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  1. Nice work. I’m sure the recipient will be pleased.
  2. Spoke with my son this evening. The T Birds arrived today as well as a few static display aircraft. The forecast is looking better. Looks like it should be a good show.
  3. My son is a newly minted crew chief with the 122FW of the INANG. He just informed me that he will be launching aircraft Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be there. I’m hoping for good weather.
  4. I’m sorry but I don’t remember. I’ve had problems posting with Imgur lately. I discovered Postimage.org and found that site was much easier to use.
  5. Any more progress on these kits? You have done good work so far.
  6. Like the heat staining on the exhausts. Nice work.
  7. Bury Us Upside Down is one of the best books I have read. I could not put it down. A must read. I need to read Misty now. After I read it, all I wanted to do was build a F-100F.
  8. I had the honor to meet him and shake his hand this last December at my son’s graduation from Air Force basic training. His squadron was The Raiders, named for the Doolittle Raiders. They were honored to have Lt. Col. Cole attend their graduation and speak for a few minutes afterwards. Fair skies and tailwinds Lt. Col. Cole.
  9. I have a bottle that I bought in June through mail order that remained sealed until a couple of weeks ago. When I opened it I found it had gelled. My LHS just started to carry MMP, so it was off to buy another bottle. I was going to write Mission Models to see if I could get my money back, but after reading their FAQ I figured that bad bottle was a write off. Reading this thread confirms that.
  10. Nice work. As you mentioned truly a trouble free kit. I built one a couple of years ago for a Pearl Harbor theme for our local IPMS club. One of the few kits that I have completed from start to finish in a short time.
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