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  1. So my eyes are bigger than my storage and display space. Most are open and may have loose parts but all look complete when I went through them. Conus only and PayPal for payment. Buy them all please. Price includes shipping in the US. Dang post office is really urging a pinch on this hobby for crazy shipping costs. scepee@gmail.com Academy: 1/72 A-37B Dragonfly. $13.00 shipped. Fujimi: SH-2F Seasprite. $15.00 shipped. YSH-2E Lamps M4.2. $15.00 shipped. AH-1S Tow Cobra. $15.00 shipped Italeri: 1/72 Rafale B. $15.00 shipped. Revell 1/72 F-111A Tactical Fighter. $12.00 shipped. Matchbox: 1/72 Victor K.2. Decals rough. $30.00 shipped. 1/72 Mystere IV.A (x2) one is bagged. 1/72 Lightning F6. All three $15.00 shipped. ESCI 1/72 Tu-22 Blinder. No kit box. Includes resin nose, tailplanes, fuselage extension and ejection seats. $30.00 shipped. Hasegawa 1/72 EA-6B. Missing kit seats. Includes resin seats. $25.00 shipped. Minicraft 1/144 777-200 PSA. $35.00 shipped. Lindberg 1/96 Caravelle. New repop. $30.00 shipped. Glencoe 1/126 Convair 880. $15.00 shipped. Dragon 1/144 747-400P Air China. $50.00 shipped.
  2. Finally! I’ve been working on this Revell A380 for a long time. Just never had the space to display it until now. It’s a “what-if” of course, using decals someone in the UK made for me. Been a while so his name eludes me. Anyway, have a look.
  3. Finished up today. OOB except the addition of Revaro window decals.
  4. My attempt to convert the old Monogram PA-22 Tri-Pacer to a PA-20 Pacer taildragger. Not sure what I’ll do for markings, most of the GA Decals I had were old and unusable. Really white as it sits. 😬
  5. Looking for a Zvezda 767. Conus only please. I’ll trade both of these for one. Email is scepee@gmail.com Glencoe 1/126 Convair 880. Loose parts but complete. Nice decal sheet. Minicraft 1/144 777-200. Box open, bags sealed.
  6. No luck on Scale Model Supplies. Found the building. Online says they are open until 9pm. Building was dark as night. Didn’t look to ge in business anymore. Tried calling their number and it just rang. Oh well.
  7. Dang! Nope, flying home Thursday.
  8. Went by there today. While I was impressed with selection, my wallet can’t handle them. Lots of cool stuff to look at though. Going to check out Scale Model Supplies if I have time before going home.
  9. I can check but won’t be able to get to the post office until Monday.
  10. PayPal. Ready to ship. $35.00 for both. Superscale 32-234 VA72 “Blue Hawks”. Package is open but the sheet looks great. $10.00 shipped. Avionix 1/32 A-7E resin cockpit. $20.00 shipped.
  11. Is Scale Model Supplies still a good place in Minneapolis? Saw a thread from several years ago. Just wondering, gonna be there a few days next week.
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