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  1. okthree

    Douglas A-1J Skyraider

    Eye watering. Nice work.
  2. okthree

    F-4B Eduard 1/48

    Very well done.
  3. okthree

    Hasegawa 1/48 A6M2 Sakai Zero

    Nice work. As you mentioned truly a trouble free kit. I built one a couple of years ago for a Pearl Harbor theme for our local IPMS club. One of the few kits that I have completed from start to finish in a short time.
  4. okthree

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    Great looking pilots. Looks like one is saying to the other “I feel the need for speed”. Any my chance of a version with the pilots wearing helmets?
  5. okthree

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    Anything but the thumbs up sign please.
  6. okthree

    F-14D ejection seat harness and belt color

    I used Vallejo paints. I used Russian Uniform (924) for the seat cushion. Medium Green (850) for the belts and USA Uniform (922) for the chute risers. The belts maybe a tad dark.
  7. okthree

    F-4J Academy 1/48

  8. okthree

    AA new colors

    Nice Triple. The colors look about right. Who made the decals?
  9. okthree

    AA new colors

    Boeing grey is too light as you can see from the picture of the engine cowl. The wings, landing gear, gear doors and engine pylons on most of the Boeing fleet are Boeing grey. The exception is the 787 where wings and pylons are white. The fuselage has more blue in the shade of grey than Boeing grey.
  10. okthree

    AA new colors

    I think the Tamiya silver mica is too silver. I had hoped to paint a few tests to compare with the real thing but didn’t have time before having to head out on my next trip. When I get back I’m going to try a few colors to see how they match up to the real thing. May take a week or so.
  11. okthree

    New deck crews by Reedoak

    What era are these figures from? Are they reprentitve of crew members fro the 2000-2010 period or the 1980’s -1990’s time frame? Either way they look great and it’s good to see you to continue to expend you selection of figures. Hope to see more. It would be great to see some more flight crew figures. Also fire fighting crew members to go with skunkmodels workshop fire tractor.
  12. okthree

    AA new colors

    Dylan, thanks for the heads up on the silver mica from Xtracolour. If I can find it I’ll give it a try and compare it to the real thing.
  13. okthree

    AA new colors

    Photo I took today showing the contrast in greys. The forward section of the engine is the silver mica of the fuselage while the aft section is Boeing grey. The far aft section tends to run darker from exhaust during reverser operation. Taken with my phone on a cloudy morning so not the best photo.
  14. okthree

    AA new colors

    I’m a pilot for AA so I get to see the colors up close. The official name of the color is silver mica. From a distance and on cloudy days it looks grey, but in bright sunlight it has a metallic look. There are metallic flakes evident in the paint when viewed in bright sunlight. The color is close to Boeing grey that the wings, engine pylons, and other parts are painted. To my eye aircraft grey is close. On a scale model the metallic sheen wouldn’t be noticed. One of these days I’ll get around to trying to match the paint as I have a couple of sheets to use in the new livery.