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  1. kg4kpg

    LF 1/32 A-7D

    Email inbound. Chris
  2. kg4kpg

    1/72 DC-9 detail set??

    Does anyone do a decal or photo etched detail set for these kits or do we just have to see just how skilled we are doing it from scratch?
  3. Still looking for one. Thanks
  4. kg4kpg

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Awesome, thanks. Looks to be about $11 bucks before postage. Now to figure out how to check out. The button wasn’t taking me to a payment page.
  5. stuff I don’t need or will use. Price includes postage. Paypal. Conus. 1/48 F6F photo etch. $6.00 1/350 modern jet sprues. Some F-18’s, F-18’s, S3 Vikings, A-6’s and A-7’s. $11.00 True Details 1/48 K36 Ejection Seats. Sold Pending Funds Dr. Pepper resin bombs. 1/72. $5.00 German dude with his German Shepherd (Frankenshepherd). I don’t know the scale, 1/32 maybe?? Metal. $12.00
  6. kg4kpg

    Wash DC Hobby Shops?

    Bummer, I'll be TDY in the Springfield area of DC next week and it doesn't look like anything close to where I'll be.
  7. kg4kpg

    Revell 1/144 AN-225

    Someone does but I can’t remember who and which of my threads they spoke of it. As soon as I find it I’ll post up.
  8. kg4kpg

    M992 late 80’s colors

    Our 992’s replaced the M548’s some time before I got there in ‘87 but I don’t know when. I always thought they were darker, like a euro green and black. This pic was taken during Reforger ‘88. We were training near the Czech border. Most of the positions we occupied had dark soil but we did drive some dirt roads with a foot or two of water in some holes.
  9. kg4kpg

    M992 late 80’s colors

    Evening. I picked up a Riich 1/72 combo kit of the M109A2 and M992 so I could build the tracks I served on when I was in Germany in the late 80’s. I left Germany two weeks before the wall came down. Anyway, I know the howitzer colors, I just can’t figure out what the green is with the black on the FAASV. Here’s a pic of my tracks. Thanks, Chris
  10. kg4kpg

    1/72 and a 1/144

    Sent you a PM Don. Chris
  11. kg4kpg

    1/72 and a 1/144

    Bump. Thanks for looking.
  12. Lost interest and duplicate kits. Price listed but would trade for jet airline stuff. Airfix/Minicraft DC-9’s, 737’s, 727’s. Price includes shipping, conus only. PayPal G&S. $21.00. Sealed. $20.00 Box open, bag sealed. $18.00 Box/bag open but complete. *TRADED* Minicraft sprue with JT3D-3B engines from DC-8 kit. Thought I had the sprue pic.
  13. Conus only, Paypal, standard, not friends and family. Email or pm. Minicraft 1/144 777-200 PSA. Box open/bags sealed. $35.00 shipped.
  14. kg4kpg


    Still looking for this elusive beast. Just the Italeri kit, not concerned with the Platz kit. Thanks