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  1. okthree

    Eduard Zero

    In addition to the Zero, they also announced a F4F-3 Wildcat. Nice to see them expanding their line.
  2. Thanks for doing this one. Just got the kit delivered from Lithuania. The kit decals are pretty bad. Looking forward to this one being released.
  3. I’m looking for the IN ANG Blacksnakes decals from the sold out Caracal sheet 72020 for the A-10C. If anyone has a partial or full sheet with these decals and would consider selling or trading that would be great.
  4. This may or may not have been mentioned, is there interest in a 1/48 B-26K sheet for the ICM kit?
  5. Elmo, I have a sheet of these decals if you’re still looking for them.The sheet is in perfect condition, uncut, and has been stored in a climate controlled environment for as long as I have had them. If you are still in need let me know. Mark
  6. Local news says pilots ejected but came down into power lines. Both hospitalized, one in critical condition.
  7. Looks great. One of these days I will get around to placing an order.
  8. In the past by the time I got to the bombs and missiles for a kit I maybe was burned out and just wanted to get the kit done. Now I start with the bombs and missiles. As I build I will give some attention to the weapons to maybe weather or touch up paint. That way when I'm finished with the airframe all I have to do is attach the weapons.
  9. They are non existent on this kit. Represented by decals, that are wrong.
  10. My son is a crew chief on the A-10C in FWA. I’m using the HobbyBoss kit with the Phase Hanger items to build a kit for him. He looked at all the sets and felt they were pretty comprehensive. I already have the cockpit and he was impressed with the accuracy and detail. The rest of the sets were just released. I have a trip to LAS tomorrow. My plan is to stop by Nats and pick up the rest if he is not sold out. Just an FYI, the Italeri nose is the wrong shape.
  11. Wolfpack for the seat. It’s made specifically for the Tamiya kit.
  12. Spare Time Shop in Marlborough, MA. Not really in Boston, but worth the trip. Probably the best hobby shop in New England.
  13. I’ve got a Vegas layover on Thursday. Hopefully they won’t be sold out by then.
  14. SHM is on the vendors list for Nats. Seeing that the convention is in Vegas, any odds posted that they will be there?
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