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  1. Opening up the GB to partially started builds, although not in the spirit of starting a build on a designated date, may increase participation. I was going to do a Tamiya F-14A that I have that I have not yet started. I also have a Tamiya D that I went as far as assembling the cockpit then stopped. Although I wouldn’t mind building the A, I would like to finish a kit I have started before diving into another. As crackerjazz said, this GB would be the kick in the rear to finish that kit and clear one off the “Island of Misfit Builds” aka the Shelf of Doom.
  2. I second the recommendation for 11 Days of Christmas. A very good account of Linebacker II
  3. While not an all encompassing book about the war, one of the best books that I have read about the air war in Vietnam is Bury Us Upside Dow. It is about the Misty Fast FAC in the F-100. I could not put it down. It sort does cover the Misty program from beginning to end with the F-100 and if I remember correctly they do talk about mission specifics. I'm working my way through Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy 1945-1975 by Max Hastings at the present. It is a comprehensive look at the conflict. I would suggest that but it may be more general than what you are looking for.
  4. One more vote. Come on, man! I would think this would be a hugely popular GB. I like the idea of the proposed start and finish dates.
  5. Phase Hangar Resin makes a APKWS in 1/48 appropriate for missions flown over Syria. https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48049-apkws-advanced-precision-kill-weapon-system-rocket-launcher-set-of-two Attack Squadron made a LAU-131 pod but it is OOP.
  6. That’s outstanding. Cherish the time with these hero’s. Our time with these veterans is fleeting.
  7. I could spend $$$ with them but everything I want is listed as sold out. I always had hoped to make it to a Nats to pick up their products in person but never made it. I always hesitated to buy off their website because I didn’t want to end up like the guy in the old Squadron ad covered in cob webs as I wait by my mailbox. I used to visit their website frequently but have not visited recently. This thread got me curious. Just dropped by. It’s still up, the format is changed and there’s new pictures of some of their sold out products. They have many new products listed as coming soon. Ma
  8. My favorite airplane that I’ve flown. About time.
  9. Excellent work on the model and great photos.
  10. If you can’t find just the one you can always get a full set of resin wheels from Royale Resin. http://www.royaleresin.net/products/productpage/r052.html
  11. Another vote for an updated A-10, especially a correct A-10C. I know as soon as I update and improve the Italeri A-10C I’m building for my son who is a crew chief on the ‘Hog, Tamiya will release one that rivals their F-14.
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