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  1. I’ll be watching this one. I heard this is a very nice kit. Tamiya like in its fit and engineering.
  2. Gwen, My LHS just started to carry the Tamiya lacquer line so I don’t have a lot of experience with it. Tamiya’s lacquers are similar to Gunze if you are familiar with those. Unlike MRP, Tamiya’s paints are not prethinned. I thin 50/50 with MLT. At that ratio coverage is a little better than MRP. I got a nice uniform coverage. I have not tried brushing it but assume it can be brushed for touch ups etc. MRP is a little too hot to brush. I used LP11 to base coat a P-38, then over painted with OD before I chipped off the paint. It was easy to use with good results. Also I can addr
  3. Take a look at Tamiya LP11. It’s a lacquer based paint and I thin it with Gunze Mr.Leveling Thinner. Sprays beautifully and very durable once dry.
  4. I have the Fightertown sheet 48-007 that I am willing to part with if you are interested. While not as comprehensive as the Furball sheet, it features five aircraft from their final cruise.
  5. There are kits still made in the USA?
  6. I have the following kits for sale. First kit is the ICM B-26B-50 Invader, Korean War American Bomber boxing. $65 plus shipping. The second kit is Eduard’s Fw 190A-8R2 Profipack, kit number 8175. This is the older tool Fw 190 from Eduard. $30 plus shipping. Both kits are opened but inner bags are sealed. Ship from Michigan 49302. Prefer to keep sales to domestic US. PayPal or money order. If you are interested please PM or email me at mjreus737 at charterdotnet Thanks.
  7. At least you won’t have sand off any raised details in the cockpit if Quinta comes out with a 3D printed cockpit set.
  8. Erik, Are you still looking for Navy 1 decals? I have the Yellow Hammer sheet. It has 1/48 and 1/72 decals for Navy 1. The sheet is new and uncut and has been carefully stored. Mark
  9. Man, should have bought a C-17 when I could have.
  10. I just finished a Tamiya 1/48 scale. I had so much fun and I have a bunch more in the stash I would be up for another. I’ve got a couple other projects on the bench I need to finish first but if I’ve got the whole year, count me in. I think the last time there was an F-16 group build back in about 2008 it had a high participation rate. Participation in group builds haven’t been high in the last few years but hopefully there will be a few of us joining in.
  11. Figures after I bought all the Phase Hangar stuff to convert the Hobby Boss kit somebody would release a new tool A-10C. Tamiya can’t be too far behind. 😃
  12. That’s the one. Thank you. Gun charging handle was my suspicion but I wasn’t sure. I was looking for a similar picture on the web but couldn’t find one. Thanks for posting.
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