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  1. That’s awesome! May have to find me one.
  2. Hey Ben. Vintage is where I got the Delta decals I’m using. I was just curious if there was a more comprehensive sheet of details. The Delta sheet does have some nice details, like the window shades and the 3D looking windscreen decal. Dutch, I was going to use the Delta sheet from Draw but just liked the Vintage a little better.
  3. Anyone have this kit collecting dust you no longer need? Looking for one. Thanks Chris
  4. I’m still trying to justify the Canadian shipping and get that Dash 8. Everyone didn’t clean me out for my kits to pad my modeling fund. 😬 Chris
  5. Thanks Marc, that’s a nice sheet. Hoping for some feedback to see if it works for the DC-9.
  6. Does anyone do a detail sheet for the Aurora/Atlantis DC-9? Draw Decal and Vintage Flyer decals has a few minor decals on a couple livery sheets but I can’t find anything else. Nazca doesn’t go one either. Thanks
  7. Anyone got one you want to part with? Thanks
  8. Thanks Mr.Happy. Only thing that sucked was that you can build an almost complete Viper with the Venom kit. Well, I guess you could build the Viper and then have an incomplete Venom. Looks like you just need canopy and rotor parts. I emailed Dream Models but they won’t sell sprues separately. I built the Viper. If anyone asks why it isn’t finished, I’ll just say it’s in the shop. 😂
  9. Thanks. Paint is Vallejo. Dave Roof has one for sale down in the Buy and Sell forum below. He also has the AH-1Z kit I was thinking of getting from him.
  10. Finished up their 1/72 kit. Wasn’t too complicated. I sure miss Model Master paint.
  11. “Rod” PM’d me yesterday with the same situation for a kit I was looking for. Email the guy directly, was sure he still had the kit. I just deleted it, someone got me on Hyperscale the same way using the name of a regular Hyperscaler.
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