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  1. The Italeri kit is Kinetic plastic. Folded wings is a standard option for the kit.
  2. If you can find one this is an excellent resource. https://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/rap008.htm
  3. It was posted in another thread a few weeks ago that the owner of Rhino was in the process of moving into a new house. Once he was settled he plans to cast again. The source is a credible source.
  4. Ditto what Ben said. I have several of his intakes and they are well molded and no fit issues. I understand he is on a short hiatus while moving. As soon as Rhino products become available on eBay I will order more without hesitation.
  5. AMK said they were going to release one. Based on their MiG 31, I'd hold out for that kit. 🤣
  6. Thats awesome. I’ll talk to my son to see what he can do his next drill weekend.
  7. I sure would like to find an accurate A-10C cockpit. Better yet I would like to see a new tool A-10C kit released. My son is a crew chief on the A-10 for INANG and I’m build a model of “his” jet for him. I’m using the Italeri kit with the old Black Box cockpit plus the Eduard set for the C model. Of the pre-painted parts I’m just using the Eduard IP. The grey that should be dark gull grey is closer to ghost grey. Its a small area that as Darren says could be easily painted over. I really don’t see the cream color you mentioned. It’s not 100% accurate but my son is happy with the results so far. Sierra Hotel Models allegedly is going to produce an A-10C cockpit. It’s listed on their website as a Summer 2019 release but the order links aren’t active. I’m not sure they are producing products anymore. https://sierrahotelmodels.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7825439
  8. Are you looking for a just a helmet or a helmet with a head in it? Helmets vary depending on time frame. For something current, KASL makes a HGU 55P helmet with and w/o an O2 hose. Not sure it is 100% correct for the Hornet, but looks the part. Otherwise the Hasegawa Super Hornet kits come with pilots wearing the newer style helmets. Here's a link to the KASL helmets on Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kasl-hobby-k48040-pilot-helmet-hgu-55-p--465654
  9. Testors produced a True Blue in the Model Master line, I may be wrong but I think it is one of the many colors they discontinued.
  10. Years ago I found an email address in Japan for Hasegawa from a search of the internet. I sent an email with a request for a replacement part and my mailing address. Never got a reply email but about six weeks later the part I needed showed up in my mailbox from Japan. I wrote down the email address for posterity, but forgot where I wrote it down. Might be worth a try if you can wait.
  11. That’s good to know. I have him as a saved search on eBay and had not received any notices for quite some time. I was wondering if he was still in business. Hopefully he’ll be back casting soon. I need some intakes for a Hornet.
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