly F-16’s out of Duluth MN for the MNANG. Consequently I’m looking for decals to build him a dark Viper. I am either looking for the MN decals from the Caracal Dark Vipers sheet CD 48093 or the MN decals from 1/48 Speed Hunter Test Vipers sheet. I’m happy to purchase or trade. Thanks, Mark
  11. I call it modeler’s ADD.
  12. I was looking at their site and was thinking about purchasing some uniform patch decals about a week before the announcement. It just goes to show you in this hobby if there is something you think you will want or need buy it before it goes OOP or the manufacturer ceases production.
  13. I went to place an order last night. They have suspended orders until 9/12 because of overwhelming response due to the announcement.
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