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  1. Just bringing it up, been a while. Still looking. Thanks
  2. Postage included, conus only. Paypal. Some oldies and some are builders. Not looking for trades. scepee@gmail.com. Thanks Glencoe 1/126 Convair 880. Loose parts but complete. Nice decal sheet. $25.00 shipped. Minicraft 1/144 777-200. Box open, bags sealed. $35.00 shipped. Revell 1/144 747-400. Box open, bags sealed. $35.00 shipped. Revell 1/144 Spaceship Two & White Knight Two. Sealed. $21.00 shipped. PENDING Revell 1/144 Rafele B. Bog/bags open. $20.00 shipped. KP 1/72 MiG-17. Box open/no bag. Complete. $12.00 shipped. Matchbox 1/72 BAC.Lightning. $10.00 shipped. Matchbox 1/72 Dassault Mystere IV.A. $11.00 shipped. Italeri 1/72 TAV-8B & Arfix Harrier. The TAV-8B is missing an internal part that goes in front of the fan. $20.00 Hasegawa 1/72 MU-2S. Bagged kit. $13.00 shipped. PENDING Monogram 1/48’ish Cessna 180 Sport Plane. Open/complete. $22.00 shipped. Sweet 1/144 A6M2 Zero and Minicraft P-47. $15.00 shipped. Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-47. Builder kit. It’s complete except Decals. Has other kit decals and an aftermarket scheme. $15.00 shipped.
  3. I can Paypal. Just shoot me a pm. Thanks, Chris
  4. Going up to Ft Lee for a couple weeks for a class, any hobby shops in Petersburg area? Thanks
  5. This pic popped up on google when I was searching info on this plane. Colorful. I do like the gray scheme a lot though.
  6. PM'd, I'd like the Cargomaster. Wouldn't mind doing the C-124 as well, but a little over my budget.
  7. This shop was pretty much the place that got me started back in the hobby in 2008. They opened a second one for a couple years and now they will all be gone. They had a lot of nice RC and train stuff too, plus games and craft stuff. Sure hate to see them go.
  8. Built out of the box with Draw Decals.
  9. Emailed about these two. Thanks, Chris Scaleliners 1/144 AirTran DC-9-30 $10 (Xtracolor AirTran paint - 2 tins add $2)  JBot 1/144 Piedmont 737-200 delivery scheme (ALPS-printed) $4
  10. Found this shop just outside Birmingham. Nice shop, especially if you’re into RC. Not near as much plastic models as I was hoping to find but I did find one to buy. Just a small selection of planes, ships, armor and cars. While I was there the owner was loading up a beautiful RC plane with a 17 foot wingspan into his van.
  11. Would anyone happen to have a pair of 4-blade props from an F-rsin ATR-42 you don’t need? I know both types are provided with their kits. I’d gladly trade the scimitar props from my Italeri for them.Thanks, Chris
  12. Does anyone do a decal or photo etched detail set for these kits or do we just have to see just how skilled we are doing it from scratch?
  13. Awesome, thanks. Looks to be about $11 bucks before postage. Now to figure out how to check out. The button wasn’t taking me to a payment page.
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