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  1. Dutch, My apologies if you’re already aware of this, Phase Hangar Resin makes a resin replacement nose for the Minicraft 707. https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/72001-1-72/products/144001-boein-707-nose-correction-minicraft
  2. The Quickboost fits the Hasegawa tub like a glove, but is too wide for the Kinetic. In case you're wondering, its too wide for the Tamiya also.
  3. While everything was shut down I just dug into the stash I have in my basement. I anticipated the shut down and bought a couple bottles of Tamiya extra thin cement from my LHS while I could. I’m considered an essential worker, so not much of a dent in the stash.
  4. The Tamiya F-16 comes with a pilot that would work for a F-15, you would need to adjust his right arm to hold the stick.
  5. Kurasad, Thank you for the compliments. The MI ANG is definitely one of the more colorful options. I really enjoyed the decals. They preformed great and I had zero problems with them. The windshield decal came from your C-135 Family General Purpose sheet. My only complaint would be that I would have liked to have more general markings available on the sheet or the general purpose sheet, ie. the ANG on the vertical stab, flags, windows, etc. There are about three other schemes I’d like to build off the 135R sheet. Mark
  6. Minicraft’s KC-135R with decals for MI ANG. Fun build and great decals. I’m looking forward to a 135A/E sheet to do another.
  7. One of my favorite movies. Came out a few years before Top Gun, but just didn’t get the billing TG did. Some great flying scenes. My favorite part is when the Tomcats get the approval to “splash the zeros”. Man can you imagine what those Zero pilots would have been thinking in 1941. Grumman later used footage from the movie for a promotional video.
  8. Been there, done that but with an Xacto knife. I stuck the blade all the way to the hilt in the fleshy part of my hand at the base of the thumb. Like you said I wasn’t watching where I was cutting. Instead was watching the final outs as the Boston Red Sox ended the curse and finally won the World Series after 86 years. I hope your finger heals up quickly.
  9. Minicraft makes a 727-200 in 1/144. Hasegawa does one in 1/200. I’d check ebay for decals for the Delta paint scheme from the time period when your dad was flying.
  10. Is there a list of BuNos that we’re converted to Super Fox, besides BA aircraft. I have a couple sheets of adversary decals and the instructions don’t indicate if the aircraft were converted or not. It’s my understanding that the Super Fox conversions were common in the adversary squadrons.
  11. Nice work. The checker board on the nose came out great.
  12. I’ve been waiting for you to produce a figure exactly like this. I love it, especially the one with the visor down. I hope to order one soon. In the future I hope you produce a companion figure for two seat aircraft.
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