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  1. Some jets and props to send away. PayPal and Conus only please. Shipping is included in the listed price. PM or reply here is good. Thanks Hasegawa 1/72 F-15E Seymour Johnson. Box open, no bags but complete. $35.00 Testors 1/72 RF-18D, BO/BS: $:30.00 Fujimi 1/72 A-7A, box and bags open. $25.00 Fujimi 1/72 OA-4M Skyhawk, open. $25.00 Hasegawa 1/72 Mig-21, box, bags open. $15.00 Airfix 1/72 BAC TSR-2, Box/bags open: $65.00 Testors 1/72 Douglas C-47, BO/BO: $30.00 ESCI 1/72 AC-47 Spooky, BO/BO: $30.00
  2. Thanks Mike. Would still take a Hobby Boss kit if anyone has one. Also looking for a 1/72 F4U-4 or two if anyone has some. I can buy or trade, got some stuff I probably won’t build. Thanks, Chris
  3. Just a bump to check back. Box condition doesn’t matter and don’t need decals if none are present. Thanks
  4. He was looking for the Blue Angels as well. I took them but would still prefer the gray scheme.
  5. Anyone happen to have a couple Bearcats you don’t plan to build? Monogram and/or Hobby Boss. I can buy or trade for, in the US only please. Thanks, Chris
  6. Help me celebrate my birthday today, buy a kit. 😬 Thanks for looking.
  7. Hey Dutch. Sorry, long duty weekend, just seeing this. I would (sorry lyonkubb). I’ll pm you. chris
  8. I found one but he hasn’t replied yet. I keep forgetting I registered on scalemates.
  9. Anyone have a copy in the stash you don’t plan to build. Box doesn’t need to be fancy, just a complete kit. No decals needed either. Can buy, but I have kits listed down below in another thread if trade is a possibility. Reply or pm is fine. US preferred, Intl shipping is ridiculous anymore. Thanks, Chris
  10. Would anyone happen to have 1’s from any Trumpeter DDG kits you don’t need? I got the Momsen kit but need a couple 1’s for the 114 for Ralph Johnson. I’ll have to see if someone can print this other one as well. Thanks, Chris
  11. Offering up most of my airline, jet and prop kits for sale. Some include aftermarket decals. Most or all boxes have been opened and some without bags. Some shelf wear. Nothing missing. Shipping in the USA only and is included in the posted price. PayPal, Goods and Services only. Reply and PM please. Thanks for looking. Chris scepee at gmail.com Minicraft 1/144 777-200 Travel To Paris: $35.00 Minicraft 1/144 777-200 Pacific Southwest Airlines: $35.00 Minicraft 1/144 BOAC B-377: $23.00 Hasegawa 1/144 YS-11 w/decals: $30.00
  12. Would anyone happen to have either scheme from this kit leftover? I’d prefer the gray Vietnam scheme but either is okay. I could buy or trade the white trainer decals from my kit. Thanks, Chris
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