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  1. Some of the Guard units especially those flying block 50/52 jets are replacing their analog flight instruments on the lower center console with a glass center display unit.
  2. As a pilot for a major airline, four hours at an airport may seem like a long time but it is not. I’ve been to SAN many times. Visited the Midway often. If I had a four hour layover in SAN I wouldn’t imagine leaving the airport. Even with my ability to go through KCM and expedited security screening I wouldn’t do it. If you want to see the Pacific Ocean and the Midway plan a trip to San Diego. It’s a nice thought to try to see the Midway/ocean but not doable.
  3. Hi Curt, sorry to not reply sooner life has been a little busy for me lately. Thank you very much for taking the time to post about your experience with the Kustom Service metallics. From your write up it appears that they perform very well. One thing Matt McDougell commented on was that the application of the paint is not “linear” but more “exponential”, ie the finish is barely perceptible at first but as you apply more and more of the paint the depth of the finish will build up rapidly. In your experience, did you find that to be the case also? Overall from what you wrote the finishes s
  4. Big restock of Quinta sets at SprueBrothers. Get them while you can. https://spruebrothers.com/qtsqd48048-1-48-quinta-studio-interior-3d-decal-f-14a-tomcat-tam-kit/
  5. Curt thanks for the reply. I will look for your impressions of the Kustom Service once you use them. I became interested in Kustom Service after watching Doog’s Midels F-4 build. He used them on his F-4 and really likes them but I was looking for more opinions. I’m not convinced they are as great as Matt says they are and wanted other’s impressions. I have been a long time user of Alclad and really like them but one shade that is missing from their range of finishes is titanium. I noticed Kustom Service had a titanium in their line so that’s why I considered giving them a try.
  6. Does anyone have experience with Kustom Service metallic paints? I was thinking of giving them a try. My biggest question is are they as durable as Alclad and can they be masked over without lifting? I understand they are alcohol based. Can they be cleaned up with water?
  7. In addition to the engine intakes, this kit needs an aftermarket HUD. Something 3D printed along the lines of what Flying Leathernecks made for the Harrier and Hornet.
  8. About the same price as the Phase Hangar stuff. https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48160-a-10-warthog-engine-inlet-and-exhaust-combo-set-academy
  9. I can speak with authority that IN ANG seats have the fixed pitots. FWIW they all have sheep skin cushions.
  10. I’m sorry to read about all the pin marks on the kit. Hopefully they are not too difficult to deal with. I have been looking forward to this kit’s release. BTW where did you get your kit from?
  11. First hobby shop I remember was Village Hobbies located inside the Breton Village mall in Grand Rapids, MI. The barber I went to was in the same mall so after a haircut I would hit the hobby store. They were a source for Tamiya armor kits, Humbrol and Tamiya paints among other things. They closed down sometime in the early 1980’s. By that time I could drive and there were many other hobby shops in the area I could go to.
  12. Interesting way to hand prop an airplane. The few times I have hand propped an airplane to start it always made me a little nervous .
  13. Check out Janissary’s Hornet build. He uses a Sharpie and isopropyl alcohol. I know Sharpie makes gold pens. You could give that a try.
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