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  1. So, I have the crappy old Revell kit but I can’t stand the canopy on it, among all its other issues. Between the Fujimi and Italeri kit, which builds up better? One write up I saw said something about the windscreen on the Italeri kit needed help. Thanks, Chris
  2. Looking for decals for a solid color paint scheme. Let me know what ya got. chris
  3. Looking for this missile and associated parts/mount from the Trumpeter Mig-31BM kit. Long shot, I’m sure, but figured I’d try.
  4. Agree with Dutch, very nice! Really smooth finish.
  5. Got the kit from someone but it was missing the sprue with the cockpit, fuel probe, wing tanks, cruise missile and hard points. or at least the two-place cockpit tub. See pic. Thanks, Chris
  6. Thanks for the replies. Knew I’d have to mod the kit some so tracking. Figured I’d ask if there was aftermarket first then post in the trading forum next.
  7. Does anyone make a resin cargo pod for the Airfix kit? See reference photo from Lima November decals.
  8. Does the kit landing gear manage the weight okay? Especially with weight loaded in the nose? Trying not to have to buy metal landing gear. Thanks
  9. US only. PayPal. Thanks A&A 1/144 An-22 Sold
  10. Sending PM Don. I’ll take the 1/144 WC-130. Chris
  11. Bump. Trade interest would be any boxing of the Airfix 1/72 HS.125
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