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  1. Good to know. I was in my LHS yesterday and they had the Minicraft/Academy B-52D on the shelf so I picked it up in anticipation of this sheet’s release.
  2. It’s a Max 8, so no door plugs. Just make sure you have the procedure for a runaway stabilizer committed to memory in case the MCAS acts up. Nice build.
  3. IN has released their new tails for their F-16’s. Probably too recent to see those on Dark Vipers V.
  4. If you are in the US, Academy is distributed by MRC. I called them because I was missing a few parts that fell off the sprue. I was told that they don’t sell replacement sprue and the only thing I could do was return the kit to the retailer I purchased it from. They may be more helpful since you have a manufacturing defect. Outside of SAC, I’m not aware of any aftermarket landing gear. It would be nice if someone did 3D printed that offered a little more detail.
  5. Looks great, nice work.
  6. You might check eBay. There are several clear sprue listed for sale. Do a search for “1/48 B 25 parts”.
  7. Jeezum crow, that’s a nice display there. Something to be proud of, ah-yup.
  8. No pictures for me, just blue boxes with question marks inside. Hope you can fix this. I would really like to see your build after reading all the superlative comments.
  9. That’s quite the bomb load. Solo do you know the time frame of that picture?
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