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  1. Does anyone make a decal of the DC-3 passenger door? I almost finished one that had the cargo doors. Did some filling and sanding and tried to scribe the door but could never get it right. Thanks, Chris
  2. Thanks. Got more coming that I have gotten pics of yet. 👍🏻
  3. Looking for one. Can buy or trade. In the US preferred, international is getting out of hand. See other post down the page of kits I have listed. Thanks, Chris
  4. Finished these up over the last couple months. Italeri H-19 Hobby Boss UH-60A Hasegawa AH-64A Italeri AH-1W
  5. Straight out of the box. Don’t know the accuracy of the kit but it went together really well. Chris
  6. Finishing up a 1/72 F/A-18D from VMFA(AW)-533 Hawks and trying to find suitable pilots in my spares bag. These appear to be my most modern. Any of these guys equipped to fly plane? Thanks
  7. If you break them up I see a few I’d gladly buy. Hasegawa F-15E Italeri Mirage 2000D Italeri Tornado Sword Cougar/Twogar Chris
  8. I got a Hobby Boss kit. I don’t know enough to know the accuracy but I did pick up a set of BERP blades for it. Thanks
  9. Hi Dave. Do you, or have you done HMH-463 for CH-53D in 1/72? Building one for a friend who was in 463 and can’t find anything I can use. Thanks, Chris
  10. Williams Brothers 1/72 C-46. Box is open and some parts are lose but it’s complete. Decals are good. Box has shelf wear and minor crushing. Probably been in a few model stashes over the years. $45.00 shipped. Venmo or PayPal.
  11. Bump. Slowly but surely. Appreciate the looks.
  12. Found what I needed. Thanks for looking y’all. Working on one and the kit decals are really bad. Just need exterior markings, any Army scheme. Mailed to SC and happy to pay for them. Thanks, Chris
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