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  1. Looking for one in the US please. Got some Tanker 59 decals waiting for a plane to be applied too. Not interested in the Airfix or MPC kits. Thanks, Chris scepee@gmail.com
  2. Conus only, PayPal Goods and Services. Pretty big so I’ll have to build a box around it. $80.00 includes Priority Mail postage with tracking. scepee@gmail.com Sprues are in their bags. The box has light shelf wear. Airliners. All 1/144. US only, PayPal. Shipping is $10.00 flat. Kits have normal shelf wear and some may or may not still be in the bags. If interested in a particular kit, just ask. Thanks Airfix Comet 4B. $18.00 Minicraft L.188 Electra. $20.00 Zvezda A-320. $20.00 Zvezda Tu-134A $20.00 Minicraft B.377 with
  3. Quick bump. Thanks for looking. 🛩
  4. Thanks for the info. Yeah, working in 1/72. Been looking at a Chinese Flanker set on evil-bay but I think I have stuff in my spares box for that red 10. Thanks for the link.
  5. Saw this pic online and really wanted to build it. Fortunately there were decals for it so I sourced a kit and decals. As evident by the pic, it’s very weathered. My skills aren’t high but have it a try. I didn’t use heavy coats of paint at it looks faded in several areas. I used a thin pencil to highlight panel lines, smeared and rubbed it in, and got some of the dirty look. I brushed a flat full coat that helped spread the pencil elsewhere. Picked up a buddy pod from another modeler to finish it up.
  6. I’m wondering if anyone does decals for this plane over a solid color paint scheme? Thanks
  7. Anyone buy aftermarket decals with multiple schemes for your Tornado and only plan to use one? I’ve got a Revell kit but don’t want to use the kit decals, other than the instrument panels that I already used. Looking for something with one of those awesome colorful tails. Happy to pay for them and postage. Thanks, Chris scepee@gmail.com
  8. Box has light shelf wear. Parts are in sealed bags. Kit decals plus a nice set of Delta decals. I’d love to build this beast but I don’t have a place to put it. SOLD
  9. got some, thanks for looking. Need one for a 1/72 S-3 Viking. Thanks, Chris
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