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  1. Got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine Friday. Worst side effect was that the weather all weekend was beautiful and I had to wait to fly my airplane for 48hrs. Other than that felt good. I’ve been told the second may not go as smoothly.
  2. I'm currently working on the Airfix P-40 as a Flying Tiger. I found this article on the interweb some time ago. It gets fairly deep in the weeds regarding colors painted by DuPont for aircraft that were to be shipped to the RAF. Towards the end is a table with suggestions of paint colors by various manufactures, including Tamiya. http://www.ratomodeling.com.br/articles/AVG_cammo/
  3. I may have an old Superscale sheet in my stash. I’m traveling for the next four days but I will check when I get home.
  4. I'll have to check out the Milsbo from Ikea. I like the size of that case. I have a couple of Deltof cases, which the shelves are just big enough for one aircraft the size of an F-14
  5. Enjoying one of those now. Good beer if you like citrusy, hazy IPA's. I think someone on the staff at 3F's is into models and Warhammer. You see the influence in their beer names and packaging.
  6. While you are working on things for the Kinetic Hornet, have you entertained the thought of releasing correct vertical stabs?
  7. Bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Nice. Excited about this one. Now my dilemma is what to do with the Academy F-4B’s in my stash.
  9. Here is a step by step build of a carrier catapult section by Masa Narita. Day 3 he shows how he did the textured deck surface. http://www.carrierbuilders.net/articles/20050710_Narita_F-14/Diorama/photo_frame.htm
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