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  1. Link works for me now. Thank you for fixing. The MRP LGG, even though the wrong color, looks like a close match. The Gunze looks very dark to be 36231. The answer you got from Quinta doesn't surprise me. I hope for future releases for U.S. cockpits they can get the color closer to a proper FS36231, dark gull grey. I think they have a great product and plan to use more. If you're brave enough you could always try to brush paint over the grey areas and around details.
  2. Sebastian, Link to the color comparison is a dead link for me. I too purchased a Quinta set for a USMC F/A-18A+ that I’m building. While the 3D decals are simply eye watering in their detail and a quantum leap forward, I agree with you that the grey they used does not match dark gull grey or FS36231. My plan is to paint to match, I just need to find a grey paint in my inventory to use. On a side note I have read that their Russian cockpit blue/green is a good match for the Akan paint, so maybe that’s what they used for FS36231.
  3. i've built the Hasegawa but not the Hobbyboss. I was going to get the HB kit but after reading a few reviews stayed away and got more Hasegawa kits instead. The Hasegawa A-4 is a nice kit. My two gripes are the solid molded nose wheel and the step on the wing where the slats meet the wing surface.
  4. Agreed Back 30+ years ago when Sports Illustrated named Greg Lemond Sportsman of the Year your typical Joe Six Pack sports fan was all up in arms about it. The common complaint was “he’s no athlete, all he did was ride his bike for 21 days”. Those complainers didn’t understand the stamina required to complete the Tour let alone the strategy require to win. The top NFL players are for the most part a bunch of overpaid cry babies.
  5. I did see a build of the Mi 24 and the builder was using Akan interior green. The match was pretty good. I’m tempted to try the Akan line for a color match but would rather see if I have something on hand first.
  6. Does anyone know release date? Not like I don’t have enough in the stash to keep me occupied until the day I die.
  7. Paragon made a A-26K conversion for the Mongram kit that is long OOP. I had one at one time but can’t recall what the quality or accuracy of the conversion. Hoping to see someone do a kit someday.
  8. I’ve ordered two sets from Hobbyzone USA. One for the 1/48 Tamiya F-16 and another for the Kinetic F/A-18. Although I haven’t had a chance to use them the detail is impressive. My only concern is finding a DGG to match the printed color. It is a little lighter than the MRP DGG I’ve been using. I want to use these before I order more, but from what I’ve seen I would recommend them. I have never been a fan of photo etch because it was always 2D and flat.
  9. These look great. I’ll be ordering a few when they are available. Will these have the ablative coating?
  10. I think they crash before they get dirty.
  11. That’s the one. Such a simple address too, even I could remember that. Thanks guys for the quick reply. Mark
  12. Hello all, I’m looking for a Desert Storm website that is a collection of photos of Coalition aircraft divided by country, branch, squadron, etc. I thought I had bookmarked it but can’t find it in my stored list. Can anyone help? Thanks, Mark
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