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  1. Some oddball kits to add. Tamiya 1/100 F-86 & Mig-15. Also includes a Tamiya 1/100 Fiat G.91. BO/BO. $25.00 shipped. Sweet 1/144 A6M2b Zero. $15.00 shipped. Five kits. A couple are 1.144, others I don’t know. See pics. $20.00 shipped.
  2. Offering up most of my kits for sale with more to come. Some include aftermarket decals. Most or all boxes have been opened and some without bags. Some shelf wear. Nothing missing that I could tell. Looked them all over. I can send additional pics if needed. BO/BO: box/bag open BO/NB: box open, no bags BO/BS: box open, bags sealed Shipping in the USA only and is $15.00 unless noted otherwise. If it ships lower I will refund the difference. PayPal, Goods and Services or Venmo is good too. Reply and PM please. Thanks for looking. Chris
  3. Thanks, great pics. I always enjoyed QRF duty so we could secure the pad for incoming helos. Usually it was CH-46’s, -53’s, and UH-60’s. An occasional CH-47 as well. The Merlin came about once a week. They all were moving detainees to Baghdad for their court hearings. The CH-53’s threw up more dust than any of the others. At liftoff, once they pitched the blades, you couldn’t see them until they were 1/4 mile away.
  4. Looks like I could to e down the acrylic dark green and be pretty close. must have been some young tuner guys designing the Danish Merlin’s, wow. Almost looks like the metallic green Jeep I used to have. 😂
  5. Howdy. I’m going to build this Merlin as shown in this photo I took in Iraq in 2005. The instructions call for Dark Green FS 35079. I have dark green in enamel and acrylic. The bottle and paint spot on the left is the acrylic. Probably not enough enamel to complete the job. Why are the shades so different? Should I add any other color to the acrylic to get it right? Plus the fact that there’s some fade from the sun. Thanks
  6. Found one. Thanks for looking anyone have a spare Hobby Boss or Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18D, bagged and no decals? I’ve got two complete schemes left from a Hobby Boss kit, be nice to actually use a whole kit sheet. Thanks, Chris
  7. Hopefully it will have product support from Airfix. I emailed their replacement part email for this part and they said no luck. Maybe it will be the same on the new release. All I need to finish a build. 🙄
  8. Will the PE set for the Very Fire kit work on the Tamiya kit? Mainly the railing sheet is my concern. Found a good price but I can’t find an equivalent set for Tamiya.
  9. “Let me check, I think I have the trainer kit and was actually looking for the gray USMC scheme a while back.” sorry, no joy. I can’t find the kit to check. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I don’t think I got rid of it, but who knows.
  10. As stated. Can buy or trade but most all trade items are 1/72 aircraft and maybe some 1/144 prop liners. I’m in South Carolina. Thanks.
  11. Finished! My first ship model. DDG-114, USS Ralph Johnson. The donor kit was the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Momsen since no RHJ kit exists yet. I did have to do some cutting and cleanup but looking at photos I think I got close enough. I did not use the photo etch or thread any lines, as she will be mounted and sealed in a display case in the hospital lobby. Plus, I messed up the first set of railings too bad to save. I work at the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical center and will give the model to the hospital to display in the lobby. The lower hull hasn’t been glued on yet so I can mount it to the brass s
  12. Does anyone do a rattle can paint that is a close match for the Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color Navy Blue and Deck Blue? I don’t airbrush and I can order these paints and handle a brush job, just like rattle can better. is Tamiya AS-8 equivalent to 5N Navy Blue? Thanks
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